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All the Way (Part2)

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When Michael stepped inside and closed the door, he gave Kathy the same kind of kiss as his wife had. He was quite an imposing man; short cropped blonde hair, very piercing pale blue eyes, a little over six feet tall and built sturdily, weighing somewhere around two hundred pounds. My heart skipped a beat when I took in the complete picture. Now I wondered how Kathy would convince the woman to get naked while her husband was right there. Donna gave me a hug and a nice kiss and then her husband followed her with a very strong hug and a lingering kiss. Id never been this close to a man much less been kissed by one, but it felt nice and left me wanting more. We sat in the living and enjoyed some small talk. I couldn’t help myself from looking at Michael as often as I could without just staring at him. When he caught me looking at him, he smiled and that made me blush and smile at the same time. After that, I still couldn’t stop looking at him in a way that only a curious woman will do. “Brenda, please turn on some music for us. That mix CD will do just fine and pump it up enough so we’ve got a good beat. I feel like dancing.” “Of course,” I said and moved to turn on the music. When I turned back to the group, I nearly bumped into Michael and Kathy dancing and gyrating on the floor. From the way Kathy’s boobs bounced, it was plain to see that she wasn’t wearing a bra and was more than happy to show Michael she wasn’t. I sat and watched the duo dance and then saw Donna get up and join them. Her titties were plenty big enough to bounce quite nicely, but instead of facing her husband she was facing Kathy and it also seemed that they were dancing together by the way the moved against each other. Since I didn’t want to become the wallflower, I joined in the fun dancing like Kathy had taught me, being suggestive in my mannerisms, if not blatant. But I didn’t care how suggestive I was being, I was fantasizing about actually dancing with a man, a man who’d already kissed me. And when Michael turned his attention towards me, and not Kathy, I was overjoyed. We danced to more fast dances before a slow song came on and he actually held me close instead of sitting down, which I thought he might do. I followed his lead as perfectly as Kathy had taught me and then I felt his hand on my ass. I almost jumped out of my skin but after a few seconds, I decided it felt pretty good. Moving closer to him, practically hugging him, I actually rubbed my boobs against him the way I remembered a girl doing with me back in high school, and that really felt nice. “Looks like they’re really enjoying the dance,” he whispered in my ear. Glancing at them I could see Donna’s arms around Kathy’s neck and they were kissing passionately while grinding their pelvis’ together. Then I saw Kathy’s hand make it’s way to Donna’s ass and then slide under her skirt. I was so wrapped up watching my wife seducing Donna that I almost didn’t notice Michael’s hand was kneading my ass, and very well I might add. My hands went around his neck and I pulled him down to me for a much needed kiss. By now he had both of his hands on my ass and I was pressing hard against his groin. I could feel him becoming aroused and wondered if I had done it or if he had also been watching the women. All too soon, the song ended and the four of us retreated to the sofa. To keep it from becoming overcrowded, Michael pulled me onto his lap while Donna sat with Kathy’s arm around her bare shoulders. “You’re a very hot lady, Brenda,” he breathed into my ear. “Thanks,” I smiled and squirmed on his lap, feeling his cock getting harder. It didn’t take a genius to know his cock was quite a bit bigger than my own and I found myself glad of that fact. From the way things were going, I had already figured out that I was supposed to keep Michael entertained while Kathy and Donna explored their lesbian tendencies. What I hadn’t counted on was my own feminine feelings coming forward with so much power. “Hey Donna, how about showing me that dance you promised?” Kathy asked. “Love to,” she smiled and climbed off the couch. Soon Donna was gyrating to the heavy beat of the music, bumping and grinding, pushing her hips in Kathy’s direction. “Damn, she’s good,” I exclaimed to Michael. “Don’t I know it. And you should see her in bed. I mean, nothing is off limits. I’ve yet to find anything she doesn’t enjoy. Hell, last weekend she took on all comers at the adult theater and then sucked me off in front of them while cum was running down her legs. That’s one hot little sexpot,” he laughed and then placed his hand on my breast. When I didn’t push his hand away I felt his cock grow even harder. Then, much to my shock, Donna’s dress fell to her feet and she was completely nude except for her shoes; even her pussy was totally exposed with not one single hair on it. She continued dancing in a very lewd manner, using her fingers to summon Kathy onto the dance floor with her. Kathy joined her and the two danced together for several minutes before Donna unzipped Kathy’s dress and pulled it down her shapely legs. Now Kathy was naked except for her heels and hose. Donna danced to her and took a nipple into her mouth while Kathy played with her jiggling