Mayıs 15, 2023

A royal affair #1

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We had been traveling for nearly a month on horse.“This girl better be worth it, Your Grace,” my hand tells me as we look at the large palace, “I never took you as a man with a taste for children.”“She’s not a child,” I chuckle, “she’s just significantly younger than I. I’m told she’s in her twenties.”“A child next to you Your Grace,” he rebuttals.I am the King of a large Kingdom in the south and we had traveled to the North in the middle of summer to meet with an old friend of mine. Mostly, so I could marry his daughter. rumors of her beauty had caught the attention of many lords in the realm, but I was their King.Her father and I had fought battles together years ago during our youth, I had gone onto be king giving him the title of Lord in these lands. Until now I had never married. Unheard of for a king but I much preferred the whore house. Marriage to me had never been a thought. Why would it? When I could pay a decent whore a couple silvers to suck my dick and another to let me do as I please. No confinement’s there unlike marriage. We make our way through the last stretch of forest before the gates, I hear the horns as my horse gallops up to the gates. As we head inside and there stands my old friend and his staff. They Neal to me.“John,” I say dismounting and walking to him.“Your Grace,” he says rising. We hug like brothers and I notice his seven sons to his left. Too many names to remember. I haven’t seen him in his family environment before, but since his wife had passed I figured it was easier to make the journey than have him Anadolu yakası escort bayan try.Behind him I notice a beautiful girl with gold hair and sapphire eyes. I’m immediately taken by her. I move past my friend, placing my hand on the girls chin as she looks up at me. No whore I’ve fucked has ever looked like this.“Your Grace, my daughter Ella.” I smile from ear to ear. She had an innocent face, perky breasts and a beautiful smile.She curtsies to me, “Your Grace,” she smirks at me. “I hear we are to be wed soon,” I tell her watching her expressions.“I count the days Your Grace,” she purrs at me softly. I gently brush my fingers over her lip.I get settled and await dinner. My cock is eager for my new wife but right now it wants some amusement.“I should probably calm this before I hunt down my bride to be,” I say to myself.I go out looking for a maid. I travel to the library of my friends palace when I hear mumbling.“We were supposed to marry! Not you at the King!” A voice hisses as I hide and peak at the parties involved.“Brandon I don’t have a choice! He’s the King,” I see Ella frazzled as a young man paces around. All of a sudden the grabs her and pulls her close. Kissing her. I grow jealous as I see this young lad roughly hold her to him.“I love you,” he mumbles pushing her back to the books case.“Brandon we can’t,” She says pushing at him.He brings her dress up, “Ella please,” he undose his pants letting them fall, “Let me have you once? You owe me that.”“I owe you nothing!” She Escort Kurtköy yells slapping him so hard he lets her go. She stands her ground, “You think because we’ve fooled around the past couple years I owe you my virginity? With the way you use your mouth you’re lucky I let you lick me.” I smirk. She had fire to her innocent face.“Touch me again and I’ll have you killed,” she hisses at him, “Leave.”He quickly does so. He runs by not noticing me.She fixes herself in the reflection of the window. I walk out of my hiding spot.“Your Gr-““Please Ella, call me Tom,” I smile at her, “You handled yourself well.”She nods, “I’m sorry you had to hear that, I promise you I am pure,” she stutters over the words.“Oh? You don’t think his mouth on you makes you impure?” I ask walking closer to her.She looks away embarrassed.“My sweet bride to be,” I touch her chin and have her look up at me, “I do not care about purity. But when we marry, you will be mine and only mine.”She nods, “Of course.”Her blue silk dress hugs her perfectly and her gold hair falls to her mid back. She looks up at me and blushes, “Does Your Grace need something from me?”I lean into her lips and kiss her softly pulling away as I feel my cock harden, “I’ve never tasted a virgin before.”I kiss her again. Pulling her into me by her small waist. She welcomes my mouth as I push her back into the bookcase. I kiss her neck and cleavage as I move down her body, lifting her dress over my head. I feel her breathing start to increase as I trail my tongue Maltepe escort up the front of her clit. I hear her let out a soft moan as I push my finger inside her. No question the She was pure, I slowly work my finger into her. She’s breathing harder, I smirk and let my mouth engulf her sweet clit. I suck softly as I hear her moans increase with desire. Her legs shake, I grab her by her perfect ass as I sink my tongue into her. Lapping her sweet juices like a dog on a hot day. I feel her hands on my head as I lift her up onto my shoulders. Her beautiful pussy now holding my face prisoner. I suck on her cunt as she starts to squirm. I hold her to me as she screams pleasure stricken pleads for me to continue. I slide my finger inside her with more ease. When I feel her cum, I smile to myself as I gently lick her precious clit. I rise to her face and lean down to kiss her gently. I Hold her face as my lips tease hers. She smiles sweetly at me. “I look forward to our wedding night, my lady,” I say as we break our kiss. I pull her towards me tightly, as my tongue slides into her mouth. She wraps her arms around my neck. I push her back against the bookcase as my cock begs to be released. It begs me to fuck her.“Let me please you,” she moans tracing my hard cock through my pants, “I’m yours, let me be yours.”She fumbles with my pants as they fall off. She quickly gets on her knees in front of me.I take a breath as her beautiful mouth surrounds my dick. She runs her tongue over it as she looks up at me. Her hands holding my legs as she pushes me to the back of her throat. I groan deeply as her hand strokes the part of my cock that won’t fit in her mouth. I move my hips forward and feel her moan against me. She moves one hand to my balls squeezing gently as I moan even louder. Pulling me out she sucks on my head intimately, her soft hands rubbing and jerking me.