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A mother’s dilemma.

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A mother’s dilemma.
Joan Simmons was a 48-year-old mother of two, who had been married to John Simmons for the last 22 years. In the beginning they had a wonderful sex life and frequently made love two or three times a night, although over the last five years it had been more like once a week. Joan was not one to complain although she did miss the physical contact from her husband. Both are c***dren were now in their late teens Robert being the oldest at 19 and James Younger by three years.
Reasonably comfortably off, the Simmons family lived in a large four-bedroom house; the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom was at the rear of the property with the spare room between the two sons bedrooms at the front of the property. There was also a shared bathroom with those three bedrooms, in Joan Simmons mind there would be no need to share the bathroom with her sons. This led to her frequently taking a bath or shower without locking the door, and in many respects forgetting about her sons even been at home.
One fateful day she decided to take a shower whilst their eldest son Robert was still at home, as usual she undressed completely in her bedroom and retired by the adjoining door to her ensuite bathroom. Soon she was in a world of her own as the steam rose in the shower and the aching body yielded to the sensation of the warm water. Joan Simmons began lather her body with the soap and let her mind wander, for some reason her youngest son came into the mind and she found herself wondering if he had started masturbating yet.
This very idea both shocked and excited her, she knew that Robert was a noisy masturbator as she often heard him grunting his way to his orgasm as she passed his bedroom door but so far she was unsure about her younger son James. She was well aware it was not the usual thing from mother to concentrate on as to whether her sons were masturbating or not but she could not shake the idea from her mind and to be honest began to find it a turn on to imagine her sons playing with their own Cocks.
Absentmindedly she allowed her hand is to begin to knead her breasts as her fingers sought her nipples, somewhere in the distance she could actually hear own voice moaning ever closer to an orgasm. Anyone seeing her at this moment in time would swear she was a nymphomaniac dreaming of a lover and knowing her personally would assume the last person she would be erotically dreaming about would be her son. But in Joan’s mind she could not help it she now had a mental pictures of her son James naked and thrusting his cock into her hot wet cunt, the more she thought about it the more she was turned on and the more disgusted she felt with herself because this was not the way a normal mother should be thinking. If the truth be known the taboo subject merely turned her on all the more but she could not explain why she had never felt this way about her eldest son Robert.
She reasoned that because of complications during the birth of James she had a closer and tighter bond with him than she did with Robert who’s birth was more straightforward, ever since James was born she had worried over him like an old mother hen whereas when Robert was born things were a little strange with him being the firstborn which he was nowhere near as concerned as she was what with the problems with James.
Suddenly out of nowhere she experienced the best orgasm of her life, just as the imagine in her mind’s eye flashed her son smiling face as his cock erupted all over her chest and neck. Mentally she was covered in hot sticky spunk and she loved it, which was the reverse in real life, many times John had pleaded with her to let him give her a pearl necklace and always she had made this excuse or that one. But now in her lewdest of daydreams she gladly accepted on from her youngest son of all people. Her cunt throbbed and her nipples ached as her mind ran riot with the feelings of sheer lust shared with her son.
Eventually she calmed down, finished showering and quickly moved to her bedroom, but she could not shake one thought, was her James well-endowed or did he take after John. No matter what she tried she just could not shake this thought from her mind and after many hours of deliberating she argued the in the interest of her own sanity she would have to manage to get a look at her youngest sons cock, she reasoned that there was no sexual overtone to doing this after all she had often seen him naked until he reached the age of eight, but try as she may she just could not recall the relative size to his age and how that relative size would be now he was 16.
Joan dressed casually but left off her panties as she reasoned to herself that her pussy was unusually sensitive tonight, the fact was that not knowing if her son was well-endowed or not was causing her cunt to itch and she felt constantly aroused as her mind kept constantly reminding her of this thought.
Now as she prepared an evening meal for her family she found herself getting turned on handling the carrots she was preparing as part of the meal. Joan genuinely thought she was losing her mind, she never visualised vegetables as sexual objects ever in the past and yet now each carrot seemed to take on a cock shape. In her mind it was always attached to her son James and often assumed gigantic proportions.
