Mayıs 13, 2023

A Cuckold’s New Year’s Eve

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My name is Denise, and at the time of this story I was 30 years old and working as a corporate attorney for a Wall Street investment banker. My husband’s name is Ed, and at thirty-three years old he had established a very successful manufacturers representative business for laboratory research products. He was able to work from home and care for our two-year-old daughter and four month old son.I am five feet and four inches tall and weighed one hundred and fifteen pounds at that time, and I kept in shape by daily workouts at the health club. I have shoulder length brunette hair and grayish-green eyes, and while maybe not beautiful, I have a flirtatious personality and was considered to be very sexy looking. I only realized after several years of marriage some of the things that make me so sexy, and they are a prominent pubic mound and thick labia, which makes a pronounced camel toe when I have on tight shorts.I also had very firm C-cup breasts, which grow to a full D-cup when I’m breast feeding, and a perfectly shaped ass. I had regained my shape after having our second child four months earlier, and I was breast feeding which really made my tits look huge on my small frame. Ed is six feet and one inch tall and weighed one hundred and eighty pounds and he is very good looking. His personality was kind of reserved in our personal life, although he is outgoing with his customers.Ed and I started dating in my last year of law school and were engaged on graduation day. Up until that time I was a virgin, because I always had a desire to save myself for my husband. We did start having sex after we were engaged, and since I didn’t have any prior experience, I thought at the time that Ed’s rather small dick is normal. We do have satisfying sex, but I’m only rarely able to orgasm with him penetrating me, and he always finishes me off by sucking my pussy after he ejaculates in me.At first that seemed kind of gross to me, him sucking me after having just cum in me, but I finally gave in since it gave me such wonderful orgasms. When I was lactating, Ed would always suck my breasts and drink my sweet milk, and that turned me on even more and made me want to fuck him and then have him suck my swollen pussy clean of his cum.I had been with my firm for five years when I got a promotion from working on merger and acquisition contracts in the office, to traveling with the CEO, Jeff Warner, and helping him to structure the deals directly with our clients. Jeff is a very handsome and charming man of forty-five years old, and is six feet and two inches tall and weighs about two hundred pounds.He has a reputation for making sexual advances on some of the women in the office, even thought he is married to a beautiful woman, but I felt that I could handle any advances, if they occurred, due to my strong marriage to Ed.Some also said that he has a rather large cock, but I wasn’t sure how big that was since I had only seen Ed’s and had never experienced another man before. We traveled on a private company jet, and my first couple of trips with Jeff were uneventful, and I was handling my new responsibilities very well. However, on the third trip, I learned first hand what the rumors were all about.We had just finished a grueling day of negotiations with the client and after a quick dinner in the hotel restaurant, Jeff asked me to change out of my business suit, get comfortable, and come to his room to work on the contract. I didn’t think that was an unusual request since we still had so much to do, and I changed into the only casual clothes that I had izmir rus escort with me, which were some tight workout shorts and a snug t-shirt. I also tried to use the manual breast pump to relieve some of the pressure in my breasts, but I didn’t have time to fully empty them.When I got to Jeff’s room I found that he had ordered us some wine from room service, so we sat together on the couch and began working while sipping the wine. As we continued to drink, I noticed that Jeff kept sneaking glances at me, especially at my crotch and breasts, and I finally said something to him about it.I said, “Jeff, why do you keep looking at me like that. I know that you’re a happily married man, and I’m a happily married woman, so we need to focus on our work.”Then Jeff replied, “Oh, I’m sorry, Denise. I didn’t mean to stare, but you look so pretty and sexy in your tight shorts and t-shirt, and it’s hard for me to keep my eyes off you.”I have to admit to still being a little naïve at that time, but learning fast, and I was starting to feel very relaxed and a little woozy from the wine. I was also starting to get a little turned on as well, and I continued the conversation by asking, “So just what do you find