ass. I’d never given any thought to my wife being nude in front Beşevler escort of a man while making out with his wife, who was also naked, but it was a very arousing sight. Michael slipped his hand into my dress and started teasing a nipple until it ached. He kissed me and slowly pulled down the stretchable dress until my breasts were in plain view. His mouth moved to a breast and he suckled it gently. That sensation practically drove me up the wall and I moaned softly while his lips were on me. When another slow song played we moved to the dance area and my dress was left in a heap beside the couch. As we danced I opened his shirt and kissed his chest, an act I never thought I would have done. But here I was, dancing with a man while wearing heels, hose and a thong panty, being seduced so easily and, more importantly, very willingly. Soon enough, I had pushed his shirt over his broad shoulders and tossed it away. This is what, I decided, Kathy had in mind all along – getting me so hot and horny that I’d willing take a man to bed. And that would be why she had told them both about my actual sex. I took Michael’s hand and led him down the hallway to the spare bedroom, passing my own along the way. A quick peek inside and I could see that Kathy and Donna were quite busy and had little interest in what I was doing. Once we were inside the bedroom I sat on the edge of the bed and frantically worked to get Michael completely naked. What I saw when his pants were off really gave me a start. His beautiful cock, which wasn’t fully hard, was just as big, if not bigger, than Kathy’s strap on dildo. I leaned forward and kissed the head, feeling more power that I ever had with the fake cocks Kathy had used on me. As I worked on his cock I could feel it growing bigger and harder. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to give him a blow job or offer him my ass pussy. Either way, I was a happy camper, so I kept on sucking his magnificent dick. “Mmm, you’re good,” Michael said after several minutes. “Come on, let’s get more comfortable.” He pulled me to my feet and stripped off my thong, exposing my small, limp cock. “You know, I just hate having to push those things out of my way,” he said with a chuckle. “It’s all gone now,” I replied and then pulled him into the bed, snuggled against him and his rock hard cock, got a deep kiss, and went back to sucking him. I enjoyed the feel of his powerful cock sliding over my lips, knowing that I was giving him pleasure with only my mouth. Even though his was the first cock I’d ever toughed, I loved sucking him and knew this was where I was meant to be, servicing a real man. Michael pulled me from his cock and, rolling me on my back, slid between my legs, spreading them with his knees to accommodate himself. Reaching across the bed, I grabbed a bottle of lubricant and quickly smeared it on him as well as on my pussy while he sucked on my titties. When I was finished he got into position and began creeping forward until the head of his monstrous dick was against my puckered little hole. As gently as he could, Michael began pressing into me, slowly but steadily opening the outer ring. It didn’t hurt as much as Kathy’s dildo had but there was still some amount of being stretched wide while he entered me. Suddenly, I opened up and he sank all the way inside. I think he could have pushed a car inside me and I wouldn’t have felt so opened up. It felt as though his cock was even bigger than it had looked, but I felt so complete now, as if I was born to be used in this manner. “Damn, you’re so fucking tight,” he gasped once he was completely inside, his ball laying against me. “Oh, baby, you’re so big!” I gasped. “Fuck me good!” He smiled and began moving, slowly pulling back and then pushing back inside. Quite steadily, he began building a little more speed and then his thrusts grew stronger until the only sound in that could be heard was my whimpering. Without realizing what I had done, I found my legs had lifted up on both sides of him, my ankles had locked behind his back at some point and I was riding a wild bull. He kissed my lips and neck and then moved down to suck and nibble my erect nipples. “Ooohhh baby, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” I whimpered over and over as his big dick slid in and out of my tight little hole. “You’re so big! It feels so good! Fuck me, baby, please fuck me!” Kathy had never taken me missionary style but now I could see why women love this position. I felt so open and submissive, yet so in control. It had never dawned on me just how submissive a woman must feel to spread her legs and allow a man to put his penis inside her and now I was feeling it first hand and I loved it. Michael was now fucking me hard, his big cock flying in and out of my tiny hole while his heavy balls slapped against me. I was his fuck toy, giving myself willingly to him and his wondrous cock. “I’m gonna cum! I’m gonna cum!” I heard myself squealing and then a huge amount of my sperm flowed out of my dick and onto my belly. Even while my cock was spilling my load could feel another even more powerful orgasm building deep inside me, like a ball of fire deep in my belly. He slowed for just an instant before scooping some of my seed onto his fingers and feeding Çankaya escort bayan it to me. Eagerly, greedily, I