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A Girl-Girl Email Exchange

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By Shelby W and Marilyn

Aug 2001

This is an actual email exchange written by two women. Each part is told by the woman involved – their own thoughts and feelings relating to the experience.

* * * * *

Part 1 Marilyn to Shelby

We are in a nice tub having a bath together and enjoying the effects of a large bottle of wine. Our legs are entwined and we’re soaping each other up and feeling each other’s bodies. My hands are roaming up your thigh as yours are lathering up my breasts. We kiss each other over and over again. “Mmmmmmm,” I hear you moan as my fingers find your sweet pussy. You’ve got me feeling pretty good too, with what your hands are doing to my soapy tits and nipples. I find your opening and tenderly slide my index finger in while my thumb begins to massage your clit. I’m kissing you while I’m doing this as your hands continue to rub up and down my breasts teasing my nipples.

“Oh baby, I want you”, you moan. “Stand up for me so that I can see you” you ask. I stand as the warm soapy water begins to slide off of my wet body. My skin shines in the daylight as the water runs down me. Your eyes are fixed on my mound as I move toward you. Your hands reach out to surround me and pull me toward you by my butt. I look down at you sitting in the tub as our eyes meet each other just before you move your mouth into my pussy. “Oh, God yes!” I moan at the first touch of your lips and tongue on my folds. I begin to thrust my crotch into your face as your tongue snakes deeper into me. I grab you by your hair and literally mash you into me, wildly trying to stuff your face up me. “Oh God, that feels so good!”

Suddenly, I realize that the wine we shared has begun to flow through my system and now wants out. I feel its pressure in my bladder as you suck at my labia with hot audible noises. “Oh jeeze, Girl, if you keep that up and I’m doing to have to douse you,” I warn.

All I hear is your muffled reply from your mouth being so full of my cunt. “I mean it, I’ve got to pee… you’d better let me get out to the toilet!” But you keep eating… now with even more enthusiasm. “Oh my god! Girl, I’ve got to go….. NOW!!!”

You look up to me momentarily and tell me….

Part 2 Shelby to Marilyn

“Do it baby let it go, feel the intense pleasure”. You have this strained look on your face. You are so close to cumming and want release. But you’re a little unsure about letting your pee go.

You try and step out of the tub but I hold you there. I suck your sweet clit again and this is enough. “Oooohhh god Shelby I’m starting to pee”. I pull my face back as your flow starts. It starts to dribble out and then “aaaahhhhhh” you sigh as it leaves your body in such a huge gush. You look down and see your pee spraying over my chest. This is something you have never thought about before, but it’s so nasty that you are finding it a huge turn on. You reach down with your hand and put it into the stream, feeling the heat on your fingers. The thought runs through your mind “God I’m peeing on my hand and over Shelby’s tits”.

Through instinct you move your hand up and place a finger either side of your urethra and aim the flow. You start to direct the flow just like a man would with his penis. You shoot it at each of my hard nipples “aaaahhh, Marilyn that’s it, paint me with your hot sweet pee!” I moan to you. You’re now spraying it all over my chest and up my neck. You now bring your other hand down and start to rub that hard clit that’s poking out from under its hood. You are so close to cumming as you rub faster. Your pee stream in now going all over the place as you are becoming lost in the orgasmic bliss about to descend upon you. You can feel your gut tighten and the wave start to crash through as you look down and see your pee spraying everywhere all over my face and hair. “ahhhhouuuuuuuuu” your flow slows to a dribble as you start to grunt. Your whole body now is on that orgasm freight train heading to heaven. “Godddd Shhheeellbby I’mmmm cuummmmminggggggggg aaahhhhhhhhhhh!” and for the first time in your life you ejaculate copious amounts of your sweet sticky girl cum. I open my mouth and allow your juice to enter as I grab your ass and pull you hard onto my face. Your body has gone into uncontrollable muscle spasms as you squirt out the largest amount of cum you ever have had. Your screams are echoing off of the bathroom walls. It’s so loud I hope the neighbors didn’t hear.

Then suddenly it’s over. Your body goes limp and you crash down into the bath.

