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A Dark Desire Ch. 04

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It was Sunday morning. Mike had spent the night at his sister’s. He felt some relief but also some trepidation about involving his other niece in the sexual journey he had begun with Nathalie. Hayley had quickly shrugged off her earlier disapproval and her initiation into the affair had begun with a hot, messy facial from her uncle. Mike was up fairly early and took a brisk walk before breakfast. He needed to clear his head and plan how exactly, he could handle sleeping with both his nieces. The prospect of not only deflowering them, but sharing his bed with them at the same time was somewhat overwhelming and became aroused at merely the thought of it. He seemed to have committed himself so far now, it was more a question of how to keep things under some control. More importantly, he was preoccupied with maintaining their secret. It was, with hindsight always going to be difficult to keep Hayley out of it, for all sorts of reasons. In fact now she was involved, he felt quite pleased. It felt like a warm, cosy arrangement. He could give his love to both girls, without the possible guilt of leaving one girl out. His reasons for bedding Nathalie were not quite the same for Hayley. Nathalie was sweet and loving in a different way to her sister. Mike had begun to yearn for Nathalie, to have a part of her. It was a little different with Hayley. She was, if anything more intensely sexual in a slightly detached way. The similarities and contrasts between the two would make for a hot, incestuous ménage a trois and Mike relished the idea.

He got back just as Katherine was serving breakfast. She did perfect scrambled egg on toast. Mike’s cooking skills were limited to say the least so it was a rare treat to have her make him breakfast.

‘Sleep well Mike?’ She asked as he sat at the breakfast table.

‘Yes thank you.’

‘The girls were excited to have you here, they should be down in a bit.’

‘I know, they’re super. It’s a treat to be here.’

‘I know I don’t wear my heart on my sleeve Mike, but I just want to say how much I appreciate all you’ve done for me and the girls.’

‘I know Kath, I don’t know what I’d do without you too.’

Mike thought he should be shot through with guilt at that moment but he wasn’t. He actually felt guilty for not feeling guilty.

‘I’ve been thinking, me and the girls were going to take an early spring break in France in a couple of weeks and I wondered if you would like to join us?’

‘Really, I’d love to!’

‘I thought, because we’ve not been away together for a few years with the girls and this will be the last opportunity before they go to Uni.’

Just as Mike was taking this in and the possible ramifications, the twins appeared in their dressing gowns.

‘Morning girls!’ Said Kath.

They ignored their Mum, instead each giving their uncle a kiss on the cheek.

‘Morning you two.’

‘Can we go for a walk later Uncle Mike?’ Asked Nathalie.

‘Yes, that’s a good idea.’ Said Katherine. ‘Why don’t you take the canal towpath, it’s nice along there.’

Both girls nodded with approval and waited for their mother to serve them breakfast.

A couple of hours later Mike had caught up with the Sunday papers and the girls had showered and were ready to go out. They had put on their leggings, which Nathalie knew her uncle was crazy about. Nathalie’s were grey with little pockets on the back, which were known locally as jeggings and Hayley, her usual all black ones. After they had donned their thick sweaters, they joined Mike outside, who had begun to flick the little pebbles on his sister’s drive way with the toe of his shoe.

‘OK girlies, you all set?’

‘Yes uncle Mike.’ They said, making no attempt to hide the irony in their voices.

They only ever called him Uncle Mike in front of their mother, or when they were making a point. They took a short cut through a spinney and across the playing fields, which backed on to the girls’ college. Mike was lagging behind slightly as they crossed the muddy field, as the girls discussed the latest gossip. This at least gave Mike the pleasure of ogling their butt cheeks, as they walked. He caught them up as they turned on to path near some older houses, which backed up to the suburban end of the canal.

‘How far we going?’ Asked Hayley.

‘I don’t know, maybe up to the old boat house, it’s only a mile.’

‘A mile!’ Protested Nathalie.

‘Oh come on Nat, it’s not far.’

‘A mile there and a mile back, that’s two miles!’

‘Well yes! Come on.’

Hayley was giggling at her sister’s reluctance to go on the short hike, and slapped her ass playfully. Nathalie slapped her back and then chased her sister some way along the path. Such antics continued for quite a way, Mike catching them up and dropping back as he paused here and there to take photos along the canal. When they eventually reached the boat house the girls rewarded themselves with a ensest sikiş hikayeleri bar of chocolate.

