Mayıs 12, 2023

A Belting In Connecticut

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It was a dark and stormy night…“You’re shitting us,” Trent hollered above the din of Krazy Vin’s, a local strip club. “Not Allison, she would never… I don’t fucking believe you!”David clamped me on the shoulder, spilling my drink.“Yeah man, I’m with Trent on this one. You’re full of shit. Good story though, man!”The story I had told them was how, on occasion, my super hot girlfriend likes me to dominate her, in some very physical ways. Ways that, to the uninitiated, might make someone want to call the police. That’s where our loft comes in handy. Built on the remains of an old aircraft engine factory, my loft was rock solid and let no sound escape.“Hey there boys.” A young lady came up to us. “Any of you fellas want a dance?”She had a nice smile, and a body that was made for teaching third graders. I flipped her a tenner and thanked her anyway.“I’m totally honest, why would I shit you guys?”“Because you’re a born liar?” chided David. “Just cuz you’re older than us doesn’t mean we’re stupid.”“Allison… is as pure as the driven snow,” Trent pontificated, holding his glass out as if he was making some very important statement. “Furthermore, she is my boss and very sweet and she’s not the whore you say she is. Pics or it didn’t happen!”We clinked our glasses in a mock toast to Allison’s supposed near-virginal status. I got my phone out and began scrolling through the photo folders.“It just so happens… fellas… here’s one…”The two guys stared in shock at the picture on my phone. There, in full color, stood Allison; naked, bent over at the waist, her wrists handcuffed behind her back, and yet her hands were pulling apart her ass cheeks. Her bare pussy lips and asshole completely on display, Allison’s head was turned towards the camera, giving a shy smile to us. Her large breast hung down, and her raw sexuality just leaped at you from the screen..I started to put my phone away but David grabbed my hand. Trent just said, “Dude, give us a minute, alright?”I chuckled and let them ogle for a while longer. Finally, I put the phone away.“Gonna need another round,” stated Trent.“Just you guys,” I intoned. “I’m driving.”We still had a two hour drive up to the cabin in Kent where we were going for the weekend of fishing and drinking. But a plan was forming in my head. Allison had shared some dark fantasies with me. Sometimes we would talk about them as we made love and she would cum so hard. Many of her fantasies involved some public exposure and humiliation; getting seen fucking, that kind of thing. Like, she wanted to be an exhibitionist, but like it wasn’t her fault.And she wanted to have several sex partners at once.I pondered as the guys drank their drinks, were these fantasies of Allison’s actually wishes, or just thoughts? It was her main fantasy; perhaps I should sack up and give it to her. I decided to put her to the test. Fuck it, she can always say no! We had very good communication that way; ‘Red’ meant full stop, and ‘Yellow’ meant that we needed to pause for a moment and talk.“Say, uh, guys. Maybe we could skip the cabin and go back to my place. Your girls, Stacy and Meredith, are there.”“What the hell man!” Trent demanded. “I thought the plan was to get away from the women this weekend?”“You saw that picture of Allison, you want to see that in person?”“Coop, don’t bullshit us.” Dave, ever the skeptic.The Güngören escort two guys exchanged looks, then looked at me, questioning.“Allison has always dreamed of… something sexy. Follow my lead, and you can make it come true.”They badgered me all the way back to my house, but I wouldn’t tell them any more of my plan.- – -We stormed into my loft, wine bottles in hand. Stacy and Allison looked at us in full shock and awe mode.“Hey?” asked Trent. “Where’s Meredith?”“Didn’t she text you? She couldn’t come,” answered Allison, rising up off the couch. “Her dad fell and she’s with her parents right now. What are you guys doing here?”I just kissed her for a little while, then for a little while longer. We noticed that it got kind of quiet, we were making the others uncomfortable with this public display of affection.Well, here it goes, I thought. All or nothing.