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A Sister’s Awakening Ch. 08

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Phil entered Megan’s room. It was late in the evening, everyone had gone to bed and Phil was on his way to his room when he decided that he should talk with Megan about the morning’s incident. He knocked on the door and waited for Megan to acknowledge him before entering.

“Come in,” came Megan’s voice from inside. Phil entered the room to find Megan in her bed, quilt pulled up just over her breasts. She didn’t appear to be wearing a top, making it difficult for him right from the outset.

“Megan, about this afternoon. Despite what you may think or feel, its not right and it can’t happen again.”

“Dad, it felt right to me. Nothing has felt so right for a long time …”

“Megan, don’t try and talk me out of this, it can’t continue.” Phil said.

“Daddy, you don’t know this, but lately I have been having sex with girls only. I wanted nothing to do with boys, I thought I was a lesbian. But today, for the first time in a long time, I wanted a cock. I wanted your cock. And I still want it now. I know you want me, you can’t deny it, your touch was fantastic, look, even now, your cock knows what it wants, let me help you .” Megan blurted out before Phil could even bring himself to stand. As she was finishing, she had thrown back the quilt to reveal her naked breasts and to tug down his pyjama pants, revealing his erect cock.

Just thinking about this afternoon had got him horny, even if he was trying to do the right thing and end this. But when Megan had said that she’d been having sex with girls, he lost all control, his cock had leapt to attention, his mind immediately considering the possibility that she’d been paying with Cindy that day in the pool.

Megan grabbed her father’s cock, he tried to stand to get away, but she held tight, clambering about on the bed, revealing her total nudity as she maneuvered her way to get her father’s cock in her mouth.

Phil knew he should leave. He tried to turn away, but the instant his cock disappeared between his daughter’s lips he knew that he had lost the battle. He had been stunned and excited this morning. The image of his cum splattered across his daughter’s belly and breasts was burned in his mind forever along with the memory of her stiff little clit sliding beneath his fingers. Megan sucked eagerly on his cock, her head bobbing up and down as she took what she could deep into her mouth and then sucked back up the length. She kept her hand clasped around the base so that he couldn’t leave without her agreeing to it. Once she felt that he was no longer resisting, she fondled his balls and shaft as her lips moved up and down its length.

Megan felt her father’s hands on her breasts and knew that she had won. She stopped sucking him and used her hands to guide him onto her bed, laying him down so that she could do what she wanted to him. Phil lay back on the bed, his resolve crumbled, but his desire inflamed. He told himself that he would just let her do what she wanted, that way he could be sure that she did indeed want it, that he wasn’t forcing himself on her.

Megan knelt between her father’s legs, sucking on his cock, looking up to meet his eyes, using her hands to stroke his shaft, then to rub his belly and just use her mouth on his cock. There was no way she could take it all in her mouth, but she did what she could. She could feel her father thrusting up to meet the strokes of her mouth and she really wanted him to cum in her mouth, but she wanted to fuck him too. She stood up over him on her bed, looking down at his cock, letting him gaze up at her pussy and breasts above him. She moved so that she stood over his head, her wet pussy directly above his face.

“Do you want to taste me Daddy? I want to feel your tongue on my clitty, can you eat me please?” she said, slowly squatting until her pussy was just above his face. She felt his tongue as he readily buried in her pussy, tasting the juice of his daughter for the first time. Megan ground her pussy down on her father’s face, her juices coating his tongue, her engorged clitoris tingling under the attention it was getting.

Before she could orgasm, she lifted herself from her father’s face, sensing his disappointment, she told him, “Don’t worry, you get to have more Daddy,” as she turned to take his cock in her mouth again, this time in a 69 as she delighted in the return of his tongue to her pussy. She could feel her orgasm building in this new position and stopped sucking on Phil’s cock as she pushed back against his face, her juices flooding his mouth as she came.

As her orgasm subsided, Megan again changed her position, this time squatting over her father’s cock, positioning its head at the entrance to her valley of pleasure.

“I’m going to fuck you now Daddy, I’m going to have your enormous dick in my pussy,” she said to him as she slowly slid her way down its length, going slowly as her pussy expanded to accommodate its size. Phil moaned as Megan’s tight little pussy engulfed his cock. She slid mardin seks hikayeleri down until it was all the way in before slowly moving up and down, increasing the speed of her motion slowly as she adjusted.

