Nisan 24, 2023

A Gentle Push

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Hope you enjoy this one, as usual UK English is the language, so colour, not color, Mum not Mom if you don’t like it, look elsewhere, otherwise I hope you like it.


“You have got to be joking, are you completely mad?”

Sandra Jansen stared at her husband defiantly, hands on hips. At fifty six, sixteen stone and five feet seven, she was a whole lot of woman. She heaved a sigh and her forty two E cup breasts lifted in her tight underwired bra, her blue eyes flashed a danger signal.

Dave, her husband at fifty eight, fourteen stone and five feet nine, looked at her with his cow brown eyes wide and sparkling.

“Nope, I want you to come out to the Boss’s house for a meal with him and his wife, and I’d like you to wear your red dress, and no underwear apart from some thigh high hold up stockings.” he repeated, “I dare you to, just for once try something different, the dress will hold your boobs up and no one will know you’re not wearing knickers, go on please.”

“Why, I mean the meal fair enough, but why this shit about no underwear, why bother asking when you know it’s not going to happen?”

“I thought for just once in your life you might actually want to do something to please me, rather than just yourself, I mean what harm can there be?”

“I wear panty liners, you know I have to, so without any I won’t feel safe, so the answers a definite no.” She glared, daring him to answer her back.

“One night, for a few hours, that’s all I’m asking, just once do something outside your comfort zone, then you can get me to do anything you want, ok.”

“No, it’s not ok, why do you bother? You know I can’t bear being touched anymore, you won’t get sex even if I did it.”

“So just do it, just once just as a dare, all I ask is that you try, ok?”

“No, I won’t and if you mention it again I swear I’ll swing for you.”

“Ok, I tried, and you can’t blame me for that. I’ll tell Roy we’ll be there about seven ok?”

“Fine, find out if we should bring wine or a dessert or some after meal treats, whatever.”

Dave nodded and dug his mobile out, turning away he dialed work and asked for Roy his boss.

“Hi.. Oh hi, yes, OK thanks, yes we can make it on Saturday, Sandra says should we bring anything, Wine, flowers, Dessert, chocolates, no okay, well thank you for asking and we look forward to seeing you about seven, yeah, No, no not keen on it, yeah ok, thanks, bye, bye, bye-bye.”

“What did he say?”

“We don’t need to bring a thing just ourselves, and relax and enjoy the company.”

“what aren’t you keen on?”

“Oh nothing, nothing to worry about, just a joke that’s all.”

“Out with it, come on what’s going on with you two?”

“Look it doesn’t matter okay, nothing you need to bother with?”

“No it’s not okay, there’s something going on and you’re now being stupid about it. Just tell me, I couldn’t be any more annoyed with you than I am now.”

“Wanna bet?”

“Pardon? why would I want to bet?”

“Look it’s nothing, just leave it, it’s not important.”

“Oh but it’s not so unimportant you can’t tell me what it is?”

“Work, just some work.”

“Work, some little sentence about work and you go all coy, you’re hiding something and I want to know what it is?”

“No you don’t! trust me, you really don’t!”

“OK spill it because I’m not moving ’til you tell me, so come on out with it.”

“Please just leave it, it’s nothing, just back off and leave it.”

“No I won’t just leave it, tell me Dave, tell me now!”

“Oh for God’s sake! Roy bet me two hundred quid, I couldn’t persuade you to go to their place without underwear, payment on confirmation, in cash, happy now?”

“You bastard, you took his bet, you accepted? What am I a just a bit of meat, a slutty pro you picked up, how dare you and how dare he, you wait until Moira knows about this she’ll skin him alive.” Sandra’s eyes blazed and she ground her right foot into the carpet..

“Moira knows, I bet the same thing, that was Moira on the phone she’s accepted but now knows you won’t, so Roy said she could have his two hundred too.”

“You’re lying, Moira wouldn’t do that she’s too much of a lady, give me that phone I’ll call her now.”

Dave sighed and handed over his mobile, Sandra noted he wasn’t trying to stop her. She held the phone in her palm, looking him up and down.

“You’re telling the truth aren’t you?”


“That bitch is going to take two hundred quid off each of you for not wearing knickers on Saturday?”

“Yup, four hundred quid for letting the air get to her fanny.”

“Oh no she isn’t. OK I’ll do it, but you my lad are going to have to cough up for a new dress, and you get to spend Saturday helping me choose it.”

