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A Night at Tricks Ch. 03

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Around the stage was a door that was hidden from the view of our table. Next to the door was an engraved sign that read: MEMBERS ONLY. Kia explained to me that during regular hours, entrance was restricted to members, but since it was late (2:00 am by then) and everyone still in the club was a member, the door stood open. Bob and Stacey stepped aside and let Dan, Gig, Kia and I all walked through the door.

Just as the regular club’s focal point was the stage, this room also had a focal point, but it was a large screen television. It had to have been at least eight feet high and on it was a close up of a cock fucking in and out of a pussy. I stopped short and stood transfixed at the giant cock that was on the screen. It must have been ten feet long. Bob must have been looking too because he didn’t notice that I had stopped and he walked right into me. I felt his hardness bump into me.

The soundtrack was loud and the girl in the movie was groaning and moaning obscenities. The picture broke away to a face shot of the girl getting fucked. It was the same girl in Bob’s magazine.

Kia took my hand, “Come on,” she said. We followed the group over to a large sitting area. There, totally naked sitting on a large couch was Jenna, the same girl being thoroughly fucked on the screen.

“Hi,” She said sweetly as she stood up.

She walked over to me. “You son told me his Mom and Dad brought him here tonight. You are too great.”

“Thanks,” I said.

“Hey, would you like to take a picture with me,” She asked.

“Want to Bob?” I asked my son.

“I would love to Mom,” He replied.

I sat in the middle on the couch with Bob on one side and Dan on the other. Jenna lied down across our laps on her left side so that her hips were on Dan. She had her left leg straight and bent her right leg with the knee straight up, spreading her legs. Her pussy was shaved clean and she took Dan’s hand and placed it directly on it. She bent her left elbow across Bob’s lap and held her head up by her left hand. She took Bob’s left hand through the crook of her arm and he cupped her left tit. She then placed my right arm across her right side and placed my right hand over her right tit. Her right arm then rested on mine. A photographer was present and she prepared for the strangest family portrait ever.

“OK everyone say cumshot,” The photographer said. We all did and smiled and she snapped the picture.

We held the pose and Gig, Stacey, and Kia all came into the picture. They stood behind us. Kia was leaning over me so her breast was lightly brushing my cheek. Feeling the hot, smooth skin was enough to give me another mini orgasm. I think Jenna felt me tremble. “Someone is enjoying this,” she said and squeezed my arm with hers.

The photographer was ready. “OK this time say Slut,” The photographer said. Again we smiled and she snapped the picture.

As we disentangled ourselves from Jenna. “The pics will be ready in a few minutes,” she said. “Have a seat.”

“I gotta piss again,” Dan said, so he and Gig left and headed through the door back to the club. Jenna sat on the couch next to Kia and I. Bob and Stacey stood behind it. The television screen now showed Jenna sucking on the cock. Suddenly the cock exploded. The first few shots hit her mouth, but the rest covered her face. When it slowed down she was a sticky mess. The cum was dripping off her chin and nose. It was in her hair. She took the cock and used it to wipe the growing drop of cum off her chin, then licked it clean. She then gave a sweet smile to the camera as the screen faded.

I turned to Bob. “Not exactly Carol, is she?”

“No shit,” Bob said as he stared at the screen.

The pics were ready and the kocaeli seks hikayeleri photographer handed them to Jenna. They were each high quality 8×10 glossies. Jenna took the picture with the girls in the background and wrote, Just before the fuckfest, Love Jenna. On the picture where she posed with Bob, Dan and I she wrote, To the hottest family I know, Love Jenna. The pictures are hanging in our upstairs hallway and have raised more than a few eyebrows.

We made our goodbyes and headed back to our table.

When we got back to our table, Dan and Gig were waiting for us. The waitress had come by and Dan had ordered a last round. When she returned with the drinks, he tipped her and she wished us all a goodnight.

A girl finished her dance on the stage and the lights came up. I looked at my watch and saw it was 2:45 am. Tricks was closing up.

Bob took his drink and stood. He spoke loud enough so everyone still in the club became quiet and listened. “I would like to propose a toast. Tonight has been the greatest birthday celebration I could have ever imagined. I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the sexiest ladies I have ever seen tonight. But one is truly special,” he continued as he gazed at Stacey. “To the sexiest lady I have ever known – my Mom,” he concluded as he turned toward me and raised his glass. I was floored. All of these beautiful, young, topless girls around and he was calling me the sexiest. Stacey, Kia and Gig all cheered and the rest of the club joined in. I blushed scarlet and got just a bit of a tear in my eye.

