Haziran 18, 2023

A housekeeping Maid

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A housekeeping MaidI sat on a cement bench, set on the small patch of manicured grass, probably Kikuyu grass but mixed with some other kind of “mongrel” grass cover. It was very pretty to look at, nonetheless. The bench itself was clean and dedicated by the family of one “In loving memory of Ensor Herbert..” There were up to eight people within my view on the beach all walking on the rocks picking up the sea-shell treasures of their choice, generously deposited on the bare rocks and sand, by the last high-tide.One “tannie”, “auntie” in English, grabbed my attention. Not brave enough to wear a bikini, she had on a flimsy above-knee length dress made of sheer material which attracted my attention to her body. As she crouched to pick up whatever she was collecting I could see her thin thighs. I kept looking away because you don’t want any observer to realise that you are ogling a woman, less so a man, with carnal intentions.I dashed back to my beachfront apartment after a pleasant climb on the wooden outdoor stairs and soft green grass, to pick up my laptop to write a story that was playing in my mind…a piece about a man who started eating the flesh of human beings, usually eating his sexual partners, male and female. She stood next to the bed, her beige maid’s uniform crisp and clean.She was cleaning the hotel room up for us. And the story I planned to write was hijacked by some spectacularly enjoyable sex in the piece of paradise that Morgan Bay is.“Molweni” I softly greeted her in Xhosa.“How are you, sir?”Wow….the smile.“Fuck she is B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L” I found myself whispering to me.“I am good, you look good” I said.“Thank you sir”I fiddled around in the safe, pulled out my laptop and stood up just to catch the devastatingly erotic view of the maid as she went about her duties. She was a tall Xhosa woman. She clearly had some white blood in her remote ancestry, like a good number of her fellow Xhosas, including their royalty, do. Her complexion was not pampered but it was perfect, simply stunning. Very light brown, not a freckle but clearly tanned by years of non-avoidance of the sun but rather, reliance on sunblock. She had a good size but not the exaggerated bottom that Xhosa women tend to have. I could tell that she probably had a small c***d, from her demeanour, her engorged boobs and the paradoxical realisation that this woman had a really well but rather “loose” body. She was just not toned. But that was stuff that could be fixed, things I could help firm up and tone up Escort bayan to my sexual perfection, of course she would benefit because I would be doing all these things with one end in sight, copulation.“Ndicel’ukuthinta..” I asked her in Xhosa, if I could touch.“What do you want to touch, sir?” she calmly asked, her big brown eyes staring at me, scanning me from head to toe.“Umzimba wakho..” your body, I said.She looked into my face, looked away and kept quiet. As she dusted around I had a rushed session of calculating her vital statistics and I realised I wanted to have sex with this proletariat woman. The whole matter became an instant emergency, I needed to have the most intimate sexual relations with the house-keeping maid. I decided to make my move.“Here is two hundred rand” I gave her two crisp blue one hundred rand notes, just under twenty dollars’ equivalent.She took the money quickly and put it in her cell phone cover. I touched her immediately one hand on her vagina and the other grabbing her left boob. Her boob was soft but it was big, with a little plastic surgery, I noted this could be some killer boob! Or just enjoy it as it was, like my hand was already busy doing. Her nipples were thick long and still soft, I instantly loved her nipples. My left hand had since established that she had a shaved private part, that she was wearing mid-thigh long sports tights under her uniform and that her vaginal lips were meaty and soft.I pulled her and planted an open mouth kiss all over her soft lips. She kissed me back with wild enthusiasm and I felt a wave of arousal. I knew my penis was maximally erect. She jumped and stood on the un-made bed. I reached under her dress and pulled down her tights in one firm swoop. She liberated her one foot from the under-garment and bent her knees, lowering her sex to the level of my face. I had not planned to suck her inviting mix of light brown and pink lips, but my body would not allow me to not do so. I opened my mouth wide with my watery tongue protruding and she moved forward until she felt my mouth slurping away on her most intimate parts.“Thinta baba…tinta mhlekhazi wami..” she gave me the unequivocal consent that is always good to hear. Especially in this day of frivolous litigation. She told me to touch her… “touch me father…touch me O’revered one..” to translate directly from the Xhosa language.I could hear the waves of the Indian Ocean crashing onto the rocks a several metres away. I had no time Bayan escort to muck, I had to fuck. Yeah, fuck her hard and quick. She was surprisingly co-operative and involved. It made this appear less of the “transactional sex” and at least look like a crazy romance. I slurped on her very clean sex, she did not seem to be getting wet too fast but I had more than enough saliva to keep her wet enough for me to slide my tongue up and down her clit at a furious pace.