so sexy about me?”I think that I knew as soon as I asked that I might be inviting some bad behavior on his part, but part of me was frustrated about my lack of sexual activity earlier in my life. I was certain that I could control the situation, and it was fun to be a little flirty with him.Jeff seemed a little embarrassed as he answered, “Well, if you don’t mind me saying so, your tight shorts are revealing your beautiful and thick pussy lips, and your breasts look just amazing in that tight t-shirt. I can see them getting wet with your milk. One of the other women in the office told me that you were still breast feeding your son, and just knowing that your breasts are milk-swollen is a huge turn on for me. You’re a vision of sexiness.”I was a little stunned by his candor, but when I looked down at my pussy, I clearly saw my prominent labia and pubis, and could even see a hint of the matted hair that I kept neatly trimmed on my vulva. Ed really likes me being a little hairy down there, and it increases his enjoyment of eating my pussy. I also saw my nipples poking through my shirt, and to my horror, I saw a little milk leaking out and staining my shirt. I guess I shouldn’t have started expressing the milk when I didn’t have time to finish it.In the stupor of the wine, and having another man showing attention to me that way, I was really getting sexually excited. Maybe it was happening because I had no previous sexual experiences with men other than my husband, and I was subconsciously curious what it would be like.Jeff must have been able to sense my arousal, and he placed his arm around my neck and kissed me. He pushed his tongue into my mouth and I felt my passion rise as I kissed him back, with our tongues swirling together in our wetness. I felt his hand rubbing my breasts, and as he continued to massage them, they were getting wetter. He pulled back and lifted my shirt over my head, and my swollen breasts swung into view right in front of his face.He leaned down and started sucking my milk into his mouth, and my pussy was tingling. It always turns me on so much when Ed sucks the milk from me, and there was another man doing the same thing. Jeff pushed me back on the couch and alternated sucking both of my breasts, as he struggled to pull down my tight shorts.When I felt my shorts being pulled izmir otele gelen escort bayan down I panicked because I wasn’t taking any birth control, and I was also couldn’t imagine being fucked by another man. I was breathing heavily as I said, “No, Jeff, please not that. I have never fucked anyone except my husband, and I’m not taking birth control pills right now.”Jeff was clearly aroused and pulled off my tit long enough to say, “Please, Denise, I just have to see and taste those thick pussy lips of yours. I promise that I won’t fuck you if you don’t want me to.”I didn’t really believe his promise, but my resistance was fading, and when he resumed his efforts to lower my shorts, I didn’t resist him. He also took my hand and placed it on the huge bulge in his pants, and that was the first time that I realized that other men had much bigger cocks than Ed. He held my hand there until I was rubbing and feeling him on my own, and after he had removed my shorts, he unzipped and removed his shorts.There I was stroking what must have been ten inches of hard cock that is almost as thick as a beer can, and the surface is covered with bulging veins. I reached down even farther and felt his huge balls, which are the size of eggs. At the same time, Jeff had begun rubbing my very wet pussy and clit, while still sucking the milk from my breasts, and he was starting to insert his fingers into my pussy.After finger-fucking me for a few minutes, the room was permeated with the smell of my juices. Jeff pulled away from my breast and said, “Denise, I just have to taste you now.”Jeff got up and turned around on the couch, and we were in a head-to-toe position with his mouth on my pussy. As he started sucking and licking me, I realized that his huge cock was right in front of my face, and I reached out to touch it again. I didn’t usually suck Ed’s cock, and certainly never let him shoot his cum into my mouth, but when I saw the huge, pre-cum covered head of Jeff’s cock, I just had to take it into my mouth. What a sight that must have been, for anyone who could’ve seen us.We were lying on the couch in a side-by-side sixty-nine position, with me trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth as possible, while Jeff had his face buried in my swollen pussy. Jeff was using his arms to pull on my thighs to hold my pussy as tightly to his lips as possible, and he had also closed his knees around my head and was thrusting his cock forcefully into and out of my mouth. I was more aroused than I ever remember being with Ed, and as