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3 M’s, My Many Mothers Ch. 07

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This is a story I can finally share. It is a tale that covers many years so if you are looking for a quick read you can stop here. Like I have mentioned many times I am not a true writer but so far my submissions have been well received.

This story is the one that truly started it all, even though it is not the first story I submitted. It is about a real person I was introduced to through a close friend. I met Daniel years ago having purchased a home from his grandfather and years later Dan himself.

I learned his story first hand and since then have documented much of his life for you to share. Daniel is his real name, the others have been changed for their protection. I offer you his story that has been updated just this year, 2016.

Enjoy and vote if care to.


Chapter 7

I was a bit early Sam answered the door. I walked him to the bus as usual. Jr greeted me as he left Lizzy stood in the hall waiting for me to come in.

“You only get a kiss if you come here!” I teased her.

Like always I stood just outside the door a step down. She hesitated but knew I wouldn’t budge. I held one hand out as always. She took it in hers. Lizzy kissed me lightly on the lips as always then passed by letting go of my hand at the last second.

“It’s just a kiss. Now don’t get weird on me!” She said as she walked away.

“You’re getting taller.” I yelled after her.

“How do you know that?” She looked back at me.

“Don’t worry how. I just know.” She stuck her tongue out in reply.

“Danny please come in.” Mary, my mother-in-law, was at the door. She put her arms around my neck and kissed me on the cheek.

“Mary. That is no way to treat our guest. Now do it again the right way!” Sharon walked up behind her. “Let me show you.”

Sharon pulled me down we kissed like long lost lovers. She finally pushed away and turned me to Mary.

“Daniel. Do it right! House rules.” I pulled Mary into a kiss just like Sharon. She started slow but caught on quick enough. We parted. She looked at Sharon. Sharon nodded. Not a word was spoken.

“If you girls are done seducing me I have a meeting with Mark in an hour. I need to ask some questions.”

Sharon looked out the door making sure her kids were all on the way to school then ushered us in the kitchen.

I explained what I had learned from Kat and Nikki. Mary was still very upset with Mark, but gave me more ammunition. She also warned me about some pitfalls. Sharon was shocked at some of the things Mary admitted but held her hand through the whole session.

We then talked about money, Mary never really handled it but she learned from others the pitfall of being completely ignorant. She knew what Mark was doing. She had already been to a lawyer. When Mark found out he went berserk, that’s why she thinks he assaulted her when he did.

He had been acting strange since even before Becky passed. When she died Mark started getting worse. Mary found out Mark was having an affair with Tina, he promised to end it, instead he fell deeper into the world of S&M.

Mary had tolerated some of the culture even enjoyed some kinky things but like Kat explained she had her limits. She had threatened to leave him if he didn’t stop. Last night was the last straw. With Sharon at her side Mary confessed that she was going to divorce Mark.

Mary gave me a proper kiss goodbye based on house rules. This time there was no hesitation. Her tongue found mine they danced with each other before she pulled away.

“I get to do that every time I see him?” Mary asked. Sharon smiled.

“I do!” Sharon replied. She led me by the hand to the front hall. “I meant what I said. I owe you!”

“And I meant what I said. It’s time you both get to be happy.” Sharon stepped closer.

“Danny she is more than I could have hoped for after Val. She is up there smiling right now.” Sharon suggested.

“I’m sure we’ll talk later I need to get going.” Sharon kissed me firmly but not like before.

“You get the rest when you get back!” She explained. I chuckled.

“You and your daughter are such teases.” I replied.

“That’s because we know what we want!” Sharon winked.

I was at the diner when Mark showed up. I was sitting in a row of booths separated by a short wall topped with a small pane of tinted glass. Another row of booths was on the other side. I could see the top of the heads of two men on the other side of the glass but not their faces. Mark walked in, his business suit in stark contrast to the outfit he wore the night before. I stood waiting for him to reach the booth we sat down at the same time.

“So where’s my wife?” He asked tersely.

“She’s safe from you. Right now I believe she’s on her way out of town. I’m not sure for how long.” I explained.

This was true. Sharon took her to her sisters for the day. It’s only the next town over less than twenty miles, but I was telling him the truth. As for when she was coming back I knew it was tonight but just not what exact time that would be!

“I düzce seks hikayeleri need to talk to her!” Mark’s voice getting louder.