‘Do you want a square Mike?’

‘No, I’m watching my figure thanks.’

The girls laughed. Then Nathalie grabbed her uncle’s sleeve and pulled him towards her.

‘So, when can we see you again?’

‘You can come round to my house in the week. Will you be able to make an excuse?’

‘Yes, we can say we’re going ice skating or something.’

‘OK, how about Wednesday? That’s my day off.’

‘Are you doing me first?’ Inquired Nathalie sweetly.

‘Yes Nathalie of course. It’s got to be special. You’ll both have your own moment.’

‘I understand that.’ Said Hayley.

‘Oh Nathalie, just one thing, before Wednesday I don’t know if you know, but it might hurt a bit first time.’

‘Yeah, we know.’ Said Hayley. ‘You’ll be gentle with her though won’t you?’

‘Of course I will be hun, but even so, it might just hurt a little, it depends.’

‘It’s OK Mike, the girls at college told us about it, Stacey cried her first time, it hurt so much! I hope I don’t cry.’

‘No, I’m sure you won’t cry Nat, it will be lovely. I know you’re not stupid, but I just wanted to say.’

‘That’ all fine Mike.’ Said Hayley


A dirty grin spread across her face.

‘What?’ Asked Mike.

‘Can we make you come again first?’


‘NOW!!’ Insisted Nathalie.

‘Oh fuck me, what have I done!’

All three laughed as Nathalie began to unbuckle his belt.

Inside the boathouse there was a little wall. Hayley perched herself on it as Nathalie had managed to extract Mike’s hardening penis from his boxers. Hayley looked up at him, her butter wouldn’t melt looks not betraying the naughty thoughts in her head.

‘Do you want to come in my mouth? Nat says you always come in her mouth.’

‘I do enjoy that Hayley. Would you please.’

Hayley smiled and Nathalie guided Mike’s cock passed her sister’s waiting lips.

‘Aaaaah, Hayley. Oooh that’s good!’

Nathalie stood next to her uncle, wanking his foreskin slowly back and forth in to her sister’s mouth. They all froze at the sound of footsteps on the towpath. But a man with his dog carried on along the canal.

‘Shit, don’t wanna get caught do we.’ Said Nathalie nervously.

‘I know, I won’t be long.’ Gasped Mike.

Hayley rolled her tongue around the end as Nathalie jerked him a little faster. Mike began to pant, feeling his ejaculation gathering. Hayley was flicking her tongue under his glans. The sight of her sweet face, her eyes gazing into his own was getting him closer and closer. He could feel himself reach the point of no return and Hayley knew it.

‘Come on Mike, give her a real good dollop!’

‘Aaah, oh Hayley, Hayley…Yes, yes, I’m coming, I’m coming!!!’

Hayley locked her mouth around his dick as Mike pumped his semen into her. She closed her eyes and accepted the creamy gift, as Mike filled her mouth with his spunk. She made sure she sucked out every last drop before letting him go and swallowed the lot.

‘Hmmmm…lovely!’ Said Hayley licking her lips.

Mike did his trousers up and they went back outside, where it was spitting with rain.

‘That was fantastic, thank you.’

‘You’re welcome said Nathalie.’

‘Did you enjoy that Hayley?’ Asked Mike.

Hayley just giggled and looked as proud as Punch, with the knowledge that she had done good.

Mike gave both girls a big hug and they walked back the way they had come.

The next few days passed as Mike, Nathalie and Hayley looked forward to their next meeting. This was going to be the big one. Mike found himself getting turned on with the thought of it more and more as the day approached. On the Tuesday morning, he woke with an erection as he often did and it took some self discipline not to relieve himself, but he intended to save as much as possible for the girls. By the evening he had begun to ache, as he could feel his wad building up and tried to think about anything except his nieces as he was constantly getting turned on throughout the day, entertained as he was by his own imagination.

It was Wednesday and Mike got up late. It was a bright sunny day and as it was his day off he decided to pack a rucksack and take a long hike. He needed to keep himself occupied, since he was now getting really wound up. He thought the exercise would do him good. His route took him past one of the high schools and in his present state of mind seeing all the girls in their matching uniforms didn’t help one bit. He felt extremely lecherous as he passed one after the other going the opposite way. He could have fucked each and every one of them and found himself battling against an unwelcome erection.