“You’ve got such a big cock Daddy, it really fills me up, it feels so good in my pussy,” Megan said as she rode up and down on her father’s penis. Phil’s gaze was glued to the sight of his daughter’s pussy lips as they clung to the shaft of his cock with each motion up. He couldn’t believe that she was talking like this, let along fucking him silly. He reached his hands up to play with her little tits, pulling at the nipples. Megan threw her head back at the sharp pleasure that this elicited from her body.

“Yes, Daddy, that’s it, play with my tits, I know you’re enjoying this, tell me how much you like having your cock in my pussy.”

“God Megan, its so tight, you’re pussy feels awesome on my cock,” Phil said quietly, acquiescing to his daughter’s request. For the second time that day, Phil found himself totally out of control of the situation with his daughter. If she hadn’t wanked him off earlier, he surely would have blown his load by now, but having already done it, he found stamina he didn’t think he’d otherwise have in this tight little pussy.

Megan removed herself from her father’s cock and he was surprised when she proceeded to take his cock, covered in her pussy juices into her mouth. Then he realised that she had said that she’d been having sex with girls and the thought of it heightened his excitement even further. “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop,” he said out of habit.

“Yes Daddy, come in my mouth, let me taste you,” Megan said, pausing in her oral attentions. With renewed vigour, she took as much of her father’s cock into her mouth as possible, sucking long and hard on it, swirling her tongue around the head and licking up and down the shaft. She sucked a testicle into her moth before concentrating again on the head of his cock. She pumped the shaft with her hand as she sucked on the head, her tongue caressing the sensitive underside. Phil’s cock exploded into her mouth, his warm seed spurting against the back of her throat. Megan swallowed eagerly, but found that she couldn’t contain all of the cum, some of it dribbling down her chin. She wiped it back into her mouth, sucking on her finger. “Thank you Daddy, that was wonderful. Next time I think I’m going to have to feel that cock explode inside my pussy.”

Phil was coming back to his senses as he replied, “Megan, tonight was wonderful, But I really don’t think there’s going to be a next time.”

“Oh don’t be silly Daddy. I know that there’ll be a next time, you won’t be able to resist this hot little body of mine and I’m going to keep you very very happy.”

Phil was standing, looking back at his naked Daughter, smiling, sprawled naked upon her bed, so confident in herself. “Goodnight Megan,” he simply said, pulling his PJ’s back on and heading out of the door, not trusting himself to answer.

Megan lay back in her bed, satisfied and happy, thrilled at having had her father’s cock in her pussy. She played with her pussy, bringing herself to another orgasm before she went off to sleep for the night.

Phil went to the bathroom and washed himself off before heading off to his own bed. Fortunately, Monica was already out cold and already asleep, averting any questions that might have arisen around the time that it had taken for him to get to bed.

The next day, Megan and Vanessa were left to their own devices. Their mother was off visiting a friend and their father was of course at work.

“I think that I need to fuck someone today” Vanessa said to her older sister. “And I think that you deserve to be on the receiving end of it.

“Oh well, if you put it that way, and I absolutely have to, might make myself available for a goo d, hard fucking,” Megan laughed.

“Good. Well be in Mum and Dad’s room in half an hour. On your back, on the bed. And be naked.”

“Yes, Sister dear.”

Megan entered her parent’s room and removed her clothes, lying down on the bed naked, as her sister had requested. While she waited, she opened her father’s cupboard where Vanessa had said that he’d taken the magazine from and pulled out the top one to flick through. She found the magazine to be full of girls in school uniforms, which were quickly discarded to reveal magnificent breasts and pussies, some shaved, some trimmed. She started to caress her pussy as she flipped through the pages, especially when she found a pictorial of two girls enjoying each other’s bodies. She was just starting to hatch a plan when Vanessa entered the room.

“Hey, I didn’t say you could start without me,” Vanessa said with mock anger as she saw what Megan was up to.

“You didn’t say I couldn’t either,” Megan replied.

“Well, roll over now, onto your tummy,” Vanessa replied. Megan did as she was told and Vanessa walked up alongside the bed and slapped her on the butt.

“Ow!” exclaimed Megan, surprised by the sharp sting of her sister’s hand on her butt.

“Well, do as you’re told and I won’t have to do it again,” Vanessa said firmly.

