Mayıs 12, 2023

A Sissy Date With a Dominant

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We met online, and he loves to tell me I’m his sissy slut. He told me he loves sissies because they are so obedient, and are willing to do extremely kinky things to turn men on. He loves to take control, choosing when I should please myself, and when I should hurt myself. He knows that I am willing to do both to make him hard. He is especially attracted to my need for discipline, and my humiliation at my willingness to give up control.  I am dressed as he ordered. Maybe in a red schoolgirl skirt, red panties, white stocking thigh highs on each leg, and a tight red chemise with black lace. Or maybe I’m in a floral pink corset dress that I bought from corset-story dot com, pulling my stomach in tightly to make me look more feminine. Whichever turns you on more. He has made me shave completely, and told me to put on a wig with long straight black hair. My clit is caged as he ordered, Escort Esenyurt since this “date” is about me servicing him. He knows crossdressing doesn’t turn me on. But that is why it turns him on to order me to do it. Ironically, doing it solely because it turns him on turns me on too. When he gets to my place, he enters and asserts his dominance right away. He grabs and kisses me, holding my head and exploring my mouth with his tongue. He pushes me against the wall and explores my body with his hands. I kiss his neck and ears, and whisper “I want to be your slut.” He grabs my hand and pulls me into the bedroom. He again kisses me, eventually forcing his tongue into my mouth.  He continues touching me all over, pinching, slapping, and rubbing me. He pushes me to the bed, on my knees, face down, ass up. Pulling my skirt up, he spanks me and Etiler escort holds me down. He tells me he likes my cries of pain – they are making him hard.He orders me to beg to worship his cock, asking how can I please him. It is embarrassing to have to beg to serve him with my mouth – I am the one pleasing him! But I explain that I have been practicing and training, and want to show off how much pleasure I can bring him. I want the chance to serve. I want to open his pants and feel his cock, I want to watch it grow. He takes his clothes off, and pulls my mouth onto the head of his cock, commanding me to suck while he spanks me. He pulls down my pink, frilly underwear, and fingers my pussy. Maybe he spits or uses lube if he desires, spanking me occasionally. Slipping his fingers over my nipples and pinching cruelly, he tells me to suck harder, move Eyüp escort bayan faster. Then two fingers enter my pussy, warming me up so he can fuck me.Feeling him pulse and grow in my mouth is amazing. Hearing his moans, knowing I’m giving him pleasure is such a high. Feeling him push into my throat so exciting. I want to please, to submit. But not just in a loving gentle way. In a rough, “slap me to make me concentrate on his pleasure” way. I use all of the techniques I learned from porn videos and sissy academy training to please him.Slick drool covers his cock and balls, and is dripping to the floor. It makes me so proud and hot. He comments I must be really turned on, since my throat pussy is leaking like a sieve. It is humiliating in a way I can’t put into words, and that reinforces to me how submissive an act it is to serve a mans cock.He begins fucking my face. Rough face fucking to the point of gagging, and asks if I’m willing to “cum from my stomach”. Do I want my stomach and body to pulse, contracting to emit a “orgasm” of puke. It is a sadistic and humiliating way to describe throwing up. But he backs off, slowing down to give me a chance to recover.