Mayıs 22, 2023

Ali’s Box Delivery

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The doorbell rang out loudly into the empty house as it always does when a girl is in the shower. I rinsed the soap off as quickly as I could, turned off the water, and moved a towel around my dripping body. I was the only one in the house, my parents having gone out of town for the weekend. I wrapped the towel around my head, grabbed my pink silk bathrobe and headed down the stairs to the door. With my luck it would be some fat salesman who just dreams of the door opening to a hot 20 yr old in a sexy robe fresh out of the shower.

I turned the lock, opened the door to a crack, and was amazed to see a girl holding a package. She was wearing a tight brown top that barely held back her breasts, and short brown shorts that clung tightly to what looked to be the nicest ass I had ever seen. She was so hot I felt a shiver rush down my spine and a burst of heat building in my moistening pussy.

I had experimented with girls over the past year in college, but had never even seen a beauty such as this. Her lips, soft and juicy, just begging to be kissed, her tight ass just waiting to be spanked.

“This box is for you”, she said, “can I come in so that you can take a look at it?”

Opening the door, she walked past me, brushing my arm as she went. I turned and followed her into the kitchen, not able to take my eyes off of her perfect ass as her cheeks moved left and right under the thin brown fabric.

“Can I put this anywhere babe?”, she said softly with one eyebrow slightly raised. She bit her lip seductively, looking at me with come-fuck-me eyes.

I moved slowly towards her, opened my robe and allowed it to fall off of my shoulders and onto the floor. I kissed her softly and held her close.

“Lemme show you where to put it hunni”, I cooed.

Ripping off her top, and pulling her close to me, I kissed her deeply. Our tongues Kartal Escort danced as my wetness pressed against her belly. Licking and sucking on her neck, I trailed my tongue slowly down to her breasts. Her nipples were small and hard in my mouth as I licked and sucked around them.

My hands at her waist, her zipper moves down smoothly like her shorts were only there to be removed. I help her shimmy out of them as my mouth continues its playful trip around her tits. As my hands reach her inner thighs, a familiar wetness tells me that she is not wearing any underwear.

Moving down, my tongue makes its way to her tummy. I kiss her bellybutton and lick her hips as my hands feel their way around to her perfect ass. I stand, kissing her deeply again as I grab around to her waist and lift her up onto the kitchen counter. Her legs part, I am now eye level with her cleanly shaven little pussy.

“Your box looks yummy from down here babe,” I whisper “but I need to take a closer look, a sample might help me decide.”

I lick on each side of her wetness, teasing her as I hear her moan with pleasure. Slowly I lick from her ass up to her hardening clit. Opening her up with my fingers, I lick and suck on each of her lips as her breathing increases. Opening her up further, my tongue dances on her clit as I press two fingers deep inside of her.

She cries out. She begs me not to stop. Fingers pumping in and out, I suck deeply on her bud, flicking my tongue back and forth as I fuck her. Three fingers now, pounding into her, reaching for her g-spot. She moans louder, her breasts rise and fall as her lust increases.

She cums with a loud squeal, her juices flood my mouth and cover my cheeks. I stand and pull her close, our breasts press together, my nipples on fire. I kiss her deeply as her tongue moves over my lips, Kartal Escort Bayan my tongue and my face. She looks up at me and then says with a devilish grin:

“So what do you think baby, is my box what you were lookin for?”

Suddenly she moves off of the counter top and stands before me. She reaches for the package that she had come with and rips the tape off of the top. Inside she reaches past the packaging foam until her hand comes to rest on the object inside. My mouth opens in shock as she pulls out the biggest pink strap-on that I have ever seen.

“Time for me to take a look at your box sweety.” It is not a question, but a demand.

She kisses me and then smiles. Grabbing my hips, she turns me around so that I am facing the counter top and pushes my shoulders forward until my head rests on the cool marble. I feel her hands on my ass and then my inner thighs as my legs are pushed open, my wetness exposed to the cool breezes from an open window.

She spreads my ass cheeks, and I shiver as her tongue gently licks up and down my wanting slit. She spreads me even wider, her tongue circles my ass as her thumb begins to rub up and down on my clit. I hear the sound of the strap-on being pulled up over her hips, the fire in my wet pussy increases as her tongue continues to move with passion around my opened flower.

I feel her hands on my hips as the plastic-cock is pressed into me. She thrusts it deeply, my juices coating it fully as it moves in and then back out again. With one hand on my hip, she reaches under and cups my breast, pinching my nipples as she continues to fuck me deeper, harder.

I hear a moan escape my lips, I grab the counter top for balance as her belly slaps my ass again and again. The hand moves from my breasts, down my tummy and then further down as it circles my clit. Escort Kartal I turn to look at her, my eyes glazing over from the heat, the pleasure, the pain.

I feel a harsh smack on my right ass cheek. The sound echoes through the house as I feel first shock, and then lust. She smacks it again, this time on the side. My juices run down my thighs as I cry out YES! YES! FUCK ME!!! MAKE ME YOUR BITCH!!!

I am so close, she smacks my reddening ass once more before grabbing both of my hips and driving the strap-on deeper and harder into me than ever before. I squeal as I feel my muscles tighten, my pussy grips the dildo as the spasms of the oncoming orgasm roll through me.

She thrusts one last time the deepest yet, and pauses so that I can feel the entire length fill me completely. I reach back and grab her wrist, my head pressed hard against the counter as I cum longer and harder than I ever have before.

She slowly pulls it out of me, gently grabs me by the shoulder and pulls me to her waiting mouth. It is my turn to taste myself off of her lips, tongue and cheeks. She holds me for a moment, rubbing my back and squeezing my ass. I pull away, looking at her and smile.

“Lemme go to the bathroom real quick hun,” I say to her as I try and catch my breath, “I came so hard I need to clean up k?”

She nods, kisses me again and begins to pull the strap-on off of her hips and down her thighs. I move to the bathroom on weakened legs, splashing cold water over my face in the sink when I arrive. After toweling dry, I open the door, and walk back towards the kitchen. To my shock, there is no sexy delivery girl waiting for me when I get there.

On the counter top is the strap-on, still coated with my sex and a small business card. I reach down, pick up the card and hold it up so that I can read the small print. There is a phone number on top and a short tag-line underneath which reads:


I smiled to myself and grabbed my robe off of the kitchen floor, wrapping it around me again. Looks like I need another shower, I thought to myself. I wonder if Ali will deliver in there?