“You hit me again and things could turn nasty, Ness,” Megan said warily. Vanessa slapped her butt on the other cheek.

“I’ll have no impertinence thank you. You are here for me to have fun with. You’re my toy, so lay there like a good toy and do as you’re told.”

“Well aren’t you the aggressive little thing. Its hard to believe that a couple of weeks ago you’d never even had sex with a girl before.”

“Yes, well just consider yourself lucky that you managed to convince me that this was all worthwhile,” said Vanessa, peeling off her top and pants, to stand alongside the bed in just her pink thong, breasts swinging freely.

“Now, back on your back, Sister dear,” Vanessa said. Megan obeyed, rolling over onto her back, exposing her nudity to her sister’s feasting eyes. Vanessa sat on her sister, straddling her with her pussy resting on Megan’s mound. She ran her hands over Megan’s breasts, rubbing at the nipples, exciting them. Vanessa picked up a stocking that she had brought with her into the room and took Megan’s left arm in her hand. She tied the stocking to her wrist before tying the other end to the bed post, dangling her breast in Megan’s face where she felt her nipples sucked into her sister’s mouth. Vanessa pulled back, withdrawing her breast so that she could tie another stocking to Megan’s other wrist. Again she dangled a breast in her sister’s face as she tied the second end to the other bedpost.

Next, Vanessa tied a stocking around her sister’s right knee, drawing the free end down across the mattress to tie it to the bed frame beside her. Another stocking tied around her right ankle was secured to the bottom bedpost. Repetition of these ties to her left leg Left Megan secured on the bed and splayed apart at her Sister’s mercy. Vanessa paced the room, leaving Megan to anticipate what would happen next. Megan was soon squirming on the bed, her pussy getting wetter as she watched Vanessa strolling about the room, wondering when she would touch her.

“Please touch me Ness,” she said, dying to feel her sister’s touch on her body. Vanessa reached out and pulled on Megan’s nipple, pinching it.

“Ouch, that hurt Ness!”

“Then you won’t speak again unless I say that you can,” Vanessa said simply in reply. Vanessa leaned over her sister and licked her ribs and across her stomach before moving to swirl around her belly button. She then sucked on her nipples one before the other. Then, kneeling beside Megan on the bed, she slid a finger inside her pussy before withdrawing it and wiping it over Megan’s lips. Megan licked eagerly at the finger, reaching up in an attempt to suck on it, desperate to play a part in the pleasure of the encounter.

Vanessa withdrew her finger from Megan’s mouth and stood up again. Megan watched eagerly, waiting for Vanessa to make her next move. She was surprised though when the next thing that Vanessa did was leave the room. She waited anxiously, excited, naked and restrained. She wished that she had someway to please herself in Vanessa’s absence, but couldn’t move.

Vanessa returned to the bedroom, but Megan, craning her neck to look, couldn’t see anything different when she came in. Vanessa climbed up on the bed and straddled her sister again, this time kneeling over Megan’s stomach, facing towards her feet so that all that Megan could see was her dark hair hanging down her back and the curve of the top of her butt cheeks. Megan sighed as she felt her sister’s fingers start to caress her pussy. Vanessa leant forward and scrambled towards the end of the bed a bit, reaching down to retrieve something from the chest that stood at the foot of the bed. Megan looked on eagerly as she was treated to a view of her sister’s bald pussy before she knelt back again, restoring her view to what it had been previously.

She felt a tugging at her pubes and then a release that coincided with the snicking of scissors. Vanessa was cutting her pubes!

“Ness, what do you think you are doing?” she asked. Then she felt a smack on her pussy. It stung.

“I told you not to talk.”

“Yeah, but you said you were going to fuck me, not cut my pubes!”. Again she felt a slap on her pussy.

“If you don’t stop, I’ll make it really hurt Meg. Just relax so that I don’t cut you. I promise you’ll love it and I promise that I’ll make you cum as well. And if you don’t like it, you can let it grow back and I’ll still love you and sleep with you. Now relax so I don’t have to punish you more.”

Megan relaxed, her legs visibly less tense to Vanessa as she took up the scissors and this time, trimmed her sister’s pubes back as far as she possibly could with the scissors in earnest. She thought about how it had felt when Vanessa had been hitting her, both on her arse and her pussy. It hurt, but at the same time, it was strangely exciting. She filed it away as something to be explored another time.

