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A Recent Encounter Pt. 01

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Pete and Jade’s Adventures Part 1

Jade was an extremely beautiful woman in her forties, the sort of woman that turned heads, and created stirrings in the trousers of any man, and undoubtedly made an impact on quite a few women too. Her sexy gentle smile could achieve anything sexual. She had a stunning complexion, beautiful eyes and figure to match; together they could melt hearts, raise temperatures and importantly initiate and sustain the most intense of erection on any man’s cock.

It was many years since Pete had seen Jade, other than in his imagination. Careers had kept them apart, and weakness on Pete’s part in not grasping the opportunity to be permanently attached to this beautiful sexy woman when the chance was there. His memory of her was of a lovely, successful woman, one who he had known well when younger, and in fact had a good relationship with for a time. There were many occasions when his mind drifted back to the times they spent together and he often questioned the sanity leaving her.

He had loved seeing her in her uniform as a nurse, her shapely legs encased in stockings were a particular favorite focus of his, he remembered her touch, and through the years when they met any contact was always electrifying, and strangely sexually stimulating. This memory had stayed with him, and in fact returned on many an evening as he lay alone in his bed, often fueling his fantasy and driving him to orgasm as he masturbated with her firmly in his thoughts, on the end of his cock, or with his tongue pushed as deep as possible into her moist pussy.

The story gathers momentum last year when Pete visited Jade at home with her husband Don. The visit was an innocent one, a shopping trip, for which the return journey brought Pete and his driver close to Jade’s home, so a visit seemed quite natural, but it was an opportunity Pete had unwittingly yearned for, for a considerable time. This became evident when he saw how beautiful and sexy she was.

Whilst sat there drinking a glass of wine Pete found it difficult to remove his gaze from Jade’s body, as she moved gracefully around their beautiful house. He found himself looking carefully at her legs as she walked, her breasts as she lifted things, and her beautiful ass when she placed them down again. It was only the conversation he was having with Don which momentarily captured his attention, distracting him from his fantasy of being there alone with her.

A few opportunities to touch reminded him of how wonderful she felt and smelled. Wine made conversation easy, but it also made taking his eyes off her beautiful figure far too difficult. The occasion was over far too soon, but it’s memory lingered, often returning to his imagination. The ensuing Facebook friend request was evidence that Jade perhaps felt something in return. It gave them both the opportunity to initiate and maintain contact.

Some time later Pete was back in the area, as always he was keen to see Jade, remembering how lovely she looked and how much he enjoyed being in her company. He was unsure as to what would happen when they met, he knew he desperately wanted her but also knew she was spoken for, and did not want to compromise Jade’s situation. He was happy for her, assuming contentment with her lot.

Pete had an element of freedom of movement, not much to do during the day as it was a holiday for him. After some hasty arranging, taking both parties itinerary into consideration they arranged a meet. They chatted on the first occasion in her office, it was almost as if they were discovering each other for the first time, Pete felt immensely comfortable, and enjoyed the opportunity to see her again, particularly alone where they could discuss anything, previous meetings had always included others.

The talk was a way of getting to know each other, assess how each other’s lives had perhaps brought about character changes, there was much recalling of memories bursa eskort from both parties past, songs too. What was evident was that feelings towards each other had changed very little through the years.

That evening in bed Pete felt an excitement, he lay back and stroked his cock to hardness, thinking only of Jade, not the partner he had left back in his home town. As he increased the intensity of stroking, he felt good, and his other hand moved to the sensitive area between his balls and ass. A finger gently playing. Suddenly his cock jerked and a stream of cum hit his stomach, he satisfied, but unable to stop thinking of Jade as he fell asleep.

The next meeting went the same as the first, this time they travelled out to a quiet spot on Jade’s suggestion. Pete was extremely slow and did not read carefully enough into this, it should have been obvious that progress from the first meeting was perhaps expected. He was far too shy, and to Jade’s disappointment seemed reluctant to touch her, kiss her, she wondered why this might be, perhaps he achieves full sexual satisfaction with his partner, and has no wish to deviate from this.

She was encouraged when he did however take the opportunity to touch her, caress her back hoping she would not find his touch too forward.