Even worse was to follow for when Robert entered the kitchen she blushed for in her mind’s eye he was naked from the waist down and his seven inch cock, swayed as he walked. Luckily for Joan she stopped herself from screaming at Robert to go put some clothes on. Robert sat away from the table and began to talk to his mother about his latest college project but again in Joan’s mind’s eye he was sat stroking his cock and talking about fucking her like a bitch.
Suddenly Robert spoke out and an instantly embarrassed Joan tried to think of an answer to his observation, for Robert had asked his mother if she was preparing that carrot or masturbating it. Flustered and embarrassed Joan stuttered that she was toying with grating or slicing it, why? Robert then coughed and whispered it looked like you were stroking it like a cock! Joan told Robert not to be so filthy and if he was going to talk that way he could go to his room. The situation ended as they always seemed to do, when Robert had used words his mother did not like, only this time as Robert excused himself from the table and went to kiss his mum, instead of kissing her cheek as he normally would, his mother turned into the kiss at the last minute and the actually kissed on the lips and instead of it being a short quick peck it seemed to linger.
That unintentional kiss sent electric shocks through both mother and son; in Joan it seemed they headed straight to her clit and cunt and in Robert it made his balls tingle. Both seemed embarrassed as they broke apart and tried to act as if nothing had happened; but both could not stop thinking about that sex laden tingling moment.
Joan Busied herself by returning to preparing the meal and Robert coughed and made a lame excuse to leave the kitchen; However neither of them saw James at the kitchen door and the fact he had witnessed their kiss. As Robert brushed passed him James made a comment along the lines of hello young lovers; which did not help matters as a flustered Joan told him to be quiet and behave himself.
As she cooked the meal; Joan could not help but wonder why that kiss had affected her so; she reasoned that even a similar kiss from her husband did not excite her cunt like that kiss had done. This led her to wondering if a kiss from Robert could do that; how she would feel with a kiss from James; even worse flashed through her mind when she thought what the kiss would have felt like if they had used tongues and not just contacted lips. As they sat and ate their meal in silence; she kept stealing glances in Robert’s direction wondering if he felt the same thrill as she had done and further more would he want it to happen again.
Robert for his part; still had not got over the attraction of the kiss and now sat in the presence of his mother he was nursing a semi hard cock just at the thought of that single kiss. His mind was racing and he began to see his mother in a new light; in fact he began to notice how she filled out her dress much more than he used to; the fact that she had a sexy pear shaped arse hidden behind the dress also hit home to the impressionable young man. He secretly began to wonder if his mother wore stockings or those dreaded tights; his cock stiffened even more as he thought of her sliding the sheer nylon stockings up those slender delightful legs.
James seemed to be aware of the tension between his mother and brother and it worried him; for they were not acting normally; as he toyed with his food he wondered if there was some bad news they were toying with that he was not privileged to. He recalled when his mother and Father had divorced some two years ago he had been the last to know and recalled how awkward it had been for Robert and his mother to break the news to him.
Joan urged him to stop playing with his food and hurry up as it was his turn to do the washing up; she excused herself saying that she needed to go shower as she felt sticky from the weather; Both Robert and James thought this was strange because it was not exactly high summer weather wise.
As Joan stripped off in her private bathroom she could not shake the sexy feeling generated by that single kiss; Once more under the shower she tried to wash those feelings from her mind; but things were about to take another turn. After she turned the shower off and just before she grabbed the towel; things took a turn for the worse.
Robert walked into her private bathroom without knocking and stood stage struck as he saw his mother naked; he marvelled at her pert breasts showing no signs of sagging and her cute pear shaped arse; catching a glimpse of her trimmed bush surrounding her cunt lips. He suddenly coughed and Joan instantly spun round without thinking; suddenly realising she was naked she tried to cover up but could not manage to tell him to get out of the bathroom. Her cunt suddenly gushed with juices at being caught naked by her eldest son; Robert too was affected clearly as his cock suddenly grew hard and tried to poke a hole in his trousers; a sight not lost on his mother.
