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“Adventure on the way”[ENG]

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“Adventure on the way”[ENG]This work is protected by law under the Law on Copyright. protection of copyright is protected by law.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPLBelow, you can read the story “Adventure on the way”, have a good reading and please leave a comment after reading.Adventure on the wayIt was the summer day started early because already about 5 to happen to start the trek to Czestochowa. This is already my d ** ga adventure so I knew a little bit what zeczy and lunches to take with you. 15 days in front of me and jakies 40 km per day along with others. The first day passed quietly met a few people. After going 35 km and dodarciu on the campsite I dreamed only about a quick shower to wash off the sweat and Kuz. He went to the hosts who lived near accommodation with a request to lend warm water. He washed and went back to the tent to his feet rested, the newly Meet friends Bartek Kamil and Chris came up and asked if’ll play basketball on a nearby court, did not refuse even though I really did not want August. 2 rundki after half an hour and again just sweaty and I thought what I was washing up :). Of course, the match winner against opponents. Giving your hand against your opponent and then return to the tent Bartek: go to school with a shower and rinse but can get hot water silent count. Better that than to sleep and get up and crumbling sweaty armpits. The three of us went to take a shower. It was not only the government cabins showers which I really liked. We started to undress to my surprise Bart and Chris left wearing briefs and I was with Kamil stripped naked. Kamil had zarypisty muscled abdomen, around the navel gently but clearly overgrown path. This is what I saw when stated below me away was a great surprise beautifully shaved penis and penis hanging there any 18 cm. Kamil threw the text to the guys with are small birds and are ashamed when they take a dip in the underpants. Bart and Chris began to laugh. After a moment of silence came up with the idea for zabawe towels quick shots and everyone after a while had red buttocks. U Kamila was seen excitement when he realized it noticed that the tack he said, the party and went to get dressed we did the same thing. On the way back to the tent Kamil threw the text cool you, tomorrow şişli escort you have to sleep in the morning you have to get up. Through the fields at night I could not sleep. The next day I got up I packed my tent zspowiadal August a hot day is also not dressed underwear. Short sleeves and shorts loose. Behind him I heard hejka as the night passed wyspales August. I replied with hard because the first night. Kamil threw the text of the tent it went but I quickly forgot about it below. I shot beet and told that so I always have in the morning. Whistle and ready to march. I walked alone all the way until the end of the day when we approached the camp field Kamil suddenly came over and asked where I was because I was looking for, so that we offered after coming onto the field they met at bagazówce and went together to host the wash has some solid from previous years. In total, why do not you do not have to walk and look. I agreed so we did we went to wash. It was already a few people waiting so we talked who is older it turned out that there is only a year older which was 30 years old. That time wandering like. Came our turn to the bathroom Kamil told us they entered together will be faster. A bit hesitantly agreed. When we got inside it turned out that there is only a shower. I spoke with is older and let him take the first shower and he with not post it together lest we entered the queue drag. I heard he just undressing already on the field demolished, a little flustered began to undress, Kamil movements silent as time wasting. So he entered with them into the cabin turned on the water. She was great not too hot not too cold. Steel backs to me and lathered in August I did the same thing. I felt the excitement and my little slowly began to rise. Quickly I asked him to change places which would have noticed. And that was it, our bodies tightly brushed August. How to annoy me I fell instinctively bent down soap after not only felt something hard between the buttocks immediately she straightened up and turned toward his pile Kamil stood on guard. The right hand grabbed for his cock and asked what it takes to be a smiled and started to fuck my hand. Sam could not stand it and I stopped. I threw only is no place for these fun and mecidiyeköy escort as he says he may transfer to my tent because I sleep alone. Opluskalismy August and silently walked out of the home team. After an hour came and began to apologize for the stupid preserved. And I bitterly has passed. After the evening collection tent put up for the day finished. After a while I heard you sleep, I replied that not only lie. How do you want to go. Kamil had gotten himself into the tent and the sleeping bag shock here and a pillow. I said nothing because I was speechless. A moment of silence I heard sighing, I started to laugh and asked whether the shower itself not only relieved it does now and he he does not know how to begin. Wal bluntly said. In then I understood from the likes boys. Something began to turn with it in the shower this case so came out. I started laughing and showed him his tent but in a sleeping bag and asked if this also the case. Hillock had a pretty big and again caught behind piles hand and told him not to speak in August. I started slowly, rhythmically banging hand, he lays stiff and just bit his lip. Rozpoilem sleeping bag to end sat astride his chest and started bounty was huge for my throat but I tried. I felt a hand on my ass pickers into the groove excited August and soon found ourselves in the position it lasted maybe 69. 10 min. I began to lick my hole was blissfully relaxed, I turned to face-to-face he grabbed me by the shoulders and the whole impetus impaled on their poles. They passed me chills all over my body to the pain mixed with pleasure. Then grab your hands on the buttocks and gently lifted up, he entered slowly fucked like a professional male his manhood felt quite deeply. He tried to tighten the sphincter so that was tighter and he had more fun. A few quick moves and I felt inside me filling me warmly. He put his mouth to my ear and whispered that I had. Without removing dick ass I dropped to his chest and I felt like in the middle limp. He slid off to the side and he or can sleep in my tent, of course I agreed. We have put forward in a sleeping bag turned his back to me and asked for a wedge on the night. I was so excited with his dick stuck on the same egg and began to move your esenyurt escort ass I said with as he wants to sleep with a wedge let it be a drill not only peacefully lying and so he did. Barely wake up in the morning I got up tent packed with Kamil. This was our day we walked together anything special we did not talk about what happened during the night. The next place for the night. Kamil went to Bart and Chris thought that I no longer come but he brought all his zeczy. He asked me if he could, no clear answer. We spread along a tent and wash this time, I had a seat. We came housekeeper opened the coffee tea and cake. We jumped into the tub no longer had to undress resistance Kamil washed my back without forgetting the keyhole and hardware, in return, the same. We left the bathroom hostess invited us to come for dinner. We thanked and returned to the campsite. Chris and Bart waited in the tent and was asked if we play with the locals in Siat full of energy we went on the pitch. Not because we were going all the time we lost. After the game we went to the hostess for dinner conversation and food as you go if your feet hurt like. It got late, they offered us accommodation but there is only one bed and we were with, and so we sleep in one tent ato the same. We slept on the top and bottom of it. It was so hot with stripped himself naked Kamil too. I noticed Kamila with him stood. He slapped his hand on the dick and asked what he was kneading and he with a podjarany and has a full tank. I grabbed and started banging but he just did not want to. I took her hand is not there and turned their backs. I did not have to wait long, I felt a strong grip on his hips like a champion of throwing darts in the middle of it so perfectly put a hole in my whole impetus came from the same egg and it stopped I wanted to get away but I had no chance. Holding his dick in my keyhole lay on his stomach and began to push against accelerating faster and faster. You could feel that this position him get bored. So put me on his back, one leg lifted up, and again entered slowly this time. I felt like tearing me inside. My dick was already at the maximum level until the excitement hurt. Kamil noted that without touching’ll go soon. So quickened pace, a couple of thrusts deeper and lava sperm fired on my face and abdomen Kamil IN THIS same time came and flooded my ass hot semen. Full of ecstasy I got to lick the stick Kamila but he did not want to be debt and adopted the pose of 69. Robbing yourself sticks.I invite you to my account:GayStoriesPL