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A Man in the House Ch. 01

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My nephew Nate had certainly grown up to be quite the heartbreaker. I hadn’t seen him in over a year and was very pleased when my younger sister called with the news that he had decided to go to college in the town where I lived.

Nate had delayed going to school right away to do a two-year tour of duty in the Marines. He looked so sexy in his dress blues. The other ladies in my weekly Pinochle group always “ooh-ed” and “aah-ed” over the picture of him I kept on my mantel.

When Monique (my sister) mentioned that he was still looking for housing I insisted that he stay with me until he found some. I am his “favorite” aunt after all (actually, I’m his ONLY aunt).

Although I hated to admit it, I had become rather lonely in the 7 years since my divorce. My 3 bedroom home seemed that much more empty living there by myself.

I planned to take the next 2 months sprucing up in preparation for Nate’s arrival. We agreed that he’d stay with me for the first semester and then he’d find himself an apartment by the start of the second.

I decided to give him the room next to mine. It was much larger than the 3rd bedroom and allowed easier access to the master bathroom. Nate came up on three separate visits to help move furniture, boxes and paint. (Actually, he did most of the work while I tried to stay out of his way.)

His last visit was two weeks before the start of class. I made the mistake of mentioning his visit to the other ladies during our Thursday night Pinochle game. Nate arrived around three the next afternoon. By 5:30 each member of the group decided to “just drop by” because they were “in the neighborhood”. They were all dressed a lot sexier than usual; more make-up, shorter dresses, lower necklines and heels. All but one of them lived on the other side of town. (Shameless hussies!)

Nate was in the process of applying the last coats of paint. I had to keep interrupting him to come out and meet another one of my friends.

Nate is about 5’11” and very muscular. He works out regularly and has always been very particular about his grooming and appearance.

Each time he came out to greet someone, you could almost hear the collective gasp go around the living room. He wore a pair of paint-splattered khakis, a red form-fitting tank top and a painter’s cap. His well-muscled arms and shoulders were covered with tiny paint splotches. His dark brown skin glistened with sweat.

My 20-year-old nephew looked like a walking Hershey bar!

And in my living room sat six, horny, middle-aged black, white and Hispanic women each with a serious sweet tooth. Nate seemed to take it all in stride and was nice enough to humor us “old babes”. It was rather pathetic to watch a bunch of married, divorced and widowed women in their 40s and 50s trying to flirt like giddy school girls.

It seemed even worse because I was one of them. Nephew or not, Nate had me a little “hot and bothered” as well. I began to see him in a whole new light after that day.

I was literally a nervous wreck as I counted down the days until Nate’s arrival. I hadn’t been this jumpy with anticipation since the nights before my prom and my wedding. I even went out and purchased new outfits, including a few sets from the Victoria’s Secret at the mall.

What was I hoping to accomplish with all this? I had no idea. Was I expecting Nate to “notice me”? Me? A 50 year old, semi- retired, divorcee, who hadn’t been with a man since her divorce?

I’ll admit that I can still turn a few heads, and maybe even get a crude comment or proposition on my best days. I’d only put on a few pounds and gained a few grays over the years. But who was I kidding?

On the day before Nate’s arrival it finally hit me: this is my NEPHEW, for chrissakes! My bout with madness dissipated and reality returned.

About 2 weeks later Nate and I had settled into a regular routine. Most of his classes were late morning and ran into the evening. My work at the local high school ended in the late afternoon so that I was at home in time to prepare dinner. It felt good to cook and clean for someone other than myself again. I especially looked forward to watching television and movies together before bed. I’d missed that.

It was good to have a man around the house again.

A month or so later, I had a night out with the girls in the Pinochle group. It was Marisol’s birthday. Nate asked if it was okay for him to have friends over. I playfully chastised him as we finished breakfast.

“Nate!” I scolded him, “You should know better than that! This is YOUR house now too.”

I sat there with a fake frown on my face before we both broke into laughter.

“Thanks Aunt Michelle”, he said as he hugged me with those strong arms. “You’re the best.”

He kissed me on the cheek and left for class. I sat there sipping my coffee, taking in his lingering scent and fought back the urge to fantasize about him.

Ooooh chile! It was so good to have a man kastamonu seks hikayeleri in the house again.

