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25 and Wanting Lauri

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Before he decided to hit the gym, Mike had gone out for a jog, getting in his usual three miles before he jogged up to the doorstep of Justin’s house to ask his best friend to join him for an evening workout, and maybe check out some hot babes while they were there.

Mike had been a little surprised that Justin’s mother, Lauri, had answered the door.

“Hey, Miz Beckett,” he greeted her.

“Hi, Mike,” she said pleasantly, not failing to look him over.

He was one of her son’s better looking friends; he was twenty-five and beautiful.

Mike was slender and ripped with very dark hair, clear blue eyes, wide shoulders, tight ass, and a promising looking package in the front of his gray shorts that Lauri couldn’t help but notice.

He had checked out Lauri’s low cut blouse, showing off the creamy white skin and the cleavage of her 40D tits and jeans that displayed her very round ass nicely.

Lauri invited him in, saying Kelsey was at the community center for basketball practice, and Justin was out on an errand, but he would be back in a while.

“You can stay a bit and wait if you like,” Lauri offered.

“Thanks, I think I’ll do that. It might help me relax from my jog before Justin and I go work out.”

Mike had found Lauri to be friendly and gregarious, if not sexy in her own way, not like the moms of some of his other friends.

He had often fantasized about what it would be like to get Lauri naked and fuck her brains out, chastising himself afterward for even thinking about his best friend’s mother that way.

Mike had dated Justin’s sister Kelsey previously; she had been a hot kisser and they would feel each other up or dry hump, but she never let him get beyond that with her. She was a virgin and wanted to stay that way until she got married.

Even after they broke up, Kelsey and Mike had remained friends and she would sometimes join him and Justin to hang out or go to the gym when he and Justin weren’t going to do “man stuff.”

Nevertheless, there was one thing Mike had never told Justin or Kelsey–that he would beat himself off at night to fantasies about Lauri sucking his cock and the two of them having wild sex.

He had never been with an older woman, and the thought of boning Lauri had turned him on.

Justin and Kelsey would think Mike was a sick dude for sure if they had known, being Lauri wasn’t exactly one of the types of hot chicks he and Justin usually drooled over.

Add to the fact that, at forty-five, she was “old” and JUSTIN AND KELSEY’S MOM!

Not that Lauri was ugly. No way. Five feet four with black hair and expressive green eyes, she may have been a size 16, but all the curves were in the right place.

Even being long-divorced from Justin and Kelsey’s father, Lauri had seldom lacked for sex from different types of men–and even a couple of women–most that were her age or older.

What she had long wanted, though, was a taste Escort Esenyurt of some young, hard cock, preferably Mike’s.

The men (and women) that Lauri had previously slept with weren’t getting her off anymore, and Mike being in the room now, she was becoming a little horny.

“Damn, I had one hell of a jog,” Mike said, peeling off his T-shirt and snapping Lauri out of her thoughts.

“Oh….you don’t mind, do you?” he asked.

Lauri smiled. “Of course not. How about I get you something to drink while you wait for Justin?”

“Yeah, that would be good.”

Lauri came back with some lemonade, bending over to put it on the table in front of Mike and giving him a front-row view of her sexy cleavage.

He got a bit of a hard-on from the sight, but it took some effort for him to snap out of it.

When he was done with the glass, Mike asked Lauri where he should put it.

“Just put it in the dishwasher, Mike. I have to run it later anyway.”

As he bent down to put the glass in the dishwasher, Lauri caught a glimpse of his tight behind in his shorts.

Wow, what an ass, she thought. Shit, better stop drooling, Lauri. This is your son’s best friend, after all.

Still, there was Mike’s taut glutes sticking out there and teasing her. Before she knew it, Lauri had gone over behind him and over and placed a hand on his ass.

Oh my God, what the hell did I do?! Lauri thought, snapping back to his senses. Now he’s going to think she was some kind of pervert.

But to her surprise, Mike turned over and smiled at her as he closed the dishwasher.

“Like what you see, huh?” he asked with a huge grin.

“Mike, I’m sorry. I was out of line.”

“Not at all. You want to see more, baby?” he leered.

“I don’t know,” she teased. “Justin will be home soon…”

He came over to squeeze her breasts. “Well, since you got a handful of my ass, it’s only fair I get a handful of these.”

Mike then told her about how he had always fantasized about her, wondering what she was like in the sack, how he always wanted her.

And to his pleasant surprise, Lauri had wanted him too!

Mike then leaned over and kissed her; his tongue licking the corners of her mouth before he felt her own tongue shooting in his mouth, kissing him back.

“Let’s go in the living room,” she said, all but dragging him there and both of them overcome with lust. “We can be more comfortable there and be able to hear just in case Justin comes back.”

God, don’t let him catch us, Mike thought as he stripped off his shorts and briefs, laying on the couch with his hard cock standing straight up.

Overcome with her own excitement, Lauri stripped off her own clothes and joined him.

“Oh God, baby, I would love to eat that sexy pussy,” he begged.

“Only if you let me suck your cock, Mike,” Lauri purred. “Fair’s fair.”

They had wasted no time Etiler escort getting into a 69 position. Mike opened Lauri’s cunt, burying his nose in; she was hot, wet and ready!

