Nisan 24, 2023

A Weekend With Sis

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Mom and dad had left home on the weekly trip to Vegas and once again the house was left to me and my sister. She and I had always been home alone since about I turned 19 and my parents retired. They figured that since I was 19 now and Shelby had just turned 18 we could take care of ourselves and the house. So for almost a year now we’ve been alone every weekend. Little did I know that this weekend would be the best ever.

Mom and dad left at about 7 pm Friday night just after dinner. They wished us farewell and said for us to be good. My sis kissed them goodbye and I did too. After they left my sister had asked me if I had any plans. I said that I was gonna go out with the guys for some bowling and drinks and maybe be back at around 2 am. She had frowned and said, “Oh…”

“What’s wrong?” I said.

“It’s just, you and I never hang out, and I thought that the fact that mom and dad leave every weekend would give us a chance to become closer.” she replied.

“Oh, well… hmmm…I guess I can cancel the night out with the guys and you and I could go rent a movie or two?” I answered.

“Really, you’d do that for me…cool!” she said.

So she got dressed and I got dressed and we jumped into the wrangler. It was a nice night out. Not too cold not too warm. Just one of those summer nights. We stopped at Blockbuster and rented a horror movie for me and a chick flick for her. Then we drove home.

We got home and got into our pajamas. From here on out, the night would get more and more interesting.

I had noticed that my sister had gone to bed in one of those LONG t-shirts. I dunno what girls call them. But those oversized shirts that reach down a little past her knees. Well anyways, she looked great in one of those. Her long blonde hair was down, her boobs were protruding from her “shirt”, and her ass was explicitly defined through that “shirt”. I didn’t give her much attention, but she did catch my eye with that thing.

She popped in her chick flick first and I got all pissy. I’m not one for chick flicks. what guy is? so I opened a soda and watched in boredom for 2 and a half hours. But I had noticed throughout the movie that my sister would have her hands under the blanket and she would breathe heavily. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize what she was doing, so I got aroused. I didn’t know why, she IS my sister, but a beautiful blonde bombshell playing with herself is fucking arousing!!!

The movie ended and she said she had to go to the bathroom. An she ran into the downstairs one. I had to go to so I ran to the one upstairs. I finished first and she was still in ordu seks hikayeleri there. I figured she had to finish her “session”. So I knocked on the door about 3 minutes after I finished, and she said she was coming. I dunno if she was “coming” or if she was coming out of the bathroom. So I just didn’t mind it. So I popped the horror flick in and sat back down on the couch. I heard the bathroom sink and knew she was done so I fast forward the video past the previews and started the movie. Then the bathroom door opened. An there she was.

She was standing there with hair in pony tails and this time, completely naked. Well except for the socks. She was smiling and I was just completely aroused at the sight of my little sister naked in front of me. She was gorgeous. My sis was the type of girl that was short and petite. She was maybe 5’6” and a half. She had blonde hair, nice round 34 c breast, a firm butt, and I had noticed that she shaved her pubes. I also noticed that she had two tattoos. One on the small of her back, which was a tribal design of some sort, right above her ass, and one in her waist that read, “Evil”.

“do you like?” she asked. I just sat there eyes wide open and no words came out. The movie was starting. “Well? Do you?” still no words. I was in complete shock. What was I to do, all the blood ran from my brain and into my cock. This she had noticed. She walked on over to me and stood in front of me. Her belly button was staring me in the eye. She placed her hands on my shoulders and moved in with her tummy. “Kiss…” So I did and I kissed her tummy. She moaned and I continued to kiss her. After about 3 minutes of making out with her tummy, she laid down on the couch and spread her legs exposing her pussy to me. “Kiss…” she said. And I followed. Her pussy tasted so good. I never realized that a virgin’s pussy would taste so good. I was so caught up into popping cherries that foreplay would just skip my mind when I’d have sex with other virgins. But my sister’s pussy tasted so sweet. She grinded her pussy in to my face as she reached her first orgasm. She came onto my face and she giggled. I smiled and said, “Why All of a sudden you and I are like this?”

“Because, we’re alone and I’m 18 and I want you.” she replied.

“You know that this is wrong right?” I replied.

“That’s why it’s so much fun for me, because it’s SOOOOOOO wrong!!!” and she giggled some more. “Take off your clothes, I wanna show what I learned from the tape I found in dad’s room.”

