Ekim 7, 2021

A Freshman Surprise…

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A Freshman Surprise…So I haven’t completed this short story I started a week or two ago, but I would like some opinions none the less 🙂 Merci <3Luke looked forward to Friday night more than he looked forward to Christmas each and ever year, because even Santa couldn't leave hot pussy under the tree for him to unwrap. That's why he loved clubbing so much, he knew there would be plenty of girls from his college dancing sloppily in the crowd each and every weekend...ripe for the picking. The cab ride seemed longer this Friday which was probably due to the anticipation Luke was feeling- he had not been out the past few weekends due to his football obligations but he intended on making up for all that lost time tonight the second he got into the club. Luke could feel his heart beat increasing as the cab he was in drew closer to the club, he could feel his mind start to race with thoughts of all the dancing sluts that would be dying to hop in the sack with his rock solid abs and he could feel the tightening of his jeans every time he thought about what he would do with each and every one of those drunk club sluts.Finally the taxi pulled up outside Toi Manoge the cities most reputable and happening club, anyone who was anyone was here every Friday night - pissing away their college years doing d**gs, fucking and partying. Luke approached the front of the line which had already started wrapping around the block and he quickly waved at one of the bouncers who immediately ushered him through a VIP entrance away from the long line. Seconds after entering the packed nightclub Luke had a beer in hand and was on the hunt- this routine felt almost innate to him now after having repeated it nearly every weekend for the past şişli escort two years. Suddenly as if a silent war had just broken out inside his mind Luke found himself locked in a deep gaze with a tall blonde woman sitting at the bar just twenty feet or so away from him. As he walked towards the bar he kept his gaze locked onto her beautiful blue eyes which seemed to illuminate in the dark corner of the club. His eyes quickly lost track of themselves and he was admiring her from head to toe within seconds, her flawless tanned skin leaving him thirsting to see more of it. When Luke made it to the bar he took a seat next to the blonde he had been admiring with such deep admiration and extended his hand to her.”Please forgive me for the intrusion.” he began, shaking her hand gently before gazing deeply into the ocean her eyes seemed to be the gateway to. “But it is not everyday I have the chance to meet a supermodel.””Very funny Mr Tatum!” the blonde woman laughed, knowing no man was that ignorant of his own appearance. “The pleasure is all mine.””May I buy you a drink…Miss…?” Luke trailed off slightly, hoping to leave a communication break long enough for the beautiful blonde beside him to introduce herself.”Melanie.” she chimed in, right on cue. “And to whom might I thank for the generous offer?””Luke.” he grinned, knowing in his mind the deal had already been sealed and Melanie would be under his tongue in a few short hours.Just as he always was about these situations, Luke found Melanie playing more and more into his sexual game of chess more and more with every passing moment. Within an hour she had dragged him onto the dance floor and spent the better part of the following hour grinding mecidiyeköy escort her half exposed buttocks on his semi erect shaft. Finally the night was drawing to a close and Luke swooped in and kissed Melanie with so much passion that she could feel lightning bolts being absorbed out the ground and up through her body to her lip which were now tingling and wet from Luke’s perfect oral embrace. “Would you like to come back to my condo Melanie?” Luke grinned, holding her face in his palm and gazing lovingly into her deep blue eyes. “So that this perfect night doesn’t have to end so abruptly.””I would love to.” Melanie ginned, “but I do hope that you do not mistake me for some midnight whore. I don’t end up on my back on the first encounter!””Oh really?” Luke asked, accepting the challenge internally. “Why is that?””I much prefer to be on top the first time.” Melanie retorted, a devilish grin formed around her perfect rose tinted lips and Luke knew that he was going to have a wonderful night. Or so he hoped.Under and hour later the two young adults were stumbling into the front lobby of Luke’s condo building. Melanie found herself incredibly impressed with the level of elegance his building emulated and the suite she was lead into had her even more impressed than she had thought possible. Luke lead Melanie into his bedroom and the two laid gently down on either side of the king size bed that felt as if you had been thrown atop a fluffy white cloud. Within seconds Lukes instincts had taken over and his lips found themselves locked to Melanies as his tongue explored her mouth with both skill and finesse. “Your an amazing kisser!” Melanie praised and she began unlatching his belt with esenyurt escort on of her hands while the other began exploring his now fully alert manhood.”How about you show me if your any good with your mouth?” Luke teased, grabbing a handful of Melanies hair and gently pushing her down towards his pulsating buldge.Within seconds Melanie’s lips found their target and she allowed Luke to thrust himself in and out of her mouth, to Lukes surprise not only did Melanie not make any attempt to slow him – she actually motioned for him to fill her throat faster than he had been previously. Finally Luke could not take the anticipation anymore and he pulled himself to his feet and began throwing off the remainder of his under garments. There was only one thing he could be certain of at this moment, and that was the fact that the desire to feel himself filling her feminine structure had increased from aspiration to physical need and there was nothing that was going to stand in his was now. Luke laid down with his head between Melanie’s legs and began kissing her thighs as he pulled her lace panties down with his fingers but suddenly he jumped to his feet and shrieked.”You’re a fucking dude?” Luke screamed, his face turning as pale as the snow that fell from the heavens outside his window.”You fucking moron.” Melanie exclaimed, also throwing herself to her feet in fear she may have to defend herself against this young college athlete at any second. “How could you not know?””Because your fucking hot.” Luke screamed, then feeling a sense of disgust that he found this man attractive. “How the fuck could you trick me like that?””I didn’t see you complaining when you were gasping for air as I sucked that gorgeous cock of yours.” Melanie’s face lit up with the same devilish grin it had in the club hours earlier and Luke could feel his mind beginning to calm and suddenly the only thing he could think about was bending Melanie back over his bed and filling her with every inch of his throbbing meat.