Mayıs 1, 2023

A Familiar Costumer Ch. 01

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Disclaimer: All characters in this fictional story are 18 years old or older.

Author’s note: To who it may concern, I know I haven’t been the best at posting Pt. 2s of my stories, and I’m sorry for that. This time I’ve tried to circumvent this habit of mine by writing out all three parts at once before posting them. I’m not sure if I’m coming back to my other stories as I’ve kind lost the inspiration for them. Maybe someday. Anyways, I hope you enjoy this, cheers y’all

A familiar customer (1/3)

A single droplet of sweat ran down John’s temple as he peered into the darkness. The street in front of him was deserted and from his vantage point he could only make out a large dark mass around the next corner of the block. Only a spattering of flickering street lamps dimly illuminated the scene.

John shifted uncomfortably, he had been kneeling for the better part of half an hour and his legs were beginning to ache. The droplet ran into his eye and he tried to blink it away when suddenly he had to crouch deeper into the bush, he was hiding in. The door to the public restroom he had been watching had opened.

It was several paces from the cone of one of the lamps so he could barely make out the shape of the figure exiting. Judging by the breadth of its shoulders though John guessed it had to be a male. The guy took one step out of the doorframe, then seemed to be looking around.

Avoiding the light of the lamps he quickly walked over to the dark mass around the corner and vanished behind it. Suddenly an engine roared to life and John had to close his eyes, blinded by the glare of head lights.

When he opened them again everything just stayed black and it took him a moment to readjust to the darkness. When he finally did, he noticed the car was gone and the street was deserted once more.

John sighed and looked at his watch. It was around half past nine. He wanted to be sure before he made his move. And the rumors he had heard weren’t good enough for him. He had to know for sure.

He was about to give up and just take the bus home when he looked up and almost cried out in surprise. There she was, standing right in the middle of a cone of light, leaning against a lamp pole and slowly sucking on a cigarette. There was no doubt, he’d recognize her anywhere. After all he had known her all his life, and 18 years was a long time. To John it was, anyways.

He just stared at her from his hiding place, admiring the black skin tight dress she was wearing. It suited her. John knew she was 34 but you wouldn’t guess it by looking at her. His eyes caught on her ample cleavage and for a moment his head was empty of all thought as his blood rushed elsewhere.

After some time, the woman flicked what was now only a stump to the ground, stomped on it with Girne Escort her shoe, and turned around to reenter the public bathroom. John suddenly felt giddy.

“Am I really going to do this,” he thought to himself.

Unconsciously his hand tightened around the stack of 20$ bills he had spent the whole summer earning. It didn’t help. He had no idea how much it would cost and the thought of not having enough money with him made him even more nervous. His mouth suddenly felt dry and he swallowed.

“To hell with it” he thought, “this is your chance, now move!”

His legs obeyed and he got up, slowly making his way over the street towards the door. Just like the guy, he avoided the cones of light. When he stood right in front of the entrance, he hesitated again. This was his last chance. He could still turn around and no one would ever know he had even been gone. After a moment of indecision, he steadied himself and pushed through the door.

The inside was as dingy as he remembered it from when he had been here only a few hours before to scope the place out. It was a unisex toilet. A flickering neon lamp illuminated the place with a cold light and a faint smell of cleaning agent stung his nose.

To his right two sinks, each with a small metal mirror stretched along the wall, to his left there were five stalls. The one farthest down the row was closed. John felt his heart beating in his throat, he could see her shoes beneath the walls. She was wearing black high heels which were so at odds with the place that a nervous giggle almost escaped his lips.

He swallowed again, then walked to the stall next to hers and stepped inside, closing and locking the door behind him. The inside was surprisingly clean, though the walls were littered with graffiti and there was a hole in the wall, leading to the stall next door. It was conveniently placed a little below the height of his waist. He was just about to open his mouth and call out to her when the glaring hole in his plan revealed itself to him.

“Shit, I can’t talk to her,” he realized, “she’ll recognize my voice instantly.” Sweat began pouring down his face again. “Fuck!” He hadn’t thought off that. “Fuck, fuck, fuck!” What was he going to do?

His heart was beating very fast now, and he was sure she could hear it. He could barely make out her shuffling in the stall next door himself over the loud thumping noise in his ears.

Trying to calm himself he took a deep breath and decided “I have come this far, and I’m not going to give up now!” So, he did the only thing he could think of, and simply knocked on the wall twice.

“Well, I was worried for a moment you were here to actually do your business,” a familiar voice said from the other side of the wall. She paused or a moment, Magosa Escort then in a coquettish tone asked “What can I do for you then?”

Hesitating for a second, John simply knocked once more.

