Haziran 9, 2023

#3 An Evening

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#3 An EveningDenys parted my wife’s ass, and placed the head of her strapon on her ass, spreading lubrication on it. She moved her pelvis, sliding the strapon’s shaft up and down her ass, from her pussy to her asshole and back again. All this time, she was talking to her, cursing her, her voice maintaining a monotonous incantation of slurs. My wife remained unmoved, leaning against our sofa, her ass high up, her legs pinned by her underwear and jeans curling around her knees.”You slut,” Denys was saying, “why should I fuck you, you cock-sucking whore. You don’t deserve to be fucked by me, you can go to your husband, get him to fuck you, my cock’s too good for you.” She slapped her ass, once, twice, then pulled back and held her strapon in her hand.”Please,” my wife said, “please, fuck me, fuck my ass, I’ll be your bitch.” She put her hands on her ass and pulled her buttocks apart. “See?” she pleaded, “my ass is ready just for you, I never let him fuck me in my ass.”I buried my cock in her asshole, one quick movement all the way from the tip to my balls, pressing my stomach against her ass, then flexed my muscles and moved around. She moaned, surprise, pain and then pleasure all mixing in her breath. I remained motionless for a few Ankara bayan escort seconds, and then pulled out again, watching her asshole contract.And then back in again, moving quickly again all the way in. She moaned again.I slapped her ass. She moaned again.I fucked her ass again. She moaned.I started moving in and out, slow short movements at first, gradually increasing pace and length until I was pumping her ass rapidly, moving my cock from tip to base and back again like an engine. I felt it harden, I felt my excitement building up. I felt the surge of an orgasm, and pulled out.I grabbed her, and pulled her on her back, legs spread.I slapped her cunt.She moaned.Denys fucked her ass. She moved like an engine, fucking her with the entire length of her strapon, and she continued talking, calling her a cunt, whore, slut, cock sucker. My wife had her hand on her cunt, rubbing herself violently, moaning with every slur or curse word slung at her.After a few minutes, Denys leaned forward and grabbed her breasts, pinching her nipples. My wife came, one orgasm after another, until her hand stopped moving and she was done. She rested her head, her lips parted, breathing shallow quick breaths which Escort bayan Ankara grew deeper and longer.Denys withdrew her strapon from her ass. “Turn” she hissed, and my wife promptly obeyed her, turning over on her back, spreading her legs in front of her.”Slap it, whore,” she said. She opened her strapon’s buckle, and let it slide down her legs, stepping out of its harness. She stood in front of my wife, legs spread, eyes shining.My wife slapped her cunt, open hand landing between her spread legs, the base of her hand landing on her clit, fingers curling all along her pussy lips. She let her hand rest there, pushing against her vagina, pushing her pelvis upwards. She was trembling.”Again, bitch, slap it again,” Denys’ hand was between her legs. Another slap, and again. Denys moved forward, between my wife’s legs, and pushed them wider apart with her thighs. She was rubbing her clit, hard angry short movements from side to side, her other hand resting on her cunt and lightly dipping inside her. She was looking down at my wife’s cunt, every slap followed by a quick surge of movement by her hands. Her eyes were open wide.”Slap yourself, whore,” I said and looked into her eyes.My wife hesitated Bayan escort Ankara for a second, and then slapped her cunt. It was a quick hard movement, a whipping of her fingers on her pussy lips, and she quickly moved her hand away.I leaned forward, and slapped her pussy with my full palm, leaving it against her skin. I pushed the base of my hand against her lips, putting my middle finger on her clit and pressing hard, before removing my hand. She fought back the urge to close her legs, and I did it again.”Slap yourself, whore,” I said again.She did it now, hard, trying to imitate the way I did it. I watched, looking down at her while she stroked herself. I got up.”Tell me how it was to be her whore,” I said.She looked at me. “Tell me how you begged her to fuck you.””Fuck me, please,” my wife said, looking at Denys, “I want your fingers in me. Please, fuck me, make me cum.”Denys moved quickly, straddling her face, pulling her lips apart and pushing down against my wife’s mouth.”Please, Denys, please fuck my ass with your fingers,” she said and looked at me, “let me lick your cunt, I love licking you. Please let me lick you.”I moved towards her, and pushed my cock into her mouth.Denys held her head with one hand, grinding her face into her cunt. Her other hand twisted a breast, pulling hard on her nipple.I pushed my cock deep into her mouth, a hand lying on her left breast. I squeezed it, and pulled on her nipple.Denys cursed her while she orgasmed.I felt my cock erupt in her mouth, and saw my sperm leaking out between her lips.She came.