“Mark she doesn’t want to talk to you. At least not right now.” I explained calmly.

“You can’t hold her!” He threatened.

“I’m not holding her. She is with friends. My entire family, including your daughter I might add, have no participation in her whereabouts at this time.” Again true. Only Sharon and her sister are involved.

“Daniel I need to talk to her. This is all a misunderstanding!” He was bluffing and we both knew it.

“Mark please. You think that because your wife likes a little kinky sex, you know, spanking, obedience, and maybe some nipple clamps justifies what you did? You’re suggesting what took place last night was a misunderstanding?” I acknowledged all her fetishes to remove the argument for later.

“So I got a bit carried away. I didn’t mean to actually hurt her!” I assumed this would be his angle.

I pulled out my phone and showed him the picture of her ankles and wrists. “Mark you knew she was terrified of being restrained. Do you see the scrapes and bruises?”

“If she would have just done what I asked her too…” He stumbled.

“Did she ask you to do this?” I confronted him head on. “Well?”

“No of course not!” He replied flustered.

“But you did it just the same.” I showed him the welts across her back and ass. “What about these?” He looked at the pictures I showed him. I swear he was getting aroused.

“That bitch deserved those!” He said just a little too loud.

“Deserved it? She’s your wife. The mother of my wife. This isn’t playful spanking Mark, these are welts up and down half of her back side. She could hardly walk, and forget sitting!” I replied getting animated.

“She was talking crazy. She’s confused!” He was searching for anything to make an excuse.

“Mark you had Tina on the computer watching you beat your wife. Telling you how you were her Master. You had Mary tied to a chair and was whipping her, as your mistress talked about selling her as a whore! Mark I was there!”

“So what. You heard it. But she is my wife and she can’t testify against me, and you know Tina won’t. So I did it. All you can prove is what you have pictures of. My lawyer will handle those. Oh and if you are recording this I’ll have it thrown out because I didn’t consent.”

“Mark you are such a fool lately. I have not recorded any of this. So you can relax about that. I did one better. The two guys in the next booth are friends of mine.” I said. Bill and Roger stood up. Mark looked worried for a moment then bluffed.

“Great so they heard. My lawyer will just say they are your friends and no one will listen to what they have to say.” He was shifting in his seat.

“I thought you might think that. But you have not been properly introduced. This is Lieutenant Bill Smith and Sergeant Roger Jones. Bill is local but Roger works for the county.” I said introducing them. They offered to shake his hand but he refused their offer. “Guys I appreciate your time. But I think you’ve heard enough about Mark and his love life. Thanks guys!”

“Anytime Dan. glad we could help. Too bad you didn’t get the video that could be fun to watch!” They teased. Sometimes cops can be so crude.

“Well they have her computer. She hasn’t given them the password yet so it may take some time to get it. Oh and that’s my mother-in-law. So no you can’t see it.” I pointed to them both.

“Not even the part where she kicks him in the nuts?” Roger asked.

“Well maybe I can have them copy that just for you two?” I teased. They laughed as they walked out.

“Now are you ready to negotiate or do I need to explain more? Your wife can’t be forced to testify against you but she can WILLINGLY do it. Besides I doubt she will still be married to you when the court date is scheduled.” I explained.

“What do you want?” Mark was fucked and we both knew it.

“Very simple. First you are going to leave town for at least a week, to where I don’t care. Dallas if you want. Second Mary gets the house free and clear. That is one asset you can’t hide. Third she gets one half of all assets other than the house, including your pension. You can have everything she doesn’t take while you’re gone.”

“Are you insane? Half and the house?” Mark was shifting in his seat.

“Mark. I have talked to her lawyer. He thinks he can do better. Sure the house is a valuable asset but you have earning power. Mary hasn’t worked in years! We aren’t asking for any alimony, other than the pension when you retire. Oh by the way you will have to pay for an insurance policy that pays her if you die.” I offered.

“No alimony?” Mark asked stunned. “Anything else?”

“Nope. You can go live in Dallas with Tina, you’re out a few bucks, but you have no drain on your paycheck. Couple of years you will be flush with cash and no obligations!”

“When do you need an answer?” He asked defeated, at least for the moment.

“You have an hour to get to this address and sign off on the deal. If you aren’t there. Bill will be on duty and may need you downtown for some questioning.”

“And if I do sign what about those questions then?” Mark fumed.

