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Alanah, Queen of Hearts Ch. 02

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DISCLAIMER: This series will contain heavy themes of cuckoldry and cheating.

Tim was not a stranger to having women push him up against the walls of their apartments or homes, hungrily clawing at his clothes and nibbling on his bottom lip to urge him to get as horny as they were. It always worked, sometimes it would be he who would pull and tear at a skimpy dress, or remove a bra from under their tight tops. He usually hid his eagerness to please his pull, letting his actions speak for him. That night was no different for Tim; except for the fact that the woman whom he managed to seduce back to her place was a woman he recognised.

The once Mrs. Mendoza, now returning to her maiden’s name Miss. Reid, had been his college professor. A tall, Asian beauty, with pouty fat lips and a body to kill for. Her bright blue eyes gleamed in the dim light of her new single roomed flat, and could not contain the lust she had for her once star pupil. With the heel of her black stiletto pushing against her front door she slammed it shut, giggling as Tim kissed her, and held her thin waist through the deep blue silk of her tight bodycon dress.

Their lusty sounds broke the harsh silence of the sad little place. Moaning of the late thirties beauty who barely looked out of her twenties ringed true to his senses; and the smell of her floral perfume sent shivers up his spine, and hairs across his arms to stand on end. Her lips were untameable, rubbing and pressing against his, getting prickled by the hairs of his beard over her soft skin. It had been a long time since she had a wild hook up such as this, the recent line of brighter skin over her ring finger proved it to Tim. The fact that it was a chance encounter with a student of hers made the night even more euphotic for her. Her, and the horse hung stallion who explored her body as much as he desired to years ago, when he saw her lecturing in skimpy business dresses and tight tops with no bra’s.

She yelped in surprise with her tongue deep into his mouth when Tim gave her ass a sneaky squeeze, it was just as thick and soft as he imagined it being five years ago. The smooth skinned teacher pulled back and shot him a lust driven accusing look. “Someone’s been holding that in for too long…” She said, flicking her thick auburn hair back over her shoulder which glowed a deep red in the small light of a nearby lamp. Tim grinned and sucked on the glossy nude lipstick she rubbed on his lips. She arched forward, pushing her swelled ass backward into his hand as her DD bust pushed up into an alluring cleavage into his chest. “Do it again Timothy. Consider it a prize for being such a good boy when you took my classes.” Giggling she rolled her hips, urging him to fondle her harder.

The young man took the bait, squeezing and pulling at her thick and firm ass under her skin-tight clothing rubbing over his fingertips. He moaned hoarsely once he felt her lips suckle and nibble at his neck, lapping up his manly cologne with the tip of her soaked tongue. She started giving him deep red love bites that he would have to hide from those he was close to; he hated the endless questions from his jealous male, and curious female friends of what kind of slut he slept with the night before. How old where they? Did they have a nice body like they always do? Is she that girl you used to date with the silky ginger hair?

He shut his eyes tight, and grinded his teeth, again he had to think about her. Here, with every student’s fantasy standing before him willing to do anything for a night of pleasure. He could smell the citrus shampoo of his former girlfriend, could see the white leggings and lingerie and dresses she would wear that contrasted her perfectly silky ass length hair, those beautiful clothes that always seemed to glow even in the deepest of nights. Miss. Reid clearly sensed his distractions, and pulled back with a wet pop from the left side of his neck. She licked the saliva from her plump lower lip and studied him. “What’s wrong Timothy? Is my game rusty?”

“Not at all, you’re too sexy to handle…” He replied, staring into her eyes that made her linger on him with that expression that clamoured for him to be on top of her.

“Maybe in my age I just can’t get a virile young man to get his trousers off…Or was that rumour that buzzed around class of you preferring older women just a lie the girls in class told themselves. You know? To cope with the fact that you had no time for them?” She pulled him in with her alluring voice, smooth as velvet, and with a sexy croak that he wanted to hear cry his name as he pushed his penis deep into her hole. Her pointed fingernails shaded with a glossy hue lightly scraped down the bristles of his bearded cheeks, then down his red spotted neck to the buttons of his shirt. “Was that a lie Timothy?”