licked and sucked his finger again and again until my puddle of cum was just a distant, tasty, memory. Then he resumed pounding my greedy pussy while my next orgasm built to even more powerful proportions. “Oh fuck me, baby. It feels so good! Give me your cream! Oh my goodness, I’m gonna cum again.” I squealed while a different orgasm began washing over me. Wave after wave of pure pleasure crashed throughout my body, causing me to shake immensely and grind myself onto him. “Oh fuck, Brenda! Oh shit. Here it comes! Here it comes,” he grunted. “Yyyesss! Yyyesss! Cum in me! I need you to cum in my pussy!” I screamed, my entire body was now totally involved. Kathy’s dildo had never made me feel like this and at that moment I felt as if I were a real woman. His cum began boiling into me and my entire body stiffened, pushing up and against Michael, holding his cock deep in my ass pussy. Then I began to spasm like nothing before. I was cumming so hard I couldn’t see and my man was filling me full of his seed. I kissed him with more passion than ever, even more than when I had fucked Kathy. My mind was swimming, the room was spinning. I felt drunk with so much pleasure. A man had used me and he’d enjoyed it. I had cum three times on his cock, once with my dick and twice with my entire being. Twenty minutes after the monumental fucking, I had finally returned to earth, he had pulled out of me and we were laying in the spoon position. I could feel his cum oozing out of my very well fucked hole and just knowing what it was excited me quite a bit. “You’re so fucking hot, Brenda. I don’t think I’ve ever cum so hard in my life.” “I’m glad you enjoyed me,” I giggled. “Are you thirsty?” “Sure,” he smiled. “Let’s go find something,” I said and we climbed out of the bed. My stockings had slipped down my legs so I took a minute to take them off. I was about to put on my heels but he stopped me. “Leave them off. You look sexy without them.” So now I was completely naked, but then, so was he. I lead him toward the kitchen and we stopped along the way for a peek at Donna and Kathy. The two women were laying close together, cuddling in the afterglow of their encounter. Michael and I stopped for a snack and he cupped my butt in his strong hands. Easily, I fell into his embrace and we kissed, his tongue quickly gaining dominance over mine. I had to stand on my tip toes and he still had to bend down to kiss me. When we broke the embrace, I leaned down and kissed his cock, which was still very limp. Once we were finally in the kitchen I fixed us both a drink – whiskey sour for him and a screwdriver for me. Moving back to the living room, he pulled me onto his lap and we chatted for a while, slowly sipping the strong drinks. “Michael,” I started, “you’re the very first man I’ve ever been with and I want to thank you for being so gentle, yet forceful, in teaching me. I can never thank you enough.” “Oh, I’m sure we can think of something.” “Name it,” I replied quickly. “Well, you started something and I interrupted you. How would you like to finish it?” “I’d love to,” I grinned. Placing my glass on the end table I slid down his lap and knelt between his open knees, kissing the head of his dick and smiling when it began to respond. “Suck my cock, Brenda. Take it all because I want to paint your tonsils and fill your belly with my cum,” Michael laughed and got comfortable. When I took him into my mouth I could taste the mixture of his cum, my pussy, and even some of the lubricant. I wrapped my right hand around the base of his cock and went to work, wanting to taste a full load of his sperm before I finished. Even though I’d given Kathy hundreds of blow jobs, I was still in unknown territory when it came to giving a real man a blow job. But I was determined to make him cum and I preferred him to dump his load in my mouth. Doing my best, I gradually made my way as far down his length as I could without gagging and then backed off and tried again. Over and over, I moved up and down his cock, my hand also working his as well. I stopped and kissed all around the head of his cock and then tried again. This time, I somehow managed to get my nose into his short pubic hair and I knew I had all of his big dick in my mouth. Now my head could bob up and down and my hand could jack him. Up and down, lick and kiss, I was totally lost in sucking his hard dick. “Almost there,” Michael grunted, his hands on the back of my hand, guiding me down his thick shaft. I have no idea how much time had passed but my jaws were really getting tired. Then I felt him stiffen and then jerk, bucking into my mouth. I waited for my reward, expecting to have to swallow his spunk after I got a taste of it. The next thing I was aware of was the hot stream of cum blasting against the back of my throat and immediately sliding down to my belly. Another powerful blast of sperm shot into my mouth, coating my tongue and teeth and then another and another. I swallowed and tasted and then swallowed again. There was a slight difference in the taste of my cum and his, but his was stronger and much thicker. I had just finished swallowing Escort Cebeci his thick load when I heard Kathy’s voice behind me, “Very nicely done, baby. I knew you could do it.” Blushing fiercely, I looked at her and asked, “Did you doubt me? I mean, I’ve been giving you blow