“Well it wouldn’t be in Mary’s interest to have you brought up on charges would it? It may reduce the assets available if you both need to hire lawyers for a criminal and civil suit. You see Mark she isn’t trying to punish you, just divorce you!”

“I’ll see you in less than an hour.” He replied pissed.

The meeting went as planned. With his lawyer present Mark signed off. Mary knew where most of the money was. He was sloppy trying to hide the rest. He left the next day to Dallas as I expected.

Mary with the help of friends took what she wanted. In the end it wasn’t that much. Mostly items of value and things passed down through her family. Nikki and Kat helped her often. Sharon was at her side every moment she wasn’t working.

Mark came back he took what he wanted. It was almost six months before the final paperwork was signed. He moved to Dallas as I suspected he would. Mary sold or donated what was left of the furnishings. I then listed the house. It sold quick enough at a fair price. I of course returned my commission back to Mary.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Mary, Nikki and I met at the lawyers. Mark showed up with his. Mine, well in this case Mary’s had all the documents ready to sign. It wasn’t the divorce which would still take months to process. It was a binding agreement to split the assets. For now Mary had a home, some money, and future security. Mark wasn’t happy but even his lawyer thought it was fair when we showed him a few pictures.

After I left the lawyers I stopped by work to take care of some proposals, then I went up to Sally’s. Charles and Eve had arrived. George was in a much better mood. All the drama with Mary had taken its toll on me. I felt such a relief when it was over and I was back with the ones I loved.

Charles greeted me first it felt good to have him around. He was loud and over dramatic as we embraced but I would have felt something was wrong if he hadn’t. Eve kissed me lightly on the lips her hand wandered down and squeezed my cock so no one could see. She gave me that naughty grin letting me know I was part of the agenda.

We talked about the drama with Mary, at least the cliff notes. George and Charles both seemed to be impressed with the settlement.

“Why did you go with the house and not alimony?” Charles asked at one point.

“Mark has been on a downward spiral since Becky passed away. I have a feeling his earning potential will be affected by this addiction if you want to call it that. The house is a known asset. His future isn’t under these conditions. He chose Tina over his wife almost without a fight. I don’t see this coming out with a good ending anytime soon. My guess is he could go broke before he straightens up if he ever does.”

“What about supporting herself?” George asked.

“Mary has little need for money right now. She has half of the cash and I would guess another $300.000 coming when the house sells. Besides she still gets half of the pension so her future is at least secured.”

Charles looked at George they both seemed impressed at my logic.

“You did this is in one night?” George asked just to clarify it.

“Yes sir.” I beamed.

“Impressive young man, very impressive.” Charles stated.

I headed home to be with my family for the night. Sally was going to have everyone over Saturday and asked me to bring Sharon and her kids, and of course Mary.

Nikki burst into my arms the moment I cleared the door.

“I am so proud of you!” She kissed me and hugged me for almost five minutes. Kat came over and welcomed me as well with almost as much enthusiasm. We had a quiet dinner as I explained all the sordid details of my meeting with Mark.

I played with Kyle for hours he seemed to have grown a couple inches in just the last few days. Tomorrow he was going in for his nine month checkup. I was curious to see if I was right.

I watched as Nikki feed him then put him to bed. She invited me up to their room. It wasn’t often the three of us made love but this was another occasion where I think we all needed to be together.

I was on my back suckling mom’s engorged tits draining first one then the other as she hovered above me. The swollen breasts hanging down had her nipples fat and dripping. The warm nectar was sweet as it passed through my mouth. Nikki was sucking my dick and then impaled herself just as I finished draining all mom had to offer.

I positioned mom so I could lick her pussy, but soon she shifted to where she was truly desperate. I rimmed her asshole as Nikki pounded my cock. I couldn’t see but I could feel milk spraying on my chest I assumed Kat was milking what Nikki hadn’t fed Kyle.

It had been days since I last came. That wasn’t normally a problem for me but with all that had taken place the need to cum was now upon me. I pulled back from mom’s ass just long enough to sound the warning. Kat ground her ass back so my tongue would probe deeper in her loosening hole. I could feel her rubbing her clit she rocked slightly now so I was fucking her ass with my tongue.

“Cum with me! I’m ready!” Nikki alerted us both.