Vanessa put the scissors down and spread shaving cream over her sister’s pussy, Megan moaned when her pussy lips were stroked and caressed with the cream.

“Poor Meg, so horny and no way to get herself off,” said Vanessa. She rubbed Megan’s clit for a bit, drawing further moans of pleasure. She then picked up the razor that she had brought with her and slid the handle inside her sister’s wet hole. She slid it in and out a few times, Megan doing her best to move her hips to fuck the razor handle in her pussy. “Time that I finished what I started, I think,” Vanessa said, withdrawing the razor and applying the blade to the remainder of her sister’s pubes.

She carefully dragged the razor through her sister’s stubble, removing it and leaving behind soapy strips of bare skin as she progressively removed more and more hair. She delicately pulled Megan’s pussy lips out of the way as she shaved alongside them, removing the last of the hair.

When she had finished, she slipped the handle of the razor back inside Megan’s pussy and rubbed on her clit until she was close to orgasm, but stopped short of that desirable target. She took a towel and removed the left over bits of shaving cream and used a wet flannel to clear away bits of hair until her sister’s pussy was as bald as her own before her. Now that it was done, she moved off of her sister, allowing her her first glance of her newly shaved pussy. Megan craned her neck in order to see, the restraints tying her to the bed limiting her such that she could only see her mound.

Vanessa positioned herself between her sister’s legs, running her fingers over and around Megan’s bald pussy and mound, her fingers dragging at her labia, sweeping between her wet lips, caressing her mound. She spread Megan’s lips apart and dipped her tongue into the sweet nectar that was seeping slowly from her hole, licking it up towards her clitoris. She flicked at the little love button with her tongue, working it up and down, her sister, writhing at her mercy beneath her, movement restricted, the pleasure intense. Vanessa continued licking at her clit until Megan tensed in orgasm and she then sucked upon the juices that freely flowed from her sister.

Vanessa allowed her sister little respite though as she lay there, recovering, happy from the pleasure that she had received. Vanessa pulled the strap-on from the floor where it had been hidden from Megan’s view. She strapped it about her body, settling it in front of her before kneeling between Megan’s legs, the head of the dildo pushing its way inside her hole as Vanessa worked it in. It slid easily between Megan’s wet pussy lips and she leant over her sister, dangling her breasts so that her erect nipples brushed against Megan’s as she swung them back and forth.

“Tell me what you’d like me to do, Meg, I might just do it for you,” Vanessa said to her sister as she moved her hips, sliding the dildo in and out of her sweet hole.

“Fuck me Ness, fuck me hard with that cock, slam it into my pussy and make me cum again,”

“Hmm, you want it hard huh?”

“Yes, give it to me hard Ness … please,”

“Ask again,”

“Please fuck me Ness, fuck me with your cock, please do it to me.”

Vanessa started moving her hips and pistoning the didldo in and out of her Megan, watching with delight as her bald lips clung to the sides of the fake cock as it slid in and out, listening to the squelching of her work on her pussy. She worked harder, the fake balls at the base of the dildo slapping against her sister’s arse as she plunged it all the way in.

“God yes, fuck me Nessy, yes, there, ohhhhhh, yesssssssssssssssssss,” Megan cried as her pussy gripped the cock in the throes of her orgasm.

“Now I’m going to untie you and you’re going to get on your hands and knees so I can fuck you from behind,” Vanessa told her sister. Megan agreed that that would be fine by her and Vanessa released her restraints allowing her to assume her new position on the bed. Vanessa then re-tied the restraints such that Megan would be kept in that position whilst she had her way with her.

Vanessa moved in behind her sister, looking at her bald lips, glistening with the juice of their prior labours, waiting to be spread and penetrated. She moved her head in to lick along the length of the slit, eliciting moans of pleasure as Megan pushed back as far as she could in an effort to have the tongue part her lips. Vanessa responded by poking her tongue into her sister’s pussy as deep as she could, wriggling it around.

She stopped using her tongue and pushed two fingers inside the wet hole before working a third in along with them. Megan moved around, thrusting as much as she could to try and draw additional pleasure from what her sister was doing to her. Vanessa took one of her now well lubricated fingers and ran it around the entrance to Megan’s anus. Megan flinched away and Vanessa again started to touch her sister’s butt.