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A Mother’s Sin

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***This is one of my earliest stories. I wrote this some 25 years ago. I wanted to write something different, than most stories and write this as a narrative, where the story is told as dialogue, with very little detail. The idea is, that you use your imagination, using the dialogue as your guide in the story telling. I don’t know if I succeeded, but I hope you enjoy!


“Well. there’s Miss Williams. Showtime I guess…”

“That’s his Mother? Geez!

“You ready for this one, Lacy?”

“No fucking wonder the boy has issues, look at her would you! His Mother’s a freaking prostitute for crying out loud, can you believe she showed up for a parent/teacher conference like that?”

“Is it me, or did the professors just happen to skip the “how to deal the children of losers” when we were in college? I mean what exactly are we supposed to say?

“Beats me, but the way she’s dressed is probably half of the problem I’ll bet!”

“Sorry I’m a little late, I was out on a date and we got caught in traffic, so uh, what’s the tag team action all about?”

“thanks for coming Miss Williams, and uh, well this is Mrs. Lacy, our acting assistant principal. Please have a seat, if you would please.”

“Uh oh, I already don’t like the way this is going. What the hell did Jimmy do? He’s a good kid!”

“Well yes ma’am, for the most part he is. But we’ve been having some rather, odd behavior from him lately.”

“And unfortunately, Miss Williams, that’s where I come in at. I think it would be better if we just get right to the point. Jim has been placed in detention three times this week for, well, fondling the girls in his classes – touching their, breasts , and butts.”

“Oh! Okay! That… I was not expecting.”

“If the girls’ parents should happen to file complaints, we’ll have to have Jim expelled, Miss Williams, and none of us what that to happen, and we do realize you’re single parent. So, we like to try and help you through this problem with Jimmy, and to be honest… we both agree that your, well, your method of dress may be partly to blame.”

“Miss Williams, really! He’s at that age, he’s eighteen! Boys’ hormonal urges don’t always discriminate between, well, right and wrong.

“Wait! Hold up right there! What the hell does my dressing habits have to do with his normal hormonal urges?”

“I mean if he’s seeing men grabbing on to you to show affection, he thinks it’s ok to do the same.”

“Yeah, ok. But I haven’t had a man grab up on me in I don’t know how long. Today was the first date I’ve had in six months.”

“Well, hold up. Now, Devon has mentioned other men here, but the problem, may not be there, I mean Jim’s developed a fixation on breasts and buttocks, Miss Williams, and lets be frank here, you have ample in both categories, if you follow me here? He maybe, how do I say, repressing or redirecting his desires or his fascination, with you.”

“What the hell, are you getting at here? Are you trying to insinuate that, that my own son is, shit, that he’s lusting for me?”

“Don’t freak out Miss Williams. I mean, it’s not unheard of, like Devon said, boys at Jim’s age don’t relate “Mom to – to sex”. They relate boobs and butts, and that’s all. He’s not really so much, lusting after you as he may be lusting after your, well, abundant physical attributes if you follow me.”

“Look, I can’t help it if I got big tits and a big ass…”

“Oh, we realize that Miss Williams, but putting them on display like you do may, antagonize the boy.”

Oh, so you expect me to wrap up in a sheet? Maybe wear myself one of those old-time barrels with some suspenders? My ass is wide as a semi-truck, I have to put my tits on display to give men something to look at, besides my fat fucking ass you see. I’m dressing like this to get Jimmy a new father, and I think that would serve him more than me walking around in a goddamned moo-moo!”

And the rest of the meeting went pretty similar to that. Them accusing me of being the cause of jimmy’s lewd behavior, and me denying it – secretly wishing that I actually had a sex life to corrupt him with.

For hours that evening, the concept of jimmy being, obsessed with my body drove me crazy. I could do little else but sit around and think about it. Was he just fascinated by my curves? If he’d been five or six, I might have been content with that – but he was eighteen, old enough what tits and ass were for.

No! I had the haunting feeling that there was more to it than that. The teachers had told me an Oedipus Complex was not that uncommon in young boys, but that they usually outgrew it – as long as I didn’t tease him or submit to his fantasies.

But how do you tell perfect strangers that such, lecherous tendencies run in your family? How do you tell them that you had sex with your own brother, when he was the same age as Jim is now. How do you explain that your son, is actually the product of such incestuous and forbidden acts?