“I see, not much of a talker, are we,” the voice asked laughingly. “Let’s keep it simple then. How about 1 knock for yes, two for no, alright?”

John knocked again and waited for a response, which promptly came.

“Great,” the voice exclaimed. He could almost see her smiling in his head. “Let’s get down to business,” the voice decided, “I’m guessing we haven’t had the pleasure yet, so I’ll keep to my standard rate. 10$ for a hand job, 20$ for a blowjob. Penetration will be 50$ and with protection only. We clear?”

John nodded, then realized she could obviously not see him, and knocked once more to signal his understanding. His heart was still pounding as he reached down into his pocket and fished out one of the bills. With a shaking hand he stuck in through the hole in the wall and after moment felt a slight tug on it, so he let it go.

“You are a young one, aren’t you,” the familiar voice asked. “This your first time? Well, no need to be nervous. I’ll take good care of you. Now, show me what you got.”

John felt like his heart was going to jump out of his chest as he unzipped his jeans and pulled out his already semi erect member. He gave it two quick pumps to firm it up, but the thought of what was about to happen quickly made him rock hard. Slowly he pushed his throbbing dick through the hole, trembling with anticipation.

“Look at that. What a nice cock you have,” the voice said in a seductive tone.

John almost yelped as he felt a gentle touch on his shaft that was not his own for the first time in his life.

“And so young and big,” the voice purred, as he felt the hand slowly stroking the length of his cock.

Her grip was gentle at first, then firmed up but not uncomfortably. He twitched as he felt something wonderfully warm and soft graze the tip of his cock and let out a moan.

A small giggle echoed through the room and the voice asked “You’ve never been kissed there, have you? Well, you ain’t seen nothing yet.”

Then he felt the most incredible thing he had ever felt in his life, as his tip vanished in the warm moistness of his mother’s mouth. He could feel her lips just at the edge of his, glans wrapping around his shaft and creating a tight seal, while her tongue caressed his tip. The sensation of gentle suction was suddenly released with a pop and he heard a soft moan from the other side o the wall.

John couldn’t keep it in any longer. After all this was his mother, sucking him off. And by the sound of it she was enjoying it as much as he was. He moaned as well and laid his hands on the wall Kıbrıs Escort to steady his stance.

His mother giggled again, then began to devour his cock, now more ferocious than before. John was in ecstasy, he closed his eyes and envisioned his mom’s head bobbing in front of him, up and down the length of his cock. He wished he could grab her hair and guide her pace, envisioned her looking up at him, her eyes filled with lust and desire as she pleasured her son so eagerly.

He was lost in his vision as his mom let him slip out of her mouth for a moment and began to tease his tip with her tongue, lapping and flicking at it. The sound of droplets hitting the tiled floor echoed through the room and John’s mind returned to his mom’s face, her chin covered in saliva, it slowly dripping to the floor in long strands.

Then she shoved him back into her mouth and he felt her going faster than before. He moaned again, this time loudly and her suffocated moan came in response.

Suddenly he heard a gagging sound and felt his mom push herself deep onto his cock. The tightness of her throat was exhilarating and when she moaned again, he could feel the vibration reverberating through his dick.

I was too much. He barely managed to knock once on the wall before his hands spasmed in ecstasy. She remained in position and only moments later John shot rope after rope of cum down his mother’s throat. The thought of filling his mother’s belly with his own seed made John queasy and excited at the same time and he managed to pump a few more loads out than was his usual.

When it was over, he felt his mother’s lips slip slowly along the length of his cock, almost like savoring every last taste. When they finally left him, a cough echoed through the room.

He slowly pulled his dick from the hole and looked at his member. It was thinly covered in saliva and he could barely make out the distinctive birthmark on the side of his shaft beneath the smattering of lipstick, the shade of which he knew all too well.

Suddenly, his mother said “Damn honey, that was a huge load.” Then, in a slightly mocking tone she continued “And don’t you know you are supposed to warn a lady before you come, not while you are doing so? Ah well, no matter. Now. Run along, I’m sure your mom is worried sick.”

John was still in a haze, he almost laughed out loud but managed to stop himself and packed away his cock. Zipping up his jeans he left the stall with quick steps, not wishing his mom to get a glimpse of him.

Just as he stepped into the darkness, he thought he heard the creaking of a door behind him and for a moment he was worried she’d recognize him. So, he quickly closed the door behind him, not looking back and sprinted to his bush.

It took him a moment to compute what had just conspired and realizing where he was, he wasn’t entirely sure if he hadn’t imagined everything and had snapped back just now. But when he pulled out his cock a smile spread across his face as he regarded the lipstick marks his mom had left on him.

“This is going to be the best summer ever,” he thought.