“I like a woman who knows what she’s doing, not some girl who sits back and doesn’t participate.” He felt his deep maroon shirt loosen, buttons slithering out of their holes one by one, revealing his body Ankara bayan escort to the smooth skinned woman. “And you certainly know how to get a man to lose control.” He raised a brow at her, and saw how her lusty dimpled grin widened into a bashful one. She made it down to his last button, running her hands over his waist and moving forward to tantalisingly brush her lips on his.

“Then why don’t you show me how you lose control honey?” Tim could feel her hot breaths slither into his mouth, lips lathered with gloss. He pulled her in for another kiss, this time with a rough push of his body onto hers. Miss. Reid grinned despite his tongue punching the back of her throat. Tim reached for the low-cut hem of her tight dress and pulled it up over the swell of her ass, almost snapping over her wide hips to expose the elastic black thong which her firm cheeks swallowed. As he ran his greedy hands over her booty, he felt the goosebumps cover the large canvas, his former professor seemed to vibrate at his touch; especially when he grasped the waistband of her whorish underwear and pulled it roughly upward. She lurched forward, lips sliding off his as her pretty eyes widened with surprise.

A gasp escaped her, followed by a held back moan that she desperately tried to hold back, in the end it was a futile effort; such a thing was not something she would have accepted from her ex-husband, or even the heavily muscled gym freaks who she fooled around with during her divorce. Yet as she felt her pussy drool for Timothy more and more, the better his actions felt. She tried to compose herself, flicking her hair back off her pretty face once more, albeit with a submissive twist to her pouting lips and hungry eyes. Suddenly her hands forcefully dipped down to his belt buckle, with strong hands wrapping around her wrists. Instinctively she pulled the strip of his brown leather belt out from one of the loops of his jeans, tugging at it to pull the hook from the hole it was pushed through. She couldn’t help but feel like she was unwrapping a present. If only she knew the size of it. She could not gauge its size, whatever underwear he wore covered it far too well to her annoyance.

She stopped before she manged to loosen his fabric prison, looking up at him with a cheeky smile. She was too wrapped up in thinking what kind of weapon he was packing to notice the young man had stripped his shirt off and let it drop to the floor. “Let’s get comfortable in my room.” She moaned, tugging the length of the belt in a jerking motion, Tim looked down and grunted with a pleasurable sound. He saw how her hand would look wrapped around his third leg from how she gripped his belt. Firmly, which meant she was more of a milker than a light stroker…Just how he loved it. She turned and beckoned him with a curl of her finger, hand still grasping his belt as she led him like a dog on a lead out into the quaint apartment.

It was nothing like the old place he once lived in, that expensive, luxurious penthouse he dubbed the Sex Temple before he moved out. But it had a smell to it, one that excited him, scents fruity perfumes and motherly cooking is what he felt when she rolled her hips to make her ass sway in front of him, passing the smaller room that clearly belonged to her daughter. As the clicks of her stilettos echoed around the quiet apartment, she craned her neck to the side to eye the handsome young man. “Don’t worry.” She said flippantly. “Emily is with her father until Monday. So we have nothing to keep quiet for.” She winked and bit down on her lip, tracing her big eyes down his body and back up again. His heart picked up in pace the closer she pulled him toward the large white door on the other side of the room, passed the small chairs and large flat screen.

“Good. I like it that way, I’ll have your neighbours bashing on your door within the hour.”

“Oh? I hope you can back up your confidence Timothy…How many women have you told that one too?”

“Only the special ones.”

“And when was the last time you made a girl feel this special honey?” she asked, turning the spherical knob of the door to open up the bedroom with an eerie creek.

“When I fucked my two girlfriends and cucked a frat boy who didn’t measure up…”

Miss. Reid did not respond, the visible shake in her creamy thighs under the simple statement he uttered so calmly and confidently was enough for Tim to know her thoughts on his words.

Curiosity shook over her, and she felt the hunger he had for her radiate from his crotch. “Shut the door honey.” She moaned, slowly releasing her firm grip on his belt. He grinned a panty dropping smile before turning to close the door. Miss. Reid wasted no time kicking her heels across the room and skulking onto the large double bed topped with power blue bedsheets, she sat on her knees, spread wide with the black thong covering the dampness of her swollen lips. Dragging her fingernails up her bare thighs and eventually to the hem of her Escort bayan Ankara dress that wrapped tightly around her waist she began to pull it up and over her toned midriff.