As they were about to part he asked if it would be OK to kiss her, her colleagues were watching at the window, making the act something of a risk, but something inside her said yes, and as the word came from her mouth Pete leaned forward and their lips met.

Jade responded just enough to make it clear it was something she had wanted, and perhaps more of the same.

Pete was due to travel away in the next few days. What could have seemed to Jade like a reluctance on Pete’s part, had perhaps been misunderstood, nothing had happened, should it have? Each other’s circumstances made open contact difficult, but before Pete’s final departure for who knows how long, Jade had an idea and decided to take the initiative.

As she dressed that morning she was forming a plan, she pulled out her sexiest underwear, it had to be white, as that what was the color of her trousers and blouse. She enjoyed the feel of the thong as it took its position on her most intimate parts, anything touching there was always welcome, she was hoping that if things went well, Pete’s fingers might find their way past. An urge overcame her, and she removed the thong, she was ensuring there were no barriers to his fingers entering her moist pussy, better still his cock. Fastening her bra around her full tits she wondered what it might be like to feel Pete’s lips kissing them again, better still his cum spraying over them, would it be better than all those years ago?

A dutiful shopping trip was her justification, engineering herself close to Pete’s location it was clear that a visit was not unwarranted, and suggested this to Pete who was very grateful of the opportunity to lust after her. She drove to the house where he was staying with friends and was seemed perfectly justified in visiting on a casual basis. Some were surprised but as always when she did visit they were overjoyed to see her.

Pete’s only surprise on her arrival was how stunning she looked, in white, sunglasses hiding her sexy eyes. He had seen her twice recently, each time she appeared more stunning than the last. On this occasion she was definitely drop dead material! He could feel his cock responding.

Everyone sat and chatted, like old friends. Pete was spellbound, and wanting more than anything to be alone with her. He toyed with the idea of touching her under the table, but the risk seemed too great. Thus the opportunity came and went, Jade had played her part, but Pete was unable to take advantage. His brain was wrestling with the situation, trying to think of some excuse to touch her, but actually he wanted much more; to remove her clothes, kiss bursa otele gelen escort her everywhere, to taste her, and to push his hardening cock into her moist pussy.

As she left he wanted to run after her, but this would have undoubtedly blown things for both parties. For now he would have to settle for her lingering perfume, and the memories of the few brief touches, and of course a kiss.

After traveling home Pete messaged to let her know of his safe home arrival. They started to chat and the ensuing conversation made it clear to Pete he had definitely missed another opportunity (the last being many years ago) to be intimate with this beautiful woman, he was desperately disappointed in his failure to take advantage. He took some solitude from having once again seen, touched and kissed the sexiest woman he had ever known.

Facebook conversations developed, over the next few days and the chat became more open.

One drunken exchange resulted in both parties making it clear that they were excited by the person they had rediscovered, and that some of their sexual tastes and aspirations were mutual, and perhaps very compatible, or at least they were both prepared to make them so. A very close and intensive friendship was developing.

Both now open and daring, and very turned on by each other’s responses. Talk of licking, fucking, and cocksucking replaced the previous dialogue of less adventurous or trivial conversation. It seemed they shared some very dirty thoughts and aspirations.

Soon after Pete returned he had planned to see his partner Charlene, he usually did this once a week. Based on some of their discussion, Jade was interested in this, previously very little had passed in relation to Pete’s sexual activity with others, and she made it clear that she wanted to know the outcome of their encounter. Pete was unclear as to how much detail she was looking for, but happy to share anything with her.

When Pete arrived, he and Charlene, were pleased to see each other, they kissed as he entered, a kiss of friends or family re-united. It had been some time since they had seen each other, so after catching up on the events of the previous two weeks there was some natural longing, particularly on Pete’s part. He was keen to feel her mouth on his cock, and with a little luck, his cock deep into her pussy, or ass, while squeezing her firm but nice tits. He wanted to please her by cumming on her back and ass, she enjoyed that, and she liked him to rub his cum all over her. Pete was thinking perhaps she would have enjoyed more than just him cumming over her, in a strange way the idea of a couple of guys wanking over her excited him too.

Unfortunately Charlene was unwell, and suggested that she wouldn’t be good company, Pete thought for one moment about returning home and watching some porn, but something Jade had said made him stay, and they went to bed, quite early because of Charlene’s condition.

