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A Family Rejoined Ch. 01

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The Thompsons had many things going for them. They lived in a nice area of town, had two wonderful daughters, Annie and Sydney, and generally enjoyed life. Annie was the oldest by a year, but personality wise she was much older. She always was mature for her age, not in a snobbish way but in a “wise beyond her years” sort. She was always fairly quiet, not because she was shy but because she was a good listener. Sydney, on the other hand, was immature for her years. She was always getting into some sort of trouble, nothing mean spirited but because she didn’t think very far beyond the immediate. She spoke her mind truthfully if not a little more often than was really needed. The two girls always got along pretty well, mainly because despite their differences they were both really very sweet, but also in part to their natural roles as talker and listener. For the girls everything seemed perfect.

When Sydney was six and Annie was seven, their parents got a divorce. Their mom, Lydia, told them one morning that she was leaving, she couldn’t stand to be around their father any longer and that she loved them dearly. She gave the girls a hug and they heard very little from her for many years. Their dad, Howard, told them that he loved them and that none of it was their fault, which of course they hadn’t thought of until he said it, and that he would take care of them. In the normal routine of things life changed for the girls, but in general they were still well taken care of and were well loved, so after a period of adjustment things went on.

When Sydney was thirteen and Annie was fourteen, Howard met Rachel. She was also a single parent, mother of Katie, who was a year older than Annie, and a very successful and determined woman. Almost immediately she decided that she was going to marry Howard, and that indeed came faster than anyone would have expected. Annie was her usual tolerant self and could have probably dealt with most anything, but Sydney had a much more difficult time with things. First was Rachel’s seemingly inability to see anything Sydney did positive, only focusing on the negative. She would complain constantly about Sydney form the way she dressed to the way she ate to the way she spoke. Howard tried to stick up for her at first, but he was a push over and Rachel knew exactly how to manipulate him, so he soon was quiet. Sydney tried her best to take what Rachel called honest advice in stride, but some things were a little too personal and a deep resentment started to build between the two. In addition to this, Sydney did not get along with Katie. They had some good times, when Katie seemed to be in a more tolerable mood, but then there were times they clashed like two storms creating havoc in their midst. AS a few years went by Sydney’s grades and behavior started to slip, as she found an outlet that she could control. It became a situation that Sydney felt the only way to have any control over her life was to create chaos. Sometimes this was just in the form of yelling and screaming, but most of the times Sydney just did things behind Howard and Rachel’s backs that would only further cement Rachel’s view of her and became a point of embitterment for Howard.

By the time Sydney, who had an early birthday, entered senior year, she was eighteen and more than ready to be done with it all and move out. Annie had already gone off to college, and as Sydney saw it, her only ally gone. Despite Rachel’s constant talk of how great Katie was, she still lived at home, opting not to go to college or get a job. She did spend a good deal of her parents’ money, which Rachel was more than happy to pour out on her. Sydney was more responsible, holding a part time job and keeping out of the rampant party scene. It was in this atmosphere, at best tension, on a typical day afterschool, that things began to change.

“Oh Sydney, come here!” Katie called down the stairs as Sydney entered the house. Her tone was like someone who found something you did wrong and was showing you, a sort of patronizing tone. Sydney sighed, putting down her things and heading upstairs. She didn’t really feel like talking to Katie, but she hoped that if she dealt with her now she could ignore her the rest of the evening. Sydney looked around the top of the stairs for a second before Katie spoke up again. “In here Sydney!” Katie said in the same tone of voice.

Her voice came from Katie’s room, which she usually kept off limits to at least Sydney, so Sydney entered with a little bit of surprise. The room was immaculately neat. The pillows on the bed were obviously adjusted just right, there was not the slightest hint of dust, and everything seemed pristine. Sydney’s eyes caught a display shelf for Katie’s porcelain doll collection, an obscenity Sydney never understood, all with little dresses and arranged meticulously, though in what way Sydney could not surmise. The room smelled oddly sweet, a bit like vanilla, which Sydney guessed correctly was Katie’s room spray. Sunlight came pouring in through the window in the room, giving it a more inviting feel than Sydney would have expected a room so pink could have. erzurum seks hikayeleri The only thing that was missing was Katie.