With the door closed Tim turned just in time to see how her body flexed and rolled from side to side as she pulled the dress up and over her braless bust. They bounced out and settled perkily on her gym cut body. Tim, approached without words, reaching forward to cup each breast in his hands. She rolled her head back to look up at him as he worshipped her tits, tossing the discarded blue fabric away to a spot she that she did not see, nor care. Closing her eyes that were deeply shadowed by layers of black makeup she moaned though her pouting lips, basking in the amazing feeling of a man with strong hands groping her.

Soon, neither of them could not take it any longer, Miss. Reid craned her neck down to focus on unwrapping the belt from the loops of his jeans. The sound of his clothing rubbing together made her heart pick up in speed, and her breaths becoming hotter and hotter by the second.

Tim felt his jeans loosen, and a rush of the apartments air push into the waistband which his former teacher pulled at to unbutton one metallic button at a time. He did not help her strip; he always enjoyed seeing the eager, slutty looks girls gave him when they saw what lied in the depths of his crotch.

Miss. Reid’s reaction was no different to the others. As she drove her arm down and traced her fingers down the thick, incredibly veiny length of his cock the wider her eyes popped out of her skull. The more of her fingers tracing down the entire twelve-inch length the more he saw the dark of her black thong become sticky and wet with excitement. Suddenly she maned and gasped submissively, pulling both his trousers and underwear in a trio of hard tugs. “Holy shit Timothy…Are you freakin’ kidding me?!” She called out, grasping his full footlong length in both her hands, holding up its incredible stiffness like a priceless idol being presented to a crowd of equally horny women.

Tim moaned, letting his uncut cock bounce up and down by tensing it. Miss. Reid went through the stages of shock faster than most. A look of confusion, then the curious examination of it, the odd tug, lift and peeling of his foreskin back behind the glistening pink head that capped his godly penis. The laugh followed, before she pushed herself forward, getting closer to him. Bracing herself on his lower body she pumped his cock hard, pulling his tight skin back and forth over and over as she licked her glossy nude lips to lather them with her saliva. “How many times did I make this thing hard during class baby?” She whimpered, giggling and smiling up at him.

“More times than I can count…I couldn’t take my eyes off all those dresses you always had on.” He ran his fingers through her deep auburn hair, combing loose strands back behind her ear with a pleasure given shiver in his hands. “If I knew you liked them big, I’d have pulled it out during class.”

“Timothy…I’d have been on my knees in seconds.” She winked, repositioning to bend at the hips, so her lips drew close to the head of his horse cock. Pushing her hand hard forward onto the base of his monster she squeezed it, allowing his tanned leathery skin to be as tight as possible. “Now… Let’s see if this thing tastes as good as it looks!”

Tim was cut off before he could retort with a witty and suggestive comeback. Miss. Reid had engulfed the first few inches deep into her mouth, moaning hard and lapping her tongue across as much of it as possible. Her ears pricked up as he exhaled loudly, pressing his hand on her shoulder to brace himself. Miss. Reid kept her eyes shut, allowing her deep black eyeshadow over her eyelids to glitter under the dim light of the city outside the large window on the right wall. Tim’s toes sank into her carpet, as shocks of sensitive pleasure took over his body, with every bob of his former professor’s head came a wet choke from her neck, and a shiver that prickled his un-sucked inches and legs.

She swallowed the spit that she washed over his cock, gulping it loudly with the strong taste of salty pre mixed with her natural lube. Her deep bobs hastened, and added a small twist of her head as she got into the rhythm of her skilled blowjob. His moans were addictive, and pushed her to please such a huge cock even more. To stop the buzz her lips felt under her thong she pressed her soft, thick thighs together, rubbing them which made her ass wiggle. She wondered if her student liked the view, clearly, he enjoyed the service; groaning and muttering “Fuck…” every time she bobbed her head deeper into his meaty popsicle.

Tim was met with a smoky look in Miss. Reid’s eyes as she surfaced and opened her heavily shadowed eyes to meet his handsome face. Licking her lips, she pumped his length hard, lathering her sticky spit over more of his girthy monster with wet SHLICK sounds. “You like that Timoth-” Bayan escort Ankara her confident coo was cut off with a squeal as Tim pushed his thumb into her parted lips. She sucked him, wrapping her tongue over it and using it to jerk his thumb off. He pushed it deeper to her delight, tickling her tonsils with a light gag from the back of her throat. The vacant expression he was giving her pushed her to desire to see the face he would make when he came. Both hands jerked his immense cock now, twisting and gliding up and down his length gracefully, as his pre drooled from his slit and onto her forearms and floor.

