Mayıs 12, 2023

A Satisfying Afternoon – Part 1.

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Dillion Harper

    On a Saturday afternoon, Robin and her husband Terry, arrived at her sister Wendy’s house for a visit and swim.  In a good mood that day, Wendy decided not to take the medication prescribed by her doctor for anxiety.  For months she had suffered and when truly honest with herself, it was due to her husband Rusty who six months ago, at age forty-eight had suffered a stroke.  There were still limits to his activity including that which went on in their bedroom.  The pills helped improve her mood but, more importantly minimized the unsatisfied sexual urges that were driving her crazy.  The chance of a sudden mood swing or desire seemed unlikely with family.     When Robin and Terry arrived, they wanted a place to change into their swim suits so Wendy offered her master bedroom.  What should have taken the couple five minutes took longer.  Wendy investigated and as she approached the bedroom, she heard the sounds of lovemaking.  Longing for the same attention from a man, she tip toed quietly to the kitchen and prepared some snacks for her guests and family.     Out by the pool, Rusty rested in a lounge chair watching their teenage children, Brandon and Brittany swimming.  Robin and Terry finally returned, poured glasses of wine then sat under an umbrella table.  Both in their mid thirties, they were an attractive couple.  After putting out the snacks, Wendy poured some wine for herself and joined the couple.  Quickly finishing that glass, she poured another and began to relax.  As they talked she noticed Terry looking her over more closely than he usually did.  Perhaps, she thought, the new bikini flattered her forty-two year old body more than she thought.  Terry soon excused himself to go for a swin and cool off.  This left the sisters alone to talk.  “So how are things going between you and Rusty?”, she asked.    “Okay, I guess.  But, it’s now over six months since we’ve had sex.”    “I know Rusty Escort Göztepe can’t help it but, if Terry ignored me like that I’d be finding a boyfriend.”    “Some guys at work have offered to help but, I can’t take the chance of being caught.”         The sister’s attention turned to Terry as he climbed out of the pool and prepared for another dive.  Wendy allowed her eyes to move over his fit body.  “Terry sure looks good today.”, she said then jokingly added, “Maybe I could borrow him for a little while.”    “You know, I was just thinking the same thing.”    “Really! I…I mean you’re only kidding. Right?”    “Oh, I thought you were serious.  You know I wouldn’t mind since we’re sisters.”    “Thanks, but I couldn’t.  I’d be too embarassed to ask him and the what if he said yes.”    “How about I ask him and if he agrees then you can decide what to do.”    “This talk is making me horny.  I may have to go spend some time with my vibrator.”    “Wait, if he agrees, I guarantee it’ll be more satisfting.  We had a quickie in your room so you’ll get more than a short wam-bam-thank you, ma’am.”    “Sounds nice.  I guess there’s no harm in your asking him.  Just don’t do it with me here.”    “Then quick, go do something.  He’s coming over to dry off.”     Wendy left the table to see how her children were doing.  It was nice that Brandon, now seventeen, was spending more time with his younger sister.  In the past few months they’d been going for walks or rides together, sometimes disappearing for hours.  It seemed odd that neither one had any apparent interest in dating but, being young, there was plenty of time for that.       Soon, Robin came to Wendy and whispered,”He’ll do it.  Come back to the table and we’ll work it all out.”.  Nervously, she returned, glanced at Terry then blushing, quickly looked down.  Robin was brokering the deal and said, “Terry is willing, maybe Caddebostan escort too willing to help.”, she joked.  Wendy raised her head and smiled quickly at Terry then lowered her eyes to the table.  He rsister went on to say, “This will be just straight sex, no kissing, groping or fondling, okay?”.  After Wendy and Terry nodded, Robin asked,”Do you want Terry to do this to you today or some time later?”    “Well, I’d kinda’ like getting a good, you know, sooner rather than later.”    “I’ll bet you would.  So where can you two be alone for a while?”    “Our den is on the other side of the house.  No one out here will hear us in there.”    “Perfect.  I’ll stand guard in the hallway just in case anyone comes by.”    “The kids are going to play a game and Rusty’s asleep.”, Wendy said,”Let’s do it now!”     Without anyone seeing him, Brandon had already gone into the house and was searching the den closet for a game to play.  He didn’t hear the three adults enter the house until they were just outside the room.  “Okay, you guys have fun.”, he heard Aunt Robin say, “I’ll stand guard by the door.”.  Curious, Brandon turned out the closet light and left the door slightly ajar.  Two sets of footsteps entered then stopped just in view.  It was Mom and Uncle Terry.    “You still okay with me doing this to you, Wendy?”    “I think so.  I mean I’m shy about these things and it’s awkward with us being related.  Still, it’s been six long months and if I don’t get it soon, I’m gonna’ end up in therapy.”    “Then it sounds like a good screwin’ is just the therapy you need.  Let’s get undressed.”     As Wendy turned slightly away from Terry she provide a full frontal view to her son hiding in the closet.  He stared intently as her bikini top and bottom fell to the floor.  Seeing her like this for the first time, he realized just how great her body was.  The few broken veins Bağdat Caddesi escort bayan on her thighs and small bulge below he belly detracted little from her figure and long shapely legs.  Her short hair and fine facial features made her even sexier.  Turning towards Terry, she watched as he pulled his swim suit down and a swelling penis sprang into view.  Staring, she thought of the potential it held to deliver those spine twisting orgasms she craved.  “You got a nice one.”, she told him, “It’s nice to see a man get aoused over me.  I thought I was lacking something.”    “You’ve sure got what it takes to get me going.  I can’t wait to do you.”    “If it’s okay, would you take me from behind?  It’s that shy thing again.”    “Sure, why don’t you get down on all fours and we’ll do it doggy style.”     Brandon watched as less than ten feet from the closet door, Uncle Terry followed his mom to the floor and her therapeutic fuck commenced.  She gasped a little as he eased himself in, then closed her eyes and smiled as the first steady strokes began.  Fearing discovery, Brandon fought the urger to stroke his own growing erection.  As the minutes passed, his mother’s serene smile faded to a determined look.  With wrinkled brow and tightly clenched lips, she breathed deeply thru her nose.  To assist in the the effort, she began pushing back in rhythm with his unle.  When Aunt Robin looked in on them, his mother asked, “Is anyone coming?”    “No but, by the looks of things, you will be soon.”    “Mmmm, he really knows what he’s doing.”, she told her sister.     After Robin returned to the hallway, Terry tried to fondle Wendy’s breasts.  Remembering what her sister said she pulled his hand away.  The second time he tried, she looked to the doorway then allowed it.  Hungrily, he caressed every part of his sister-in-law’s body.  The added sensation, especially the attention he paid to her firm nipples, and his continued unyielding stroke, brought Wendy closer and closer to an orgasm.  “Please”, she begged, clutching at the carpet, “take me all the way!”.  Holding her firmly by the hips, Terry pumped her vigorously until she moaned, “oh, ohh, ohhh”.  Suddenly, her upper body turned and twisted upwards as she cried a long.