Sydney turned around to see Katie closing a pad lock through a latch in the door. Sydney would have immediately been on guard had she not been so thoroughly surprised by Katie’s appearance. One thing Katie always had going for her was her natural beauty. She had a very pretty face when it wasn’t contorted into a grimace, with an oval shape, light skin tone and free of acne. She had dark brown hair and eyes which complemented her pretty face well and made her look vaguely like a figure from ancient Greece. Accompanying this was her very beautiful body. She was taller than average with a thinner build that made her look graceful but still allowed her plenty of curves. Guys always noticed immediately how large her breasts were, which was quite sensual on her thin frame. She also had a great ass, curvy and full enough to show off but not unwieldy. She typically dressed quite fashionably, always having the latest styles from the best designers, one of the many ways she spent her parents’ money. Sometimes this led her to being very showy with her body, but it was always with high class that made most men swoon and most women jealous.

It wasn’t in some new designer outfit that Katie was standing in front of Sydney with, smiling happily as her mouth fell open. No, Sydney found herself staring at her step-sister wearing only a fishnet nightie that came down to her upper thighs. Her large breasts and pink nipples, as well as her thin waist and shaved pussy were all too visible. Katie stood with her hands on her waist, leaning on one leg with her head cocked to the side and her long brown hair flowing over her shoulders and down her back. She was something straight out of Playboy. Sydney stared at Katie for several long moments before speaking up.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Sydney said, finding her voice thankfully and expressing her shock and disgust in it.

“Don’t you like it? I got it especially for you.” Katie was calm and collected, whereas Sydney was quiet for another moment at this announcement.

“What?” was all she managed to get out.

“For you, Sydney. I had to go to an adult store for it, and it cost an arm and a leg, but it was worth it, I think. I liked the way it feels. Do you like it?”

Sydney’s mind was reeling, but in her true form she spoke her mind. “Ok, what the hell are you talking about? Why would you get that, that thing for me? What do you want?”

“Oh I think that is obvious,” Katie said calmly, her eyes never wavering from Sydney’s. “Aren’t you even a little curious, Sydney? Haven’t you ever wanted to experiment a little, to try out something new? It’s natural for people to wonder about the unknown, the forbidden. Two sexy girls will eventually want to test the waters sometimes, just to see how it feels.”

Sydney didn’t really know what to make of this. Katie was actually trying to seduce her, her own step-sister suggesting that they… An obvious problem presented itself to Sydney.

“Our folks will be getting home any minute you know,” she said, realizing afterwards her fatal flaw in not immediately dismissing the idea.

“Oh contraire, my love, they called a little while ago and said they have a convention to go to and will be back late. Besides, didn’t you notice the lock? No one’s passing through that door until I say so.”

Sydney’s eyes darted to the door, where she remembered was indeed a combination lock. She looked back at Katie, who was eyeing her in an amused sort of way.

“God Katie, at least put on some underwear, I can see everything.”

Katie gave a deep sort of chuckle, and in a very sultry voice said “That’s the whole point Sydney.”

“You’re crazy,” Sydney said, taking a step back and feeling a surge of defiance at hearing Katie’s words. “You know that? Fucking crazy. First of all you’re my step-sister in case you forgot, and if I was going to do some experimenting or whatever you said with a woman, it wouldn’t be with you. That’s incest. Besides, I’m straight and I have every intention of staying that way. Now let me out.”

“Not so fast,” Katie said, her voice cooing sweetly. “You’re telling me you’ve never wondered if a woman could satisfy you better than a man? A woman you know what is like and know exactly how to make you feel good?”

Katie was stepping slowly and purposefully toward Sydney, who was listening with an open mouth. Despite her inward efforts to interrupt Katie’s speech, she wasn’t able to. It was like her brain was getting foggy. Katie continued.

“Women are more graceful then men, and so they know things men don’t. You know that. Have you ever thought of how it would feel?”

“Well yeah,” Sydney said, trying to make her voice sound dismissive but coming off more submissive. Before she could say anything else though, Katie continued.

“Don’t you think most women at some point wonder about that?”

“I’m sure, but-“

“So what’s wrong with exploring that? It’s not like we’d be hurting anybody. Mom and Howard always say we need to get along better with each other. If it’s natural for women to wonder, why isn’t it natural for women to try it out, to get a taste of it for themselves?”

