Haziran 10, 2023

Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 1, Paul

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Adventures of a bored Dublin wife. Part 1, PaulIt was great that Jack had such a good job.We lived in a very nice house,in a very nice exclusive estate.We had not one,but two cars.Although Jacks Audi TT was a company car.I hated it.We had a at least two holidays a year, in France,in Jacks folks apartment in Nice.But I was bored.All the neighbours were stuck up bitches.And catty cows too. I tried gardening,boring !! I got a dog.The little bitch shit everywhere so I gave it to a friend and told Jack it ran away.Jack was away more and more with work.I knew he was banging his secetary Caron.She was a friend of mine from years back and I didn’t even care.He could play with her little titties if he wanted.He didn’t seem interested in my 36dds any more.I didn’t care.It meant he spent less time pawing me.But I missed sex.Jack shagged me once a week.Twice if he wasn’t too tired.What a tiger !But that had grown stale a long time ago.Then,one night I fancied a bottle of wine.I was out of my favourite,Stickleback,so I grabbed a bottle of Jacks Albarino.But I couldn’t open the damn thing.I decided to ask Paul next door,a retired bank manager, to open it for me.I knocked on his door, but a much younger guy opened the door.He was about thirty,9 years younger than me.I said hello and I asked him where Paul was.He told me he was Paul.I told him he wasn’t.Paul was about Ümraniye Escort 60.He laughed and said he was pretty sure he knew who he was,then explained he was the son,and his folks were away in there apartment in Spain.Good grief.Did everyone have a second home ?As he spoke to me he was clearly looking at my 36dd boobs which weren’t hidden too well in my John Rocha top,which was low cut.He made it obvious too,the creep.He asked if there was anything he could for me ?I know what you want I thought,but explained my predicament.No worries he said,and invited me in.He turned and walked into his parents kitchen.There was a porno playing on a large flatscreen tv on the wall.He made no attempt to stop IT playing, and carried on as if the news was on.Smarmy twat I thought.Although he was cute.And younger than Jack.And slimmer.And he had a nice bulge in his trousers I noticed.He asked if I liked what I saw.I said what? Actually I stammered what.Not knowing if he had caught me staring at his cock,or if he meant the porno,which was two women making out naked.’The kitchen’,he said,’ I panted it for my mam and dad as a surprise’.’Oh I do like it’,i said.He came over to me and took the bottle from me.He opened it with ease with some fancy opener that probably cost a days pay for some people.’Do you think Jack would mind sharing Ümraniye Escort Bayan with me’,he said.Staring into my eyes.’What’,I stammered .’The wine of course’, he said,’what did you think I meant ?’I laughed,and just smiled,sipping from my glass.We finished our glass together,flirting continuously.He told me to go into the sitting room where we could be more comfortable.We chatted some more,and finished the bottle.’Let me fill you up’,he said,taking the glass from me.’The bottles empty’ I said.’Who said anything about wine’ he said,moving closer and suddenly kissed me.I was shocked.I pulled back,and was about to tell him to fuck off,when he kissed me again,and then grabbed my tit.I found myself kissing him back.He pushed me back gently on the sofa and climbed on top of me.His mouth moved to my neck,biting me,a little hard.All the while still squeezing my tit.Then he moved his mouth down and kissed the top of my breast,then sucked my nipple which was quite erect.I was breathless.And horny ! And wet !He moved his hand to my leg,and moved up under my skirt.He found my wet pussy and slippd his hand inside my knickers.His finger slid inside me.I groaned with ectasy.He finger fucked me for a few minutes while he sucked my tit.Then he was kissing me again.Then he put his hands on my hips and slid my knickers off.He Escort Ümraniye pulled his trousers down and a large cock sprung out.It was about the same length as Jacks,6 inches,but thicker.’Do you have any…..’,I started to say,but he slid inside me,filling me.I gasped,and he told me no.He moved in and out slowly.It was heavenly.’We shouldn’t’,I said.’What’,he said.’Shouldn’t fuck,or shouldn’t fuck without a condom ?’He increased his speed.Oh my God.It felt so good.Then he moved his hand and put his finger on my anus,and played with it,gently at first,and then harder,entering my ass.’Should I stop ?,he asked,slowing down.’God no ‘, I cried’,and I started rubbing my clit.We continued like this for several minutes,him slowing down for a minute,then speeding up,then slowing down.I felt myself approaching orgasm.’Harder,I shouted,harder !He sped up,fucking me hard,his finger deep inside my ass.I came hard and loud.He kept fucking me.His finger slipped out of my wet hole,but his cock stayed inside me.He lifted my legs high in the air and fucked me for his pleasure.Just as he was about to cum,he pulled out and wanked over me.He spurted on my belly,almost reaching my tits.He collapsed ontop of me and kissed me gently.’That was amazing ‘, I said.’Yeah it was o.k. wasn’t it,’ he laughed.We both dressed, and chatted for a bit,then I left.I felt weird.I had never cheated before on my rat husband, but it was the best sex I had in years.I had a feeling it would’t be the last bit of ‘strange’ I would have.The end….For now.Thats part 1 of what I hope will be a 3,4 or even 5 parter.Please let me know what you think in the comments,and I will write part 2 in a few days !