“Yes, yes, yesssssss” she hissed and I loved the sound.I pulled on both of her lovely buns, forcing her crotch hard onto my face and she ground her wet sex, hard on my face. She was cumming. Her vagina transformed into a swamp on the tip of my long tongue, which took advantage of the added lubrication, to slide deep, right up inside. She clasped my head in her thighs and held tight. My head was abuzz and she squeezed on my ears and the sides of my head. The only thing I could move was my tongue so I kept up the onslaught. I heard her softly moan as she climaxed and I felt wildly well when she gently released my head only to thrust her whole sex onto my face. Glorious torture!My hand soon found the only condom I had, hidden in my laptop bag and I bit off the corner of the packet and spat away the broken sliver. I battled indulgently as I dressed my hard prick in the fragranced condom.“Do me doggy-style sir,”I pulled her dress up and she knelt on the bed while I stood on the carpet. I slid my hand between her thighs and felt her wet fleshy bundle of small and large vaginal lips and a fairly large clitoris. I plunged my prick in and easily hit the hilt. I was in for a memorable quickie, that was for sure. I pulled her thighs together and started pumping in and out of her slippery hot sex. She had no plan for gentleness because she was soon ramming her vagina hard onto my penis. If she had stayed dry I would have been worried about the condom bursting. She stayed wet and got wetter as she rammed herself against my rock hard bone.“Cum sir, cum for me now, I am cumming again”I hit the roof of her vagina pushing above the cervix and shaking it around. I enjoyed the feeling on my sperm tracking up the condom sheath as I indulgently dipped in and out of the maid’s quivering vagina. She was cumming for the second time. My dick had one mighty wave of contraction which started deep inside me somewhere and hit my balls and shaft at the end. I gasped breathlessly.Back on the bench by the beach, or Escort rather, on the green belt just beyond the sandy beach, I was still a little dizzy from what I had just done. But my penis was not softening completely. I was surprised.The tannie who had caught my eye earlier-on was now alone sitting on a black rock. I looked at her behind my dark glasses and I thought she was looking in my direction so I pretended not to be looking. I glanced her way again and realised that she was now standing on the rock, facing away from me. My glance became a stare as I realised, against the light, that she was wearing a blue G-string bikini under her flimsy frock. When she turned around suddenly and I could not glance away. She was staring directly at me and I know she couldn’t see my eyes, but I thought our eyes met. She smiled and I half-grinned back, not sure if all of it was real.She sat down on the rock, still facing me and I saw the blue crotch of her bikini. My penis was now erect. Not hard but firm enough to penetrate, if vagina presented itself at that moment. I remained fixated on her crotch. She opened her thighs and moved her knees nonchalantly. She fanned them open and shut repeatedly and my eyes remained fixed on that sweet zone where her thighs met each other and I was totally absorbed as I saw her mound distorting to the motion of her thighs. I could have sworn that I was seeing bits of her vaginal lips as they spilled from the hem of her bikini. I could feel my hard prick as it throbbed to the rythm of my heart.I am not sure how I got to it but I waved meekly at the lady on the beach, beckoning her to come to me and the result could not have been better.“Yes, what can I do for you?” she said standing in front of me a few seconds later.“Umm, I thought maybe, seeing as we are the only two people on the beach…that we could, you know, hang out” I hesitantly said.“You want to hang out? No….I don’t think so. I think you are eyeing my body with bad intent”I was a little alarmed that she may be too smart, experienced and crafty for me, quite unlike the house-maid I had fucked only a few minutes before. I decided to steer the action in the right direction.“It is a rather lovely bum you have there ma’m” I blurted out.“Oh…now we wanna flirt do we?” she giggled.Besides being a little on the old side, she was quite a pretty woman. I particularly liked her cute, small nose and the mouth. Yes, my fertile imagination was already running wild just looking at her small mouth, it looked like a pussy, spun 180 degrees clockwise.Bang!“I don’t mean to flirt ma’m, I want much more than that, I would love to sample your gorgeous derriere…”“Oh my God! You are a cheeky bugger aren’t you…”She sat next to me on the bench. I could feel the heat of her body.To be continued.