Sydney had no good answer for this, but found that she had slowly been backing into the wall. She looked around nervously, and once over Katie’s nearly naked body, her heart dropping at the sight of it. She felt like she was in a cloud or something, a light headed feeling that made everything seem as if it wasn’t real, or that it didn’t matter. Its like when you have a bad cold and start spacing out, feeling like your brain is processing everything really slowly; almost a tipsy feeling. Sydney didn’t feel too sure about her position, but knew one objection for certain, though the fact that it was her only objection made her wonder what her true feelings really were.

“But you’re my step-sister,” Sydney said finally, as Katie was now only a few steps away, her face lt up beautifully with a smile that would have endeared her immediately to Katie if she had seen it when they first met. Katie breathed a sigh filled with delight, as if she knew that she had almost worn Sydney away.

“And what does that mean? That our parents got married a few years ago? So what? What does that have to do with who we are as sexual beings?”

With the words “sexual beings”, Katie put her hands delicately on Sydney’s waist, now less than a foot away from her, their breasts gently heaving up and down inches apart as they both breathed deeply. Sydney looked searchingly into Katie’s eyes and put her hands on Katie’s but did not move them. She felt overwhelmed with what to do and whether or not to do it. Katie, sensing Sydney needed a little coaxing, spoke in a soft whisper.

“I know I could be a real bitch sometimes, but I’ve always thought you were something amazing. And now, look at the woman you’ve become. You’ve got these great abs,” Katie said, teasingly rubbing Sydney’s tummy with her fingers. “Your breasts are amazing.”

“They’re not as big as yours,” Sydney said in a meek voice, a subconscious concern spilling out of her mouth before she realized it. Katie smiled appreciatively.

“Hey, size doesn’t always mean they’re great breasts. Besides, I know you’ve got a nice ass; I’ve seen all sorts of men check you out. This probably all seems out of left field, but you are incredibly sexy, I really mean that.”

“Thanks,” Sydney said, her voice wavering a little from being mixed with a chuckle and nervousness. “It takes a pretty sexy woman to pull of this outfit of yours,” she added, looking down again at Katie’s two beautiful breasts before her. Katie cocked her head to the side, smiling meekly herself and averting her eyes in embarrassment.

“If we were to do this, I wouldn’t even know where to begin,” Sydney said tentatively, allowing her growing curiosity mixed with warm lust win over her reason.

“I’ve always thought women have the most beautiful lips. I mean, we do so much to take care of them and yet they’re wasted on men who don’t even notice. What do you think?”

Sydney looked down at Katie’s lips. They were shaded a light pink and looked glossy, and it occurred to Sydney that guys would find them very attractive. “I guess you’re right,” Sydney said, her voice reflecting her own adoption of the idea.

“How about a kiss then? Just to see what we’re missing out on?” Katie asked, her eyes now boring into Sydney’s with a desperate hope.

“Just a kiss?” Sydney said, her need for reassurance vividly apparent.

“Yeah, a little kiss, nothing crazy about that. Even Brittney Spears and Madonna kissed each other.”

“We’re not using them as our role models, are we?” Sydney said, chuckling nervously. Katie knew better than to respond though, knew that Sydney was putting off the moment. They stared into each others eyes for a moment, and then Katie leaned forward a bit. Sydney opened her mouth slightly, and found herself closing her eyes. For a brief second she thought Katie had backed out when nothing happened, but then she felt the warm firmness of Katie’s lips press against her own. Before Sydney really had a chance to think Katie’s lips left hers, and she felt, to her surprise, a feeling of disappointment. It sounded like Katie was about to speak when Sydney leaned forward herself, and quickly their lips met again. They kissed, and then kissed again several more times, both becoming more confident in the other and Sydney feeling more confident.

Sydney felt Katie’s hands moving underneath hers, and they soon were slipped around and in the small of her back. Somewhere in the recesses of Sydney’s mind it occurred to her that she might be put off by this, but in the fore front of her mind she felt the urge to get closer to Katie. The second and many times stronger impulse won, and she tentatively moved her hands onto Katie’s waist. She felt her heart drop again as she touched Katie’s bare skin, marred only by the criss-crossing of the fishnet. She slowly ran her hands around Katie to her back, resting them too in the small of Katie’s back. Sydney let her fingers gently caress Katie’s naked skin, every so often slipping a finger underneath the lines of the outfit.

