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Ad For Swinging Ch. 01

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Our Ad read: 40’s couple wants to swing with couple of same age. No expectation of friendship sole desire is for intimate relationship including M/F, M/M and F/F and group activities. Those interested should be in good physical condition as activities will be strenuous and rough. If interested send anonymous Email to )Email address omitted for story)

The ad in the Tribune was longer than most and expensive but we hoped it would be worth it if we landed the right couple to play with my wife and me. Karen had reservations about the ad. First, she worried it wouldn’t get any response. Then she worried it would get response. She wondered what kind of people respond to those kind of ads. I asked her what type of people would submit such an ad.

Karen laughed and realized that there could be a nice couple out there that had the same interests as we did. We got a couple of replies from single men. We politely turned these down and began wondering if we would ever hear from any couple regardless of age. On Friday we were about to submit the ad for a second and final week when a message appeared in the special in box.

The Email read: Hi Hotman, My wife is 44 and I am 46 and we have never responded to a personal ad before. We have fantasized about having sex with another couple for a couple of years. We are high energy sex partners and love rough play. Kids are away now we can play. Reply if interested in getting personal details. One requests no picture sharing as we want to be surprised if we meet and remain anonymous if we don’t. Also no lies about appearance or anything else.

Karen and I were excited beyond belief. Here was a couple our age whose kids were also out of the house. Karen was ready to meet them at that moment. I reminded her that we needed to find out more before jumping into bed with them. She sighed and agreed knowing that I was right. Carefully we wrote a reply.

It read: Nice to hear from you. We agree about picture sharing and in the same line we will use pseudonyms until we meet. I am Bud and am 49 years old with brown hair with streaks of white and have blue eyes. I am 5’8″ and weigh 160 pounds. I am slightly overweight but have a skinny ass and a thick 7″ circumcised cock. My wife, Betty, is 46 and weighs 145 pounds with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She is 5’4″ with 36C tits and a plump round ass with a tight furry pussy. We like it rough, tit pinching, etc. If intrigued write back quickly. We can’t wait to get kinky.

The last part about being kinky was intended to excite our contact and also let them know that we have wide boundaries. Patience was not our strong point. We began pacing the floor as soon as I hit the send key. Five minutes passed and we couldn’t understand why they hadn’t sent a message back.

After ten minutes we received this message: My husband and I are excited about the prospect of getting together. Our pseudonyms are Brad and Janet. Brad is 5’10” and 180 pounds with dirty blonde hair and blue eyes. He is in good shape and also has a skinny ass. His cock is 8″ and circumcised. I am 5’2″ 115 pounds. My tits are 34CMy ass is large and soft and my shaved pussy is as tight as you could imagine. We live right here in town.

Without hesitation we responded to their message. Karen was gushing with excitement. Several Emails flew back and forth dealing with the mundane checking each other out. After we were all satisfied our messages got more colorful. I even mentioned that I didn’t care for shaved cunts. Janet replied that she only shaved it on a dare and it was starting to grow back.

It took most of Friday evening to convince everyone that we should meet each other very soon. Satisfied that we were really who we said we were and that we were truly married couples just looking to have a bit of extra fun. We all had family obligations on Saturday so we agreed to meet on Sunday.

It was decided to meet at a large food court at the nearby shopping mall where we would find out what each other looked like and real names would be revealed. The guys would wear baseball caps and the women would have a red flower in their hair so we would recognize each other.

That was Janet’s idea as she had seen something similar in an old movie. Such a meeting place gave us the chance to change our mind if we didn’t like what we saw as we spotted the other couple. Karen was absolutely sure that she wasn’t going to change her mind as she really wanted to experience a foursome.

Sunday could not come fast enough for either Karen or myself. Finally, it was time to meet our potential new sex partners. Karen had us to the food court a half an hour early. She had fussed over every detail of her appearance wanting to be seductive but not sluttie. She wore a conservative dress that had just enough cleavage to tease a man and it showed off her ass very attractively. While I wanted to do this I didn’t worry much about what I wore figuring that they would accept or reject me based on stuff other than the clothes I wore. Nervously we sat at the little table sipping mobil seks hikayeleri on soda. Karen strained her neck looking around the room for some sign of them. My fingers tapped the table with an annoying repetitive rhythm.