“But I was going to the match Saturday afternoon,”

“Cancel it if you want my bare bum and saggy tits sitting next to you on Saturday night.”

“Ok, where are we going?”

“We are going to town buster, so dig deep, this little bet of yours is going to cost you big time, kahramanmaraş seks hikayeleri bring all your cards and plenty of cash, oh and lunch is on you.”

“Fuck me!”

“Fat chance dickhead.”

Sandra turned and left, throwing his phone over her shoulder, Dave dived forward to catch it and bounced off the newel post, muttering under his breath.

Sandra went about her morning ritual, breakfast, teeth clean, wee, she bounded downstairs with a grin on her face,

“See you tonight my love, have a good day.”

“Yeah try to, you too, give my love to year six, see you later educator.”

Dave blew an air kiss watched her leave and sat at his PC, he heard her car drive off and sat down, fumbling in his dressing gown for his prick. As the programme opened that he used to look at porn, he felt in the other pocket and pulled out one of Sandra’s bra’s. Wanking at the streaming video he grunted and wrapped her tit cosy round the head of his cock. As his seed surged up his cock the door opened and Sandra came back in. He couldn’t stop and his cock spurted cum into the big round cup of her lace trimmed bra.

“What the fuck are you doing?” she yelled pulling at his shoulder and looking into his lap. “Oh My..God, that’s my dirty bra from yesterday, what were you thinking of?”

“Cumming on your big saggy tits; those lovely, big, round, saggy, creamy, sexy tits, with those big, luscious, stiff nipples, and pretending you love the feel of my spunk on your skin, rubbing it in and sucking my cock for the last bits of cum.”

“Fuck me. In your dreams you sad little git. I’ll need to wash that two or three times to get it clean you animal. How could you do that and how dare you talk about my boobs like that, I hate you so much for this, you sick bastard.”

She leaned back and brought her arm round in a swinging haymaker, palm flat, striking his face and sending him backwards off the chair. He landed on his back, dressing gown open and her bra wrapped round his wilting cock.

“Sick, sick bastard, I’m going out now, to think I fell for you, you sad, sad wanker.”

Sandra left and slammed the door behind her, Dave lay on the floor and began to laugh, he sat up and touched his tender cheek. Hell of a way to start a day he thought.

Sandra came home from work about six and he laid out the table for supper. they ate in silence, she, finishing, pushed her plate and placemat away. She stared at the red mark on his face and smiled.

“So my sad little wanker, how was your day?”

“Ok, I got a pile of work done, Roy is pleased with my input and thinks there might be scope for a more senior position, which he said was on merit. It appears I put together a package the client thinks will work for her company, we seem to have the contract in the bag. If the deal goes through, and Roy can’t see why it won’t, I get a nice quarterly bonus, that’s a cool six grand and a five grand increase in salary. So a good day I think, how’s year six.”

“Confused by speech marks and unable to grasp the concept of white light being made up of many colours.”

“It’s a prism sentence then?”

“Funny, yeah, prisms it is. Look I feel shit about this morning, I was a little on edge, I flipped when I saw you wanking into my bra, it’s a shocking thing to see your husband doing. Anyway, I never told you the reason I came back.”

“understandable in the circumstances and yes it still hurts, but, on balance I deserved it. I.. well let’s just say we need to talk, but probably not now.”

“No let’s talk, let’s actually talk about us. not school or your work, let’s talk about us.”

” ‘kay, well I just need to find a release for my urges; you know I still love the thought of making love to you, I love you naked, you don’t get it and can’t bear me near you, what else is there to discuss.”

“There’s this.”

Sandra stood and unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor. Dave stared in awe as her naked hairy pussy and belly came into view, her knee length nylon stocking socks hugged her calves.

“Like it?”

“Fuck do I , God I’d love to kiss that, and lick and..”

“Easy Tiger, you get to look but don’t touch. I mean it step any nearer and my foot meets your balls.”

“OK, OK , let me look, let me look. God it’s fantastic, so hairy and sexy, turn round, oh fuck look at that arse, you are bloody magnificent. Shit I’m rock hard, what a gorgeous sight.”

“Oh come on, there’s just acres of lard and cellulite, it’s hideous, I hate it.”

Sandra sat on her chair and began to open and close her legs.

“Well I love it and it’s time you accepted that no matter what you think or feel, I want to lick, suck, squeeze, caress and kiss every inch of your body.”

“I’m a fat, no obese, fifty six year old saggy titted old woman, and you’re a crazy fool, driven by a permanent hard on, you need help.”