Part 3 Marilyn to Shelby

My knees are weak from the powerful orgasm that you brought me to. I never knew the dark depths of my peeing desires until this moment. Seeing your face and breasts getting hosed by my nasty peeing pussy just sent me cascading down a roller coaster of orgasmic thrills. It was the most intense moment I have ever experienced. Perhaps it was the depravity of it, perhaps it was the look on your face, bursa escort or maybe it was the nasty taboo of letting you see me at my most vulgar moment. Whatever, it brought out a powerful desire to wet you with my urine again. My pussy is still throbbing with lust. I want to do it again, and again. I want to see my piss shoot directly out of my hole onto your sweet face… I want to watch as the yellow rivulets course down your mouth and chin and drip onto your breasts. Mmmmmmm baby, I want to see your hair drip with my urine and get you all wet and full of lust for more. I especially want to see you take my pee stream directly into your wide-open slut mouth. Just thinking about how nasty this intimate sex act is, is making me wet with desire. I slump down back into the tub to catch my breath before I fall down. You begin telling me in great detail how wonderful it was to share my pee and how hot it made you. You then relate how it felt to be soaked by my girl cum as I sprayed it against your sucking mouth. This made you hot all over again and you begin rubbing your clit right in front of me like a naughty girl, begging me to help you get some release. I look at your lovely spread pussy as your fingers frigg it. “You’re such a nasty girl!!”, I say to you with a sly grin on my face. “I have an idea,” I tell you, “lets get out of the tub and move into the bedroom, OK?”

You, think this is a great idea and begin to think of the nasty things we could do in bed together while looking at the mirrored vanity and closet doors. “Oh yes,” you say, “I want to see us do it while looking in the mirrors!” The thought of that sends delightful shivers down me. We stand up in the tub and turn on the shower to clean up. I help you wash off and we both shower up until our bodies are once again squeaky-clean. My hand reaches around your body to cup both of your breasts and you tilt your head back to rest against my shoulder as my fingers slip over your nipples and tug at them. You moan in pleasure from this and I kiss the back of your neck and up to your ears, where I slither my tongue in. This gives you goose bumps and you moan softly in appreciation. The water splashes over us and we both feel the warmth of the spray reminding us of how our pee feels when it courses over the curves of our bodies. When we finish washing, we step out of the tub to dry off. Of course, we take our time toweling each other off… finding all the damp spots on each other. Even those spots that we can’t seem to keep dry! (*S*) We continue to kiss one another the whole while. I follow you into the bedroom looking at your sweet ass as it undulates with each step. Neither of us bothered to put on a robe and we walk naked into the bedroom.

I have this devilish thought and suggest that we drink some more wine. “I think I need to fill my bladder again baby,” I say with a grin. But, you’re way ahead of me, and tell me that you were going to suggest that as you definitely wanted to have me repeat the earlier thrill I had given you. So you go to the kitchen and grab another big bottle of white wine and bring the jug, without glasses, into the bed with us. “We can just swig on it don’t you think?” you ask. I laugh, and pulling the stopper out, I hold it up to my mouth and take a deep pull on it like some mountain man swigging from his brown jug. You laugh at this and I break out laughing as well. We pass the bottle back and forth occasionally giggling at one another and sometimes spitting a bit out from laughing so hard with our mouth full. After the bottle was well on its way to being emptied, I could tell that I would have no trouble wanting to pee again. We were both feeling kinda tipsy and giggled like little school girls from the effects of the wine. You said you had to pee, but of course you promised to hold it for me. I knew it was now or never, so I reached over and kissed you on the mouth and sent my tongue into your lips to probe yours. Our arms entwined and we fell into the bed kissing and tonguing each other. I tasted your lipstick that we had freshened before we laid down. It felt so good to feel our hot tongues roll against each other as we kissed deeply. My hands roamed up and down your back as I held you close and I moved to press my body against yours. Our breasts felt the pressure as they compressed against each other and I rolled slightly so our tummies met. As we continued to kiss and feel each other, I lifted a leg and scissored them with yours. “Oh baby, I want to feel your pussy against mine”, I whisper to you. And you moved with me….

Part 4 Shelby to Marilyn

We both now have our wet pussies pressed tightly against one another. You slowly start to hump me, grinding your pubic bone harder into mine. I return the favor and do the same to you. “Aaahhh that’s it… fuck my cunt, mmmmm,” you say, as you are holding my hips pulling me harder into you. I’m moving my hips up and down and around and around trying to force as much bursa escort bayan of myself into you. We finally get a good rhythm going between us and really start to apply the pressure. Neither of us have ever done something like this before but it feels natural for both of us. I’m now grabbing hold of your hips as I can feel the intensity building.