“Oh my gawd, it can’t be,” Karen gasped with her face turning bright red. Then I heard another gasp come from a few feet away. I looked up to see Karen’s sister and her husband standing in shock in the middle of the room. None of us knew what to do. I guess they decided this wouldn’t go away by just leaving and walked slowly over to us.

Janet was actually Theresa who looked exactly as she portrayed herself in the Email exchange. And, Brad was my brother-in-law Terry who also told the truth about himself. In the exchange with blushing faces we nervously greeted each other. There was no good way to open up the conversation.

“Well, I guess we are all sex maniacs,” I said trying to laugh as I said in hopes of lightening things up. Theresa smiled at me acknowledging my effort. Karen half smiling and half frowning slapped me on the leg. An overbearing deafening silence seemed to float over the small table.

“I guess that is right Bob, but what do we do about it now? We can’t just forget about all of this as Theresa and Karen are sisters,” Terry replied.

“I can’t believe we didn’t figure it out sooner. The descriptions of everyone on Email of each of us were dead-on correct, Theresa spoke up.

“Well Sis, none of us was thinking about family we were looking to get fucked. So it is only natural we wouldn’t make the connection as we were all too turned on,” Karen calmly answered. For the next twenty minutes the discussion went around in circles as we tried to figure out where we went next.

A pesky thought kept creeping through my mind of what it would have been like to have sex with my sister in law. I really had wanted to see her pussy hair growing back. My libido seemed to be taking over my common sense and I found myself ogling Theresa’s tits. Our faces were no longer red but we were no closer to a resolution to our problem.

Terry and Theresa offered to go over and snag us some lunch. While we all were hungry the purpose was obviously to give each couple a chance to chat privately. This became clear when the two of them stopped in the middle of the room and whispered to each other. I whispered to Karen, “This is awkward and I don’t know what to do.”

“It seems at least part of you knows what it wants to do. I saw you looking at my sister’s boobs,” she replied sneaking a quick grab of my very erect cock. Sitting back she gave me what can only be described as a wicked smile.

“It is no secret that I’ve always found Theresa sexy but that doesn’t mean we should jump into bed with them,” I replied treading carefully. It wouldn’t take much for me to give into temptation but wanted the others to give in first, especially Theresa and Karen as this would be true incest for them.

There was no warning or discussion about incest. We all knew what we were talking about. We just had to decide whether to cross the line. Karen then said she saw a large bulge in Terry’s pants as he left the table. Then she admitted she would love to see what made that bulge.

She held my hand and told me that if I wanted to go for this she really wanted it too. A minute later we had decided to see if Theresa and Terry wanted to go ahead and if they did we would make our plans accordingly. They were smiling when they returned with a couple of bags of burgers.

We were about half through the burgers before the taboo subject came up again. I had no doubt that Terry was ogling Karen’s body or that Theresa was trying to size me up. What I didn’t know was whether this translated into them being willing to have sex with us.

“So, you guys want to do this with us or not?” I bluntly asked. My question surprised no one as I tended to be tactless. Everyone’s faces began turning pink and the tension was thick. Terry and Theresa looked at each other and he patted her knee. Karen fidgeted in her chair nervously anticipating the answer.

“Well, we talked it over and we don’t think that we can say no. Let’s finish this food and go back to your place and rip off each other’s clothing,” he said smiling. Karen was frowning after the first few words but as Terry finished the biggest smile I’d ever seen lit up the room. Suddenly all of the tension left my body.

We had already set up all of the rules and boundaries in our Email discussions. Rules Like no threesomes unless the person left out gave permission because of things like illness or that they were out of town. Terry’s blunt response startled me for a moment but I realized he was right as all of the ground work was in place.

“So, which of you wants to come home with me, Terry or Theresa?” Karen asked. She looked from one to the other. I think Terry was surprised that he was not automatically invited. We all knew that this encounter would be one on one only but Terry hadn’t thought of the possibility of a same sex encounter right out of the blocks.

We had all agreed that both one on one combinations needed to be explored before getting together for a foursome. We also figured that the same sex encounters would not be frequent as we were all bi-curious and mostly just wanted to experiment with our sexual boundaries. Terry was happy when his wife answered.