“the only help I need is for you to let me touch you, everywhere in every way.”

“You’re insane, did you mean what you said about my boobs this morning?”

“Every word; I would crawl a hundred yards over broken glass just to watch you take a piss.”

“Do you really think of my boobs when you jerk off into my bra?”

“Yes I imagine the spunk flowing over them and you rubbing them and your nipples getting hard.”

“Quite an imagination.”

“I could never have imagined this in a million years, fuck you are such a turn on.”

“Want me to stop?”

“Fuck no I want you to strip so I can wank over your boobs for real.”


“Really and truly, I would love to wank all over those big beautiful globes of yours.”

“Then you better get your cock out then.”

Sandra stood and began to unbutton her blouse, peeling it off slowly, before throwing it at him. She twisted and gyrated, still in her court shoes and knee length stockings. Her hands moved to her bra strap and unsnagged it, Leaning forward she allowed her breasts to fall out. Standing she pushed the cups of her bra together and tucked the straps in. She tossed it in his direction.

Dave frantically had his trousers and pants down round his ankles. He straightened and the bra fell over his cock. He rubbed it round his cock as it rose into a rigid hard-on. He held the bra in his right hand as his left hand stroked his cock. Sandra sat back on the chair and opened her legs again. running her hands from her knees to her belly. She lifted her hands and hooked them together behind her head.

“Why don’t you bring that over here and do what you said you wanted to do,” she invited.

Dave stood, still pumping and waddled over to her. He felt the rise of his cum as his balls contracted. He pushed forward and rubbed his cockhead over her breasts, his cum erupted and she gasped and shuddered as it spurted out in strands on both breasts, then began to roll down the slopes. Her hands came down and she ran them around her large breasts and through his seed. She smiled as she cupped her breasts and rubbed his semen over her nipples. feeling them start to harden as the skin puckered.

“Lick me, lick my pussy, get down and lick me, like you used to. Do it, do it now, please lick me.”

She jacknifed her legs apart, as Dave knelt down between them then he dived into her muff. He worked his tongue through thick curly pubic hair and pushed through her lips finding the slit and the opening. She gasped and squeezed her breasts as she tried to lie back to open herself more to aid his insistent tongue. She urged him on and screamed as her first orgasm in years flooded through her body, she twitched and humped, bucked and twisted as he drove her on to more and more peaks. Finally she pushed his head away, crying as the pain overcame the pleasure.

“No more, no more, I can’t take anymore, please stop, please, please, Oh God I’m cumming again, can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t cum anymore, oh, oh, oh.” She slid to the floor next to him, tears in her eyes.

They lay there for a while, then he sat up and touched her arm, her side, her leg. She smiled and reached for his hand.

“Feel happy now you got your way?”

“I can’t lie, that was fantastic, far, far better than I could ever imagine, I love you and your body so much.”

“So I noticed, that was a gallon of juice you spewed out there mister man, and you’re right it does feel nice massaged into my boobs.”

“So happier now about my perving over you?”

“No, I still need to make you suffer, but you sure made me realise how much I needed to cum, I don’t think I’ve ever cum as much as that. I must have forgotten how good your tongue is. I might need a rematch later, if you think you can handle it?”

“Anytime, wake me up if you need to.”

“Well I think we should tidy up or at least dress ourselves. I have a bag full of marking, here pass my blouse.”

“Don’t you want your bra?”

“No you can save it for later, if you need to. Come on help me up, I must get this done.”

Sandra quickly dressed in her blouse and skirt, then set to work at the table marking her books. Dave cleared and tidied and set the dishwasher on. He made tea and came back in to the lounge. Popping the tea on a coaster at her right hand.

“Thanks, this should only take about an hour, do you think your cock will be ready to try again by then? I can understand now that cum is a good nourishing cream for my boobs and there are some bits that got missed.”

“I’ll work on it.”

“Don’t you dare start without me, I will be very disappointed if I don’t get to watch you pump your dick in front of my tits.”


“Probably now find something to do for an hour.”

On Saturday they rose early and showered and dressed quickly. Driving into town they headed for some retail therapy. Sandra dragging Dave in and out of a dozen shops, then lunch at an expensive Gastro-Pub, then back again for another round of shops, then finally they returned to the first shop.

“Is this deliberate?”

“Kind of, I’ve had a ball trying everything on, but I think you’ll like this.” She went to the assistant who pulled a dress off the rack behind her.

“Would it be okay if my husband comes into the cubicle with me?” she asked the assistant.

