Nisan 24, 2023

A Modern Oedipus Act 01-02

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[Story from the perspective of a mother, with her adult son on break from college]

(Act 1)

You have just finished looking through the fridge and the cupboard as you make your grocery shopping list. You figure before you head out shopping you should ask your son if there is anything he’d like picked up. You open the door and take a few steps into his room.

Your son is sitting their stroking his very sizable cock. You are caught in awe. It’s just massive. As you stand there gaping, he notices.

“I was just . . . going to ask if . . . you wanted . . .” you stammer.

He quickly gets up and closes the door behind you. You two are within arms reach. You take a step back.

“What are you doing?! I’m on the wrong side of the door.” you exclaim.

He steps forward into your space and leans forward to whisper in your ear “I saw you staring, mommy. It’s just the two of us, alone Why don’t you help me out?”

He brushes your hair back gently and kisses your neck. His hard shaft now pressing lightly against you.

“We can’t do this.” you halfheartedly protest.

You aren’t moving away.

“Why not? We both want it.” He replies guiding one of your hands to his dick.

Your hand moves on its own as it starts slowly stroking up and down. One of his hands firmly cups your butt, as the other begins to grope your breast. You let out a little moan. While your lips are still parted his jump onto yours.

His tongue presses into your mouth. With your free hand you raise the front of your dress. You angle his shaft forward and slide on top of it. Now stroking it with your vulva through your now soaked panties. Your hands are now resting on his shoulders, with your arms under his. He pulls back from the kiss.

“I knew you wanted me” he says with a cocky smirk.

You can’t deny it, but you are too embarrassed to admit it. His hand on your butt pulls you back off his shaft as his other moves to your shoulder. He pushes you down to your knees. And with his other hand slaps his cock on your face.

“Suck it” he commands.

You open your mouth. Just the tip feels like a mouthful. You bob your head on it a couple of times before you try to force more of this monster in your mouth. You aren’t even to the base and it’s touching your throat. As you move your head back and forth you get a little more each kayseri seks hikayeleri time.

“That’s it, mommy. Be my little slut.”

His hands grab the back of your head as he pushes all the way in. You are gagging on his massive dick. He pulls back. you cough and sputter. You get a good breath in, then it is back down your throat. Tears are welling in your eyes. Your pushing on his hips with your hands.

He once again lets you breathe. You go back to sucking on it yourself, now getting it from tip to base. Your own juices are dribbling down your legs. One of your hands is rubbing your lips, occasionally tickling the clit.

“I want to see it on your face, mommy” He says as he pushes your head of it.

Warm thick sperm splashes on your face.

“Heh, what a whore” he chuckles to himself.

He grabs you by the arm and drags you up, he opens the door with is other hand and tosses you out.

“I think we’ll do this again” he says before closing the door on you.

(Act 2)

After cleaning off your face and re-applying your make-up, you grab your bags and start your walk to the grocery store.Your panties not quite dried stick as you walk. As you shop when ever someone spares a glance in your direction you feel as though what transpired earlier is written on your body. You become increasingly more embarrassed.

Getting so flustered is making your shopping into a more difficult task. Complicating it further your state of embarrassment is causing you to get wet again. This too feels like it is apparent. You know none of this should be, and yet you can’t shake this feeling. You get a text. You pull out your phone, welcoming any distraction. It’s a pick of the dick that was just in your mouth.

Your son texted “I need some Monsters for this monster”.

You feel your face burning bright red. You step quickly to where the energy drinks are and toss a few in your basket.

You take a picture and send it to him with the simple message “got them”.

You feel giddy and are eagerly awaiting a reply, at the same time you feel silly and dirty. He is your son, you have to put a stop to this. Why are you even slightly playing along?

“Good little bitch, mommy” he replies.

Your heart flutters. You rush to finish your shopping, you can’t bare all the eyes you feel on you, projecting your own judgement. All while an excitement that is a mix of lust and taboo swells inside you. Your emotions vie for dominance. As you leave the store and walk home your level of embarrassment has not subsided.