Katie pulled her lips back from Sydney for a second, only to put her whole mouth around Sydney’s lips. She repeated this a few times, until she leaned in and found Sydney’s lips missing. Sydney had pulled back but now mimicked Katie, delicately putting her mouth over Katie’s lips. She felt a surge of heat between her legs and she felt intoxicated with sensuality. Katie’s lips tasted like nothing she had imagined, warm and moist and delicious. Sydney repeated a few times, finally locking her mouth on Katie’s and sucking on Katie’s bottom lip happily. Katie’s fingers dug lightly into Sydney’s back, and her arms tightened, pulling Sydney close to her. As their breasts met and pressed together, Katie pushed her tongue into Sydney’s mouth. Sydney felt an intense surge of desire, stimulated by the feeling of Katie’s breasts against hers (which she wondered briefly how she could have ever hugged another woman without feeling this way) and the new and exciting opportunity Katie’s tongue opened up. She happily sucked on Katie’s tongue, her passions driven by the realization she was making out with a girl and was thoroughly enjoying herself.

Katie and Sydney’s lips and tongues became enmeshed, each taking turns to suck on the other and letting themselves be sucked, sometimes, finding their tongues flicking the other in almost a dance. Sydney became aware that not only were their breasts touching, now their tummies and waists were pressed against the other, both pulling the other toward themselves. With a jolt of pleasure at this realization, Sydney unintentionally pushed herself forward, essentially humping Katie. Katie took this as an act of desire and eagerly reciprocated, to Sydney’s surprise. She felt her own pussy pressing hard against Katie’s, both becoming more emboldened and kissing the other more passionately. Sydney felt her heartbeat rise as she realized Katie’s hands, as their lips and tongues continued to writhe and they continued to hump each other, were slowly moving down her back, closer and closer to her ass. She felt her body pulse and emotions rise as she anticipated Katie’s hands breaking the barrier and grabbing Sydney’s ass as their own. Just as they reached the beginning rise of her ass though, they moved quickly to Katie’s hips, and with a firm but friendly push she pushed Sydney off of her, Sydney’s lips clearly unwillingly letting Katie’s tongue go. Slowly Sydney opened her eyes and saw Katie staring at her, back to being a foot away.

“Did that make you feel uncomfortable?” Katie asked, resuming her previous tone as if they had only given each other a little peck. Even though Sydney had no idea where to take things, she had now lost all reservations about being with Katie.

“Katie…” Sydney moaned hungrily, reaching out and pulling Katie back to her by the waist. Katie turned her head so Sydney kissed her neck happily, giving it a little lick before locking her lips on.

“Sydney, we have to make sure you are ready, take things very slow- humph” Katie had been saying, before Sydney started kissing her lips again. Katie pressed lightly against Sydney’s waist, but Sydney wasn’t letting go. Finally, Katie reached around and grabbed Sydney’s ass with outstretched fingers. Sydney pulled back, gasping with surprise.

“Ahh, I thought that’d get your attention. Now listen, I’m delighted as can be that you’re so willing-“

“I’m willing, I’ll do anything,” Sydney interrupted, her voice obviously filled with sexual desperation.

“You don’t feel guilty for wanting your step-sister?” Katie said teasingly.

“You’re so sexy, I can’t help myself,” Sydney said, calming the brief rise of objections that Katie’s question called up.

Katie chuckled, saying “Now that’s true. Do you want to do some more exploration?”

“Yes!” Sydney said eagerly.

“Ok, if you will,” Katie said, grabbing Sydney by the waist and turning her so her back was to Katie. “We’ll continue on the bed, sexy,” Katie whispered into Sydney’s ear as she put her hands around Sydney’s waist and slid them down a few inches. Sydney felt her heart race as the anticipation for what was coming grew stronger and stronger. She walked with Katie, her ass pressed into Katie’s near naked pussy, glancing over at the door and wondering how it was that only a few minutes ago she had came into the room with absolutely no thoughts of sex with Katie, or any woman, on her mind. It seemed like there was a great divide between how she felt now and how she felt when she had come it. It was like she had unleashed something in her that she hadn’t even realized was there. As they reached the bed and she climbed on, she wondered how it was she had never wanted to do this before. She decided, as she turned and watched Katie’s gorgeous body climb onto the bed after her, that she must have wanted it before but resisted the idea. Katie’s words hadn’t seemed that terribly profound, but they must have had some magic to them because Sydney was now excitedly watching as Katie settled on the bed, knowing that there was nothing she wanted more than what was before her then.