Nisan 24, 2023

A Visit to Uncle Brett

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Alexis Love

okay this is for all you lovable pervs

THIS IS A WORK OF FICTION! ( just to keep you all from getting confused and scaring the heck out of BrettJ)


I had planned for months to go via greyhound to see my newest uncle.. Brett

Finally the day arrived for me to step on the bus and begin my adventure. The air was crisp with the blush of an early winter morning, shivering with excitement I had made certain that the suitcase was packed with nighties, toys. lubrication packets, my little flogger, several multi-packs of batteries, a few double packs of disposable cameras to make the week memorable as well as three changes of clothes. At last my fondest wish was coming true as I gathered the last few items that needed to be shoved into the suitcase.

I also packed a backpack to preoccupy the two days on bus. There were snacks, two romance fantasies, a seek and find book, as well as my journal. Not to mention the photo album that would house the pictures we took to commemorate the wonderful week of sex that I anticipated with drooling hunger. Just thinking about it made my honey-pot twitch!

I tossed my hygiene kit in the side pocket and headed to the van to take me to the bus station. The morning air became visible with each exhale as I pulled the suitcase behind me to the back end. Lift, load and shut the door before climbing in the passenger side.

I had the printed itinerary in had as my friend drove me to the station. I gushed with excitement as the day was really here and even at the station I was anxious to get aboard the bus to be on my way. I think I must have told her six times that part of my mind seemed in a daze as she turned the corners weaving her way to the downtown station.

I quickly went over my belongings making sure that I had my papers in order to cross the Canadian border Good those were in my backpack as my purse was locked in the suitcase riding underneath. Plus I had over sixty dollars in Canadian currency in my coat pocket so that I could pick up eats along the way.

I glanced at the clock on the wall and smiled as the hand moved to the hour. Six o’clock by twelve thirty in three days I would be in town and waiting for Uncle Brett at the Greyhound. My mind played all the naughty moments that we would share as well as the hours of fucking that would be explored as I stepped into the terminal.

A quick glance to the right showed packed benches as people were waiting for the AmTrak to open and there in the far left corner stood the stately pine tree loaded with blue and gold balls to offset the garland of red bows. I inhaled thinking that the scent of pine would preoccupy my thoughts while I waited to get my case tagged for Kitchener, Ontario.

At last I was ready, as the niğde seks hikayeleri ticket salesmen put the big white tag on the handle as well as the yellow “Handle With Care” tag. Being anxious to get started I took the elevator to the second floor and got in line at door three and waited for what seemed like two hours for the boarding call to be made and I was fourth in line. My seat was certainly available. I could feel my heart beat faster as I showed the ticket to the driver. This was a belated Christmas gift to myself as well as Uncle Brett, yet it was still thrilling to feel the rush of sparks flooding my skin and the prickle of goose bumps on my arms.

I took a seat close to the front as I wanted to see everything between here and there. Once I settled into my seat I pulled the schedule out and looked at the route. Our meal stop would be in Butte but a stop for snacks in St Regis, I quickly realized that I would have to pull my suitcase for cash and just put the Canadian money away. I decided not to worry about it as I still had twenty in my other pocket from the gas station the night before. I knew that I would be okay for the trip until I have my layover at Billings. Slowly the bus filled with people and the aroma of stale tobacco filtered to the back of the bus. The Driver made his speech about regulations and arrivals further down the road as he pulled the silver crate away from the terminal heading for the highway


The ride was fairly smooth as I was working on my sandwich from our lunch stop. My mind fluttered about all the things that Uncle Brett might do to me during my stay. Images of floggers, bondage rope, and gigantic cocks filled my imagery. *Sigh*

We arrived in Butte late which didn’t matter as I was still looking at five hours of waiting. This gave me time to switch currency so that I would manage well during the trip prior to crossing the border. Once that was tended to I slipped back into a seat and waited for the clock to reach twelve thirty. By eight I was bored to tears and decided to have some exploring time. I noticed as the bus pulled in that there was a novelty shop around the corner so I locked up my personal belongings and walked out into the wintry air. The walk got my lumps pumping the frosty air and legs well stretched from the long ride so far.

The shop wasn’t fantastic but they did have the latest copy of Penthouse Forum. I bought it just to preoccupy my time. I also took time to wander the shop and look to see if there was anything else that might be appealing to use as a surprise gift for my dear uncle.

I didn’t realize that I had browsed for over two hours as the clerk said he was closing soon. I grabbed some batteries and a hand held dice game as well as the issue of PF. The man smiled as he slipped everything into a dark bag.

“Happy New Year.” I called back as I slipped out the door rushing back to the station.

