Haziran 10, 2023

A visit to a Glasgow Sauna

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A visit to a Glasgow SaunaA visit to the sauna in Glasgow.Paid in and got undressed and made my way to the sitting room with the television showing some crap daytime programme, I think it was Kilroy-Silk and his chat show, boring as ever and I was looking around the room to see what might be on the menu, so to speak. There was a really old guy, a fat guy, a couple of bearded muscular guys and that was about it. There was nothing for me on the menu but I knew there were others in the sauna – I just had to find them.I decided to leave the sitting room and make way firstly to the sauna. Due to the heat in the sauna area there was never much action and if there was it was always limited to the individual’s tolerances of heat. Just as I was about to exit the sauna a young geek came to the door, he hesitated and I thought that was it, he was not going to come in and he turned away. Despondent that this young guy had fucked off so soon, I decided to get myself out of the sauna before I melted. I was just about to get up when I dropped my bottle of poppers and bent down to pick them up, the door opened and as I looked up it was the geek! He smiled a little wry smile and sat down and I remained there too (I was bloody boiling) but determined to see if this geek wanted a bear to play with. He sat with his towel covering his manhood – not a great sign! We didn’t engage in conversation but we glanced at each other a few times – instinctively, I knew he wanted to play ‘fox and hound’I should explain that ‘Fox and Hound’ is a term that I’ve used to describe the lead up to having sex with anonymous males in parks, saunas or wherever. The concept is we stalk each other for ages, looking, giving out body signals, playing a game of ‘follow the leader’ to see if they’ve taken the bait. And this is exactly what he wanted to do, he wanted to see my next move and so I left the sauna and within minutes he followed. It was too early to make the move for sex besides I hadn’t seen his manhood and if it was small, it wasn’t happening! However on the plus side, although he was a geek, he was a very fit geek in comparison to my rotund body.I Ümraniye Escort went into the Jacuzzi and he followed me but went to the other sauna in that room (Old Eros/Centurion Sauna in Glasgow) I knew why he went there – he could see me getting in and out of the Jacuzzi and see what was hanging between my legs and I wasn’t disappointed for he was looking and his towel was off but I couldn’t see it – despite my best efforts to look.Eventually, he left the sauna and looked really uncomfortable as if he wasn’t too sure where to go or what to do. I knew that he was interested in me but I also knew there was a risk of bigger and better suddenly appearing and taking my fox away from me. I knew I had to make the move fast, like the Hound jumping on its Fox – he was simply prey and I wanted him and wanted him badly. He was tanned and wore dark thick rimmed glasses – they weren’t in vogue at all, they were the old NHS style of glasses that everyone tried to avoid. His hair was unkempt and ruffled and he was a little pigeon chested but still fit in his geekish way.Just as he was trying to decide, I had to think and act fast – I stood up and let him see what I had to offer, a thick heavy cock just waiting to explode. His eyes fixed on my cock and he was almost salivating and couldn’t take his eyes off. I got out of the Jacuzzi and flittered past him to the showers and after a very quick rinse, I jumped back into the Jacuzzi. This time he decided to follow exactly my actions – he showered and then came into the Jacuzzi as he entered his cock became totally erect and it must have been a good 8 inches in length , possibly even more.He slowly descended the waters, as if waiting to be baptised and as he went down he sat opposite me in the 4 man Jacuzzi. We sat for ages, nothing said, no glances exchanged but there is a thing we do with our feet – they accidently touch the shin or the ankle, enough to establish body contact and to see if anything else goes. Some guys like to tease, they like to display like Peacocks but it doesn’t mean they want anything – they’re just there to tease, partly due Ümraniye Escort Bayan to shyness, partly due to the power the exude over others. So nothing can be taken for granted when you’re in a one to one in the Jacuzzi, even with ‘light touching.’I decided to test the water further – if you pardon the pun. I got out and went into the shower, my manhood throbbing at the thought of this guy. He moved to my former position which gave you a bird’s eye view of folks coming in and out of the sauna/Jacuzzi area. He was playing with his throbbing manhood, I could see him doing it under the water and so after stepping out of the shower, I took my towel as if to leave the area and I could see he was visibly surprised at the prospect of me departing but I replaced my towel on the hook and got into the Jacuzzi. I opened my legs as far as I comfortably could and held my throbbing manhood and at this point his foot touched my sac, as soon as he done this I knew we were ‘ON’. I touched his inner thigh and he slid further down towards my hands that were now making their way up to his tool and suddenly, there and then, his massive throbbing tool was in my hand and it was brick hard. I whispered to him about going somewhere more private and he readily agreed.We got out of the Jacuzzi and headed to one of the private rooms, a sparse barren room with a lockable door and plastic mat on a raised platform. We both entered the room and locked the door and he dropped to his knees and took my tool in his mouth, sucking furiously as if he’d never had a cock for years and as it turned out he hadn’t, I was his first ever cock! He sucked and sucked until his mouth was almost paralysed and then he sat up on the bench and I took time to display my oral skills. I didn’t take him in my mouth right away, although I was gagging to do it but I wanted this to be special for him for this was also his very first blowjob from a man. I licked his inner thigh, I liked his sac and tea bagged them (both balls in my mouth) and then I licked up and down his shaft for what seemed like ages and then finally I took his helmet Escort Ümraniye into my mouth, just gentle licks and kisses and then I took more or it and eventually swallowed his cock down my throat. He was ecstatic and groaning and moaning as I went down on him. I like to concentrate on the head of the penis, it is the most the erroneous part of the thing and he was almost screaming that he was going to cum and begged me to stop. I reluctantly stopped and he then went down on me and some of the stuff that I had done to him he was now imitating and doing very well too for a newbie.Then out of the blue, he stuck his tongue up my hole – that drives me insanely crazy, I just love it. There was lube and condoms available in the room (it was the 90’s) and he got a packet of lube and lubes my arse – I didn’t offer any protest and then he stuck on a condom. (Personally, I prefer safe sex but I also prefer bareback as the condom causes friction) and with his clad cock, he began to enter me but it was very sore, very difficult and despite the poppers, it wasn’t getting any easier. He lubes up and put more lube on me but again it didn’t go in without difficulty and I was in obvious pain. He then got up and asked me to fuck him but he wanted it with a condom on and I obliged him and entered that tight pussy. Unlike him, I wasn’t interested in his squeals or angst; if he wanted me to fuck him he was getting fucked, end off….. I did fuck him and I fucked him all the way up to my balls, he was writhing and moaning and when I offered to get out of him he raised his buttocks to keep me inside him. At this point he came all over the mat and I thought that this would be the end of our session but far from it as he then asked me to remove the condom and fuck his mouth. I did and I exploded with him swallowing every last drop.We went to the showers and barely a word was spoken between us but when we went to the sitting room, we began to chat and got on really well. We sat for ages and having both recovered we were conscious of the time but we were both horny and decided to go next door for one final session before we were to go our separate ways. We fucked each other, we sucked each other and we even allowed another guy to come and watch us but he wasn’t allowed to participate only watch.After we’d finished, we exchanged telephone numbers and agreed to keep in touch and we did for many years to come but that’s for another time……