Mayıs 15, 2023

A Weekend of Discovery – Chapter 2

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Morning Blowjob. What is the best way of waking a man in the morning? In my way – slowly – sensually – with my warm mouth wrapped around his cock, building to a deliciously satisfying orgasm. I slowly opened my eyes early on Sunday morning, lying on my left side, which is how I usually sleep. And what did I see? Lo-and-behold, the handsome man I had a ton of sex with the night before, was now sleeping like a baby. I could tell by his snoring that he was in a deep sleep. The sheet was down around his waist, and I watched his chest rise and fall with his breathing. My thoughts ran through the incredible sex we had last night, how sweet his cock tasted in my mouth, and how he came all over my tits. The amount of cum he released could have filled a champagne glass! Raising my head, I looked over his side of the bed at the clock on the nightstand. 8:30 AM. My eyes were wide open, and there was no way I could go back to sleep, especially with Sean lying next to me. I gently eased the sheet from Sean’s sleeping body. His beautiful cock was already semi-hard. I gently bit my bottom lip as I looked at such a nice piece of meat. Slowly snaking my way down the side of his body, I leaned over his crotch and blew gently up and down his veiny trunk and scrotum. He stirred a little, shrugged his shoulders, and continued to snore. I leaned down a little more, bringing my face closer to his crotch, and darted my tongue from my mouth. With exquisite care, I lowered my tongue until it touched – just barely – the warm skin of his cock. Using Ankara bayan escort the very tip of my tongue, I panted his dick from one end to the other. When my tongue reached his cockhead, I heard his low, appreciative moan. He was waking now. As I continued to paint his dick with my thick morning saliva, I felt his hand on my back, moving slowly towards my ass. I waited until he was walking his fingers ever so close to the sweet curve of my ass, then brushed him away. “Be still,” I whispered.8:41 AM. I returned to the pleasure at hand, giving him more of my tongue, and painted him wetly, in broad strokes now. He was fully erect, straining for more. Whenever he reached to touch me, I pulled away. “I’m not going to suck your dick if you insist on touching me, Sean!” I admonished him. I wanted Sean to enjoy it and not be distracted by touching me. There would be time for that later. I remembered how he stopped me from sucking him last night because he was eager to get at my body. I was not going to let that happen this morning.He laughed and said, “Okay, honey, have at it.” I began swirling my tongue around the head of his cock. The wet pleasure of my tongue activated every nerve in his member. His breathing had deepened, and soft moans escaped his lips. I continued teasing him with my tongue. I glanced at the time again. 8:46 AM. Sean ignored my instructions. The assault from his hands had become incessant, and I began to concede some ground, allowing his hands to cup my ass, Escort bayan Ankara feeling the rounded curves, but steadfastly refused him any access to my pussy. Instead, I kept his attention by slowly taking the tip of his cock into my mouth, but every time his fingers made their way close to my pussy, I pulled off him and started the process again. 8:51 AM. I slowly moved my mouth up and down his shaft. I felt it twitch inside my mouth every so often as the excitement got too much for him. He was moaning and grinning like a happy clown at such a hot waking-up present. Sean continued, occasionally, to hump gently upward, but I continued to pull away each time. I was determined that it was going to be my way or no way at all. Slowly, with measured strokes, I began to build the pace of my bobbing, feeling him respond to my sucking mouth. 8:55 AM. I began working on his cock more firmly now, in long slobbering strokes, stuffing most of him in my mouth and easing out to the very tip before plunging my head down again. He was unable to stop himself from humping my mouth. I added just a little scrape of my teeth to the underside of his cock on every stroke. 8:58 AM. I built the pace towards a fever pitch, face-fucking his cock, gobbling all I could without taking him into my throat. Sean was nearly at the point of no return now. I kept easing off, keeping him on the edge of his Shangri-La. 8:59 AM. Sean moaned aloud, “Oh, fuck baby … Feels so good … Oh, so close … Oh fuck, Reyanna, I’m Bayan escort Ankara gonna cum!” 9:00 AM. A thick torrent of hot delicious semen filled my mouth so quickly that I swallowed several times trying to keep up with him, and still cum spilled from my lips, rolled down his shaft, and covered his balls. I continued to slurp and gobble his cum, feeding my hunger with all he gave me. It gave me a total rush! When it was over, Sean said, “Holy cow, Reyanna, I had never had a blowjob like that before! That was totally amazing!”“I’m glad you liked it, Sean,” I replied, licking my lips. “What do you want to do now?”“Order breakfast, and then we’ll figure it out,” he said. “I already had my breakfast,” I laughed with my belly full of his sweet delicious cum, “but I’ll order something for you. What do you want?”“Pancakes and coffee,” he replied and got up from the bed and went into the bathroom to pee. I reached for the hotel phone and called room service, ordering Sean his breakfast and a glass of orange juice for me. Then I got up and wrapped my naked body in the hotel courtesy robe and tied the sash around my waist. Room service delivered our breakfast ten minutes later. The Massage.After Sean ate his breakfast, he suggested since I had given him such a magnificent blowjob earlier, he wanted to repay me with a massage. I was all for that, so I took off my robe and got on the bed, lying face down for him. Sean, still naked, straddled the backs of my thighs and began rubbing my shoulders and neck. “Mmm, that feels good,” I purred under his talented hands. Sean massaged my arms and hands, and then his hands moved down my back to my sexy derriere, working the side of his palm deep into the crack of my ass. I moaned softly, encouraging him. He worked his way down my legs to my feet, massaging the bottoms of my feet and my toes.