As he entered the bedroom he thought of Jade, and that perhaps she might be wondering what was happening between them, where Pete was putting his cock. Secretly he hoped she was. Pete removed his clothes and climbed into bed, as Charlene removed her clothes and joined him Pete watched, his cock stirred and started to get hard. He enjoyed the feel of their naked bodies together.

Charlene made it clear she was tired and unwell. She quickly fell asleep.

As he lay awake Pete was imagining he was next to Jade, this made his cock swell. He just lay close, an occasional caress, as no more was on offer, but as he did, he enjoyed the feel of his hard cock fitting nicely along the crack of Charlene’s ass. Had she been awake, it would have been clear how hard he was, and perhaps there would have been a possibility of entry, and some fucking but Charlene was fast asleep. He wanted to move his hard cock down so that the tip pushed nilüfer escort against her pussy, to see if that might elicit a response. He needed to cum, but that wasn’t going to happen.

Pete woke intermittently through the night, each time imagining it was Jade’s body next to his, and each time his cock hardened, imagining how much he would enjoy feeling her body this close.

Pete could hardly wait to let Jade know the effect she had had on him. On them.

Jade was pleased, some evidence she had not lost her touch, but also sort of pleased that Pete had enjoyed some intimacy with a woman; if only she could be that woman on occasion, perhaps next time he would not pass up the opportunity to fuck her, and to let her suck his cock. She wanted to feel his body, to feel his tongue exploring the most intimate parts of her body.

Jade had made it clear that two days later was her turn, hoping that unlike Pete’s experience, nothing would get in the way. She had a meeting at work, and it was the person she was meeting who would be the lucky and welcome benefactor of her sexual attention.

Her husband Don had ceased giving her the attention she needed, and at times craved. He had his own way of caring, which didn’t seem to incorporate regular sex. As a consequence, Jade often longed to feel a cock, firstly caressing it within her hands, then dropping down on her knees to take it in her mouth, loving the feeling of control it gave her over its owner. She would gently suck it, enjoying how her mouth made it hard, then suck harder, intensifying her action, nearly making it explode in her mouth.

Often she would not allow that to happen, she needed to feel the hard cock deep in her pussy, pushing hard and stimulating her. She wanted to be fucked hard, the taste of cum might come later. Instead she would use her “rabbit” vibrator, and imagination, they were very reliable in bringing her to orgasm.

Her thoughts drifted to a special friend, she loved Anthony’s cock, how it filled her pussy and mouth, she was wondering what it would be like to have Anthony’s cock in her pussy, and Pete’s in her mouth simultaneously.

Pete knew about and was a little anxious in relation to the meeting, he knew he had no right to feel this way, Jade’s meeting with Anthony was her own affair. He had discovered in conversation Anthony was her part time sex partner, Jade enjoyed the thrill of a secret forbidden liaison and the benefits it brought. Pete did however feel good knowing that she would be getting the sexual attention she deserved, and almost wished he could witness the event, or even join them both. His imagination drifted to Jade sucking a cock, and then being fucked. He wished he was that guy!

In conversation Jade had casually asked if he wanted to hear about the meeting, Peter thought about it for a few seconds it was clear to him that anything less than an honest answer would leave him guessing about what happened, he surely wouldn’t be able to stop thinking about it, so he said “yes”.

He may have tried to feign ambivalence at the meeting, but in reality he wanted desperately to hear about her feeling Anthony’s cock deep inside her as he fucked her, how she enjoyed the taste of his cock in her mouth, he knew hearing about this would excite and thrill him.

On the day they were to meet, Pete messaged Jade and wished her luck at the meeting. He knew there was to be important work discussion, and he really hoped this went well, but foremost in his mind was the thought of Jade being fucked, this secretly excited him.

Jade was at work early, she was dressed professionally but there was undoubtedly a little sexier than her usual attire, difficult to put a finger on, very impressive, and seductive. Her work passed normally up until the time for the meeting,

Jade was looking forward to seeing Anthony, wondering exactly how things might develop after his arrival, a few worst case scenarios went through her mind, what if someone walked in on them? Do any of the staff know? She knew for certain that she was about to taste and feel some cock, she was looking forward to that. She thought momentarily of Pete, how much she would enjoy describing her experience.