Mayıs 13, 2023

A Cuckold Wedding Ceremony – Part VI

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Jayne smiled as she looked down at her feet. She was lying on top of the bed naked next to Steve and she still had one leg of her panties wrapped around her left ankle, such was their eagerness to fuck. They had stayed at the wedding reception just a short while after the viewing of the photo album. Steve had wanted to stay longer for he was enjoying the champagne that had appeared on the tables, but she was eager to get to bed.Steve was sleeping now but she was still awake. The fucking had refreshed her, but she was restless too. The events of that day were still reverberating around her mind, and she still found it difficult in believing what had gone on. It was Marvyn, though, that was making her realise that it was all for real. They had bumped into him in the lobby as they headed back to their suite.“Do you need a hand?” he had asked her with a smile.Steve may have been a bit tipsy, but he wasn’t that incapable. “No, we’re fine,” she had responded.“I was thinking more along the line of tucking you in,” he said out of earshot of Steve.“Steve does that very well,” she responded likewise.“But I could do better at sending you off to sleep.”She smiled as she turned away. She had no doubt that he could do so, and she also had no doubt that she would enjoy being tucked into bed by him afterwards… after probably the best fucking of her life.She was thinking about him now. Seeing pictures of Darius and Henry consummating the cuckold marriage of Tom and Sandra had whetted her appetite. They were big men; virile and athletic. They had done their job well. Tonight, Sandra would have longer with them and no doubt she would have a sleepless night. But she wasn’t envious of her for that. Having two men the whole night didn’t really appeal to her that way. One man would be more than Rus Escort İzmir enough to satisfy her before falling asleep in his strong arms. Marvyn was that man.No, Jayne was envious of her for the fact that she had the freedom to do it. To be honest, she was envious of most of the women she had spoken to that day. They had that freedom, and they were happy. Their husbands seemed happy too. She couldn’t understand their world; to her, it was not a normal one and should be an unhappy one, but it wasn’t. According to socially accepted standards, this hedonistic lifestyle was unacceptable and not the norm. It might not be the norm or socially acceptable, but the people she had met today were happy.She was thinking about Marvyn when Steve was hurriedly undressing her the moment their bedroom door closed behind them. She was imagining what Marvyn’s hands would be like stripping her. They would be impatient hands; his fingers would also be impatient, eager to touch her sex and in a hurry to enter her. She had seen photos of Darius’s and Henry’s fingers penetrating Sandra’s sex; both penetrating at the same time. Marvyn’s would be more than enough for her.She had sucked Steve’s cock before he had climbed between her legs to fuck her, but it was Marvyn’s cock she was sucking in her mind. Steve’s almost filled her mouth, but she was sure that Marvyn’s wouldn’t, just as she was sure that he would feel much bigger inside her as well. The sex had been good with Steve, but it was only the imagination of Marvyn fucking her that had made it so.Steve had also not used his tongue on her the way that Darius and Henry had used theirs on Sandra. A girl needs to feel the flickering of a tongue on her sex to help quench those fires of lust. Marvyn would have izmir otele gelen escort been attentive, of that she certain. He would have welcomed the offer of her sex for his eager mouth.Suddenly Steve’s voice disturbed her thoughts. He was awake. “What are you thinking about?” he asked her.“Nothing much,” she sighed as she cuddled him and ran her hand down to his groin.“Still horny hey?”She smiled. “A bit.”“It’s got to you too then, has it?”“You mean the cuckold wedding?” she asked as her hand alighted on his cock.“Yes.”“It has got to me, yes.”“Do you want to do it?” He asked.“What, the whole wedding thing?”“Yes.”“I would love to do it,” she responded without hesitation. “But I can’t. I’m not on the pill, remember? And it would be too big a risk to take.”“I know,” he sighed. “Although you might well be pregnant already for all we know.”“I don’t think so,” she responded. “I knew with Jack and Carl that I was pregnant even before the tests. I just felt the change in me. I don’t feel that yet.”They lay for a few moments just touching and stroking.“What has made you suddenly change your mind?” she asked.He shrugged his shoulders. “I don’t know,” he told her. “Maybe it’s just all the sexual excitement around us; the fact that we are on our own and miles away from friends and family and free to do anything we want.”“I know exactly what you mean,” she responded. “Back at home, we have to snatch moments like this whenever we can unless our mums and dads are having the kids.”“It was also seeing the photographs of Darius and Henry fucking Sandra too,” he told her. “I was imagining that it was you with them.”She laughed. “Well maybe two would be too much to take on, but I could manage one guy on his own, no problem.”He laughed as well. Buca escort bayan “And would that one guy be Marvyn by any chance?”“Yes.”She felt his cock jerk in his hand. “If it were possible,” she asked, “would you like Marvyn to consummate the ceremony and make you a cuckold?”“Yesssss.” He groaned.“Maybe I could get him to wear a condom.”Steve groaned again. “Maybe… maybe you could get him to pull out in time.”“And if he didn’t manage to pull out in time?” she said as her strokes grew faster.Steve groaned again.“What if he lied about pulling out and came inside me?”Steve cried out as his cum spilled onto her hand.~They slipped beneath the duvet a short while later – Jayne taking the trouble to remove her panties altogether. They slept for a short while, and then afterwards, they made love, showered, and dressed for dinner.There were no signs of any of the wedding guests around the hotel grounds. Steve said that maybe they were all locked away having some orgy somewhere. They dined and then went for walk before returning to the lounge bar for a nightcap. It seemed strange, being alone together with no children and no family around them, and they took advantage and enjoyed each other’s company. They were just about ready to leave when Marvyn came in with a couple about their own age.He smiled when he saw them, and a few minutes later, when the couple left, he came over to join them. “On the prowl again?” Jayne asked him with a smile.He laughed. “Well… you never know you might just get lucky.”Both Jayne and Steve laughed.“After all,” Marvyn responded, “you only need to get lucky once to make up for all the disappointments.”Jayne asked him if they were honeymooners too, and he told them they were celebrating their fifth wedding anniversary. “I think she may have been interested, but he was suspicious of me.”“I wonder why?” Jayne responded.Marvyn shrugged his shoulders with a smile.“So how do you know that she was interested in you?” Steve asked.“Experience,” he responded. “You soon get to know quickly if a woman is interested. If she had been on her own, we would have been in bed by now.”