Mayıs 20, 2023

A Night to Remember

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Andrew and Jessica were your run of the mill couple. Since the day they met they had been incredibly attracted to each other and the sex was incredible. It was great but Jessica couldn’t help but feel like something was missing. In college she was a party girl, fun and free spirited. On several drunken nights, she made out with girls. It was mostly for show at first, she liked putting on a show for all the guys at the parties. The more she did it, the more she liked it and started wanting to take it further. She met Andrew and lost the urge. He satisfied her in ways she didn’t even know possible, it was like her know her body better than she did. He always put her pleasure above his own, he got off on getting her off. It seemed like a great deal and Jessica always made sure that she pleased him just as much.

She loved sucking Andrew’s cock. She loved the sounds of him groaning with pleasure when she would take his entire cock in her mouth and down her throat. Sometimes she liked trying his wrists to the headboard so she could tease him and deprive him of coming and have it build up to a mind-blowing orgasm when he finally did. She liked to get him so close by sucking his cock and then taking a break to kiss him. Biting his bottom lip was a weakness and Jessica always used that to her advantage. Slowly, she would straddle him and rub her wet pussy along his hard cock. Andrew loved when she did this to him. “Fuuuuck! Baby, I want you so badly. Please, ride my cock, “moaned Andrew.

Jessica laughed an evil laugh and kissed his lips. “Well, since you asked so nicely,” she said as she slipped his throbbing cock into her wet pussy. She started out nice and slow, bracing herself against the wall as she moved her hips to hit the spot right where she wanted it. They both moaned as Jessica moved faster, riding Andrew’s cock as hard and fast as she could. Reaching down with one hand, she started furiously rubbing her clit which caused her to moan even louder. “Mmm fuck! You’re gonna make me come,” Andrew warned her. Jessica stopped completely, keeping his cock deep inside her and leaned down to kiss his lips.

“God, I want you to make me come,” Andrew murmured against Jessica’s lips. He could feel her smile, knowing damn well she was just going to do what she wanted. She decided to be nice and give in to him. She continued kissing him as she started to ride him. She started fast and hard this time, she was ready to come too. Her ass smacked against his thighs as she bounced up and down on his cock. They moaned loudly as they both got closer to coming. Jessica reached up to untie Andrew’s hands. “I want you to smack my ass,” she commanded him. He smacked her ass hard and she felt the heat his hand left. “Oh God, harder!” she moaned. He smacked her ass even harder as she rode his cock even faster. She knew she was close and started rubbing her clit. She could feel his cock pulse in her tight pussy. She kept going faster and harder and felt Andrew’s hand move up her body to pull on her nipple. That sent her over the edge. “Oh Andrew!” Jessica moaned as her pussy pulsed around his cock. Andrew’s grip tightened on her hips as her commanded Bostancı Escort her, “Don’t you fucking stop! I’m gonna come”. Jessica kept going as she kept coming, she felt herself squirt all over Andrew’s cock. “Ahh fuck! Jessica!” Andrew moaned as he came.

Throughout their relationship, Jessica was more than satisfied and Andrew was always willing to try things that she suggested and was always up for what he wanted to try as well. Sex with Andrew was incredible, but Jessica couldn’t stop thinking about the crazy times she had in college. Nervously, she approached Andrew about it one day.

“Hey, baby?” Jessica said sweetly.

“Yes, beautiful?” answered Andrew.

“So I told you about my crazy college days and the couple girls I made out with…” Jessica sort of trailed off, not knowing how to continue.

“What about it, baby? It’s in the past, I’m not jealous of people you were with in the past” he smiled and kissed her forehead.

Jessica gave a half smile as she looked into Andrew’s eye. “It’s just that…I kinda liked it. Okay, more than kinda.” She looked down, almost as if she were shy or ashamed. She looked up slightly through her long lashed at Andrew.

She was shocked to hear him chuckle. “Wh…why’s that funny?”

Andrew took Jessica in his arms and kissed her softly. He smiled and said “You can take the girl out of the party, but you can’t take the party out of the girl”

Jessica was so relieved. “You are incredible and you’ve pleased me in ways I didn’t know possible, but-“

Andrew cut her off, “But you want to know what it’s like to do more than kiss a girl?”

Jessica blushed a little as she quietly answered, “Yes.” Just saying it out loud excited her.

Andrew loved thinking about watching his wife explore with another woman and getting to join in. They started discussing what they were comfortable doing and what they would like for each other not to do and made a profile looking for their fantasy girl. Jessica couldn’t help but constantly check her inbox at work. Just the idea had her turned on that she really couldn’t focus at all. Andrew was excited too, but his excitement came from seeing his wife live out her fantasy.

Jessica tried to stay focused and managed to get somewhat absorbed in her work, but then she looked up and saw a new email in her inbox. She could feel her heart beat faster as she moved her mouse to open it. As she started reading, she knew this woman was perfect. Her name was Allison, she was clean, kinky, and just looking for some fun with no strings attached. Jessica started messaging Allison through the site their profile is on and added her husband as well. They all set it up for next Saturday night. Jessica could hardly wait; it was only Tuesday.

Jessica was so nervous and excited as she and Andrew were setting things up for when Allison arrived. The doorbell rang Jessica froze and looked at Andrew. He chuckled and gave her a kiss.

“Open the wine and pour us some and I’ll get the door,” Andrew said as he went to the door.