The manageress overhearing, looked at Sandra and a decidedly bored Dave, she paused for a second.

“Normally madam we don’t allow that, but as we’re empty and no one else is likely to object, please go ahead.” She swept her hand out towards the changing room.

Dave ambled over redfaced and said a mumbled “thank you”, following Sandra into the furthest cubicle in the room. Hanging up her coat, she turned to face Dave, lifting her sweater and allowing her braless breasts to pull away from it, wobbling and rolling over her chest. She glanced down and noted the tent in his trousers. Unzipping her skirt she let it drop and Dave gasped at her shaven pubis, she held her finger up to her lips and grinned at him. She stood in just her sandals and winked at him, turning slowly so he could see all of her body. His eyes bulged as did his trousers.

She took the dress and removed the hanger then pulled it over her head and down her body. Her nipples showing clearly through the thin fabric, as did her belly, creating a small dip where her belly button pulled it slightly in, it clung to her arse and clearly showed she had nothing underneath.

“Fuck,” whispered Dave, gazing in awe at his wife, “That is so hot, you look amazing, fucking amazing.!”

“Get you cock out and stroke it, here,” she opened her handbag and handed him her bra.

Dave had his fly open and his cock out in seconds she pulled the dress slowly up and held it over her head, naked now except for her sandals. Dave jerked and bucked silently, then gave a little groan as his seed filled her cups.

“make sure you get both cups, it’s important.” she whispered in his ear.

He nodded as she turned to hang the dress back on its hanger. Turning back, she took the bra from him, then placed his hand on her bare mons, sliding his finger into her slit. Dave grabbed the bra back and wrapped it round his cock as more cum dripped out. Sandra rocked on his finger then eased him back . She took his hand and ran it over her breast. Taking the bra she looked in the cups and grinned, then she leaned forward until her breasts filled them and pulled the sides round and clipped the catch; standing she ran her hands over boobs, squeezing and rubbing the bra tightly against her skin.

“Thank you for my lotion, they’ll be so smooth and supple tonight.” she pecked his cheek, then picked up her sweater, pulling it over her head.

“Is everything alright madam?” said the assistant from outside.

“Perfectly, my husband approves, so you have a guaranteed sale, thank you so much.” Sandra had dressed and Dave had tucked his limp cock back into his pants and trousers, feeling the last drops oozing out into his pants. Sandra opened the door and handed the dress to the assistant. They moved out to the till and Dave handed his credit card over,

“Wait a moment, do you sell hold up stockings?” Sandra asked the girl.

“Over there madam, do you want plain or patterned?”

“Well let’s go look, Dave, please help me choose.”

Dave perked up and wandered over, after ten minutes they had chosen a very expensive pair of patterned stockings. Dave smiled brightly and Sandra grinned. Finally the bill paid they headed for the car. Driving back Dave glanced over at Sandra, who grinned back at him. Sliding forward in her seat her skirt rode up her thighs. She grinned and lifted slightly then pulled the skirt clear of her pussy.

“OK, now let’s see if you can drive without looking over at my pussy, until we get home, if you do I might have a treat for you.”

Dave grinned and looked ahead and in his mirror, despite the lure of Sandra’s warm pink pussy just below his eye level.

“Good boy, I’m beginning to enjoy this teasing you, hmm, that wasn’t a glance was it, no, you sure, well keep looking forwards or in the mirror, or I just might have to cover my pussy up, and it would be such a shame to have to hide it.”

They arrived home and Dave pulled onto the driveway, He swiveled round and Sandra undid her seat belt, Opening her legs and affording him a view of her bald pussy.

“Like what you see, then let’s get inside, we have work to do before we leave tonight. You’re boss is about to have a surprise.and so is his lovely wife.”

Pulling her skirt down over her bareness Sandra exited the car, careful to ensure Dave got a good view of her bare arse, before her skirt flapped down to cover it.

“Fuck, I’m stuck behind the wheel,” Dave cried as his hard-on prevented him following her.

He heard her laugh as she opened the door and disappeared inside. Dave pushed his erection flat against him and levered the seat back, he wandered in to find Sandra naked and leaning back on the stairs.

“Lick me, lick me hard, make me cum, please I need your tongue now,”

Dave slammed the door shut and ran to kneel between her open legs, grabbing them and lowering his head. Twenty minutes later he felt her push his head away as her bucking and twisting reached a crescendo, she cried and gasped, tears rolling down her cheeks.