After a couple of hours he reached a high point in the hills, which spread out beyond his end of town and sat down to take some refreshments. His thoughts naturally rested upon his nieces. He knew what he had to do and just hoped he would be OK. He had never been with two girls before, which in itself was a huge turn on, but to have his first threesome with his lovely, darling nieces was a challenge. He was considering the wisdom of not relieving himself a day or two earlier but it was too late to do anything about it now. It was almost warm in the strong sunshine. He put his rucksack against the rock behind him and used it as a pillow. He needed his strength for later.

After a good rest and a brisker walk back than had made on the outward journey he got home an hour before his nieces were due to visit. He just about had time for a shave and a shower. He could feel his blood pressure rising and did his best to keep calm. He had just dabbed a little aftershave on his chin when his doorbell rang.

‘Oh hi girls! Come in you two, you look as lovely as ever.’

‘Hi Mike!’ They said in unison.

‘There’s plenty of hot water if you want to shower, I just had mine.’

‘OK, we’ll be right back, two beers if you please!’ Said Hayley cheekily as they ran up stairs.

The girls had been gone half an hour, which Mike guessed must have been long enough and took three beers up straight from the refrigerator. His bathroom door was ajar but the girls were nowhere to be seen. Then he heard their voices and opened his bedroom door to find them lying together on his bed in the robes he had left out for them. He sat on the bed between them and opened his robe. For the first time he was seeing his other niece naked. Hayley had shapely breasts, with very pink puffy areola. Her blonde pubes were shaved into a neat landing strip, in contrast to Nathalie’s thicker, brown pubic hair. Mike Sat up and held their hands before he spoke.

‘You both look so beautiful and I’m really horny. You see, I’ve never been with two girls before, so I might not last too long first time. How about you both give me oral.’

The girls looked at each other and with his dick quickly standing to attention lay next to him and shared his swollen member. Before he knew what was happening, they were licking, kissing and sucking him. They giggled as they fought over his cock, flicking it from one mouth to the other. Mike gasped and moaned as he could feel his dick burning with his passion, his spunk welling up, inexorably, building up to a massive orgasm.

‘Is that nice Mike?’ Asked Nathalie.

Mike just nodded.

‘It’s so thick and I can feel it throbbing.’ Added Hayley.

‘Hayley, will you sit on my face while I lie down? I want to lick your pussy and your ass.’

‘Yeah, anything. You just say what you want Mike and we’ll do it.’

Both girls took off their robes and Mike lay flat on the bed and watched as his niece climbed on to his face. Mike kissed her passionately between her legs, licking her juices and tasting her tight little ass hole. Nathalie was giving him breast relief, which felt amazingly delicate and soft, bringing him off, getting him closer and closer. The girls without speaking, knew when it was time to swap and they changed places, so Mike could give Nathalie’s pussy and butt equal treatment. Hayley rubbed her tits into his cock as her sister had done, but wanted to suck him again.

Mike was making a meal of his niece’s ass and being smothered so beautifully and with his cock being sucked with rare finesse he was just about ready to explode. He pushed Nathalie off and ordered them to sit together on the bed. He stood over them pulling at his dick, looking at their expectant, eager faces and with a convulsion of his groin and hips showered them in spunk. They were simply covered in seconds, with the cum on their hair and all over their faces and tits. They looked a sight when he had finished and Mike just lay down, exhausted.

The girls disappeared to the bathroom to get cleaned up as Mike massaged his aching balls. They all drank some more beer and chatted while Mike waited for his cock to recover for the next round. Nathalie was rolling the bottle over her breasts and pretending to fellate the open end.

‘You’re a naughty girl Nat.’

‘I know, you’ve made me naughty Uncle Mike!’

‘Have I?’

The girls laughed and clicked their bottles together.

‘Come and kiss us Mike.’ Said Hayley.

‘Yeah, we’ll get him hard again in no time.’

Mike lay back and allowed the girls to give him playful wet kisses as they tickled his balls. As they were doing this he was fondling Hayley’s breasts, getting to know her body as well as her sister’s. He pulled her on to him and pushed her tits together around his face, savouring, the warm soft flesh. He sucked on her nipples, rolling his tongue over the little domes of her areola. The girls changed places and Hayley sucked his dick as Nathalie rubbed her buxom titties all over his face. Mike was growing breathless, licking and sucking at her tits dreamily.