Jessica took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. She Bostancı Escort Bayan felt her hands shake as she picked up the bottle to pour. Andrew walked into the kitchen followed closely by Allison. She was more beautiful than her pictures showed her to be. Jessica was an attractive woman: long brown hair, green eyes, long legs, and beautiful breasts, but she was awed by Allison. She had long blonde hair, eyes with a mixture of blue and green, nice legs, a perfectly rounded ass, and amazing tits. She was even more nervous now. Andrew and Allison started making small talk and Andrew could tell that Jessica was nervous so he kept trying to involve her in the conversation. After a couple glasses of wine, Jessica was feeling much more confident and the conversation had certainly turned.

Jessica kept seeing the way that Allison was looking at her and it made her so wet. Allison hadn’t even touched her and her panties were soaked. Andrew reached out for Jessica’s hand and pulled her close to him. He started passionately kissing her. Jessica was a little tipsy from the wine and took the opportunity to bite his bottom lip. She heard his breathing quicken and her pulled back and smacked her ass. “Why don’t you girls head to the bedroom and I’ll join you soon,” Andrew said as he gathered the glasses. Allison followed Jessica to the bedroom, but halfway down the hallway Jessica pushed Allison up against the wall. She kissed her hard and fast, loving the feeling of Allison’s soft, warm lips against hers. Allison was a little caught off guard but soon realized what was happening and moved her hand down Jessica’s body, grabbing her ass and then gave it a hard smack. Andrew heard in the kitchen and chuckled to himself as he rinsed the glasses, but he felt his cock getting hard think about those two beautiful women kissing and touching only a few feet down the hallway.

Jessica and Allison had managed to take all of their clothes off all down the hallway, so they we naked by the time they made it to the bedroom. Allison playfully pushed Jessica onto the bed as they both playfully giggled. They started kissing again with Allison on top of Jessica and Jessica was feeling bold and reached up to lightly pull on Allison’s nipple. She moaned against Jessica’s lips and her hand moved down Jessica’s thigh getting so close to Jessica’s wet pussy. Right then, Andrew walked in. It was the sexiest thing he’d ever saw; he wasn’t sure how to jump in so he just took a seat to watch. His cock stiffened even more and was forcefully pushing against his zipper. He wanted to wait but he needed to touch himself, his cock was so hard it was almost painful. He watched as Allison slipped two fingers into Jessica’s tight little pussy and his wife’s moan alone was almost enough to make him come. He slipped out of his clothes and slowly started to rub cock, trying his hardest to wait to come.

Jessica moaned as she felt Allison’s fingers start moving into her pussy. “Mmm harder” she moaned and Allison complied.

“You like that?” Allison inquired in a sultry voice. “I’m going to make you come so hard,” Allison said as she leaned Escort Bostancı close to Jessica’s ear and gave it a soft kiss. Across the room, Jessica heard Andrew moan and she looked over to watch him stroke his cock. She made eye contact with him and bit her bottom lip and he couldn’t help himself. He got up and get on the bed and leaned next to Jessica and kissed her fast and hard, reaching down to squeeze her breasts. Just then, Allison’s tongue flicked over Jessica’s clit and she moaned against Andrew’s lips. He got on his knees and Jessica leaned up to take his cock between her lips. She sucked the tip nice and hard and then slowly licked from the base to the tip, making Andrew groan with pleasure. Allison started fingering Jessica’s pussy as she gently bit and sucked her clit. Jessica was taking Andrew’s cock all the way down her throat and moaned around it. She moved faster up and down on his cock as Allison stated finger fucking her faster and harder. She could feel Jessica’s pussy tighten around her fingers. She looked up and made eye contact with Andrew, “Why don’t we trade places?”. He nodded and took his cock out of Jessica’s mouth and moved down to her pussy as Allison moved to straddle her face.

Andrew moved his cock along Jessica’s slit making sure to hit her clit. She started licking Allison’s pussy, sucking her clit nice and hard, gently biting and pulling on it. Jessica reached up to smack Allison’s ass as her tongue flicked her clit over and over again. Andrew slowly slide his throbbing cock into Jessica’s soaking pussy. It was almost too much for him, he had to just leave his cock inside her. He started to move a little bit at a time going deeper and slowly pulling back out. He started to not care about holding off and just fucked Jessica with all the force he could. She pulled her face away from Allison’s pussy to moan and curse. Andrew could feel her squirt all over his cock and he just kept on fucking her, feeling her pussy pulsing around his cock. He couldn’t last much longer and soon his come filled her tight little pussy. “Mmm let me lick her pussy,” Allison said as she leaned over to start licking Jessica’s clit. She loved the way Andrew’s cum tasted. Andrew sat off to the side again just watching his beautiful wife explore with another gorgeous woman. Allison and Jessica traded places.

Allison laid down on the bed and Jessica was on top of her. She kissed Allison’s lips, moved down her neck, over her breasts, down her stomach, and then her thighs. She stopped right before Allison’s pussy. Allison begged her to keep going, she was desperate to come. Jessica slowly licked over Allison’s clit and Allison pushed her head into her pussy. Jessica slipped a finger in Allison’s pussy as she continued to suck on her clit. She wanted to make Allison come so badly. She slipped another finger in her pussy and started finger fucking her so hard. She could feel Allison’s pussy tighten. Allison was moaning so loudly, she was so close to coming. Jessica kept going, faster and harder and leaned in to lick Allison’s clit again. She moved back and started quickly rubbing Allison’s clit and she squirted all over the bed. Jessica held Allison close to her as wave after wave of orgasm went through her. When everything was over Allison excused herself to shower and clean up.

When she came back from the shower, they thanked her and she thanked them and she was on her way. It was a night Jessica would never forget.