The rest of the girls in the club were starting to head toward the back room. As if on cue, Stacey, Kia, and Gig all stood up. Gig gave Dan a deep, hard kiss. Kia gave me a hug and a kiss. Stacey surprised me by walking away from Bob without any goodbye.

For the first time in quite a while Dan, Bob and I were alone again at our table. I reached for my purse. “Well Bob, guess that’s it for this year’s birthday. Might as well hit the road,” I said as I stood up.

“Stacey asked if we could drop her off and I told her we could. Hope that’s ok,” Bob said.

“That explains the lack of a goodbye,” I thought and sat back down. “Sure, Hon. you like her don’t you.”

“Sure do,” he replied.

“Better than Carol?” I asked.

“You know what Mom? I thought I was in love with Carol, but tonight has been a terrific eye opener. I’m not going to sell myself short. Carol is beautiful and smart, but I could never imagine her doing something like this in twenty years with our son. I think I am through with her. She’s a good girl, but I want more. You and Dad are the greatest for bringing me here and I meant every word of that toast. I’m not going to settle down until I find a girl that can compete with you.” He smiled. “Who knows, I may have to do a whole lot of fucking till I find her, but if I have to, I have to.”

Stacey had returned. “Who are you fucking?” she asked as she sat down smiling.

She had put on a white T-shirt and blue jeans. She still looked very attractive, but now had a more wholesome look. She looked like any pretty girl at the mall. Instead of sitting on Bob’s lap, she now took a chair with her back to the stage, across from Bob. “Well,” I thought, “guess the party is over.” I wondered if Stacey’s new behavior would bother Bob. He was looking at her, smiling with bright eyes. He looked like he was in love. Kia walked past the table wearing her street clothes and smiled warmly at me as she passed. Gig walked by without even looking at Dan. He looked a bit disappointed in her, but I knew he realized that her previous attention was just her job. At Tricks, fantasy was the product and at least for Gig, the fantasy stopped when she was off work.

“Where do you live Stacey?” Dan asked.

She gave her address. As it turned out it was not too far from our house, about a thirty-minute drive. “Ready to hit the road?” I asked and we left the club. As we passed the spot where the girl had taken our cover it occurred to me that although we had only been there for less than six hours, in a way it seemed like a lifetime. I looped my arm through Dan’s and kissed his cheek as we walked to the parking lot toward our car.

The kids got in the back seat together while Dan and I sat up front. Before we had pulled out of the parking lot I heard the sound of a zipper from the back seat. I turned in my seat so I could see what was happening back there. I got an eyeful.

Stacey had not wasted any time. The zipper was the one on Bob’s jeans, Stacey’s T-shirt was off and she had pushed Bob’s pants down and pulled his cock out. Bob was big. As Stacey’s hand closed around it and gently stroked it up and down, I guessed it was a full nine inches long and two inches thick. The head spread another half inch on around the base that Stacey held. “What do you think Mom?” she asked as she wagged it in my direction.

I smiled as her as sweetly as I could. “You two have fun,” I said.

She smiled and lowered her head to my son’s cock. I had a perfect view of her as she licked, sucked, stroked and kissed it. After over five hours around all of these beautiful half naked girls, it didn’t take much to get Bob off. Groaning I knew he was about to cum. He removed his hands from Stacey’s head and arched his back. I knew he was shooting his load. Stacey’s head stayed down, with her lips wrapped around his cock and her hand continuing to pump. I could see her swallowing the load. Bob’s cock started to lose a bit of its hardness and Stacey’s swallowing started to slow. She gave it a last full stroke, swallowed and sat up. The smell of sex filled the car as Stacey sat back, licked her lips and smiled at me.

I was pleased when I saw Bob release Stacey’s head when he started to cum. I remembered plenty of guys who didn’t when I sucked them off – what girl hasn’t? I always considered that totally rude. More often than not, given the choice the girl will finish up the job anyway. I always did.

Stacey undid the top button of her jeans and forced them down. She had kept on her black g-string the entire time in the club, but now she wasn’t wearing any underwear. After she kicked off the jeans, she sat back in the corner, spread her legs and smiled at Bob. The invitation was clear.

