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A TRANS Formation – Chapter 47 – Rosy’s Desire

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“Hey baby… wake up, baby… baby?” Allie says, shaking Jill’s shoulder. “We need to get up.”Jill’s brain is barely functioning. “Huh?” “It’s getting late,” Allie says, “It’s almost ten o’clock. We need to be out of the room in an hour.””Oh, fuck… Gimme a minute,” Jill mumbles. “I feel like shit.””I feel like shit too, sweetheart. But we can’t stay in bed. C’mon, we’ll feel better when we get in the shower,” Allie coaxes.Jill drags her ass out of bed and follows Allie into the shower. Standing under the stream of warm water, all the girls can do is put their arms around each other with their heads on each other’s shoulders.”Oh, god-dammmit, Allie,” Jill says, “My ass is fuckin’ sore as hell.””My ass is fuckin’ sore too, baby; we got the holy livin’ shit fucked out of us last night.”Out of the shower, Allie asks, “Are you starting to feel better, babe?””Not really,” Jill complains, “my brain don’t work, I’m hungry as hell, my ass hurts, and my mouth and throat taste like cum… other than that… I’m fine.””That’s about how I feel, too,” Allie says, “We’ll feel better when we get some food in our stomachs. We both need some coffee.”They manage to neatly fold their dresses, but all their other whore clothes get stuffed in their suitcases before they go downstairs to face the day. The mid-morning sun burns their eyes when they take their clothes out to the car.The breakfast buffet is winding down as they sit for breakfast and most of the tables are empty, but that suits them just fine. In their present condition, they’d rather not be seen. Sipping their first cup of coffee, they’re both so spaced out all they can do is stare at each other.With a cup of coffee behind them, they’re able to nibble on little bites of breakfast. As the food begins to replenish the energy in their burnt-out bodies, they start feeling a tiny bit better. A second cup of coffee gets them coherent enough to attempt a conversation.”It feels good to eat,” Allie says, “I’m starting to feel human again.””Yeah… I’m feeling better too,” Jill agrees, “My ass is still sore as hell, but at the same time, it feels kinda good.””Mine’s as sore as yours is, Jill. But look at it like this… our asses made us a shit-load of cash last night.”After a pause, Jill starts giggling and breaks out into a laugh. “What are you laughing about?” Allie asks.Jill can’t stop giggling.”C’mon, what’s so funny?” Allie demands.Jill stops her laughter long enough to say, “This is funny… the way we made all that money with our asses last night, you could say… we’re… ‘sitting on a gold mine’!” She can’t help herself and busts out laughing again.When Allie gets the joke, she starts laughing too. “Oh Jill,” she teases, “You’re such a little whore. Only a whore could think of something like that!”The more they think about it, the more they laugh about it. By the time they finish eating, they’re feeling good about themselves again. They don’t even care about their sore assholes when they get in the car.”We may be whores, Jill,” Allie says, “But we sure the hell ain’t cheap whores. How many whores can make that kind of money in one night?””Shit, Allie,” Jill replies, “How many jobs can you do over $2500 in one day?”When they get home, they’re in the best of moods, but they’re still tired as hell. They don’t even have the energy to unpack their suitcases. They just strip down naked, slip on a dress with no underwear, and sit on the couch.They don’t have to ask each other if they want to smoke a joint. Their minds are in perfect harmony; they need to get stoned. As they pass the joint, they start getting grounded again to the real world.With her head in Allie’s lap, Jill senses something’s on Allie’s mind. “You know Allie?” she says, “After what we did last night, I feel so safe and secure with you; like I can tell you anything. It’s like we’re just supposed to be together.””I feel the same way, Jill,” Allie says, “I need to tell you something… I mean, I just have to get this off my chest… cuz Maltepe Escort I haven’t told you this, and I should have, but I’ve been holding it inside.”You can tell me, Allie,” Jill says, “You’re safe with me. You can tell me anything.””Well… Before I met you… when I did those gang bangs by myself? I’d wake up in that hotel bed sad and depressed,” Allie confesses, “It felt so good being the center of attention when they were all fucking me. But when it was over? Everyone went home… and I was all alone again, by myself in that room. “I was so lonely sometimes that I’d just sit in the Jacuzzi and cry.” Allie starts getting tears in her eyes as she talks, “And when I went to bed, I’d cry myself to sleep. Sometimes in the morning I’d feel ashamed of myself, cuz I felt like a cheap whore. I was so worried about what I was turning into.”Jill sits up and takes Allie in her arms. “It’s OK to feel that way, Allie. That’s just how you felt. Be honest with yourself. You were being who you are, you just didn’t have anyone to share it with.”Jill comforts her, “You got me now, and I got you. We were whores last night, but now we’re back in our little love nest. We’re still in love and we’re happier than we’ve ever been. We’re safe together, Allie.””Thanks, Jill. I know you’re right. I don’t know why I got so emotional all