jobs for a while.” “But this is different. That was a real man’s cock you just sucked, and you did it like a pro. I’m proud of you.” “Then thanks,” I laughed and stood. “Yep, Brenda, you’re one hell of a cocksucker,” Michael said and put his arm around me when I sat beside him. “Why thank you, kind sir,” I replied quickly. After everyone had another tour around the finger food there was a change of partners and Michael went with Kathy to her bedroom leaving me and Donna together. My cock was spent and I don’t think I could have gotten hard enough to penetrate her under any circumstance and I told her as much. “That’s okay, sissy, I’ll be doing the fucking,” she replied sweetly. “Like Kathy said earlier, she told us all about you. You know, all I’ve ever fucked with my strap on cock is other women, so you’ll be my first male, much less my first transvestite.. She produced a strap on rig of her own and the cock looked more like she got it from a horse than any man’s dick, not that I was very familiar with men’s cocks. I mean, this thing was huge, longer and fatter than Kathy’s favorite dildo and very lifelike, right down to the veins and balls. The balls weren’t just molded rubber at the base of it, they actually hung down and swung like a man’s. “Get on your hands and knees, bitch, I’m gonna fuck the hell out of you right here in the living room.” And that’s exactly what she did. Once I was in position, Donna was behind me ramming the gigantic dildo up my ass pussy. It hurt like the devil at first, causing me to whimper and nearly bringing me to tears but once the big head was inside me it began feeling pretty good even if there was no way to compare how it felt when compared to a real cock. Donna wasted no time setting up a steady rhythm and I found quickly that this was something she knew how to do, and do very well. “Mmm, yyyesss! Yyyesss! Fuck my pussy!” I began saying over and over. Sex had never been as good as it seemed now that I was on the receiving end. I’ve always loved sex but I was always a one shot and done kind of guy. I mean, I would fuck Kathy hard and furious, blow my load in a few very short minutes, and then roll off her and go to sleep quickly afterward. Tonight was different; I’d been fucked by a man and filled with his cum, had experienced an ejaculation of my own and then had experienced the most wonderful non ejaculation orgasm ever. After that I had sucked a man’s cock and savored his wonderful cum in my mouth. Now I was being fucked by a woman wearing a bigger dildo than any my wife had ever used on me and it felt wonderful even though I was pretty sure I couldn’t have another ejaculation. I’m not sure how long Donna fucked me but I heard the big clock chime the quarter hour and the half hour before I felt Donna stiffen and crazily fuck me so hard and fast that I almost fell to the floor from the force. Strangely I could feel that big ball of fire building deep inside me and new I would have another tremendous orgasm with no ejaculation. Donna kept on fucking me right through another of her orgasms and well beyond my own. Still she fucked me driving both of us to a thundering crescendo where we actually came together. It felt glorious when that happened, both of us shaking and shivering so violently with her balls slapping hard against me. Then I was really shocked when her cock began spewing thick artificial cum so deep in my bowels and that triggered another orgasm but I don’t know if she joined me in that one or not. Donna flipped a buckle and slipped out of her strap on rig, leaving me impaled on it before saying, “Roll over, bitch!” I did as she said and now the dildo was held in my ass pussy by my own weight. Laying on my back, I looked up and watched as Donna squatted down onto my face. I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what she wanted me to do. As soon as she was settled, I began eating her pussy which tasted a little tangier than Kathy’s but in a good way. Using my tongue on her pussy, I worked as hard and fast as I could, driving my tongue into her and then using it on her clit. “That’s it, sissy, eat my pussy! Eat my pussy while my husband is fucking your wife! After him she’ll never want your little cock inside her, so get used to that fact. You’re more woman than man now, so appreciate the fact that she arranged to get you fucked. Your little dick is practically worthless except maybe as a clit. Just be thankful you have a good tongue to use on her after she fucks another stud.” Her words stung a little but I knew she was right. Since I was no longer a real man and Kathy had the same needs as any other woman and I couldn’t take care of her, I knew she’d have to find cock somewhere else. She’d be taking on other lovers from now on and I’d just have to deal with it as best I could or leave. I didn’t want to leave so I’d have to show my love for her in other ways, namely being her fuck toy and using my tongue when I was allowed. But now that I had a taste of being with a real man, I knew I’d be looking for more cocks to suck and fuck. For right now though, I had a hot pussy on my mouth and I wanted to please her as best I could. “Oh shit, Brenda, you sure know how to eat pussy! Oh yea, fuck me with your tongue! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” As I ate her wet pussy, a thought crossed my mind.