Later that evening at our favorite restaurant and bar, I fielded a barrage of questions from the ladies about Nate. After a few more drinks I felt inclined to answer some of them.

-was he still a hottie? (Oh, HELL YES!) -was he dating anyone? (I wasn’t sure, but I hoped not!) -had I tried to peek at him in the shower? (Tried – twice- and almost got caught each time!)

We laughed and cackled for a few hours. I left a little before midnight to go home and get my beauty rest.

When the taxi dropped me off I saw Nate’s car in the driveway, but the house was all dark. I assumed that he was already asleep, so I entered through the garage to make the least amount of noise. I got a glass of water from the kitchen and went up to my room.

I had stripped down to my underwear and was sitting on the bed having a good stretch, when I heard a noise coming from the closet. Immediately I thought it was a mouse and I froze. Then I heard it again. Like a tapping noise coming from my closet.

I picked up a shoe and crept to the door, opening it slowly. I flipped on the closet light and peeped in. No mouse (phew!). But the tapping sound was louder and steadier. Almost rhythmic. And there were voices: one male and one female.

Nate’s room was on the other side of that wall. In fact, his bed should be where the closet was. It didn’t take me much longer to figure it all out: Nate still had company!

And they were obviously enjoying EACH OTHER’S company!

Without hesitating I parted the hanging clothes and pressed my ear to the wall. Nate didn’t have a headboard, so the banging must have been the box spring or the bed frame.

I distinctly heard his voice and an unrecognizable female voice.

“Is it good baby?” he grunted, “Do you like that?”

“Oh yeah!” She moaned, “Just like that! Gimme more! More!”

They continued like that for at least another 15 minutes before Nate had a loud, shuddering climax. There was a brief pause and then he started into her again. A few minutes later she climaxed. After a few minutes intermission, there was more activity. This time she climaxed first.

“No more, baby, please,” she begged. “I can’t take anymore. I’m sorry, Nate, but you wore me out.”

“It’s alright,” he laughed. “Let’s get some sleep.”

And that was the end of the show.

I couldn’t believe what I’d just heard. And I really couldn’t believe that I’d just listened.

I slowly backed out of the closet and quietly shut the door. I crawled into bed and pulled the covers up over my head. I felt almost as “worn out” as Nate’s guest. My legs were trembling, my nipples were rock hard and my panties were soaked.

So I did the only thing I could do. I rolled over onto my stomach, put my hand between my legs and imagined that I was the faceless female in bed with my nephew. Spreading my legs as wide as I could, I ground my pelvis into the mattress while my fingers played with my swollen clit. It didn’t take long for me to reach one of the best orgasms I’d had in a long time. I fell asleep and dreamt I was wrapped in Nate’s strong arms.

Around 8:00 the next morning I was awakened by the sound of voices in the hallway. My nephew and his guest were trying to leave “quietly”.

I really wanted to get a peek at this young lady, to see if she met with my approval. I waited until I heard the front door open before going to the window.

Nate walked her to her car, which was parked at the curb in front of the house. I was a little surprised, but not shocked, to see that she was white. She was about my height (5’8”) and build (slightly plump), with shoulder length blonde hair. I couldn’t see her face too well, but she seemed cute, and maybe a little older. They chatted and laughed for a few minutes, then they hugged and he held the car door for her as she got in and drove off.

I rushed to the shower before he got back to the front door. I wanted to be alert before I hit him with my version of “20 questions”.

I was pouring myself a cup of coffee when he strolled into the kitchen. We exchanged good mornings and sat down to scrambled eggs and toast.

There was a long silence before I started in on him.

“So,” I began, smiling coyly, “didn’t want me to meet your friend?”

He almost choked on his eggs.

“Ummm….were we too loud this morning?” he asked sheepishly.

“Oh no dear.” I grinned, “this morning you were quiet as church mice. Now last night was something else all together.”

I could almost swear he was blushing!

“I am so sorry, Aunt Michelle, I mean we didn’t think…”

I burst into laughter before he could finish. He reluctantly joined in.

“I’m sorry, honey.” I giggled, “That was mean of me. Really, it’s okay for you to have a young lady over any time you’d like.”

Nate smiled when he realized that I wasn’t upset.

“Thanks Aunt Michelle. I promise that I’ll try to be more discrete from now on.”