I took off all my clothes and my cock was still at full attention waiting to explode. She sat up and she looked up at me. She smiled and she grabbed my cock. she wrapped her mouth around it and started to give me a blow job. Now I thought she was gonna do some new thing since she “learned” something from dad’s porno, but she was just giving me a blow job. But it felt so good though. Her little mouth wrapped around my cock was so good. She sucked on my cock as if my cock was a lollipop. I was tired of standing so I sat in the la-z-boy of my fathers. she still continued to suck me off.

She stopped and said, “Do you like this?” I moaned in response. She continued. I didn’t mind the sporadic use of her teeth. She was still an amateur so I gave her some credit. She bobbed and sucked harder and this made me bust my first load of hot cum into her mouth. She kept it in her mouth and she let it dribble out of her mouth and down her neck, down her chest, and then down onto her pubes. Then she looked at me and said, “Lick…”

Lick? I was confused, I had never done that before. and I was reluctant. She said, “This is what I learned…lick it off of me.” I was still reluctant, then she grabbed my balls and said, “Pleeeeeeze?” So with her innocent look I grabbed her by her tiny waist and I switched places with her.

I dove right in and started to eat my own cum. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, eating my cum, but cum isn’t so bad. Especially off my sister, it isn’t so bad. Her sweat mixed with my cum made it tasty. I kissed her mouth and sucked on her tongue. Then I made my way down licking my juices off her neck, down onto her tits I licked my cum off her nipples, then I slowly made my way down to her pubic area and I ate her out again.

I finished and I looked at her and she said, “Now I want us to go to mom and dad’s room… I’ll race ya!!!!” She jumped off the la-z-boy and ran upstairs and I followed. I purposely followed because I wanted to see her bounce up the stairs and the view of her perfect ass was great. On the way up id slap her ass cheek and she’d giggle. Of course, she beat me to our parents room.

She jumped on the bed and she told me “Come hither big bro!!!” and I did. I realize that I’m my little sister’s bitch, but I didn’t care. Her cherry would be mine by the end of the night. She kissed me and she managed to slip her tongue into my mouth. I didn’t care. While we were kissing her hands made their way to my cock and she started to stroke me till I got hard again. While she was doing that one of my hands fondled her tit and the other rubbed her clit. She got so wet when I started to rub her clit.

“Fuck me!” she screamed.

She took my cock and guided it into her wet pussy hole. She was so tight, I didn’t know if she could handle it. My cock head was in and she was in pain, but she was smiling while she moaning in pain. So I thrust a little more in and she moaned even louder. A little more thrust and a little more louder. I finally got my whole cock in and thrust out. I thrust back in a few more times and about 5 minutes of getting her used to it, she finally thrust back with me.

“It feels soo…gggooooodddd…kkkkkkkkeeppp gggoooiinngg…mmmaaakkkkkeeee mme cuuummmmm!!” she muttered.

I thrust in and out in and out. I took my cock out and she dazed at me, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing…” I said, “turn around.”

She turned around on all fours and I pushed my cock back in and started to do her doggy style. She was loving this more than when I had her in the first position and popped her cherry. She met her thrusts with mine and we were at it for the longest time. I must have blown 8 loads during our session of fucking. right into my sister. she said that dad had told her to go on the pill so she wouldn’t worry about getting pregnant, so I knew that I wouldn’t get her pregnant.

After resting, I went through dad’s stuff and found some porn. I put it in the VHS and put the volume up loud. My sister and I watched it together and she would stroke my cock while we watched two guys fuck a girl’s brain out. I nutted after a few minutes and I went to the bathroom.

She laid there on the bed while I was in the bathroom washing up. She was playing with herself using my cum as a lubricant to rub her clit. She would finger herself and start to lick her fingers afterwards. This got me hard instantly and we fucked again and again and again and again and again, till we passed out. Which was maybe at 8:30 in the morning the next day.

We woke up in mom and dad’s bed. Their bed had been soaked in our sweat, her juices, and my cum. I looked at the clock and it read 3:24 pm. I looked over at my sister and she was smiling at me with an evil grin in her eye.

“Wanna ‘play’ in every room of the house?” she asked.

I thought about it and realized that there were 15 rooms in our household. My room, her room, mom and dad’s, the 4 bathrooms, the den, the living room, the garage, the pool house had two rooms and one bathroom, the dining room, and the kitchen. So I reached over and kissed her and we started with our parents room and we eventually ended up in the bathroom in the pool house. We ate breakfast at 1 am Saturday night/ Sunday morning.

Our parents came home at 6 am and we were fast asleep in our own beds. The house was clean and tidy. Our parents had no idea what went on this weekend.

From here on out, my sister and I have been “closer” than ever.