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A Son’s Curiosity Ch. 3

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Chapter 3: My Best Friend

I planned to fall asleep in my Mom’s bed wearing her favorite night gown. Underneath I was wearing her panties which I filled with cum. I dreamt about being awoken by her touch. Then being seduced by her. I began touching myself through the flimsy fabric. I moaned wishing my Mom could here with me. I came once again this time with my hand grabbing my cock and my finger up my ass. I fell asleep between her sheets.

What I planned and what happened were two different things. I awoke to my alarm blaring from my room. I looked around for a few seconds until I realized I was in my Mom’s room. I sat up startled. Where was she? I knew it was six o’clock. I confirmed it by looking at my Mother’s clock. I felt her silky clothes against my body. The thought of my Mom seeing me like that and leaving me alone aroused me.

Well, I guess it was time to get dressed and ready for school. Then the phone rang. ‘Who the hell would be calling at this hour?’ I thought. I reached for the phone as the silk caressed me.

“Hello” I answered.

“Hi honey” My Mom said. “Sorry I didn’t make it home. I got tied up.” Right away I tried to picture my Mom tied up.

“I drank a little too much and slept at a friends house.”

‘Oh well.’ I thought. “So mush for my best laid plan,”

“will you be OK getting to school,”

“no problem. I’ll take the bus. Will you be home tonight?”

“Yes, I should be home early. There are some things I have to go through.”

“All right then. I’ll see you when you get home.”

“I love you, Honey.”

“I love you too Mom.” I hung up the phone and walked into my room and stripped out of my mom’s nightgown and slid it under my mattress. I did the same with the panties. I would have to put those away when I got home. I got dressed and ate breakfast. The whole time thinking I was so close. I took my time eating thinking I was forgetting something. I left making sure to lock up. I walked the two blocks to the bus stop. I waited there for my friend Andrew to show up. It’s not like him to be late. I saw the bus around the corner. I guess Andrew overslept.

I reached into my pocket to get my bus token. I checked my other pocket. Others were already getting on the bus when I realized what I forgot… I headed back home. I would just have to catch the second bus. Instead of taking the street back I cut through the yard to see ifthey’re dog was out. He was. I called him over to the fence. I pet him for a bit before jumping over the fence. It took me ten minutes to get through the yard. Not because it was a big yard so much as it was a friendly dog. When I finally got into my yard I checked the time. I’d have to take the street back.

I was about to round the corner of my house when I heard voices. It sounded like my Mom, and Andrew. I peaked around the corner. It was them. Andrew was carrying one of those bags my Mom fills with sex toys. My Mom was looking at Andrew like he was meat. How many people was my Mom fucking in the neighborhood?

There was no way I was going to school now! I went back into the yard. Walking over to our outdoor grill I removed the marmaris seks hikayeleri spare back door key. Why it was separate from the main door, I don’t know. I took they key out of the plastic bag it was in and unlocked the door and replaced the key. I opened the door carefully. I didn’t want break the curtain on the other side. I didn’t want my Mom to know I was here either. I could hear them talking I just didn’t know about what. I climbed the stairs to the first floor to hear better. “Now, Andrew. Are you sure you really want to do this?” “Yes, Miss Sierra. I do.” “If we are going to do this we have to be on loving terms. I’m going to go upstairs. I will meet you there in five minutes. There is something in the living room closet I want you to look at.” “OK”

My Mom started to walk away. I didn’t hear Andrew move. I inched up the stairs to the landing. I heard the closet door open. At least I knew he was around the corner. “Holy SHIT!” Andrew cried. I heard what sounded like paper getting shuffled around. It didn’t even seem like five minutes passed but I heard my Mom call for Andrew. “Andrew baby, I’m waiting for you.” I heard a light thump as Andrew walked into the living room and up the stairs. I walked into the dinning room around the to the foyer and looked in the closet. It was a shoe box, full of pictures. They were in pamphlets. About 15 pictures in each. I started to look at the first one. They were of my Mom. The second one was of someone I didn’t know. Then there was Karyn and Wendy. The fourth was of my Mom and her friends and her husband. Then of my Mom, Her friends husband and their daughter. I was getting harder and harder. I wanted to see what was beginning upstairs but I decided to look at one more set. I figured I could always look at these later.

I am glad I waited. The next one was of Andrew’s Mom and sister. I looked on as picture after picture of them using toys on each other. I even saw a picture of Amber between her mom’s legs. I put those in my back pocket and went into the living room to climb the stairs. I came in earshot. “Now, Andrew. With all the rules set, are you still willing?” “Yes, Miss Sierra.” “Now, Andrew. What did I say?” “Sorry…Mom” “That was what I thought.” Did she Just ask Andrew to call her Mom? I felt like stomping in there and saying what about me?

I tried to lift my head to watch. I saw my Mom’s back as she climbed on top of my friend. She was riding him like there was no tomorrow. I figured if I could slip into my room that I would be safe to watch them. Her ass bounced in rhythm with her moans. I bolted to my bedroom. It was only a few feet. I inched around to see. Their voices carried in the hall.

“Oh Mom” Andrew cried. I wondered if he did think of his Mom this way. I was so horny at this point I started stroking it. My hand made it’s way into my pants.

“Oh baby” my Mom cried. They bucked wildly. Fucking each other. My Mom and my best friend. It was great, and the best part she was thinking it was me.

“Oh Sion”

“It’s Andrew”

“Just fuck me son.”