All of the girls whose pussys I had seen at Tricks had been clean shaven and Stacey was no exception. She stroked her pussy with her finger as Bob leaned forward and lowered his head. Their position made it impossible for me to get a clear view of Bob’s activity, but I could tell from his head alternating between bobbing and intent centering whether he was licking or sucking her. Stacey’s fingers held his head tight and as she arched her back I could tell she was cumming. The flow of obscenities from her mouth would have made a sailor blush, but it also told me how good of a job Bob was doing on her. I felt proud. Finally Stacey pulled on Bob enough so that he sat back up. He had a huge smile on his face. Pussy eating has always been a terrific aphrodisiac for Dan, and I saw it had the same effect of Bob. His still glistening cock was rock hard again and pointed straight up as he sat back on the seat. I could see Stacey eyeing it and she reached out for it again. Bob reached down for his jeans. “What’s this?” I wondered, “is he getting dressed?”

Bob pulled out his wallet and pulled out a condom. When Stacey saw it she gave him a huge smile. “Thank God,” she muttered, “I really need a fuck.”

I was very impressed with both Bob and Stacey. It was obvious that they were both adult enough to practice safe sex.

Bob handed the condom to Stacey and she expertly opened it and unrolled it over the length of his cock. She rose and stepped over his lap. I expected her to face him, but instead she faced the front of the car. She reached down and guided the cock to her pussy and lowered herself on it. She leaned forward started to raise and lower herself on it and leaned forward so that her breasts were knocking onto the front seat between Dan and I on every down thrust. Bob’s hands reached around her body from behind and cupped Stacey’s tits as she rode his cock. From my vantage, Stacey’s face was inches from mine and I could get a clear look of the ecstasy on it, my son’s hands on her breasts, her flat stomach, and Bob’s cock during each rise Stacey made. Again the stream of obscenities from the girl would have made a whore blush.

Suddenly Stacey arched her back and leaned back onto Bob. He released her breasts and moved his hands under her thighs, which enabled him to continue to lift the girl off and lower her onto his cock. From this vantage I had a clear view of the fucking. Stacey trembled and arched as she came. Bob remained hard and continued his pumping. As Stacey’s orgasm subsided, she turned and told Bob not to cum in the condom, to instead give her warning. She said it just in time, because Bob immediately said that he was ready.

Quick as a flash and with a dexterity that was impressive in the back seat of a car, Stacey jumped off, turned around, whipped off the condom, and wrapped her lips around Bob’s cock. She was just in time, for no sooner did her lips close around it than Bob arched his back and came again. Stacey’s hand pumped the cock’s load into her mouth. Finally Bob slowed down and relaxed.

What a night of surprises, but it wasn’t quite over.

Stacey let the now half limp cock go and leaned forward. Before I could react, she put her hand around my neck, pulled me in and gave me a deep kiss. As she did I got a mouthful of Bob’s cum which she still had in her mouth. It startled me, but like the rest of the evening, I played it out and swallowed it. Every guy tasted different. Bob was different than Dan, but very similar. Stacey smiled at me. I smiled back. We had shared something special.

I noticed the car had stopped. I don’t know how long we had been parked outside Stacey’s sorority house, but we had arrived and Dan had seen at least the end. To this day I don’t know how he could have driven while so much was occurring in the back seat. He says he watched a lot too. I’m surprised we didn’t get in an accident. Boy, that would have been a bizarre police report! Stacey pulled on her T-shirt. It was barely long enough to cover her ass, but she didn’t put anything else on. Bob asked her for her number and she gave it. I was quite happy about that. She gave Bob a deep kiss and bounced out of the car, up the steps and inside the front door.

Dan pulled away and drove us home. It was a quiet drive, each of us absorbed in our own thoughts. We pulled into the garage and got out of the car. Bob got out of the car totally naked, his now limp cock dangling between his legs. He was carrying his clothes and his magazine. He gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Thanks, Mom. Thanks, Dad. I can’t begin to tell you how great this has been. You’re both too much.”

He turned and I watched him as he walked into the house. We had left that night with a boy and had returned with a man. Totally unself-conscious with his body, I admired him immensely.

Dan put his arm around me. “What did Stacey say? I really need a fuck?” I asked him.

As we entered the house I wondered how things were likely to be changing around here.