of a sudden,” Allie says, “I just had to get that out, cuz I’ve always told you that once I started being a whore, I never looked back. But that was a lie. I did look back, and I regretted it a lot. I put on a good act to fool everyone, but I couldn’t fool myself.””Well, we don’t have to look back on anything now, Allie,” Jill tells her, “We’re partners now and we can have a bright future if we play it right. We’re still both really tired from last night. All that fucking took a lot out of us. I feel like just getting naked and going back to bed.”Allie agrees and soon they’re naked and snuggling under the sheets, holding their skinny little sissy bodies close together. Two little girlie-boys, with limp dicks and sore pussies, protecting each other from the cruel world. They feel weak and almost helpless by themselves, but together, they feel strong, confident and secure. Last night’s gang bang took a heavy physical toll on them, and their bodies need to rest and recover.Five hours later, they wake up refreshed but hungry. They’re surprised they’ve slept most of the day but acknowledge their bodies probably needed it. Realizing they have to go back to the real world tomorrow, they decide to eat out before making a trip to the grocery store. Jill is in no shape to cook, and since they’re rich whores now, they can afford an extra meal out.Jill knows she’ll be tired this week, so they pick out a couple of crock pot recipes to make her cooking easier. At dinner, they talk a little about their finances. They’re still too spaced out to get very specific but agree they should keep the money they get from ‘whoring’ separate from their paychecks at work. They’ll shop for a special box to use as a cash stash, and keep it in a safe place until they can open a savings account together.When they get back home and put their groceries away, all they can do is smoke a couple of joints and watch TV before going to bed early to sleep another eight hours.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When Jill gets home from work Monday night, she’s still dragging ass, and Allie tells her she’s been dragging all day too. On nights like this, she’s so thankful her crock pot has been cooking dinner all day.While they’re eating, they talk about their money a little more. They again reaffirm their mutual desire to spend the rest of their lives together, and if they actually do, then they should have some long term goals like buying a house, for starters.”We can make anything happen,” Jill says, “even something like buying a house together. All we have to do is save as much money as we can and keep thinking together, like one person. Maltepe Escort Bayan If we do, as Norm says, the opportunities will come looking for us.”Well, let’s think about it together then, like one person, and see what happens. I know what we want this weekend. And I’m gonna call Carla right now and make it happen.””Oh, that’s right Allie. We want a hot date with real girls this weekend! We’re thinking as one person on that.”Allie gets enthused and gets on the phone.”Hello?””Hi… Carla? This is Allie.””Allie! Hi-ya sweetie. How ya been? We’ve been waiting for you to call. What took you so long?””Long story… we’ve been very busy girls over here. But we’re not busy Saturday night and wanted to know if we can take you and Rosy out for some fun?””You know you can. We already said we would. Rosy’s had hot-pants for Jill ever since they went shopping last week.””Yeah… Jill told me all about it. Rosy sure picked out a hot outfit for Jill. The wig she bought looks so good on her.””Yeah… Rosy said Jill could easily pass for a girl in public wearing that wig. I can’t wait to see it. What did you have in mind for Saturday?””We’d like to take you girls out to dinner first. Then hit some of the clubs we can’t go in as same-sex couples, maybe dance a little bit, and see what happens after that.””Well,” she laughs, “We already know what’s going to happen after that, don’t we? Rosy and I went to the doctor and got protection, so we can continue where we left off last time if we feel like it.””Oh damn, Carla… You’re giving me a hard-on.”Carla laughs, “Well, I know Rosy wants it bad, and I wouldn’t mind doing it again. So… I mean… why play games? Straight people play games; we don’t have to.””You and Rosy are such great friends! We can’t wait to have fun with you.””Yeah, I’m sure we’ll all have a great time. So what time do you want us to be ready?””Can we pick you lovely ladies up around six?””That sounds perfect. We’ll be ready.”When Allie hangs up the phone, she yells, “All RIGHT…! We have a date Saturday night!”Jill puts her arms around Allie and kisses her. “Oh, Allie! I’m so excited! My first date with a real girl!””Carla said Rosy’s been wet all week thinking about you, Jill. You’re gonna get laid, baby. And so am I.”After they get over their excitement and clean the kitchen, it’s after eight o’clock. They’re both still tired from the weekend and Allie suggests, “You wanna smoke a joint and watch a little TV?””Yeah, let’s just relax.” Jill says, “You’ve got a date with Walt tomorrow night; you need your rest.””That’s right.” Allie laughs, “It’s my turn to suck Walt’s cock this week.”After they get stoned, they’re both sleepy and decide to get in bed early. After getting fucked so much at the gang bang, neither of them is feeling horny yet, so they happily snuggle each other and drift off to sleep.