You can’t just up and admit something like that, even with years of kırklareli seks hikayeleri fucking therapy. It’s hard enough to admit the shit to myself, much less to somebody else. I mean hell, I’d tried hard to even repress the memories, but so much for that.

Nope, no such luck. Now that Jimmy himself, had up and began to show the same tendencies that my brother and I – even my father – had shown. Yes, that’s right, my father too, I’m ashamed to admit.

My mother hauled ass and left him for another man, and me and my little brother stayed with him. Despite his drunkenness and womanizing. But once he discovered me and my brother was dirty little pervs, he had no reason to leave home to get his groove on, and so I became the sexual target of both of them – until Jimmy was born.

I had to know for sure. I absolutely had to find out if what the teachers suggested was even remotely true, and there was only one way to find out for sure without embarrassing Jimmy.

I had to provide him the opportunity to indulge his lust without letting him know what I knew about his possible obsession with me.

And so, I told him I was going to take some powerful sleeping pills, that I was going to be out-cold for two to four hours. And, that he likely couldn’t wake me up, even if he wanted to. And then I left the door to my bedroom open and stripped down to my high heels.

I considered several possible scenarios. I figured he’d either take the opportunity to watch a porno on the satellite, or he might simply do nothing. Truly, I figured the worst that would happen was that he might jack off to me while he thought I was asleep.

I originally intended to set the camcorder in my closet and actually take the pills so that I wouldn’t have to actually lay there through whatever happened, and quite honestly I had no desire to watch my son beat off his little cock.

Whether it was sheer perverse curiosity or, just the fact that I hadn’t even seen a cock in over two years – I don’t know, but I crashed on the bed and never took the pills.

Some deep and buried motherly instinct must have surfaced from somewhere, as I lay down – and decided to lay on my stomach so he couldn’t see my pussy.

I lay there nearly an hour getting a crick in my neck, waiting for something to happen. I was nearly on the verge of giving up when I heard the faintest squeak of the bedroom door and detected lightly padded footsteps enter the room behind me.

“Mom? Mom?”

At first he whispered my name. Then he slowly turned up the volume of his voice until it was normal.

“Mom… hey Mom… Mom!”

Obviously checking to see if he could wake me with sound.

The little spy was smart, he’d taken his shoes off – but with the central unit off, I could hear his bare feet slowly cross the carpet towards my bed.

If he’d been planning something else, to watch a porno movie, or some such – not rousing me by voice would have been sufficient.

But as he made his way towards my naked form, I coolly realized he was up to something else – something that involved getting closer to me.

I was absolutely helpless. I could do nothing with revealing the fact that I was in fact awake – which would reveal my earlier lie about the medicine, and the first rule of parenthood is never let your children know you lied to them – because then you lose all credibility to discipline them for the same!

And so, there I lay, heart pounding – watching his a she snuck up to the dresser and lifted my sleeping pill bottle. As he read the label, I wondered just what the fuck he was up to.

I nearly gasped aloud when he sat the bottle back down and began to undo his belt, was he going to beat off or what? My mind reeled, and still I remained frozen in position. No matter what he did, I had to remain motionless and totally unresponsive.

The way my head was turned, I could see him with my right eye – and so – glued hypnotically to his movements, I stared unblinkingly as his pants unbuttoned and then slipped to around his ankles at the floor.

Staring at his bare and hairless little ass – it stuck me odd that the little turn wore no underwear at all beneath his slack, and as I gawked – it occurred to me that I had not truly seen my son naked in a long time, perhaps more than a couple years in fact.

I wondered with deviant curiosity what I would see between his legs when he turned around to face me.

Once his shirt was off, he turned slowly back around towards the bed – towards me – and the light from the lamp bathed something thick between his legs in a bizarre glow, I had to bite my tongue to prevent myself from making an audible comment – Jimmy’s cock was limp, but fucking huge – thick as his wrist – and a bloated set of hairless balls ballooned just beyond it, pushing out from between his thighs.

How in the fuck did he grow a “John Holmes” cock like that without me noticing. Then it occurred to me, he’d stopped running around the house in his underwear some years ago, and I figured now I knew why.

Seeing me prancing about half naked most of the time, had been making him pop boners – big ones I imagined – from the size of his limpness.