At first, she felt an annoyance that his delectable pre seed was going to waste, which quickly turned into shock within herself. The taste of cum was never her favourite, even going as far as to straight up deny blowjob offers from her ex-husband in case he prematurely came when she was kissing his pelvis. Yet here she was, wanting to taste the sticky hot goo that was stored in those huge, full and heavy looking balls of his. The young man pulled his thumb from her mouth with a loud pop of her lips. Her red cheeks turned to an embarrassed purple before she began to kiss the tip of his cock with long, drawn out kisses with loud smacks and pops. She looked up at him with her doe eyes knowing that he was living his fantasies.

She sucked again, this time with faster bobs and rotations of her head. She knelt there, choking, sucking, worshipping his monstrous twelve-inch cock until her jaw was tired, and even then, she yearned to keep going, to see that erotic look on his face grow deeper and deeper into lust for her. Pulling away from his crotch she rose up straight, panting and gasping for air. Tim stepped out of the pile of trousers that piled around his ankles, leaving him naked for her. She sat on her thick ass, grinding it backward to shift up the bed until she laid back and pressed her knees together. She moaned as she fondled herself, pouting her thick dick sucking lips out as she pinched her rock-hard nipples; sending tingles across her body.

The weight of her horse hung stud pressed down on the double bed, she felt the bed shift and move under him, he was approaching. Tim softly clawed at her knees, spreading them apart further and further. She let him, and stared at him with hearts in her eyes, seeing how confident he was with every subtle move. Her lingering stare tore away from his body and down to his swaying cock that stood pointed straight at her. She did not realise that her parted her knees all the way apart until they pressed on the bed, her mind only focused on preparing to feel that thing give her the fuck of her life.

Tim moved over her, enveloping her; she loved it, reaching for the back of his neck to pull him down for a make out. He moaned in her mouth, forcing his tongue deep into her salt flavoured mouth. She whimpered, and arched her toned stomach up to press his hot, moist cock against their bodies. The way his entire length ran up her muscle tone, lightly scraping against the underside of her heavy breasts made her cunt practically loosen itself for him. Soon she was the one to plead. “Gonna fuck your teacher honey?” she breathed. He grinned, and grasped the base of his cock and roughly dragged it down her body, past her belly button and to her soaked thong that he casually pushed to one side. Her chest heaved, boobs obstructing the view of his cock penetrating her.

Tim moaned, grasping one of her silky thighs as he dove into her cunt. He never grew tired of the tightness of a pussy desperately giving his sensitive dick a good time. Seeing his teacher bite her lip and scream muffled moans of pure ecstasy for him felt good, how her smoky eyes fixed on his thrusts and how her entire body thrusted forward and backward with the motions he was fucking her with. She reached forward to run her fingers down his body, digging her fingernails into his chest like she was worshipping every inch of him. It urged him to fuck her harder, pushing deeper into her depths. Her continuous moans of “Fuuuuck!” as he picked up the pace filled him with adrenaline, he pushed forward, pressing his hands on either side of the bed between her head, He pushed deep, slamming seven inches into her cervix that sent her body into overdrive.

She yelped, pressing her hands against his chest to weakly tell him to slow it down. “D-d-don’t you even think about stopping.” She moaned, rolling her wide birthing hips from side to side. He moaned, going slower, slow enough so that every inch of her insides felt his monstrous cock drag over everything, her lips pulled outward when he pulled out, not wanting to let go of the young man’s massive meat stick. When he pushed back in, she breathed through her nose, staring up at him with a satisfied expression painted over her gorgeous face.

The young man ran his fingers up her long legs, which she moved to hook over his hips, interlocking her ankles to keep him pinned in. He threw his head back, pushing his cock into her cervix again, and again, and again. Each punch of her blockade sent pain over her body, which was soon followed by an intense rush that made her leak more and more. She was in a state of mind that could barely comprehend the pleasure her body felt, the feeling that she wanted to get to know a lot more.