“Well, I’d like to take Bob home with me for the afternoon unless someone objects,” she said purring. It wasn’t that Terry was afraid of a male on male encounter it was that he wanted my wife so much. Suddenly our long slow paced lunch turned into four people stuffing their faces as fast as they could.

In about three minutes we were pitching our trash and heading out the doors. As Karen walked away with Terry her ass seemed to have a new sexier sway. I knew she was excited just from her walk. As we got further away from our spouses my full attention turned to my sister in law.

Her C cup tits appeared huge on her small frame and were accented further by the clingy V neck blouse that displayed her ample cleavage very sensually. It was hard to play it cool as horny as I was but there were too many people around who might have known us. Like a gentleman I opened my car door for her salivating as she got in showing me those sexy legs almost all the way up to her undies.

“Now, Bob, you are sure that you really want to do this aren’t you.” Theresa asked as we fastened our seat belts. Her skirt had risen to within an inch of her panties as she looked at me. More precisely she was looking directly at my lap and licking her lips.

“Oh yes Theresa I’ve fantasized about you for years,” I confessed. I reached over and lightly caressed her knee. I felt a shudder go up my spine at this small contact. I put the key in the ignition to start the car. “Then we should make both of our fantasies come to life. Just remember that whatever you dish out I will return to you in spades from caressing to the rough stuff,” She purred evilly. As if to prove her point she reached for my cock and gave it a hard squeeze through my jeans. Putting her knee up on the seat Theresa settled back for the short drive to her house. “So my sweet sister in law do you have any limits that we didn’t discuss in the Email? Or, you ready to have your Dawd damn brains fucked out in every way I can think of like the bitch you are,” I asked her testing her limits both with the language use and what she was up for.

Fucking bastard what I said is what I meant in the Emails. We’ll see about who fucks whose brains out. My cunt will wear out that cock of yours before you know what is happening,” she snapped back.” We had always had a snappy relationship giving each other hell and loving every minute of it.

For some unknown reason we both broke in a giggle. But, there was nothing funny about my feelings or what I wanted to do with her. Finally, we pulled into her driveway and jogged to her front door waving at her neighbor on the way. She fumbled with the key while I fumbled with her tits saying, “Hurry up so we can get on with it!”

“Damn it, the neighbor might see you,” she whispered slapping my hand away. Before I could grab at her again she found the keys and pushed the door open. The door slammed behind us and we were in a tight embrace. My hands grabbed and mauled her ass as we kissed. Suddenly she kneed me hard in my balls. “What the fuck was that for?” I asked doubled over in pain. Theresa walked away with her ass swaying from side to side toward the kitchen.

“I told you in the car that I was thirsty so I’m going to have a drink. You want something to drink, besides me, that is?” she asked breathlessly. I joined her in the kitchen and took a can of Mountain Dew from her. We chugged our drinks down but I had gotten the message to slow it down a bit as we had the whole afternoon.

As she finished her soda she came over to me and squeezed my cock through my clothes while leaning in to bite my neck. Slowing things down was fine with me but I had a need to see my sister in law nude very soon. Reaching both hands for her breasts I smashed one flat under my hand while I squeezed and pulled on the other causing her to squeal as I demanded, “I want to see these now!”

“You aren’t getting any help from me pecker. You aren’t getting anything the easy way. Just do what you have to do,” she snapped ripping my shirt open. I think she expected me to do the obvious and rip her shirt but instead I picked her up like a sack of potatoes and carried her to the couch and flung her down.

Once there I then did the obvious and tore her blouse open and took off her bra. As I kneeled beside the couch and sucked a nipple into my mouth there was no surrender in her. She reached over and unfastened my pants and pushed them and my underwear to my knees. She ran her nails down my shaft then grabbed my lemon drops and squeezed hard causing me to wince in both pain and pleasure.

I rewarded her by kissing her mouth passionately. It was one hell of a kiss as not only were our tongues entwined but we nibbled and bit on each other’s lips and tongues. I sucked each of her lips into my mouth and then resumed the frantic kiss. Then I grabbed her left tittie in both hands and squeezed hard as I suck the top half of it into my mouth.