He’s been concealing his sexuality from me for years, and as his trek into puberty roared forward – it was becoming more and more frustrating for him to be so close to tits and ass, and yet so far away from being able to reach out and touch it. And, so he’d been indulging himself at school, on the young girls, instead of me!

Cracking my right eye, I saw that he was staring – longingly toward my big, fat ass – it’s two plush cheeks, I’m sure, were protruding quite high and to my sudden horror – I realized quite invitingly as well.

As he stepped up to the bed where I lay, his left hand reached out – boldly – and caressed am ass cheek, a long and slow motion that sent chills up my spinal chord. I thought suppressing that chill was difficult until his smooth gliding hand suddenly warped my butt, slapping the fleshy bag of fat that comprised my right ass hunk.

With my one good eye, I gawked as his limp tube elongated and expanded in all directions, fading from skin tone into an angry purplish hue as it filled rapidly with blood. His erection was truly awesome, a good ten inches or more in length and twice the thickness of his wrists – Ron Jeremy would be proud!

After eighteen years of wondering whether my father or my brother was Jimmy’s sire, I suddenly realized I now knew which one it was. With suck a huge and straight cock, and such a high strung ball sack, it had to be my brother.

My father had been hung, but not nearly like my little brother had been, and it was his ridiculously huge appendage that had originally coaxed me into pillaging his dumb little ass. An act that I now was forced to face, to relive, as I lay there staring with one eye at the product of that sick sin!

Whether it was from the remembrance of my little brother’s massive cock. Or Jimmy’s erection, I felt my labia moisten – my face flush, and my nipples began to swell hard like pink thimbles!

Even after he crawled up onto the bed with me, and positioned himself between my thick thighs – I could not make myself accept what was happening. He’s just gonna jack off, that’s all, he’s just gonna jack off while he’s playing with my ass – or at least that’s what I kept telling myself even after he wriggled up between my legs and spread them widely.

Only when I felt the tip of his hard cock bumping the back of my ass cheek, did it truly occur to me that he was about to mount me. My eighteen year old son was about to rape me, believing that I was asleep and oblivious to his actions.

Had I been a decent mother, I’d have gotten up right then and there and beat him senseless, but, but instead – I relaxed, relaxed and let my hormones surge throughout my long deprived body, and steadied myself for what was about to happen.

Despite my efforts to relax, to give in to my incestuous desires – I nearly freaked when he pressed his cock up between my as cheeks and started to jerk off, though I must admit, my level of nervousness dropped a few levels when I concluded that all he was doing was beating off.

Just as I was about to let myself calm completely down, the little fucker nearly caused me to squeal – when he decided out of the blue, to begin spanking my ass with his free hand!

“Yeah… yeah! Come on, yeah! Big fat fucking ass… juggle you fat bitches… jiggle!”

The little shit was getting his jollies jerking off between my jiggling, warbling, fat ass cheeks. And, the sick part of it was, I was too! My pussy was gushing onto the mattress beneath me, and the urge to act – to take the little turd was becoming almost too much!

Where the tube of lube came from, I don’t know. But when he stopped whipping my ass for a moment, and I heard the sound of the goo squirting – I somehow had the feeling…

… to get fucked in my ever loving asshole!

“Oh yeah… such a tight asshole!”

I had to bite down on the edge of the pillow to stop myself from screaming as he wriggled and pushed his oversized cock up into my asshole. The bad part was, I couldn’t even try and clench if shut without letting him know I was awake – and so I just had to lat there, and let him violate my sphincter cavern.

It didn’t feel good, it hurt like hell actually but after several moments of him sliding in and out – the discomfort gave way to something next to, to pleasure. I’d never had it in the ass before, never wanted it in the ass – and hadn’t this time either, but because of my own curiosity – my own stupidity, was no taking it up the ass whether I wanted to or not!

All at once, the little shit decided it was time pound mommy’s ass for all it was worth – and his eighteen year old boney hips began pumping like well-oiled pistons, ramming his cock in and out of my hole so fast and furiously – that my whole butt began to quiver and gyrate wildly!

“Fucking yeah! Oh, oh shit! Oh, oh, man… dude, oh shit!”

And then, yes right then, he hit a spot somewhere inside me – with that overgrown cock of his, and my entire body trembled, and a flood of hot fluids cascaded out of my cunt onto the bed – once more – signaling to the soaked mattress, that I’d had another orgasm from my own son.

