Haziran 10, 2023

A Lusty Lucky Find

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A Lusty Lucky FindI had just turned 18 when Mom found my stash of magazines. I knew she had because I always kept them in order with my favorite of the moment on top. I figured she must have looked through them and then put them back in the box on the top shelf of my closet where I thought they would be safe. I had, for the past couple of years, been collecting porn magazines with my favorite subject, older fat women, as the main focus. I wondered what mom thought when she looked through and saw all those women who were as old and fat or fatter than herself. I also wondered if she noticed that some of the pages were stained from my cum.I waited for her to say something to me about them, but after a week with nothing, I thought I might have been mistaken about her finding them. Things went on around the house with the same boring regularity as always until one afternoon in May.I came home form work and mom was in the living room watching TV.“I’m so glad you’re home,” she said. Her face was flushed and I could tell she was nervous. “I’ve got a surprise for you,” she said.“What is it?” I asked.“Silly, it won’t be a surprise if I tell you,” she said and gave me a little nervous laugh.“Well, when do I get to see what it is?”“It’s in your room,” she said as she started walking down the hall toward my bedroom. “Close your eyes,” she said as we got to the door, “and don’t open them until I tell you.”“Oh boy,” I thought, “she’s redone my room probably is some awful color.”She took my arm and led me into the room. “Now open your eyes,” she said softly.I’ve got to tell you, surprise was not the right word for what I saw. There on my bed was Barbara Newland dressed in only a pair of sheer panties. Barbara is about 50 and works in my mom’s Şerifali Escort office. I stood there frozen to the sport looking at her big tits, red hair (her pubic hairs was exactly the same dark red), and nice soft tummy. She’s about 5’4” and around 180 pounds, so she was almost my ideal fantasy woman. I had met her at a Christmas party two years earlier and she had actually been my favorite jerk off fantasy for about six months after that.“Sweetheart,” Mom said softly, “I found your magazines a few weeks ago and it bothered me that you were having to masturbate while you looked at those women when there are so many similar women I know who would love the chance to have sex with you for real.” My dick was really hard and I saw Barbara was staring at the bulge in my pants.“My husband doesn’t think I’m sexy anymore,” Barbara said. “From what I can see, you don’t feel the same way.”“No, I think you are just about the most beautiful woman I have ever seen,” I honestly told her.“You’re getting my old pussy wet talking like that,” she said.I looked at mom she was blushing but smiling. “Have fun baby,” she said and turned to leave the room.“Mom, aren’t you going to stay and watch?” I asked.Her blush deepened.“Now that would really turn me on,” Barbara said as she stuck her hand down her panties and started playing with her pussy.“Do you want me to stay,” mom said, “I thought you might want privacy.”I started taking my clothes off and said, “You went to all this trouble for me, and I just think you should benefit some from it.”By then I was totally naked so I practically dove between Barbara’s big, thick thighs and started licking her pussy through the sheer material of her panties. The crotch was soaked Şerifali Escort Bayan with her juices and when I pulled them to one side I caught a whiff of her worked up cunt and almost passed out.I looked over at Mom who was standing in the same spot as if her feet were nailed to the floor. “Take your clothes off, Mom.” I said.“I’ll be right back,” she said as she rushed form the room.“Eat my pussy,” Barbara kept saying, “Eat my big hairy pussy you sweet boy.”After she had two really good cums that soaked my face both times, I grabbed Barbara behind the knees and pushed her legs up so that my dick was even with her pussy when I was on my knees between her legs. She moaned as the head of my prick slipped easily past her floppy outer lips. She was so wet there was no resistance as I sank into her all the way to my balls. Her pussy was large, but very hot and wet.Mom came back into the room totally naked. It was the first time I had seen her like this in years. Her big, soft titties sagged off her chest with the large brown nipples pointing down at the floor. I could make out her slit through the thick, dark cunt hair. It was the most excited I had ever been and Barbara paid the price as I pounded harder into her sloppy old pussy. Mom had a dildo in her hand and she sat down on the edge of the bed so she could get a good view of my cock pounding in and out of her friend. She spread her legs and stuck the dildo in to the hilt. The smell of pussy filled the room and I could not hold back any longer.“Fuck her, baby,” Mom said as she fucked herself with the vibrator, “fuck her hard and fill her with cum.” “Oh Mom,” I groaned, “fuck yourself while you watch me cream this fat bitches hole.” With that Escort Şerifali I began filling her cunt with my cum.My mother stood up got up on the bed. She swung her ass over Barbara’s face and said, “Eat my pussy as payment, you fat whore.”Barbara’s cunt went into spasm as soon as her tongue touched my mother’s clit.“Eat it bitch,” I said. “Eat my mother’s pussy while I cum in your whore cunt.”I leaned over and began pinching my mother’s nipples while my middle-aged lover sucked and licked her wet pussy.“Suck my titties,” my mom screamed. “Suck your fucking mother’s big, fat titties.”She lifted one to my mouth and I began sucking and biting her thick nipples. I was still pumping cum into Barbara with no sign of my dick softening when a thought occurred to me.“I want to fuck you Mom,” I almost screamed. “I want to stick my dick into your old pussy and fuck you till I come.”I felt Barbara’s cunt tightened again as I knew she was cumming again. “Please,” she moaned, “fuck your mother while she eats my pussy.”Barbara and my mother swapped places on the bed and Mom began eating my cum out of her pussy. I put the head of my dick between my mother’s pussy lips and watched as it slowly entered her soft, smooth interior. She tensed and came before I had stroked her three time.“Fuck your mother,” Barbara said, “fuck that hole that you came out of. Oh God, I wish I had a son, I’d fuck his brains out.”I wasn’t sure if Mom used any kind of birth control but I knew she still had sporadic periods so I pulled my dick out, stroked it a few time and blew another big load all over her fat stomach and titties. Barbara leaned over and licked it off her and then rubbed what remained into her soft, pale skin.I fell off mom, and lay exhausted on the bed between them. I could feel their soft tummies and titties pressing against me.“That’s the best surprise I’ve ever had,” I said to my mother.“Honey,” she said, “with my office full of horny old women who don’t get any at home, I think your jacking off days are over.Boy was she right about that.