God how I wanted something in my pussy! Then suddenly I let go and pulled back. You look at me and say “What are you doing why did you stop”. I jump of the bed and run into the kitchen. You wonder what the fuck I am doing when I reappear at the door holding a cucumber in my hand. It’s not overly big about 8-9 inches long and about 2 inches thick. Lucky for us I hadn’t put it in the fridge so it was at room temperature and ready to go. I quickly lay down on the bed and got into the same position. There was no need for any lubricant as both of us are so wet. I slip one end into you and the other I work into me. There we are both scissoring each other sharing a cucumber. The feeling is incredible both of us rubbing our pussies together and swallowing that hard vegetable. Were now fucking each other hard. I can feel our bums slapping together and our juices mixing as we fully engulf our green lover.

“That’s it fuck that cock, fuck my cunt” you scream as you are pumping me harder and faster. We go at it like this for what seems like hours, when suddenly you pull away from me leaving the cucumber half buried in me. I look up thinking you’re about to cum when you reach over and grab the green monster and pull it from me. You throw it on the floor and slam your pussy hard against mine. Your panting so hard I think you are going to hyperventilate. “I need to feel your cunt on mine,” you say, as you are grinding me. I can see the lust in your eye’s as you are half sitting up looking at me with this determined look about you. “Oooohhhhhh aahhhhhhh gggggrrrrrrrrrr” escapes from your mouth as you throw yourself back and reach down to your pussy.

Then, all of a sudden, I feel all warm around my crotch. You arch your back as you start spraying your hot pee all over me. “Fuuuuucccck that’s it, do it do it!” I scream at you. I can feel your piss all over me. My stomach – my tits – my face – I can even feel it spraying up my pussy. God what a huge turn on it is. You’re pulling hard on your clit, determined to cum and cum hard. I grab your hips as your flow dies down and pull you harder against me. Then you violently explode in orgasm. This is more powerful than your previous one and I can feel it entering me filling my pussy mixing with your pee. God this is so erotic. You’re screaming at the top of your lungs louder than before. I can’t make out what you are saying – your lost in your own sexual world. Your orgasm is so powerful that if you had the chance you would insert your whole body up into my hot love hole.

As your orgasm subsides, I expected you to slump down on the bed and leave me to get off on my own. But you surprise me and sit up again still grinding your sensitive pussy against me with this devilish look on your face and say to me…

Part 5 Marilyn to Shelby

“Oh baby, I want to feel your hot piss against me now,” I confide, “Oh, I’ve been dreaming about that! I’ve fantasized about your pussy, all hot and wet against mine as we hump each other.” I say unabashedly as my lust makes me bolder. “I’ve dreamed about feeling your sex-swollen lips wetly slide against mine. I just want to feel your clit drag against mine and feel the sensation of you fucking me with it!” My breathing is heavy from my lust, and my words are punctuated by my drunken passion. “Then, just before I cum, I want you to piss right up my pussy and make me all wet with your hot golden nectar.” I can feel my pussy seeping, as I continue to uninhibitedly reveal my darkest desires. “Oh sweetheart, make me cum from your pee spraying hard against my clitty baby. Oh God I want to feel that!!”

Your eyes are glazed with lust as you bump your pubes against me. Your arms then reach out to encircle my neck and you begin to pull my face towards yours. As our eyes close, your lips find mine and we kiss passionately. “Yes baby, I’ll pee against you. Oh yeah, I’ll make you cum! Your little cunny’s gonna wrench like you did before. Only, this time I want to get you nice and ready for it first.”