I wanted to scream, to at least moan. But I knew I couldn’t, not if I ever hoped to return to a normal life after this – this incestuous fling, with my son!

It seemed like forever before he finally blew his wad, and what a wad it was – felt like I got my colon flushed with cream.

“Oh fucking yeah! Yeah, dammit, man!”

Boy, I thought I’d had it bad – being sexually deprived for the longest time, hell, poor Jimmy had been staring at me for years now and had only just now been able to fulfill his desires.

By the time he climbed off of me, my asshole ached – and come soaked the backs of my wide thighs, and dripped down onto the bed to mix with my own fluids that I’d been secretly gushing the whole time.

I gotta hand it to the little bastard though, he was smart enough to clean up his mess before grabbing his clothes and scampering out and down the hall into his room for the night.

So I guess the teachers were fucking right, Jimmy had been after me – and despite their warnings, I’d not only tempted him, I’d let him have me!

“Damn, she ain’t about to roll over is she – oh well, ain’t nothing wrong with her ass. She has got the finest ass I’ve ever seen, fuck!”

I’d never heard my son curse before that night, and it would have appalled me – had he not been, complimenting me with every vulgar word he uttered.

As soon as he was out of the room, I got up and grabbed the camcorder I’d hidden in my closet…

“Fuck me! Look how big his fucking cock is, it’s massive! OOOO, yeah , son, pump it, fuck, look at him ride my fat ass!”

… and spent the rest of the night masturbating to images of my son fucking me in my big fat ass! By morning, my bed was thoroughly soaked through with cunt juice.

What the hell, I thought – I’d fucked both my father and my brother, and I’d turned out ok – or had I?

Fuck the teachers – not only was I planning to tease him, I fully had intentions of making him my sex partner – one way or the other!


Bad mother? How do you know if you’re a bed mother or not? Well that’s a good question, see, cause there’s two kinds of bad mothers. There’s the mother who just doesn’t give a damn about her kids, the kind that neglect their offspring.

And then, there’s me – the second kind of bad mother. The kind who, be it by genetic predisposition or by some seriously warped need – finds herself using her child as a sexual toy. Or is it Jimmy who’s using me? I think back to my own adolescence, my own twisted affair with my own brother. I guess it was me who was using him back then, so maybe – maybe it is Jimmy who’s manipulating me now.

“Well, I think I got everything. Time to get started I guess.”

But somehow, at some point during the night while I masturbated to the video of jimmy ass-fucking me. I decided that it was going to be me in charge of any sexual affair we might have, and to that end – I find myself once again, plotting a fake situation in order to seduce him.

I can’t believe he actually took advantage of me like he did last night – I mean – I never dreamed he’d do something like, fucking me in the damn asshole – it was just unbelievable, slapping my fat ass the whole time – like he was some kind of porn star stud, crazy!

And yet, I know it really happened – shit, I’ve got it all on video for crying out loud, hell! I mean the little shit ass-raped me thinking I was asleep! How deviant is that?

But it’s all good, cause tonight the little bastard is gonna give me what I really want, one way or the other – even if I have to rape him this time around.

No, no – I’m playing it cool, same way I did last night – see – when he comes home in from school, I’m gonna pretend to be passed out again from my sleeping pills – to which end – I’ve placed them on the table here by the couch so he’ll be sure to see!

And to finish up m little crime scene, I’ve picked up a few extra props for tonight’s performance – to guide him in the right direction!

An empty beer bottle to make him think I’m even more out cold than I was last night, and a big rubber dildo I bought at the porno store today.

The idea is to let him think I’m sexually frustrated , to the point where I’ve gotten drunk and stoned – while diddling myself to a porn video. Which, incidentally, brings me to my next little prop which I also picked up at the porno store two streets down.

“Big Momma Needs Love Too!” Yes, she certainly fucking does. Now this isn’t a kid-flick, hell the “boys” in it look older than me – but the idea is to let him think that I’m interested in doing younger men, make him think even more about my sexuality – and a role he might play in it.

Oh , hell, I’m probably being too damned over-analytical with him – he’s just eighteen – but when he walks in that door tonight, I don’t want him to have a single misconception about what I need and what I want.