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A Teacher Was Watching

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I looked at the note again and felt the need to sit down overwhelm me as my legs went wobbly beneath me. Stumbling for the chair, I couldn’t take my eyes from the photo I’d just taken out of the envelope a few seconds before – it was me! But it wasn’t the me of now, the one that works in the bank who everyone sees as prim and proper Josie and doesnt know about my life with Mistress Megan. No, this was a picture of me from my school days, from New Hall School for girls in Essex, England.

The schoolgirl me, was standing in my uniform looking very embarrassed as I held my blue pleated skirt up showing my knickers to the photographer. The picture brought back memories of when a small group of older girls that would tease me and force me to do things and …do things to me.

As I stared at my former self from sixteen years ago, I could still remember the confused feelings of embarrassment and shame, mingled with a lust for the situation that had shocked me at the time and mortified me now. Even if it did form the basis of my ongoing relationship as a sub for Mistress Megan! Back then, I would keep away from them for days, but then as the feelings grew within me, I would deliberately make sure I would bump into them, or hang around the changing rooms in the sports-block when nobody else was there to see so, just they could find me and …

I put the picture down and realised I was flushed and breathing hard. Trying to calm down, I read the note that had come with it, but it only made it worse.

Sweetest Josie,

Do you remember the day they took this photo of you showing off your slutty little knickers? They caught you in the grounds and made you pose behind some bushes for some very dirty pictures. I know you enjoyed it you slut. I used to watch you strut your sexy body about, having quiet little lesbian sessions with your friends and letting the older girls force you into doing whatever they wanted. Do you think that we teachers didn’t know?

I used to watch you all the time, Josie. I knew what you were doing with those senior girls. Letting them play with your little pussy, getting you all wet. And what they made you do to them, too! I knew about all of it. Another teacher, Miss Mary and I had peep-holes that spied into your dorms. Didn’t know that, did you? We would watch you and the other little lesbians every night. We would masturbate ourselves and each other while we watched. I would make Miss Mary get down on her hands and knees and suck my pussy while I watched – you were my favourite.

I even took pictures of you and the other little sluts. It still makes me hot to look at those pictures. So Josie, I saw you on the street in Amsterdam the other day and immediately recognised you. How could I forget that long chestnut hair and those sexy green eyes! So I followed you to your office. You’re sexier than ever, my dear. Your legs looked wonderful in those heals and the short red dress you were wearing. I just had to follow you for a while.

Well now I’ve decided to have what all those girls at school had. You will meet me at my hotel and do whatever I say or copies of these photos will go directly to your boss and that is no idle threat. You will not be able to talk your way out of this one, little girl. You will come to the Metropolitan Hotel, room 303, at 3pm Saturday. I know you can find a uniform to wear, I want you to look like the girl you once were.

The skirt will be pleated and short — I know you’re a slut so dress like one. Remember, you’re dressing to excite me. Don’t wear any knickers or a bra. Just the skirt, white shirt, and tie, and those little white socks with the ruffles you used to wear. They always used to make you look so sweet and innocent. Your gorgeous hair must be in ponytails and the only makeup you can wear is bright red lipstick and nail varnish.

See you Saturday, don’t disappoint me Josie. I wouldn’t like that.

Miss Carole

My heart sank. I remembered her — Miss Carole Molt. She had taught English literature and would always stare at us. We knew she was lusting over our legs and breasts. She had been very friendly with the leader of that little group of older girls – the prefects that had always sought me out.

I still remembered them. There had been three of them usually, and I had secretly longed for them to abuse me … but all that was sixteen years ago! She can’t expect me to dress up in my old uniform and … and play the part of dirty schoolgirl-slut for her, could she? I looked at the picture and just knew she could, and really would, get me to do rude, dirty things that I should only do for Mistress Megan.

But I was different now … wasn’t I? I was only Mistress Megans slut. I took a deep breath and looked in the mirror trying hard to ignore the dampness in my knickers. I knew that if my boss received those photos, I would be fired, and be a laughing stock. My friends would never talk to me again. My nice comfortable world was falling to bits.

I started to cry.

The Anadolu Yakası Escort rest of the week went past slowly and I found it hard to concentrate on my job. I kept looking about at the people around me, the friends who might see those awful pictures if Miss Carole sent them into the company. I just couldn’t let that happen. I had to get those pictures back.