Puzzled, I ask you what you mean, and with a sly smile, you ease your hand down below and begin wriggling your fingers through my pee-soaked pubes until you find my clit. I gasp. I’m so close to another orgasm. As we break off our kissing, you move your body flat to face me. As you move, I feel your breasts rub along my abdomen, and your hands slide up and down the smooth surface of my inner thighs, urging me to spread my legs wide for you. As your head reaches my public patch, you tease me by using your teeth to pull at the soft fur at the top of my pussy. bursa sınırsız escort Your tongue just touches my clitty once… teasing me before moving off to kiss my inner thighs, which are now wetted from my desires. I tingle in anticipation as your tongue, again, moves closer to my sex. Sensing my rising passion, you begin to plant tiny kisses along the way until suddenly my stomach flexes and I begin convulsing the moment your tongue delves into my cunny. My knees are pressed back, but my legs jerk forward uncontrollably, squeezing your head between my thighs. I can hear muffled moans and feel the strength of your tongue as you lap eagerly at the juices from my now weeping cavern. I want to capture your face down there forever, but reluctantly give in to your need for air. Your hands firmly press my legs forward and apart making my pussy totally vulnerable to you. Your eyes momentarily feast on my swollen redness as I continue to spasm, almost at a climax, but more like reacting to a sudden shock. I jerk and twitch, closer and closer to orgasm as your mouth devours my pissy pus. Then… oh heaven… I go over the edge!

“Oh God… Oh God… Ohhhhh Gawd!” I scream as my climax mounts higher and higher with unending waves that move through me. “Oh jeeze what pleasure!”, I finally declare as I begin to come down. To my delight, you take your time cleaning my pussy and thighs of the juices that have poured out from me. I’m on fire still, and I feel like cumming again when you chew gently on my lips, slowly working back up to my t’ain’t. Your hot tongue slides delicately between my butt cheeks. I am surprised when I feel you put a little pressure on my asshole, but only enough to let me know you are down there and not enough to go inside. “God that makes me hot!”, I wantonly moan out. My clit hurts it’s so erect. I am begging shamelessly, “Oh yeah, lick me there!” I feel like such a “bad girl” revealing my most secret desires. But there’s no turning back now… you are now aware that my anal ring is another pleasure organ for me. I shiver and moan out loud with base pleasure as your tongue slides between my cheeks and over my sensitive asshole. I gasp with pleasure, my desires now becoming totally anal. I send the unmistakable message that I am open to an ass reaming. I feel so hot and slutty. My mind reels as I feel your thumb press into my pussy just as you spit onto my asshole and swirl your tongue around my rosebud. Oh God, I nearly squirt with pleasure at that. You keep my ass cheeks spread as your tongue lathes at my sphincter ring, making me moan like the bad girl I am. By now, I am so wet that I barely feel your thumb as you move it in and out. But when you brush it against the base of my clit, my pleasure button reacts like a bow string, giving me another numbing orgasm. Afterward, the afterglow from multiple orgasms is marvellous. I lay there, loving the feeling of the muscles relaxing while my sex organ remains engorged. My nipples are achingly hard still, as is my clit. My pussy lips feel heavy. I feel totally sexy and relaxed.

Part 6 Shelby to Marilyn

I sit up looking at you lying there in your sexual afterglow. My body aches for release, I am so close to cumming but I want to give you what you have been waiting for. I grab the remaining wine and drink it down. My bladder is already close to bursting but I want it to be the most mind-blowing experience for my lover Marilyn. I again slid one leg under yours and the other over you as I push my swollen pussy onto your sensitive crotch. I start to grind myself slowly against you. I know this is not going to take long as I’m so close already. “Ooohhh Shelby, that’s it do it to me” you say. I start to push harder into you rolling my hips around in circles. I can feel my bladder starting to release a little flow. A sudden squirt escapes my pussy as it goes over your stomach. “OOOOHHHHH” you sit up with eyes as big as a fly. This is what you have been waiting for. You have fantasized about this moment for such a long time and now it is finally going to come true. You slide your hand down to where my pee has puddled on your stomach. You run your fingers through it and bring them up to your mouth and tentatively taste my golden liquid on them.

“God that tastes so good,” you say as you lie down slowly licking your fingers. I can’t hold it in any longer. I need to pee and god I need to cum. ” God Marilyn, its cumming… oh fuck its cumming!” I say as the first powerful squirt escapes my body. It’s so strong that it arches up and splashes over your breasts and neck. Then another one appears. Your rubbing your hands over your hard nipples, trying to catch as much as you can to massage into your milky white tits. “Aaaaahhhhh” you moan, knowing this is what your fantasy is all about. You cannot believe its coming true. You only wished that you had done this earlier in your sweet life.

My stream now is strong and constant. I start to moan through gritted teeth as I try and push out as much of my pee as I physically can. Its spraying all over your upper body now as you raise your head up and open your mouth trying to catch what you can. You only manage to catch a small amount on your outstretched tongue, as you lie back down and raise your hips up to block the stream hitting your chest.