Jeff continued sucking my pussy and clit, I started having repeated orgasms.I felt Jeff starting to fuck faster into my mouth, and at the same time I was building to a big orgasm. We finally exploded into each other’s mouths, and for the first time in my life I had a squirting orgasm that caused Jeff to cough and gag a little as he gained control of it all and swallowed my juices. Jeff also exploded into my mouth, and for the first time I was swallowing a man’s cum. It was a little salty and just a little bitter, probably due to the wine we were drinking, but I really loved the feeling of him shooting into my mouth.We stayed in that position for another fifteen minutes, just enjoying the taste of one another, and I was enjoying the feeling of Jeff’s then-soft cock in my mouth, while he lovingly and tenderly sucked and licked my cunt. I know that I still loved Ed and was very ashamed of myself for cheating on him like that, but I had also fallen in lust with Jeff’s big cock Escort Buca and knew that I had to have more. We were so enraptured with each other that there was not that much embarrassment after we got dressed.Jeff had awakened a primal lust in me, and I was starting to plot how I could have more encounters. As the weeks passed, I took several more trips with Jeff, and the results were the same, with us sucking each other to orgasm. He honored his promise not to fuck me, although he tried several times to push his cock into me, and I was starting to desire that he fuck me. My sex life with Ed was still pretty much the same, and although I still felt very guilty about my oral affair with Jeff, I just couldn’t seem to stop, and I wanted even more. Then, I started to get a glimmer of hope at taking it to the next level.Ed had gotten a little sensitive to my weekly trips with Jeff and wanted me to spend more time at home. He said, “You know, Denise, The kids and I have been missing you at home these past several weeks. Is this traveling going to continue for much longer?”I said, “I’m sorry about being away so much. It’s just that this has been a very good season for merger activity, and we have to make the deals when they present themselves. Some of this travel should abate in a few weeks.”Then Ed countered, “I’ll sure be happy when you’re at home more. I’ve noticed that you aren’t as interested in sex when you’re home on the weekends, and although you’ve said that you’re just tired from all of the travel and long hours, I still find myself getting a little jealous of Jeff spending so much time with you.”I then guiltily replied, “Oh come on, baby, you have nothing to be jealous of Jeff about. What do you think is happening anyway?”Ed then said, “I don’t know. Sometimes I imagine that you guys are having sex. What makes it even worse is that in my loneliness for you, I have started going to some porn sites to get a little sexual relief. I even came across some cuckold sites that talk about how some wives enjoy being fucked by other men and having their husbands be submissive to them by sucking their lover’s cum out of their pussies.”That turn of events was almost too much to hope for, and I decided to press Ed a little to see just how far his fantasies had progressed. I asked, “Well, if you’re jacking off after reading those cuckold stories, does that mean that you are fantasizing that I am cuckolding you? And if so, are you really thinking about sucking another man’s cum from my pussy?”Ed was really embarrassed then, and after pausing to think said, “I have to admit that I have fantasized about that, but I know that I could never do something like that. If you were home more, then none of those thoughts would come up. In the meantime, my fantasies seem very real and I can’t stop thinking about it.”I wasn’t going to miss that chance and said, “Well, honey, I’ll be traveling for several more weeks. Would it help you if we included a little role play in our sex? Maybe it would get you excited if we pretended that Jeff was fucking me on our trips, and I’m bringing home his cum for you to eat.”Ed was so excited at hearing that, and I just knew that he would be a cuckold for me if the right opportunity arose. He said, “Damn, that would be hot to fantasize about that for a while, at least until you’re not traveling so much.”On my trip the next week with Jeff, I waited until he was sucking my milk-swollen tits and fingering my cunt, and I was stroking his cum-covered cock to say, “Jeff, I’ve got some good news for you. Ed has been suspicious of our trips and thinks we are fucking. I found out that he has been reading cuckold stories, and I convinced him that we could at least fantasize that you and I are fucking. Well, I want us to really fuck on the plane ride home this Friday. I want him to think he’s fantasizing about eating your cum, when he really is.”