On Friday, I called in sick and tried to work out what I was going to do. There really was nothing I could do except turn up at the Metropolitan hotel and be humiliated by Miss Carole, dressed in my old school uniform. I had to do it, but would make sure she gave me those awful pictures back so she couldn’t make me do it again.

I spent the afternoon shopping for a new school uniform that better matched the New Hall one of so many years ago.

I was in two minds as I walked the shopping district. One part of me was terrified and revolted at the idea that I was going to dress-up and be a play-slut for Miss Carole. However the part of me that love the same thing with Mistress Megann, and had so enjoyed the feeling of humiliation and embarrassment all those years ago, was working out how high my heals should be and where could I get little white socks with ruffs at the top in Amsterdam.

In the end, I bought a crisp white blouse and blue cardigan from one shop, and then found a pleated hockey skirt in a sports store, blushing furiously as I paid for it, as I was sure the shop girl knew what I wanted it for.

The school-tie was next, and easy enough — blue and silver diagonal stripes and I completed the uniform when I found the perfect little lace socks with ruffles at the tops. They looked like the type of thing a six year old would wear and I was blushing again as I paid for them.

While staring at shoes in a shop window, I decided I would use a pair of black four inch heels I already had rather than buy something I would never wear again. In school, we weren’t allowed to wear heels but I was pretty sure Miss Carole wouldn’t be complaining. I felt another wash of despair as I thought about what I was being blackmailed into doing and supressed the thought that I was having any sort of affair behind Mistress Megans back. What would she do to me?

When I got back to my apartment, I hid everything in my wardrobe then watched television and drank my way through the best part of a bottle of wine trying to forget what the morning would bring.

I awoke the next morning and groaned. First at my ache in my head, and then at the realisation that it was Saturday. After crying and feeling sorry for myself for a while in bed, chastising myself for being such a slut all those years ago and letting a teacher get hold of dirty pictures of me. I got up and showered.

It was a beautiful spring day outside and I watched from my bathroom window with a towel wrapped round me as people rode past on their bikes or walked along to the Vondel Park a little further up the road. Last Saturday I had shopped with friends, had a nice lunch, then went to a film; this Saturday was going to be different, and it was one o’clock already.

I sat at my dressing table and stared at myself in the mirror. I stared at the sorry face in the mirror and asked myself what was I going to do? And then I started to get cross.

‘You’re going to go in that hotel room, do whatever you have to, and then leave with those photos. And then when you get back here you can burn them and get very drunk!’ I nodded in agreement with myself and with a new determination, began to do my hair and makeup.

At New Hall, we were allowed to wear makeup in the fifth year and I remember we all used to wear bright red lipstick and nail varnish, which was obviously what Miss Carole remembered in her dirty fantasies. I put on the lipstick and pouted at my naked reflection. ‘Slut!’ I smiled, and tried to find the slut I had been in the reflection that stared back at me.

I spent some time putting in my pigtails and tied them with small blue ribbons. I used to wear my hair like this at New Hall, it was how it was in the picture. I glanced down at the fourteen year old me staring back from the small piece of paper I had set against the mirror, and unconsciously touched my breasts squeezing my nipples.

I thought about knickers and bra but Miss Carole’s letter had been very explicit that I shouldn’t wear either. I frowned – my breast are a ‘C’ cup and I’m used to the support a bra offers. It would feel stranger than going without knickers. I sighed, it was all going to feel strange, but I had to get those photos.

I pulled on the little lacy socks — they really did look sweet. Oh shit! what was I doing? I sat down and tried not to cry again. This was ridiculous. Maybe if I went to the police? … but then I would be laughed at by a bunch of policemen!

I blew my nose and took a deep breath, and then, after several attempts, tied the school tie. It was bigger than the one Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan I used to wear at school but it looked the part. When I put on the skirt and smoothed it down, I couldn’t believe how short it was. It came to about mid-thigh, and would never have been allowed at New Hall! Well at least Miss Carole would like it…and then maybe feel happy enough to hand me the photos…she better had!