“Allison,” I said in a low voice. “Are you ready?” It was more of a statement than a question. This had become our little role-play phrase, when we were going to do a scene, I would say that.Her conditioning kicked right in, mostly. “Yes, Sir.” She paused a few moments. “But… Here? Now?”I broke apart from her and walked to the center of our living area.I slowly nodded to her. “Come here, now.”Allison straightened up her jeans skirt. Nervously, she walked towards me and we met in the middle of the big main area. Our three guests watched in silence.As always, her beauty took my breath away. I put my arms around Allison and drew her to me. Her warm body melted into mine and we kissed gently, lovingly, for a long time this time. Holding her tightly, the kiss turned more and more passionate and her hesitancy disappeared. We devoured each other’s mouths, our lips communicating our feelings about each other.I loved her with all my heart. And she loved me like no ever had before. Truth be told, I was going to ask her to marry me in a couple months and I was never going to get married.Eventually, I pulled away, and we gazed into each other’s eyes.“Remember Allie, green, yellow, red. Say it.”“I know, honey. Green, yellow, red. God, Are we going to do what I think we are?”“Yes, love. But it’s up to you. Anytime, you just say yellow or red, okay? Don’t even think about it.”Allison nodded and smiled. “Okay, okay,” She took in a deep breath, then blew it out.”We’re green.”I stepped away from Allison, leaving her in the center of the room, looking confused.“Allison, my love. If you would be so kind, take off your skirt.”Her jaw dropped. But her shocked look lasted just a few moments, then her hands slowly went to the rear of her skirt where the zipper was. She slowly lowered the zipper, then did that sexy little shimmy that women do and pushed her skirt down. It fell to the floor.Now all Alison had on were her high heels, a thin long sleeve white sweater, and an iridescent blue thong.“Jesus Christ” muttered Trent, seeming a little uncomfortable. David gulped his wine while Stacy just openly stared at my gorgeous Allison.“Darling,” I said in my low but controlling voice. “That thong is beautiful, but we need you to take it off.”She took a deep breath, girding her loins, I suppose. Then she exhaled and hooked her fingers under the string. She pulled it down as she bent over, and then stood up holding the stretched thong in her hands. Her İnnovia escort bayan embarrassment evident on her red cheeks, she nevertheless stood proudly with her head held high and her pussy bare. That’s my girl, I thought. Even in a tough situation, she still managed to look awesome.“Good girl, Allie, you’re doing great. Now come to me.”Our three visitors all stared intently at Allison as she walked the ten steps over to me; rather lasciviously I might add. There was certainly an extra “ba-boom” in her step, causing her hips to sway. She swung her arms, the thong still in her fingers.She bowed her head as she stopped a few inches short of me.“Turn around and face your friends.” She did as she was told.“Arms up.” I took hold of the hem of her sweater, and feeling her bare flesh on my fingers, I  slowly pulled the sweater up over her breasts and then completely off of her. Tossing it aside, I carefully slid her bra straps off her shoulders and unhooked the two hooks on her satiny blue bra.Ever so slowly I pulled her bra down, her heavy breasts dropping an inch or two, until finally her nipples were completely exposed. I dropped the bra, and reached around from behind to cup her large breasts. Allison sighed softly as I rolled her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. She lowered her head and tried to turn to the side, away from our guests. I pinched her nipples and steered her body straight forward again.“Allison, head up. Now look at David… and now Trent… and Stacy… they want to see what you’re capable of. Don’t you want to show them?”First David, and then Trent, reached down and adjusted themselves; both guys obviously becoming aroused.“Yellow,” was all she said.I immediately turned her around and hugged her close to me, covering her up. “Can you guys give us a minute? Thanks.” and they went into the kitchen to get some more drinks.“You want to stop, honey?” I asked.Trembling, she answered, “I… I don’t know… I’m so scared. I work with Stacy and Trent, and… what will they think on Monday… oh God… accounting firms are very conservative, Cooper.”“It will be okay, hon. I can tell by looking at them, they are both in puppy-love with you and would do anything you asked. They are enamored with you; we could turn them into your slaves if you wanted.”She pulled her head from my neck and smiled at me. “You’re not just saying that? You really think so? I don’t mean turning them into slaves. I mean, you think they like me, will still respect me? I’ll be up for partner in a couple years.”I promised her all would be well.Dave stuck his head around the corner, I nodded at him, indicating it was okay for them to come back.