Without a word being said Robert; tried to look away but found it terribly hard to do; Then from somewhere deep inside him he got a strange idea; instead of backing away he stepped forward and wrapped his arms around his naked mother he pushed his head towards hers and offered another kiss; Joan found herself unable to resist and responded actively in kissing him back. As their tongues touched the sparks flew straight to their groin areas causing his cock to twitch violently as her cunt churned even more juices. Time seemed to stand still and without thinking Joan’s hands slid around her son’s back and pulled him tighter; her hot breath inflaming the inside of Robert’s mouth as they seemed to breath in unison.
Even through his trousers; Joan could clearly feel Robert’s semi hard cock twitching and this sent her mind into turmoil; all sense of the situation and the fact this was her own son; went out the window as she now moulded her body to his; still not breaking their kiss. Robert managed to slide his hand between them and he located his mother’s rock hard nipple and gently he twisted it as another rush of steaming hot breath seemed to sear its way down his thought and his mother groaned into his mouth.
Without any forethought the pair hurried back into Joan’s bedroom and literally collapsed on the bed without breaking their magical embrace; nor did they break their kiss. Now Joan slid her hand down to her son’s trousers; struggling through lack of practice as she tried to undo his belt and open the front of those tented trousers; Robert eagerly released his mother’s breast as he assisted her to free his hard cock.
Between them they now managed to slide his trousers down around his ankles and Joan tentatively reached out to touch the stiff cock of her son. No sooner did she slide her hand around it she groaned out aloud; not the usual groan of passion as one may expect but more like a groan of disgust. Instantly she tried to push Robert away crying out that it was wrong and he should leave right now; Robert responded by placing his hand over his mother’s hand and he began to guide her to stroke his cock. Further pleas of please no assaulted his ears but he persisted and sure enough the cries began to weaken.
This happened right about the time that Robert’s knee pressed against his mother’s swollen wet cunt lips and automatically she found her hips beginning to sway causing her to begin rubbing her cunt against the firm flesh of her son’s knee. Robert Leaned in to kiss Joan’s face again and in doing so he rolled into her body; his jutting cock slipping between her legs like a red hot poker. It only took a tiny little movement for that cock head to nudge against her open cunt clips and as his mother again renewed her opposition to what was happening he forced his cock harder against her cunt.
Such was her excited state that her cunt juices lubricated his shaft as it plunged into her desperate cunt and her whimpering reached a new crescendo; No longer pleading for this not to happen but now she was demanding her fuck her hard and make her cum like never before. Robert was happy to oblige as he ploughed his cock into his mother’s welcoming furrow and he lifted his upper body on to his outstretched arms as he gazed down at the woman who bore him life. Fuck it mother! Robert demanded; Fuck yourself on my cock! He repeated.
Joan never replied but she did begin to buck her hips to meet his cock and indeed began controlling the rate at which her cunt swallowed her son’s cock. Slowly at first she gave her all and then as she gathered pace she began grunting that he should fuck his whore of a mother; Robert noticed that his mother was not only fucking back on to his cock but also she was pulling and pinching her own nipples as she gave way to her long dormant passions. Suddenly she bit hard on her lip as her body twitched and shuddered and Robert realised she was starting to climax so he now drove home forcefully his cock into her squelching cunt.
Joan felt her orgasm rise and fall and suddenly she had a second hard climax joined this time by her son’s hot baby making seed spewing into her clutching cunt and it suddenly dawned on Joan that the deed was done and she had indulged in i****t; what surprised her more was that she did not feel guilty about it at that exact moment.
Robert leaned down and kissed his flustered mother once more; not the kiss of a mother and c***d though it was a forceful kiss like the ones exchanged between red hot lovers.
Later alone in her bed Joan relived what had happened and she now began to feel the guilt she had expected to feel sooner. But as she swore to herself that it could not be allowed to happen again her body responded differently as her cunt once more began to juice up and her nipples stiffened and ached; she lay there trying hard to go to sleep but with her eyes closed she had strange visions dancing around in her head and it always included both of her son’s and their cocks.