I realised it was gone two o’clock and I started to panic. I put on the cardigan and fastened the three buttons feeling my breasts sway gently beneath my shirt. My nipples were rubbing on the thin fabric of my blouse whenever I moved and I felt them harden. Trying to ignore the sensation, I slipped on the shoes and gazed at my reflection in the full-length mirror.

Oh, wow. That refection took me back! I felt a flutter of fear and excitement, and then turned my back to the mirror and looked round as I bent over. The skirt rose up showing my bare bottom and I blushed — this was going to be so humiliating. With a sigh of resignation, I put my coat on and ran down to catch a tram.

The hotel was set on one of Amsterdam’s many squares and was one of the nicer ones in town. I strode past the reception as if I knew where I was going, dreading the thought of being stopped and questioned by the hotel staff in case they thought I was some kind of prostitute. I kept my head down, glanced about for the lifts and rode up alone, thank god.

I let out a sigh of relief when I stepped out of the lift on the third floor without being stopped — so far so good at least.

I walked the carpeted hall looking for the signs that indicated where the various rooms were, and saw suite 303 wasn’t far from the lift.

The door was open slightly when I got there but I still knocked. Then, when I heard the lift arrive and the voices of people coming out, I walked in and slammed the door behind me rather than get caught in the hallway.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but the room being dark was a shock. I stood for a moment with my back to the closed door, listening as my heart beat loud in my ears, and willed my eyes to grow accustomed to the low light. A small lamp clicked, on and I raised my hands at the sudden glare.

‘Good afternoon, Josie.’ The voice was soft, but authoritative, and came from somewhere in the darkness behind the bright light. I shielded my eyes trying to see her.’

‘Miss Carole?’

‘Who were you expecting, slut? Don’t worry, you got the right room. Oh, Josie, it’s been so long since I’ve seen you, and it looks like it’s been worth the wait, you’re still beautiful.’

Take your coat off.’

I stayed as I was, hugging the coat protectively around me. ‘Miss Carole, we have to talk first. You can’t send those photos to my office. You’ll ruin me … please, just give them to me. I have to have them.’

‘Then be a good girl and do whatever you’re told. You know you’re a little slut, Josie. You used to love the girls groping you, making you expose yourself to them … I used to watch you, but I couldn’t do anything while I was a teacher. When they forced you to lick Amanda Lanes ass I was watching you while Miss Mary licked my pussy. You loved being humiliated like that didn’t you?

‘Yes … No! No that was then. It was a long time ago, Miss Carole I… I’m different now. I have a relationship.’

‘I don’t care what you are now, Josie. You were a slut then, and for this afternoon you’ll be my delicious, little slut again and you know it, so behave and be a good girl.’

‘Yes, Miss Carole,’ I whispered, knowing there was little I could do.

‘Good girl, Josie. Now take off your coat or every person in your office will get a set of very sexy pictures. One ….two …thr…’

I hurriedly took off my coat and tossed it over a chair close by.

‘Please, Miss Carole. What are you going to do?’ I fingered the hem of my skirt nervously. ‘Please give me those horrid pictures …please.’

‘I will … don’t worry. But first we’re going to have a little fun, and then, if you’re a good girl, I’ll give you the pictures … negatives as well. However, you have to do everything I ask, and try very … very hard to please me. Do you understand, Josie? You naughty little girl.’

‘Do you promise to give me back the pictures if I do as you say?’

I heard Miss Carole giggle from the darkness knowing she now had complete control of me. ‘Yes Josie, I promise, as long as you try very hard. Now, let’s see if you’re going to be a good girl shall we?

The picture I sent you was one of my favourites, so we’ll start by reproducing that shall we? Lift your skirt up and show me if you’re wearing any knickers. I know in the picture you were but I did instruct you to wear none.’

‘Please Miss Carole. Don’t make me do it … it… it’s not right… please?’

‘Lift your skirt and show me your pussy … little girl …

That’s right … oh Josie, Escort Anadolu Yakası a shaven pussy … beautiful … good girl. However, when I give you an instruction, you will acknowledge it by saying, yes Miss Carole … do you understand?’

‘Yes, Miss Carole.’ My hands kept gripping the hem of my skirt, keeping it raised and feeling Miss Carole’s eyes looking at my pussy … my long legs … oh, god, this was so humiliating. I could feel my face blushing with the intense embarrassment at being made to expose myself like this. I wanted to drop my skirt and stop her seeing me so naked and exposed.