You get in the door and feel yourself begin to calm down, then a thought flashes through your mind for but a second. You think about how you could tease and tempt your son by wearing only an apron while cooking. Your embarrassment peaks.

As you scold yourself for considering it, you take the groceries to the kitchen and set the oven to preheat. You keep out the meat, tomato, bell pepper, and onion, and put the rest away. You cut these into chunks and skewer them setting the skewers into a baking sheet. once you have it all skewered and on the sheet you drizzle them with barbecue sauce. The oven now ready you place the baking sheet inside.

You wash your hands, then set a timer. Afterwards you set out two plates. You take out some cabbage, lettuce, and carrots. You also put a frying pan on the stove top and grab some olive oil, salt, and pepper. You cut the carrot into medallions, and heat up the pan. You pour in some oil then toss in the carrots.

By this time you need to rotate the kabobs. After that you shred some cabbage and lettuce onto the plates. You stir the carrots in the oil flipping most of them. You now add some salt and pepper. At this point you get out a glass and start drinking some wine.

You rotate the kabobs again. Now you shut off the heat on the carrots and allow them to cool a little. Finishing your glass, and pouring yourself another. You pull out your phone and bite your lip as you take another look at your son’s gorgeous cock.

You quickly put your phone down, and finish your glass again, and again pour yourself more wine. You split the now cooled carrots and oil over the two salads on the plates. You rotate the kabobs for the last time. You set the table for two, with him sitting across from you. Now comes the moment you’ve been dreading.

You text your son “Dinner will be ready in 5 mins”.

It feels a little weird to text it, normally you’d tell him in person. You are avoiding his room as if the location is responsible for what happened not either of you. You have finished your drink again, you fill it up a little extra this time. You pull out the kabobs and put them on the plates, then take the plates to the table. You sit down and sip on your wine.

Your son comes in through the kitchen, he garbs a Monster out of the fridge. He sits across from you grinning. You do your best to ignore him leering at you, and start eating. You start to pull a bit of meat off a kabob with your teeth. You pause in a moment of realization. The shaft of the kabob is pointed towards you and at an upward angle.

“You really love having meat in your mouth, don’t you” your son teases.

You put the food down.

“Seriously this has to stop. We had that little bit of fun, but we can’t do anymore” you say.

He sips some of his monster as he stands up and moves around beside you.

“Aww, mommy”

He starts running his hand through your hair. He grabs the back of your head and forces you to look at his crotch.

“I’m glad you’re having fun too, but you aren’t done yet you little slut.” he says pulling his cock out and shoving it in your face.

You’ve been hoping for this, and you hate yourself for it. You swallow him hungrily. He starts fucking your throat, with his hand forcing you to gag on his dick. Part way through he pulls you off.

“Your mouth was good enough for the first time. Now I’m going to fuck you like the slut you are mommy.” he says pulling you to your feet.

He moves you against a wall.

“Spread your legs and let me fuck you slut.” he commands with a hand around your throat.

Your legs are spread and you guide him inside you with your hands. He pushes all the way in, pressing his body against you. His hand leaves your throat as both of them now cup under your butt. He pulls you forward a little, before he moves his hands in between and under your thighs. He lifts you against the wall. Thrusting even deeper into you.

“You give in so easily. You’re such a slut. Don’t worry though mommy, I’ll make you my bitch. I’ll fuck you enough to keep you busy.” He says bouncing you on his dick.

His thrusts are passionate and forceful.

“Fuck me, baby” is all you reply.

His arms slide under yours and grip your shoulders. He is now slamming hid shaft into you.

You can’t help yourself, you’ve been getting warmed up all day and were close when he started fucking you. You let yourself orgasm.

“I feel your slutty pussy trying to milk me, mommy. If that’s what you want, Take it!” he says pushing one last thrust somehow deeper inside you.

You feel him unload in you.