Did she say what I though she said? Did she just call him Sion? I was shocked my Mom wanted to fuck me. Was I finally going to get her? Should I go to her now? My thoughts were interrupted by hearing Andrew cry he was coming.

I was almost ready to cum myself when I heard movement. My Mom was getting up.

“Let’s go To Sion’s room”

I panicked I rushed into the closet as fast as I could. If I was still on the steps I would have been able to sneak downstairs. Now I was stuck in here, like that was such a bad thing. I closed the door all but a crack. I wanted to see more. I was addicted.

“So Andrew” my Mom started, “Did you like pretending I was your Mother?”

“Yes, I did”

“Would you like to fuck your Mom?”


“You are sick, Well I have a surprise for you. Stay here.” With that she left the room and shut the door.

From the sound of it she went downstairs. I could have sworn I heard the front door. Andrew looked around the room. I felt I was still safer in the closet. About ten minutes later I heard My Mom again. Another voice accompanied her. I couldn’t make it out. I heard as they passed into my Mom’s room.

“Wear this” My Mom demanded of the strange woman. Five minutes later My Mom walked in.

“Now Andrew” she said in a whisper. “If you stop this or give any hint you don’t want this I will make you sorrier than you have ever been. Understand?” He knew my Mom and he knew better to argue, besides he was thinking with his dick again. “be right back”

And she was followed by Andrew’s Mom. She was dressed to serve. I could barely see through the crack so I opened it some more. There she was decked out as a French maid. She had something tied around her mouth which I couldn’t see to well, but damn was she hot. Andrew was shocked, but didn’t say anything.

“On your knees pet” Ilene obeyed right away. She motioned Andrew to stand, which he did. He stood right in front of her. His dick was inches from his Mom’s mouth. He looked as if this were all a dream. Maybe it was.

“I am going to take this out of your mouth and put something else in it’s place Understand?” My Mom said with such force in her voice I nodded yes. What was tied to her mouth was a ball gag which was thrown towards the closet? I jumped a little hoping no one heard me. My Mom stood behind Ilene pulling Andrew closer and closer, until his dick was in his Mother’s mouth, and his Mom had no idea.

I pulled my dick out, feeling the precum drip. He was my best friend getting a blow job from his Mom. I was in shock and I was jealous.

“Lie down slave” Ilene didn’t move, nor did Andrew. “I said lie down slave” and a loud crack reverberated as Andrew became bewildered. He looked shocked. “I said lie down” and then he did.

“Pet, would you like to get fucked”

“Yes Mistress” Ilene replied.

“Would you like to get fucked now?”

The same reply.

“How would you like to get fucked in the ass”

Hesitantly she replied that she would.

There is a dick on that bed climb on top of it and I will be right back. So, she felt her way on top being blindfolded she did a good job. Andrew didn’t say anything. He was about to get fucked by his own Mom. Lucky bastard. My Mom came back into the room with a strap on. Ilene straddled her son and then my Mom lined up the strap on dildo with her ass penetrating deep. Not giving her the time to ease into it. She was relentless. Andrew’s breathing increased.

“Remember that time..”My Mom started “that you played that trick on me.” She must be talking to Ilene. “The one where you left me at the bar with all those men. How you said that you would help me with them. You winded up leaving with the one I wanted and the rest of them had their way with me”

“Yes” came Ilene’s answer breathlessly. It almost sounded like she was about to cum. “I though you wanted them”

“Oh I did, but what I am upset about was you took the one I wanted. I told you I’d get you back right?”

Another Yes which sounded rather weak. “Revenge is sweet” Ilene was in the middle of an orgasm when her blindfold was taken off. “Look who your fucking” My Mom pulled out after speaking.

“Oh God no, Not Andrew, not him to. First my daughter then my son”

My Mom seemed to be please with all this.

“I’m sorry Mom.”

But here they were still fucking. She collapsed into his arms still wiggling, still fucking her son.

“Oh Andrew. Please fuck your Mother” Ilene stated. “We already committed the act you might as well finish to. Let me feel your cum inside me.”

My Mom started laughing.

“Really.” Andrew looked at my Mom them flipped his Mom on her back and plowed into her. The two of them were fucking like rabbits. Mother and son. It’s what I wanted, but how?

“Don’t forget, the both of you are my slaves now. You do what I say, who I say, when I say. Understand.”

They both replied yes Mistress. I waited until they all left the house, contemplating what to do. I was still hard since I didn’t jack off completely. I was to enthralled by what was going on. I stayed in the backyard until it was time I was supposed to be home. I don’t know wear my Mother went but I started to write down everything I witnessed the past few days. I planned on writing in a diary and hiding it under my bed. My Mom always searches there for cigarettes. She was bound to find it.

My shorts were dripping with precum, I wished it was Tuesday so my Mom would go out. I would just have to jerk off in the shower. It was time to go in. My Mom was still out all the way until dinner. I placed my books on the table to make it look like I was doing homework. I would have to write another absent note. Well, at least my forgery is going good.

Dinner was typical, nothing big but nothing small. The two of us ate in silence as I wondered what she was thinking.

“How was your day at school?” she asked.

“It was OK. We had a surprise English Quiz.” I lied

“Did you do well?”

“I think so.” Now I would have to make up a test and get a friend to put a grade on it. Before we got any further in the conversation the phone rang. My Mom was closer so she answered it. What I heard next terrified me.


A pause

“Yes, I am.”

I always got nervous at these dinnertime phone calls.

“Yes, I know. He was home with me the whole time. He’ll be back to school tomorrow. Bye” And she hung up.

“Shit! I’m dead!”