Lauri felt him sucking and licking as she bent down to take his entire eight inches into her mouth, sucking him completely in as her pussy was getting a good licking.

Lauri took his dick out of her mouth, teasing him with her tongue, licking up one side of his rock-hard shaft, and then down the other, licking his balls, and then worked her way up again.

“Oh Miz Beckett, suck me, suck it…….” Mike groaned.

“Mike,” she said. “Call me Lauri. I’d like to think we’re more familiar with each other now that we’re naked on my couch and doing 69 before we fuck.”

She then went back to work, licking the tip of his hardness, then drove it back down into her mouth, completely engulfing him and performing deep throat as her hips ground into his mouth.

Lauri loved to suck cock, and she was determined to show this young stud how an older woman could give better blow jobs than girls his own age.

“Yes baby, yes, yes,” Lauri moaned, taking her mouth off his cock again, feeling herself ready to cum. “That’s it, give me a good eating, Mike.”

Mike could feel his pole throbbing and cursed silently. Oh God, don’t let me cum yet. I have to get into that hot cunt!

“Mike!” Lauri screamed as she finally came into his mouth, grinding down hard on him for several minutes until her orgasm subsided.

“Oh baby,” he panted, “Turn around and ride this cock. I need to fuck you NOW.”

Lauri complied, her pussy wet and wanting more of him. She lowered herself onto his throbbing prick, impaling herself on his shaft.

“Oh God, Mike…fuck me! Fuck me!” Lauri called as she slid up and down on his shaft.

She raised up, impaling herself on his organ over and over again while Mike lifted his hips to drive himself deeper inside her.

Oh God, for an older woman, she was one great piece of ass!

Lauri ground her hips farther down on his, her climax coating his cock and balls, fucking him harder and faster, before he suddenly pulled Lauri off of him, changing positions.

She was now underneath, and Mike pushed his dick back inside her as they began to thrust in unison.

“Mmmmph…fuck me, Mike…fuck me deep and hard, baby,” she moaned as she felt his cock push even deeper inside her.

As he banged her, Mike was thinking how much hotter she was than he imagined in all of his fantasies.

His lips found hers and they kissed passionately, tongues dancing in the mouth of the other as Mike began to slam in and out of her.

He pulled her legs up so they were resting on his shoulders, as Mike began to pick up the pace of pumping her pussy, eventually fucking Lauri so hard, one of the couch arms began to bang against the wall.

“OHHHHHHHH………. YES!” she yelled while Eyüp escort bayan in the throes of her second orgasm. “Fuck me, Mike!”

“You want more of this, baby? You like taking this young cock up that hot pussy?” Mike panted, not missing a stroke as he fucked her.

“Ram that big dick into me deeper, Mike…..give it all to me, stud. I’ve wanted to get you into bed as much as you wanted me. Your cock feels good inside me…I can’t get enough….are you going to pick up a girl at the gym and fuck her after you had me?”

“Oh God, Lauri…baby, you are so good, so hot…”

“Why don’t you pick up a girl and bring her over sometime? Would you like have two pussies at once? Would you also like putting that big dick in my ass sometime? How about me and another woman get each other off while you watch us?”

Mike could only groan in response as he sped up his thrusts.

“Oh God, fuck me, Mike! Yes, yes, yes…keep shoving that big cock in my pussy!”

It was all Mike could stand of the combination of Lauri’s pussy muscles clamped around his cock and the dirty sex talk of thing she wanted to do with and to him; it wouldn’t be long before he would explode.

“Lauri,” he grunted as he felt his orgasm coming closer. “I’m ready to cum.”

“Yes!” she screamed. “Cum inside me, Mike! I want to feel you get off in my cunt!”

“I’m cumming! I’m gonna shoot!” he groaned. “I’m gonna fill that hot pussy just like you asked, baby!”

Mike’s climax was so hard, he thought he would lose his breath as he shot a few more loads inside of Lauri.

Finally, the last streams of his sperm squirted into her, and they kissed, searching out and sucking each other’s tongues.

He got off of her, collapsing back on the couch, both panting for a few moments before either spoke.

“So was it everything you imagined it to be?” Lauri asked with a satisfied smile.

“That and more, baby. You think we can hook up again sometime while Justin isn’t around?”

Lauri smiled wider and lightly patted his naked thigh “You’re welcome to come over as much as you like.”

“And over and over and over, baby,” he growled in her ear.

After a few more minutes of kissing and stroking each other, they got up, Lauri grabbing her clothes and going to freshen up in the bathroom.

Mike had just finished putting his underwear, shorts and T-shirt back on only seconds before Justin had come through the door.

Talk about great timing, Mike thought.

Lauri came out of the bathroom, fully dressed and showing no signs of what she and Mike had been doing earlier while he had been waiting for her son to return. She gave Justin a quick kiss, telling her and Mike to have a good workout.

As the two best friends went to the gym not long after, Mike thought to himself that Justin’s little sister may have been hot and a great kisser, but Lauri was certainly the best pussy he had had to date.

He couldn’t wait for the next time they would fuck again; maybe he would do her in the ass or bring a girl in to join them, just as she asked during her dirty talk.

Forget about those younger chicks, older women really did make better lovers.

His fantasy finally came true…and then some.