We laughed some more.

“So tell me about her.” I finally inquired. “Is this your new girlfriend? What’s her name? What’s she like?”

“Well, no actually.” He said with a puzzled look, “Cindy is a grad student, she’s not my girlfriend. She’s tutoring me.”

“That ain’t all she’s doing!” I said shaking my head.

We laughed some more.

“Well, you know how it is, Auntie,” he grinned. “We were up late studying, we were alone…”

“You were horny.” I added.

“Well, um….yeah.” he answered, a little surprised at my response.

He continued to tell me that they weren’t serious and that it was all probably a one-time thing. I was actually relieved. The thought of him being serious about someone made me a little, well, jealous.

We laughed about it some more. I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable about bringing female company around. Some secret part of me really hoped that he would bring another young lady over. It was the closest thing to “real sex” I’d had in years and I definitely didn’t want to miss another one of his “performances”.

We agreed to have a signal to avoid any future embarrassment. A small reading lamp in the living room would be left on in the event of another “tutoring session”.

“You are definitely the greatest!” he said as he kissed me on the cheek and hugged me.

I held onto him a bit tighter and longer than was necessary, nuzzling his neck and inhaling his scent. I watched his ass as he left the kitchen and headed to the shower. My nipples were hard again by the time I heard the water running.

Two weeks had gone by since Nate’s last “encounter” and I was actually a little disappointed. I came home each night hoping to see the reading lamp left on. But nothing. I started to worry that I’d scared him off.

Feeling as if I were going to burst I took a chance and shared all that had happened with Vera, my oldest friend from the Pinochle club.

“Are you serious, girl?” She asked, her big brown eyes growing two times wider.

I nodded and gave her more details as we knocked back Cosmopolitans. I went so far as to even tell her about the fantasies I’d been having about him.

“An’ all you did was listen? Chile, I woulda been in that boys room in a heartbeat! ‘Specially if that little white girl couldn’t take no more!” My short, round, dark-complexioned friend emptied her glass and ordered another round. “Humph! Relative or not,” she said, “I know blood is thicker than water and all that, but lust beats all that to hell!”

Every inch of me felt what Vera was saying. Although some part of me knew it was wrong, I still lusted after my nephew like I’d never lusted after anyone before. I craved him like I sometimes craved chocolate or cigarettes. And although I knew I didn’t need either, I rarely denied myself.

When I walked into the living room that evening my heart nearly stopped. The reading lamp was on! I nearly fell on my ass rushing up the stairs to my room.

I briefly paused at the door to Nate’s bedroom and listened. The television was on. And then I heard voices, Nate’s and another females’ voice. I wasn’t able to tell if it was his “tutor” or not, but I really didn’t care.

I quietly rushed to my room and went right for the closet. I parted the clothes and pressed my ear to the wall. My heart was racing and I was already hot and sweaty. I instinctively stripped down to my silk panties. The anticipation was driving me nuts!

They watched TV. They laughed. More TV. More laughing. I stood there listening to my closet wall, half naked for almost 30 minutes.


No moans, no heavy breathing (except for my own), no creaking bed, no names screamed.

Finally I just gave up. I found my robe and went to the bathroom. I was disappointed and felt like a complete fool.

As I was going back to my room I noticed that the door to Nate’s room was partially open; just enough that I could see the television in the corner and the full length mirror that hung on the closet door. And as I moved closer to my door I saw Nate’s reflection in the mirror.

He was sitting at the foot of his bed, naked, his head thrown back and his legs spread. There was a woman kneeling on the floor between his legs, wearing only red thong panties. I only saw her from the back as her head bobbed and swayed in Nate’s lap. It definitely wasn’t the ‘tutor’. This young lady was black, with dread-locks that hung halfway down her back.

This was much better than I’d hoped for! Now I wasn’t confined to a cramped closet with my ear sweating against the wall. This was literally a front row seat.

I felt hot and sweaty again. My nipples were hard again and my panties began to soak. I loosened the belt and let my robe fall open.

Nate rolled his head forward. He opened his eyes and looked at himself in the mirror. He smiled, obviously enjoying what he saw.

“Yeah baby,” he moaned, “just like that.”

He ran is hand through her hair, tugging at it slightly. She seemed to like that.