The snow started to fall making my trek back to the station difficult and I worried that it might delay departure but to my surprise when I got back there was several people lining up for the door my bus was to be at. I quickly got my things and stuffed the bag in the backpack while taking my place in line as they called the line number bound for Fargo, North Dakota and parts east.

Of course I being the seasoned greyhound traveler knew that we would be in Omaha in twenty four hours and rather then sit at the station all night I booked a room at Motel Six two blocks from the station. Thus giving me the chance to sleep well and shower and be partially sweet when Uncle Brett came to the station to collect me.

I suspected that he received the belated card announcing that I was sending him a gift and to pick it up at the local greyhound on the 29th left him in bewilderment. Boy was he in for a huge surprise!

Once in my seat and blocked by “Big Bertha” The driver went over the rules and announced that we would have a meal stop in Dickinson. It didn’t matter to me as I knew I would be sleeping. Then the lights went out and the bus wheeled out of the terminal and to the highway carrying me on my way.

My dreams were filled with naughty delights as I pictured myself trussed up at Uncle Brett’s feet. His hands exploring my body between swats on my large ass. I could almost feel the air bristle as his hand moved back and forth, like a pendulum.. swish swish swish swish.

I peeked my eyes open as the noises seemed louder now. I chuckled to myself as the wipers were making the noise that I imagined was Uncle Brett’s spanking gait. I noticed that the bus was a little emptier to include that I had the seat all to myself. *Ahhhhhhh*

When we stopped I ate some breakfast. The toast was burnt and tasted like rubber but the hot chocolate wasn’t too bad for being half whipped cream. After paying the bill I scurried back on the bus to my seat. You could smell the aroma of the cigarettes drifting in the open door. A strong stagnate odor that seemed to cling to your person if you got to close to the ones inhaling the toxic smoke instead I grabbed my journal to describe the way my dreams made me feel hotter and anticipating my arrival. I grabbed the schedule and highlighted the towns I had been through before putting it away. I shut the schedule and picked up the green pen and started to write in the journal again.

[i]Well hard to believe that I have been traveling a day. My body tingles each time I think about being picked up at the station. I really want to make him thrilled to tears and hopefully explore some extra surprises.. Gotta go the bus is ready to pull out .. [/i]

The rest of the trip was quiet as the snow was falling outside painting the landscape in a cover of white. Our driver who was in his fourth year grumbled about the snow falling to heavily as we neared Fargo city limits. We were suppose to be here for twenty-five minutes but I suspected that it would be long enough to switch drivers and head for Omaha. It didn’t phase me that I was on the money as everyone exited, the man came in and swept, sprayed the bathroom, and exited with a forgotten pack of cigarettes.

I busied my time with puzzles and reading, yet there were a few times I wanted to stick my hand under the waistband and flick my clit as the lines I was reading was firing up my tension and adding to the anxiousness that knotted in my belly. Thank goodness I had packed snacks as we missed our lunch stop and arrived late at our dinner stop or I would have been sick from hunger pains.

At last I could see the twinkling city lights of Omaha. We were an hour late but that didn’t matter to me as I grabbed my things and shoved them in the backpack and readied to disembark.

I beelined to get my suitcase then headed for the front door, Thank God for taxis! My driver frowned when I told him where I was going until I tipped him six dollars on a four dollar fare.

“Oh I also need an eight thirty pick-up to get back to Greyhound.” I reminded myself aloud so we set the time call up after arriving at the motel. I was even luckier as my room was three doors from the office so I took the key and stumbled into the warm room. It took a few more minutes to request a seven-thirty wake-up call before I stripped down to undies and snuggled into bed having more dreams of Uncle Brett pounding away at my pussy. *SIGH*

Yet dreams have a way of making you do things and surely enough, these dreams were no different as my hand snaked to the damp slit. My first two fingers slipped into the moistness and the rubbing began as my fingers taunted the spot making my body quiver. The deep husky moan is the brain clue that I was getting closer to my orgasm. The tension is stronger as I push the third finger into play and poke inside my throbbing hole. The smell of pussy juice drifts around the bed adding to the ease of sleep. My breathe quickened as I tumbled closer to my zenith. The nerves aching as the throbbing intensifies, the shoulders rubbing the sheet nearly causing a friction burn while thrashing to the lover that is created in my dreams and responding to all his nonverbal commands.

“AHHHHHHH” flies from the lips that are opened to release the pent up reaction. Wavess of pulses float from deep inside as quim flows over the fingers and along the skin to pool in the crack of my ass. Having gotten myself off I drifted into a deeper sleep cuddling the pillow replica of Uncle Brett.