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~They feel much better Tuesday night. Their bodies have recovered from the gang bang and Jill’s happy and energetic when she kisses Allie. “Hi, Allie. I’m so happy today! I finally got my energy back.””Mmmm… babe… I’ve been feeling good all day too. Going to bed early last night was good for us,” Allie says. “I’m actually excited about my date tonight. I think I’m starting to get horny again.””You’ll have a good time with Walt,” Jill says, “Try to ask him about his friend in Chicago, the one who’s working with girls like us. I think he said her name is Maggie.””Is she the one who knows about the hormones and stuff?” Allie asks.”Yeah, that’s her. There probably isn’t anything we can do about it, but I’d like to learn more about why we are the way we are.””Yeah, so would I. I’ll make sure to ask him,” Allie says.Jill’s feeling extra girly tonight and puts on her fake tits, just because she likes the way they make her feel. She brushes her girl hair in front of the mirror and blows herself a kiss.After Allie leaves, she gets a bite to eat and starts reading the Neville Escort Maltepe Goddard book that Walt gave her last week. She’s really enjoying it when the phone rings.”Hello?””Hi, is this Jill?” the voice says.”This is Jill; who’s this?””Hey Jill, it’s Gary Savato, from the Club. Remember me?””Of course I remember you, Gary. You spent enough time on top of me Saturday night; how could I forget you?” she jokes.”Oh, man, Jill. You and Allie were so hot. I still can’t get over how sexy you looked. Remember we talked a little bit about getting together in private?””Of course I do. I’ve been hoping you’d call. I’m still thinking how good you felt inside me.”Jill wasn’t really hoping he’d call. But she’s in a whore mentality now, and it’s part of her game to tell the guys what they want to hear.”Well, I was wondering if you were free Thursday night. My wife’s going out with her girlfriend and I’m free to do my own thing.””Sure, Gary. I’m free Thursday. What do you have in mind?””I’m not sure. I’ve never dated like this before. What do you usually do when a guy takes you out?””Well, you take me out to dinner, we go up to a room, and you get to do whatever want, just you and me.””Mmmm… just thinking about having you alone gets me hard. What do you usually get for a night like that? For a tip, I mean.”The gears in Jill’s mind are turning. She’s negotiating a price for her services. She wants as much as she can get but doesn’t want to scare him away. She’s been getting about $200, and she’s more than happy with that, so she says,”Well, there’s no set price, but they usually give me two bills.””Two bills? You mean $100 bills?” Gary asks.”Yeah, and usually, if we get really erotic, and most of the time we do, he slips me another bill when we’re done. I mean, it’s worth it when you think about it. That time you had me in the side room, you gave me a hundred for a quick suck ‘n fuck, and there were other guys in the room watching.”I’m a lot more fun when I’m alone with a guy. You’ll have me all to yourself, and I’ll do whatever you want. On a private date, it’s just you and me, and there are no limits, if you know what I mean.””Yeah, I know what you mean. I want, really want to get you alone. The money’s not a problem, I was just wondering what the usual tip is,” he says.”Do you want to set something up for Thursday then? We could meet at the same hotel we have the Club meetings.””Will you be dressed like you were Saturday night?””I can’t show up dressed like that, of course, but I’ll dress up for you when we get in the room. I’ll be as slutty as you want me to be. And like I said, there are no limits on a private date. You wanna meet me at six-thirty?””Yeah. Let’s do it. My cock is hard just thinking about it.””OK, Sweetie, we’ve got a date Thursday. I’ll be looking forward to it.”Jill hangs up the phone feeling good about herself. Gary thinks $200 is the going rate for a private fuck and that’s just fine with her. She’s set her rate; it costs $200 to fuck her in private. As she stretches back out to read her book, she thinks, ‘I love this game!’She barely gets back into her book when the phone rings again.’Fuck! So much for my quiet evening!’ she thinks but does manage to answer the phone politely.”Hello?””Hey, Jill! This is Rog.””Hi Rog! We haven’t talked for a long time. I’ve missed you. Allie said you were here last week when I was out on a date.””Yeah, I’ve missed you too. That’s what I was calling about. Allie bribed me into having your place painted this week. I’m joking, of course; I like being bribed like that. But hey… the painters want to come over Thursday, and I have to bring over some color samples for you to look at. Can I bring ’em by right now?””Sure Rog. Allie’s on a date, but I’m here all night.””OK, I’m on my way. I’ll see you in about thirty minutes.”Jill hangs up the phone for the second time tonight. She knows Roger’s gonna want to fuck her, and she doesn’t really feel like fucking anyone tonight. But at the same time, she wouldn’t mind if it was worth her while.’Hmm… I wonder what Roger will give me for a fuck?’ she thinks. As she heads to the bathroom to pee, she notices dark patches all over the carpet because Allen never vacuumed. ‘Sure would be nice to have clean carpets when the walls are painted,’ she thinks again.