Mayıs 12, 2023

Adventures of a reluctant wife – chapter one

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Life seemed almost perfect. Here I was in a beautiful marriage, bringing up 2 lovely children, financially secure, and deeply in love with my hard working hubby Gary. Everything in the garden was rosy.I remember the first time Gary mentioned it to me. I was 34. The children were sound asleep, and we were making love in our bedroom. I was close to a cum, and Gary whispered, ” I’d love you to do this with another guy.” It took  me  a while to understand, but I cleared it from my mind, and some time later I exploded into a lovely cum.From that night on, every time we got it together, Gary would keep on about the same thing. “Would you like another guy to do this to you Jill?”, or, “Have you got anybody in mind Jill?”  “Are you working on it Jill?”I didn’t want anybody else but my hubby. He was good in bed, and I loved him to bits. But after a while I told him İstanbul Escort lies – “Yes I’ve got somebody in mind , I’m working on it. give me time.” But in truth, I didn’t look elsewhere at all.That was all to change a few months later, however. I had a good mate at work called Janet. She was separated from her husband, and used to like to go out dancing. So we started going to a club together every Friday night. As far as I was concerned it was all very innocent, but Janet used to pick up a guy and exchange phone numbers nearly every week.Then one Friday night, it happened. I got chatted up by a real hunk called Tony. We had a bit of a grope, I felt his prick hard against me while we danced, and I gave him my phone number.Tony rang me the next evening, and we fixed up a date.  Of course, I was honest with Gary, after İstanbul Escort Bayan all that was what he wanted wasn’t it? Tony picked me up in his car, and took me to the cinema. and dropped me back home. Tony had been a perfect gentleman, and there was nothing to tell Gary about apart from a goodnight kiss. But, we had fixed up another date for the next night.I could hardly wait for the next night to come. Gary watched as I got ready. He never said a word as I put on my sexiest black bra and panties, suspenders and stockings, and the highest heels I possessed.. I also wore a black blouse and black, tight fitting skirtTony picked me up not far from my house. This time, he took me to a pub, and then back to his place. We talked for a long time, mostly about music, and we sat on the floor together looking at albums etc.Then İstanbul Rus Escort the inevitable happened. We had a long passionate kiss. His tongue was great and I quickly became aroused.  I was a married lady, who had never been unfaithful to my husband,but it didn’t feel wrong at all. I let Tony strip me, first my blouse and bra, and then I undid the zip on my skirt for him,and wriggled out of it.In those days, I was just a size ten, and Tony paid me lots of compliments as I lay on his floor in just panties, suspenders, and black stockings. He licked and sucked my nipples, and I was loving it. The first time anybody but my hubby had touched me. When he stripped, I saw he had a real hard on, and because it was a little bigger than Gary’s, and also because it was uncircumcised, (Gary is), I really wanted to go the whole way.And we did, but slowly, slowly. Tony was an expert with his tongue, and he sent ripples of pleasure down my spine as he started bringing me towards a cum. He was very good, and he had a condom, so we had wonderful sex together. About ten minutes on his rug. He came, I came, and yes I had done it. And it was good. And I wanted more!