‘Open your legs a little further … that’s it. You are being good aren’t you, Josie?’

‘Yes, Miss Carole,’ I said, biting my lip but doing as I was told.

‘Good girl Josie.’

I was starting to experience that feeling from so many years ago. The feeling of both intense humiliation, that was mixed with a shameful thrill at the same time. There wasn’t the love I associated with Mistress Megan, but I knew my pussy was getting wet – oh, god how shameful….

‘You’re such a slut, Josie. How old are you? Twenty-nine, Thirty? A good career ahead of you, and look at you. Standing in a hotel room, dressed in a school uniform, showing your cunt to someone you can’t even see. I remember you had nice little breast back at New Hall, I bet they’re bigger now. Shall we see? Unbutton your blouse.’

‘Yes Miss Carole.’ I dropped the hem of my skirt, took of the cardigan and fumbled at the buttons of my blouse. Once undone, I pulled open the blouse and pushed my breasts forward letting the school tie lay in between.

‘Mmmm, you have grown into a big girl, haven’t you. Pinch your nipples to make them harder, and then jiggle them a little for me. Let’s see them move shall we.’

I looked down and although shame and embarrassment had already made my nipple spring erect, I pinched them and tugged them, lifting up each large breast by the nipple a few times to please her, and then, blushing furiously, swung my chest from side to side making them sway and bounce. I found it hard not to cover my chest and run crying from the room, as it was, I started to cry and sniffed back a tear.

‘Oh, stop that girl! This is just the start and snivelling won’t help you. Turn around and bend over, keeping your legs straight.’

‘Yes Miss Carole.’ I tuned around and took hold of the chair for support, then bent over making sure my legs were straight, and pushed my bottom out in the oh so familiar pose – I wished it was Mistress Megan watching me and tried to pretend it was.

‘Open your legs more.’ I felt her walk up behind me, and could sense her close now. I began to wonder what Miss Carole looked like after all this time. I remembered her as being one of the prettier teachers.

‘Here.’ I glanced to my side and saw a hand with red painted nail varnish holding a slim silver vibrator – it was wet and sticky from some kind of lubrication — I took it reluctantly.

‘Open your legs more, then slide it into your ass.’

‘Yes Miss Carole.’ I felt my skirt flipped up over my back to expose my bottom fully, and then with the vibrator in my left hand, I took a deep breath and pulled the cheeks of my bottom apart. I felt the cold metal as I searched with the tip, ready to slide it into my ass, then she walked up beside me and cupped my left breast in her hand. I shivered with the shock of the contact. Her hand was soft and felt nice as she squeezed and needed me, her fingers finding my hard nipple, pinching and pulling it much as Mistress Megan would have done.

Then her other hand came down on my bottom with a loud smack! and I jerked, more in surprise than any pain.

‘Don’t stop, girl! I want that in your ass … now!’

‘Sorry, Miss Carole,’ I mumbled, pushing the tip of the vibrator past my tight asshole, forcing it further in as I tried to relax the muscles around it — I felt so…dirty. She smacked me again, harder this time, but I gave myself over to the feel of the vibrator in my ass now and just pushed back so it went further … I couldn’t help myself … it felt good. If I wasn’t a wanton little slut before this, I was fast turning into one.

I heard her laugh as she saw the effect all this was having on me. ‘Good girl, you enjoy it you slut. Fuck your ass for me, my pretty little girl, your wet cunt can wait.’

As I slid the metal cylinder in and out of myself, she continued to spank me, then moved behind me presumably to watch the show – I realised I was enjoying the thought of her watching, and being seen like this, even if she wasn’t Mistress Megan.

The slaps got even harder and moved all over my bottom, and then down to the inside of my legs. I was finding it hard to stand but refused to buckle. I wasn’t going to give her any excuse not to hand over the photos. With a last slap, she stopped me pushing and I felt her fumble with something, and then something bigger pushed insistently against my vagina. I opened my legs a little further to accept it.

I could feel both vibrators move close together inside of me and, once again, I fought the impulse to collapse to the floor. Straightening my legs again, I pushed out my bottom and held onto the chair.

Then without warning, the vibrator from my ass was removed and passed forward to me.