She ground her clit onto the base of my cock. Kat moved back so I could suck her clit. My first blast of cum filled Nikki just as the first sign of mom’s nectar started to flow from her pussy. Nikki was pounding me. Mom was raking her pussy over my mouth and tongue. I was emptying my balls deep inside Nikki.

The moans and groans filled the room the bed shook as all three of us convulsed through our respective orgasms. I can’t remember a time when we all came together with as much desire and passion. Kat pulled off me, Nikki fell forward kissing me and cleaning my face. My cock slipped from her pussy a warm mouth took her place. I went soft for just a moment. Mom’s mouth was just too magical and I rose to the occasion.

“I want him in my ass!” Kat hissed. Kat swapped positions with me moving to the edge of the bed. Nikki straddled her face.

Holding herself up so her pussy was just out of reach we watched as my cum dripped into Kat’s mouth. Grabbing Kat’s ankles Nikki pulled them to her chest. Mom’s rose bud was staring at my cock. I held her ankles Nikki leaned forward and slipped her fingers in mom’s soggy pussy.

“Ass, I want him in my ass!” Kat pleaded. Nikki removed the two fingers from mom’s pussy slid them over her perineum and dipped them in Kat’s asshole. “Oh baby that feels so good!”

Nikki lowered her pussy just enough so mom could lick her dangling pussy lips. She teased mom’s ass fucking her with her fingers then withdrawing them and spanking her rose bud.

“Enough!” Kat cried out. “Put him in me!” She demanded.

Nikki reached over stroked me several times and lined me up with Kat’s puckered asshole. I pushed, you could hear mom take a deep breath. My cock burrowed deeper she exhaled, I hit bottom she shuddered for a second.

“I can never get enough of that! I even came a bit!” Kat moaned. Nikki lowered her pussy I started fucking mom’s ass steadily.

Nikki grabbed Kat’s ankles, that left my hands free to roam. I milked Nikki’s tits coating mom’s pussy and stomach. Nikki came first she gushed all over mom’s face. I was reaching my limit as Nikki rolled off Kat. I took her legs drove myself deep.

Kat’s eyes were closed a big smile plastered across her face. Nikki reached in and started fingering mom’s pussy I could feel her thrusts across the top of my dick. Just as I was ready to cum she started strumming Kat’s clit. I emptied my balls as mom climbed the walls lost in her own orgasm!

We slept together that night.

The next day was Friday. At breakfast I suggested that I stay home instead of going to Sally’s. Mom and Nikki both refused to hear of it.

“Your mom is in town and I know for a fact she is expecting some alone time” Kat explained.

I arrived at Sally’s in time for dinner. I was surprised to find Charles and George not there. Eve met me at the door she was wearing a red see through lace bra, red garters with stockings, red high heels and her robe obviously open. With no panties her pussy looked freshly shaven her perfume met me three feet before her lips did. Without a word Eve pulled me into a deep kiss. I wrapped my arms inside her robe and grabbed both ass cheeks.

“What’s the occasion?” I asked.

“You are. Come with me.” My mother grinned.

She slipped loose and took me to my room. She was at my pants her mouth on my cock before I removed my tie. I was still almost fully clothed. My slacks puddled around my ankles, my shoes and socks still on. Sufficiently hard I slipped my shoes off and stepped out of my slacks when she stood.

“Fuck me son!” Eve demanded. She dropped her robe jumped into my arms, hers wrapped around the back of my neck. I gripped her ass cheeks again and guided her over my cock. “I love you inside of me!”

“I love being inside of you! In fact I love you!” We kissed as I lifted her boney little ass so I could fuck her pussy.

I moved to the bed and sat down as she pushed me back. I slid further on so she could support herself then watched as Eve fucked me. Her small tits wiggled on her chest inside the bra. Her nipples long and hard pushed the material as it formed a second skin.

I reached up and squeezed one comparing it to the milk filled tits of Nikki and Kat. Mom was getting ready to cum she looked between her slender legs. My cock seemed almost as thick.

I reached around. Lubricated my finger with her juices and pressed it to her asshole.

“Not yet!” She hissed. She fucked me faster I smeared more pussy juice around her pucker. “Not yet!”

She was starting to perspire. I pulled her bra down, one tit flopped out the bra supporting the weight. I pinched the nipped as I tease her asshole.

“Danny… soon Danny…” Eve bucked I stayed with her. “NNNN…NOW!” I slipped my finger in her ass. Eve slammed her pussy down hard as I squeezed her nipple