“Guys, if there is any loose talk about this, or any disrespect towards Allison–”“Oh God, no,” David said loudly.“Of course not.” Trent and Stacy nodded their heads in agreement. “We promise this will never leave this room.””Because,” I warned. “I know people…” Hey, I know alot of people.“See, hon?”Still holding Allison, I kissed her softly, then pulled away and looked into her eyes. “It’s up to you honey, we don’t have to do anything.”Her lips curled into that sexy little smile of hers, that dimple just beginning to appear.“Green,” she whispered to me.“I’m so proud of you, my love.”We kissed for a full minute as she ground her pelvis against my cock. I Escort Kağıthane withdrew as I felt her breathing increase. She looked at me expectantly, ready to do what I told her to do.“Okay guys and girl…. Now the reason we are here tonight.”  Allison’s eyes widened as I unbuckled my black leather belt. Slowly, I pulled it out through my pant loops. I SNAPPED it down hard on the tile floor. The sharp crack of the belt made everyone jump a bit.“Open your mouth,” I instructed Allison. I placed it between Allison’s teeth so the belt hung down both sides of her face.“All fours, please.” She looked at me, and got down on her hands and knees.“Crawl to the couch.” I heard a gasp from the gallery as Allison crawled naked across the floor; her big natural boobs swaying, her ass shaking, and the belt between her teeth. What a gorgeous sight she made.“David, Trent, turn out those lights over there. Stacy, why don’t you light some of these candles.” The room took on a rather romantic glow.I helped Allison stand up as she reached the couch, then I leaned her over the arm of the couch so her ass stuck out nice and high for my enjoyment.“Come on over, you guys,” I told the group. “Take a look, don’t be shy. She wants you to see.”“No, I don’t,” piped in Allie, a bit muffled as the belt was still between her teeth.I SLAPPED her ass hard.“Yesss,” she said quietly, dropping the belt from her mouth. “Yes I do want them to see me… and… thank you, Sir.”“You’re welcome, honey. Now Dave, Trent, check this out.”I grabbed Allie’s ample ass cheeks and spread them apart. Completely smooth from laser treatments, her dark rose was barely visible on the soft light, but her pussy lips were unmistakably swollen and glistening.“Allison?” Trent asked in a shaky voice. “I need… I need to know you’re okay with this. I mean, this looks like it’s going to get weird.”Before she could answer, I spoke up. “Trent. I understand your concerns and I appreciate them. I’m going to the restroom so you three can talk to Allison and ask her anything you want.”I went and took a nice piss. Washed my hands, checked my hair, took my time, unbuttoned my shirt a few… I ended up spending about five minutes in there.I walked back to the living area. Stacy was now undressed completely and sat on the couch holding Allison’s hands. the guys had their shirts off.“So, Trent, I guess everything is satisfactory?”“Yes, sir. It’s what she wants.” He and David backed up a bit, as if I had caught them doing something my wrong.I leaned down and kissed Allie’s ass cheek, nibbling my way across to the other one, nice and slow… and returning to the center to kiss her right on her hot hole. Allison let out a soft moan for me as my tongue explored her private area. She relaxed after a few moments, and my stiff tongue entered her asshole. Goddamn I love this woman.Then she turned her head to ask me, “Daddy? Will I be punished soon? I’ve… I’ve had a lot of bad thoughts lately.”“Yes, of course you will sweetheart. I was just enjoying your ass. Stacy? Hold her hands tight for me. Usually I have to restrain her, but tonight that will be your job. And listen for the words ‘yellow’ or ‘red’. They mean stop. Okay?”Stacy nodded her head and replied, “Yes, Mr. Johnson.”I smiled inwardly to myself. She’s almost putty in my hands, too. And Trent called me ‘sir’ a minute ago…I picked up the belt from the couch. I dragged it across Allison’s ass as she cooed quietly. Slowly, I folded it in half, then half again. It was around three feet to start, or just under a meter. Now it was pretty short.I spoke to the group.”Now I don’t want you–”Whack!“–to be alarmed. But you are not to stop me–