Mike caressed Nathalie’s ass cheeks and kissed her neck, enjoying the way her hair tickled his face. He was majorly turned on again and was building up nicely. He was keen to take things further and get naughtier on the way.

‘Girls, you said you would do anything for me?’

‘Anything!’ Said Nathalie.

‘Have you ever kissed each other before?’


Hayley smiled and looked at her twin sister with a shy expression.

‘I would love to see you kiss. Would you do that?’

The girls didn’t speak, but sat together in front of their uncle, arranging themselves, so their legs interlocked length ways, their pussies just inches apart and Hayley sitting slightly atop of her sister. They faced each other, their faces close up, almost touching, staring into each other’s eyes. They looked at Mike. Then they turned to each other again and began to kiss. It was just a soft peck at first. Then they flicked their tongues together until they brought their lips into one warm, moist sisterly kiss. They kissed and smooched right in front of their uncle. They kissed and they kissed and they kissed as he fondled them, stroking their breasts and their hair and their shoulders.

His cock was so hard, his heart beating with the lust he was feeling. Lust mingled with admiration and love. He was ready now. Ready to take Nathalie and give her what she longed for.

Watching them kiss was even better than he had imagined.. It was the first time they had kissed. It felt unusual for them. They were twins. They didn’t kiss. Mike had asked them too and because they did anything he asked, they did it for him. They actually found they enjoyed it.

Mike had started this more than two months earlier, as a way of placating his desire for Nathalie. He needed to love her as a man loves any woman. He shouldn’t be loving her in this way, he knew that, but as his step niece he had somehow got his head round it. She had only ever known him as Uncle Mike as she had grown up. She loved him more than an uncle, because he had been there when her father wasn’t. Her love was the love of a niece. Mike had only ever treated her as a niece and his affection had been good, wholesome and proper. As she grew older, as they bother grew older particularly approaching their last birthday, they had blossomed. The girls who had gone from little cuties to moody teenagers had now fledged with all the plumes of fine young adults. Mike found Nathalie irresistible. Confining his amour to one niece had proved impossible. His desire for the one had inevitably led to desire for the other.

The girls separated and gazed at Mike.

‘Was that OK for you?’ Asked Nathalie sardonically.

‘Oh you two are so gorgeous. Nathalie, are you ready now?! ‘

Nathalie looked at her sister for reassurance.

‘Go for it baby, I’m right here.’ Said Hayley.

‘Where do you want me?’

‘Lie flat babe and just open wide. Leave the rest to me.’

Mike kissed her on the forehead and positioned himself between her legs. He began by rubbing his penis on her clitoris. Nathalie had her eyes closed and was holding her sister’s hand. His cock was now gliding up and down her outer lips, as he tried to find her opening as gently and naturally as possible. He eased himself a little further and then knew he was on the spot. He pushed and Nathalie’s face screwed up momentarily and then she relaxed. Mike pushed again and she took a sharp intake of breath, gripping her sister’s hand. A second later and he was in.

Nathalie just mewed softly as he plunged his seven inches in and out as slowly and gently as possible. He didn’t need to go any faster, her vagina was wrapped around his dick like a kid glove. She continued to give soft moans as he took her virginity. She melted in his arms as he kissed her face and neck, yielding to his manhood, which was now deep inside her pussy. Mike made love to her, fucking her with as much tenderness as he could muster. Nathalie wrapped her legs around him as he altered his position, going a little deeper. She gripped his shoulders, feeling his penis throbbing inside her as his orgasm began to build up. Mike was now biting her neck, trying to hold back, delaying his ejaculation till the last second. After a few more strokes he knew he could take no more. He pulled out and released over her breasts and belly .until she was splattered with his spunk.

Hayley noticed that the sheets were stained red and couldn’t hide her surprise.

‘Nat, baby are you OK?!!’

‘Hmmmm, lovely.’

‘Don’t worry Hayley, that’s normal.’

‘What is it, have I bled?’ Asked Nathalie.

‘Only a little babe, it’s nothing.’

Hayley leaned over and kissed her sister.

‘Awwww well done baby!’

‘Thank you babyness, it will be your turn next time.’

Mike lay next to Nathalie and cuddled her, feeling her warmth. Her young body was so soft, so good. Nathalie kissed him and blew in his ear a little kiss of thanks. Her time had been perfect. Hayley would be next.