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Accounting Entries

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Myra Harland carried her briefcase through the front doors of the Cameron Credit Union on a sunny spring April morning. She had just been hired as the new Accounting Supervisor for this small town credit union and would be heading a department of three.

Myra was always impeccably and professionally dressed, and today was no exception. She wore her deep navy blue pinstriped suit with an off-white soft silk shell with a string of miniature pearls that matched the color of her blouse. Her thick wavy shoulder length honey-blonde hair framed her heart-shaped faced perfectly, and her gorgeous kitty-cat like hazel eyes would twinkle as she smiled with her warm inviting soft lips. She was a lovely mature beauty at age 45.

Myra had a soft-spoken demeanor even in the business world, but there was a quiet command and smoldering sultriness about her. She had a walk that would make even a male statue’s dick harder than the concrete that formed it. It helped that she stood about 5′ 10″ and had a knockout curvaceous 38-28-42 hourglass figure. Her luscious full boobs were firm and although harnessed with good support her sensitive erect nipples refused to hide and would protrude through her silky blouses. Her ass was very meaty and full, and her ass cheeks and hairless mature cunt were tightly cased in her satiny day-sheer crotchless pantyhose. Whenever Myra walked, the satin lining in her suit and the soft nylon of her hosiery made a swish-like sound that Myra personally loved as it made her feel very womanly and sexy.

The VP of Financial Operations who interviewed her almost lost his professional manners during their first interview. He intensely watched Myra’s mouth as her soft purring voice answered his interview questions, and his quiet fantasies of having her soft wet lips donned in melon-peach lipstick wrapped around his swelling dick made it stand at full attention through his trousers, although his gut exceeded the short length of his 6-inch erection. Myra had absolutely no attraction to this overweight oaf-type bumbling idiot whose only brain function was juggling math figures for the credit union’s board of directors. He had this position only because the even more dumb-assed president who was the nephew of the founder of the credit union hired him.

Myra was walked to her office by the VPFO, and just as he thought he would offer to take her to lunch, one of Myra’s accounting clerks walked into her office and interrupted their conversation.

“I know you just starting today, but I need my timesheet signed NOW so that Irene in HR will get off my ass!” the young 20 year old, very unprofessional employee demanded. Erik blushed and bumbled a reply, “Umm…oh…why don’t you wait until Myra is settled in? You will be training her on the financials today anyway.”

Myra did not reply, but she signed the timesheet. While she signed the sheet, Ataşehir Escort she took a quick scope at this young 20-ish employee who had a petite build, tiny but perky boobs and small but rounded tight ass. She was warned about this girl by HR, and was told she was actually hired to not only supervise the department, but to help groom this young clerk as this was her first accounting position. Maggie had just been trained on financials a month ago and suddenly thought she was God’s gift to accounting and was not aware of Myra’s 20+ years of experience in the banking industry. Myra softly snickered as she signed her name, thinking to herself this young piece of ass had no idea what Myra had cooked up for her later that day.

“Erik, I will order lunch in today, and I see I need to start my training session as soon as possible with-what is your name?” Myra asked as her kitty-cat eyes had a piercing stare as she looked Maggie directly in her eyes over her reader glasses she had just slipped on her face.

“M-M-Maggie Green” Maggie now nervously replied. She had a teacher in high school that used to do the same thing to her, but somehow Myra’s gesture made Maggie’s young tight pussy moisten a bit. Although Myra’s voice was not much above a whisper, she had a command in her voice that immediately demanded respect.

“Oh, uh, okay. Call me at extension 115 if you need me,” Erik said as he waddled toward Myra’s office door. He felt an erection forming, and since all he did was hide in his office for the most part until the first of the month and little else, he was on his way to the men’s room to jack-off before going back to his office.

Myra removed her suit jacket, and her already stiff nipples hardened even more due to the coolness of her office.

“Go and get your desk chair Maggie. We will begin training here in my office.” Myra instructed, as she sat down and signed into her computer.

Maggie immediately walked to her cubicle and rolled her chair into Myra’s office. Myra further instructed, “Shut the door”.

Maggie closed the door, and rolled her chair to Myra’s desk so she could view the computer screen as they had their first session.

“Okay, you old lady, let’s get this show on the road. I need a smoke soon!” Maggie blurted out in a youthful, smart-assed tone.

Myra decided right then that it was time to show this little trailer-trash brunette who was boss. She pushed her chair back and walked toward her closed office door and locked it. Her silky but authoritative voice started her speech to Maggie.

“You don’t know this Maggie, but I have well over twenty years in the Accounting field. Actually, you will not be doing ANY training today. I will have a training session with YOU…” and as Myra said the word YOU, she grabbed Maggie by her short ponytail. This made Maggie Ataşehir Escort Bayan nearly pee in her panties, because she realized Myra was not talking about Accounting.

Myra turned away from Maggie, taking off her reader glasses. She grabbed Maggie by her ponytail and snatched her up from her chair. The force of this action made the chair quickly roll out of their way.