“Mmmm,” she moaned coming up for air. “I like when you pull my hair.”

He took two firm handfuls of her locks and guided her mouth back to his cock. She moaned louder as she sucked him again.

My hand moved to my crotch and I gently rubbed my robbing lips. I never knew that watching someone having sex could be so exciting.

Nate continued to smile at himself in the mirror. Obviously he enjoyed watching too.

And then he winked.

At first I thought it was strange that he would wink at himself. Then my eyes went wide when I realized that he wasn’t winking at himself. If I could see him in the mirror then he could probably see me too!

He smiled and winked again.

My knees went a little weak and I had to steady myself against the wall. But I did not leave, my hand did not stop what it was doing and I definitely did not look away. For whatever reason, I was completely committed to watching him, while he watched me.

“C’mon baby, it’s your turn.” Nate said to her as he pulled her to her feet.

He positioned her on her hands and knees, with her ass and thighs facing the mirror. Her feet dangled over the edge. He sat down next to her and spread her ass cheeks, careful not to block his view in the mirror. Nate wanted to be sure that I saw everything that he was doing.

He wet his fingers and played with her clit, spreading her lips as he also inserted his thumb into her wet pussy. With his other had he parted her ass, and with the longest tongue I had ever seen, began rapidly flicking it across her anus.

“Aaaww, hey now!” She laughed, looking back over her shoulder. “What you doin’ back there?”

“You like?” he smiled.

“Oh most definitely! Mmmmm hmmmm….” She moaned, burying her face into the pillow.

He laughed and went back to driving her (us) crazy with that incredible tongue. By now my robe had slipped from my shoulders. My hand was now inside my panties, while my other hand played with my nipples. Sweat started to form on my neck and forehead.

“Oooh! I’m gonna cum, baby…!” Nate’s partner moaned to him.

“Then let’s move things along.” He said repositioning her on the bed.

Nate pulled her sideways, still on her hands and knees. He stood behind her and slipped his (at least) 10” dick into her.

He firmly gripped her hips in both hands as he rode her doggie-style. His thighs rhythmically slapped against hers. Her breasts swayed between her arms and dangling locks. Nate reached forward and firmly pulled on her hair. The expression on her face told me that she would not last much longer.

“Omigod! Omigod! Omigod!” she screamed, “I’m cumming!”

Her back arched and her thighs began to quiver. Seeing her like that sent me over the edge too. My toes curled and my knees felt so weak I almost fell again. I was quickly learning the hazards of having an orgasm while standing. I had to cover my mouth to suppress the moan in my throat.

She collapsed onto the bed. Nate stood over her smiling at his handiwork. He stroked his cock as he watched her curl into a ball, still shaking from her orgasm.

He looked into the mirror, smiled and winked again.

I returned the smile and winked back at him. Then I pulled myself together as best I could and went to my room.

Just like Nate’s new partner, I didn’t think I could handle anymore.

The next morning (Saturday) I slept late. Usually I’m up before the roosters but my body just wouldn’t allow it this time. The orgasm and the alcohol made me feel as if I’d run a marathon.

I threw on my robe and went down to the kitchen. Nate was at the counter making coffee. He smiled and offered me a cup.

We sat in silence for a while as we sipped. I wasn’t really sure what to say to him, I felt a little guilty.

Nate winked at me and we both began to laugh.

“So, did you enjoy yourself last night?” he asked.

“It was…..interesting.” I smiled back.

“Glad to know that we ALL had fun.”

“So where’s your lady friend?” I asked.

“Oh, Deborah?” he answered as he poured us both more coffee, “She left about an hour ago.”

“Is she another tutor?”

“Something like that.” Was all the answer Nate gave me.

“What exactly were we doing last night?” I had to know. “How did you know I was listening in on you?”

He smiled.

“Really I didn’t. I just figured that if I left my door open you’d be able to hear me better. When I saw your reflection in the mirror, it was more than I bargained on. But I couldn’t stop myself.”

I was glad that he didn’t.

“What happens now?” I finally asked.

He smiled again.

“Who knows? Let’s just let the cards fall where they may.” He smiled and winked and went to take his shower.

He left me sitting there, sipping my coffee and smiling. I felt a tingle rush through me.

Did I mention that it felt so good to have a man in the house?