Haziran 7, 2023

A Night At The Opera

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A Night At The OperaI took my seat in the opera house looking…hoping…and aching to see if my companion was attending the opera that night. For the last two months, I and my wife had seats D2 and D3…and seated next to us were another couple. She was simply the most beautiful woman I had ever seen. Her beauty was amplified by my own dying marriage. My wife and I already had the divorce papers filed. Perhaps I was k**ding myself, but the woman seated next to us seemed to pay extra attention to me…and it was clear that her companion was bored and not interested in her. His loss…she had long blond hair…green eyes…and a body that made men scream. During intermissions, we would get our drinks and talk. I couldn’t take my eyes off her.Finally, as I sat down, I saw her come in…alone! As I was. She had on a skin tight blue satin dress that hugged every curve. She sat next me and noticed that the seat next to me was as empty as the seat next to her. During the first intermission, I offered to buy her a glass of wine. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating. I moved in closer just to inhale her scent. We took our seats for the second act and our knees touched. She didn’t pull away. In the darkness, our hands reached out and I took hers in mine. As the opera moved to its conclusion, I brought her hand to my mouth and tenderly kissed her fingertips. I looked over at her, and her head was back and her eyes closed as a small moan escaped her mouth. By the time the performance ended, we were hand in hand…leaning Karabağlar Escort in to one another.As the crowd left the opera house, I asked this goddess if she would like to join me for a drink. For years, I would get a hotel room across the street from the opera house so I could make a night of it. She leaned in, kissed my cheek and said: “I would love that.” We went up to my room, and as soon as my door closed, I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her into me and kissed her. Tenderly at first, our kiss intensified and soon her tongue was sliding into my mouth. My hands ran up and down her incredible body, feeling the satin material of her dress. My hands cupped her ass cheeks and pulled her closer to me. My hardening cock was pressing into her.My new lover didn’t back away. In fact, she reached down and began to massage my cock through my pants. She whispered into my ear: “Darling…let me taste you.” With that, she unzipped my pants, slid to her knees and began a gentle sucking. It didn’t take long. I had lusted after this beauty for too long. Her smooth mouth slide up and down my hard cock and her hand gently cupped my balls. When she looked up into my eyes, it was more than I could take. With a moan, I cried out and began cumming. My knees went weak as I pumped a load of cream into my goddess’s mouth. When the orgasm subsided, she stood up and melted into my arms. Without a moment’s hesitation, I kissed her again…my tongue Karşıyaka Escort sliding in to her mouth. I could taste my own semen on her lips and tongue. And rather than be repulsed by it…I wanted more of it. My tongue greedily probed her mouth…tasting…kissing…wanting. I reached behind her as we kissed and began to unzip her dress. She tried to stop me: “No baby…not tonight…please.” But I had been too quick. Her dress, now unzipped, was ready to be peeled from her body. As I lowered the dress, I kissed her neck…her breasts…her tummy. She begged me to stop…But there was no stopping at this point. My darling lover grabbed my head and tried to stop me from going any lower: “My love” she cried out. “Wait…I have something to tell you.” With that, I pulled the dress off her and she stood before me in all her naked glory. Her smooth body was sheer perfection…right down to her erect cock that was now standing straight up.She pulled away and began picking up her clothes as if to go. I grabbed her hand and pulled her to me again. “Is this what you wanted to tell me” I asked? With tears in her eyes, she simply nodded. I took her head in my hands…pulled her close and kissed her again. But this time, as we kissed, I reached down and began slowly massaging her cock. I had never touched another cock besides my own. It was hard…yet velvety smooth. I could feel it pulsing as I worked it back and forth. Her moans filled my room. Kemalpaşa Escort With each stroke, her breath shortened and her pulse quickened. Our passionate kiss became nearly violent as her tongue moved in concert with my stroking. Her tongue pushed into my mouth with a groan when the orgasm ripped through her body. She had spasm after spasm as her cum filled up my hand. I couldn’t stop myself from bringing my hand to my mouth…and licking up each drip. Her tongue competed with mine for her cum…until we begin another kiss.As my lover went limp, I picked her up in my arms and carried her to bed. By now, I was at full erection again. I laid her back…looking deeply into her eyes. Without a word, I slid between her thighs…my rock hard cock poised at the entrance. We kissed again…and she whispered in my ear: “Make love to me, my darling…make love to me until sunrise.”I penetrated her slowly, with love. At 50 years old…my cock had penetrated many pussies…but nothing was as tight…as wet…as glorious as my new lover. With a firm thrust, I slid into her and she cried out and gripped my back in passion. “Oh Sally” I cried out…”I am inside you, my love…we are one.” When I said “we are one”, Sally burst into tears and begged me to stay inside her forever. My cock took on a life of its own and picked up speed with each stroke. My lover wrapped her legs around me, bringing me in even deeper. Her own cock was now erect again. Her head thrashed back and forth as I pounded into her. “Oh my God” I cried out…”I’m going to cum…I’m going to pour my seed into you.” With a final thrust, I penetrated her to the core of her being…and white lights exploded in my brain as my seed spurted forth into her. She cried with me as her own cock began shooting cum over the two of us. I collapsed next to her…the night was over. But a new life was beginning.