Myra bent Maggie over her desk, lowering Maggie’s tight pants of which revealed a thong panty and small bare ass cheeks. Maggie was too scared to move and she could not believe this was happening to her. She kept thinking, ‘No way—she acts like she’s gonna spank me…” After all, Myra was old enough to be her mother, and Maggie knew she was rude and rebellious type, but her own mother who was a single parent never resorted to these measures to control her.

Myra reached for her briefcase and pulled out a wooden paddle. She walked over to Maggie, saying in her soft but commanding voice, “Let me show you what happens to smart-assed, wet behind the ears little bitches who don’t know how to watch their smart-assed mouths with their elders!” Myra planted her knee to Maggie’s lower back for leverage, cupped her mouth with the one hand, and vehemently spanked Maggie’s tiny pale ass to a glowing peachy pink shade. Maggie whimpered and tried to break free, but she could not deny the tingle of Myra’s hard strikes with the paddle to her bare ass and the initial shock and excitement of the moment was making her young pussy wetter than she had ever known. The sight of Maggie’s flushed ass cheeks made Myra’s own mature pussy wet with lusty desire.

Myra’s square-tipped french manicured-nailed hand took the full liberty of administering more whacks to Maggie’s ass deepening the shade of bright pink to her delight. Her long fingers inspected the tight folds of Maggie’s drenched pussy and she uttered a sensuous moan. “Mmm…now you are ready little bitch for the next part of your training in submitting!” Myra whispered with a devious tone of voice. She reached a second time into her briefcase and pulled out a 10-inch flesh-tone strap-on cock.

“MMM…your tight little bitchbox is nice and wet and ready for its next ‘ass’ignment!” Myra naughtily purred. But first, little bitch, you will eat my pussy!” Myra commanded as she again snatched Maggie by her short sloppy ponytail and aimed her face land right below her waist. She unzipped her skirt allowing it to drop to the floor and sat on her desk. She then opened her fully toned hot thighs to reveal her crotchless hosiery to give Maggie full view of her smooth, clean-shaven hot twat. She slammed Maggie’s little face bull’s eye into her awaiting pussy. Maggie was now completely at the mercy of her new boss’s every command, and like a hungry little baby piglet she chomped and ate Myra’s pussy as if Escort Ataşehir she were totally famished all her life.

“You BETTER make me cum too little bitch!” Myra snapped as she grabbed Maggie’s head and intensely shoved it into her glistening mature cunt. Maggie sucked harder and nibbled on Myra’s clitoris, letting her tongue dart in and out of every thick fold and crease and Myra’s soft sensuous moans now turned into one long one as her cum filled and spilled into Maggie’s mouth.

Myra grabbed Maggie’s ponytail again, making her stay on her knees with her head held back to keep her fresh pussy cum in her mouth. “And you better NOT swallow ANY of that damned cum, little bitch!” Myra softly but forcefully commanded as she strapped on the 10-inch cock over her satiny hosiery.

“Open your mouth little bitch!” Myra sensuously whispered as Maggie liked a robot parted her jaws. Myra pushed Maggie’s head downward so the mix of saliva and cum juice would flow to the balls of the realistic huge prick. When she did this, the cock stiffened to a full erection. Myra took hold of Maggie’s ponytail and vigorously moved her head back and forth on the cock until Maggie started to gag.

She snatched Maggie off her dick, grabbed her by her ponytail and walked her to the couch in her office and gave her next command. “Get on all fours like the little bitch you are!” Myra told her and she obeyed. She pulled the thong covering from her soaking wet tight pussy and said, “Here’s an accounting entry you will NEVER forget!” Myra then shoved the huge fleshly dick into Maggie tiny pussy, fucking her with no abandonment whatsoever. Maggie’s whimpers and cries now turned into deep throated moans that matched and mimicked Myra’s as Myra pounded her wet pussy for all it was worth.

Myra suddenly stopped pumping Maggie’s well-spent pussy and as she did, there was a knock on the door. It was another of Myra’s employees Molly who could hear what was going on and she stood at the door reaching into her plump cleavage massaging her nipples as listened to Myra sexually discipline Maggie. She pulled her full tits out of her tank top so they would be in full view for Myra to see as she opened the door. Myra grabbed Molly’s arm, shut the office door and began sucking on both of Molly’s huge pale pink nipples, chewing and licking them until Molly’s pussy was soaked and ready to also be commanded. She planted some deep-tongue kisses into Molly’s mouth and helped her out of her tank top and sweater.

“Mmm, that was good honey,” Myra sweetly told Molly. Molly was topless and Myra took her by one of her bouncing tits to the couch where Maggie had her legs wide open, playing with her drenched pussy as she watched Myra suck Molly’s full boobs and the both of them exchange wet sexy kisses. Myra grabbed Maggie by the arm and pushed her on her knees.

“Here, honey…Maggie is in training, and it’s time for her to eat your sweet pussy while I go have a damn smoke MYSELF!” Myra commanded as she removed the cock-strap belt and put her skirt and navy heals on. She grabbed her cigarette case and her walked out of the office, leaving Maggie’s face buried in Molly’s young wet cunt.