Letting go of her boob with one hand I reached for her pants and pulled down the zipper. This is one of the sexiest single moments of foreplay with a new lover as it signals the complete willingness of the lady and puts you only one very thin layer of cloth away from her most private place. A shudder went down my spine as I unzipped her. Then I switched to her right breast before unfastening the clasp of her pants.

I was hotter than ever when I turned to face her crotch so that I could remove the rest of her clothes. As I did this I felt a thunderous swat on my ass. Her ass rose from the couch so that I could shove her tight fitting pants off when I felt another stinging blow. Theresa kicked off her shoes as I shoved the pants free and she walloped me again.

She was wearing snow white; almost see through, bikini panties. The crotch of the undies was completely soaked in her juices. I ran my hand over the large wet spot thrilled at the feeling. Then I cupped her entire mound and squeezed it hard while yanking on her crotch up toward her head.

Growling her approval Theresa reached for my erection and yanked it hard toward the floor. In seconds my face was in the crotch of her panties sucking and nibbling as I shoved her legs far apart pushing one onto the floor and the other to the back of the couch. No dessert had ever tasted this great.

“Rip the fuckers off you son of a bitch,” she yelped. I gave them a mighty tug but they wouldn’t tear. I tried twice more and gave up. Instead, I grabbed the waistband and tugged them up toward the ceiling causing her legs to flail all over as they were pushed back together by my actions.

And then there it was, as her legs came to rest on the sofa, her sweet pussy covered with peach fuzz. Her pubic hair was less than a quarter of an inch long. Her bright pink cunt lips were covered in her juices as she rose up for my viewing pleasure. As I took just a second to remove my torn shirt Theresa turned the tables and tackled me to the floor right into the sixty-nine position.

Swallowing my cock whole Theresa hungrily began mouth fucking my pole as she ground her fuzzy pussy into my face. Wasting no time at all I returned her passion nibbling and sucking all over her hot twat. I crushed her ass cheeks in my hands as the room was filled with the sounds of us slurping one another.

My sister in law moaned her approval as she flooded my mouth with her juices. It was only moments later that I growled loudly as I shot a large load of spunk into her waiting mouth. Very greedily, she sucked down the load of semen I had delivered to her. Then without ceremony she rolled onto her back and demanded, “Bob, fuck me, fuck me hard, right now you son of a bitch!”

Theresa didn’t have to tell me twice as my entire body was on top of her before our next breath. She grabbed my prick and yanked it inside of her. Furiously I humped my sister in law’s cunt. She wrapped her legs around my thighs, aggressively slamming her hips up to meet mine, as she dug and clawed her fingernails into my back and ass.

“Take this you fucking bitch; I’m gonna fill your pussy up, with my cum,” I roared as she clawed deeper into my backside. As I strained using every muscle in my body in my effort to cum I looked toward the ceiling as her head flailed about on the floor. My heart was pounding like a bass drum and my breath was erratic as I spilled the contents of my cock like bullets into Theresa’s pussy. She moaned telling me that she had also cum.

After our massive orgasms we slowed things down a bit and got to know each other’s bodies. I kissed and caressed every part of her body from nibbling on her cute little ears to tongue fucking her stinky asshole. Unfortunately I didn’t have the energy to butt fuck her that first afternoon but was sure there would be ample opportunities for that later.

Meanwhile, back at my house Karen and Terry were having their own type of fun. Karen had told Terry that the way to her heart was through her big ass. So, immediately upon entering our living room Terry tackled Karen to the floor and shoved up her dress and yanked down her panties.

My wife squealed in delight as her brother in law virtually attacked her. Responding she swung the heel of her foot up into his crotch hitting him hard three times right in his balls. Terry buried his face into her plump rear, soon tonguing out her butt hole. Working the dress off over her head Karen yelled, “Forget the foreplay ram that fucking cock of yours up my shit hole right now!”

They hadn’t even kissed yet but Terry was anxious to please his new sex partner and threw off his clothing in about 15 seconds then got in position behind her ripe ass. He paused with his cock resting in her ass crack as if looking for something. Realizing what he might be thinking Karen told him not to worry about lube and just go for it.