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Allie’s First Time Receiving Oral

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I had just recently broken up with my boyfriend. I was sitting on my bed in my dorm room talking to my roommate, Robyn. We were discussing him and his shortcomings (I had done the breaking up because he was a jerk) and we got to talking about our sex life. Yes guys, that’s right, us girls talk about this stuff too. I was telling Robyn how Mike, my ex, would never go down on me, even though he expected me to go down on him. Somehow it came out that I had never had a guy go down on me, and Robyn looked incredulous. “That’s horrible! It’s like a crime that no one has ever done that for you. It’s the best thing ever!” She leaned closer to me, conspiratorially. “I like it even better than sex.” When I told her that I hoped to find out someday, she gave me a weird look.

“What,” I asked. She went on to explain that, if I wasn’t too picky, she had a friend that she used to get her off when she was feeling really horny, and that they would probably be willing to do this for me if I wanted. I was shocked to hear this. First of all, I didn’t really know that Robyn was a casual sex kind of person, and second that she would share her boytoy with me. I had to think about it for a minute. I turned a lock of my long blond hair in my fingers as I pondered. I’m not really the casual sex type of person…but this talk was kind of turning me on, and I didn’t have a boyfriend to take care of my sexual needs anymore. And it wasn’t really sex, it was more like having someone masturbate for me. And just this once couldn’t really hurt, could it?

After a bit of internal debate, I agreed to her plan. Robyn got on the phone. “Hi, it’s me. Yeah, I’ve got a proposition for you. You know my roommate, Allie? Well, she’s never had someone go down on her before, and I figured you like doing that kind of thing for me, and thought maybe you’d be willing to do it for her. Yeah? Um, hold on, let me ask.” She turned to me and said, “Okay, my friend is willing to do it, but since you kind of know each other, you have to be blindfolded, so things aren’t weird between the two of you if you run into each other later. Is that okay?” I thought that was kind of weird in itself, but the thought of a hot guy going down on me while I’m blindfolded turned me on a little more. I agreed, and Robyn relayed my consent to her friend. “Okay, in about 15 minutes, you get to have one kick-ass orgasm,” she told me after hanging up the phone.

I started feeling kind of nervous and I wanted to know which of her friends was coming over. She wouldn’t tell me, no matter how much I prodded her, she’d just tell me that her friend had always satisfied her and that I would have a wonderful time. With all the questioning, the 15 minutes passed more quickly than I thought they would. She was sitting near the window and kept looking out from time to time, and suddenly stood up and said, “Your lover’s here.” I jumped to the window, but looking down didn’t see anyone I knew. “Too late,” she teased me. “Be right back, gotta go open the door.” She left and I sat back on my bed, nervously. I had never done anything like this before in my life. Butterflies were swarming in my stomach, but I also had to admit that I was very aroused. I reached into my shorts for a moment and felt that my pussy was already pretty wet. I rubbed myself a little, trying to make the lust I was feeling override the nervousness. It seemed to help.

A minute or so later, Robyn came in. “Okay, I gotta get you prepped.” She took off my glasses, then grabbed a scarf out of her closet and wrapped it around my head so I couldn’t see. “How’s that?” When I admitted that I couldn’t see, she helped me up and took me over to a chair. “Okay, here are the rules.” She placed my hands on the chair arms. “You have to keep your hands here, so you can’t feel for hair length or facial structure or anything like that. You also can’t take off the blindfold. My friend isn’t going to talk, so you can’t recognize a voice later, so don’t be upset if you can’t get any kind of response. These are the terms I was given for you. So, is that alright, or will there be no orgasm for you today?” I agreed, a small quaver in my voice. “It’ll be fine,” she assured me, “you’ll love it.” I heard her go to the door and open it. “She’s ready,” she said, and then I heard her step outside. “See you later. Have fun,” she called back in before leaving. Then I heard someone else step into the room and close the door. The click of the lock seemed to echo through the room and I began to wonder just what I had gotten myself into.

The weather had been warm lately, so I was wearing a tank top shirt and short, tight shorts. I heard him walk over to me and kneel down. Warm hands ran up and down my thighs, and my breath quickened. I licked my suddenly dry lips. I could feel sweat starting to form on my brow and in my armpits. When I felt his breath on my knee I nearly jumped. Soon after, small kisses worked their way up my leg to the hem of my shorts. Then on the other leg, again from my knee to my shorts. Anadolu Yakası Escort His hands worked the clasp on my shorts and undid them. As he pulled at them, I tensed up, holding my breath.

Panic started to set in. What the hell was I doing? I’m not some easy girl or some kind of slut. I have had a couple of boyfriends who I did have sex with, and a couple of others who I had also been intimate with, but those were after some dating and getting to know each other. I’d never done a one-night stand or anything like that. Right at the moment, I was feeling like I was doing just that, and it made me feel a bit cheap.

Noticing my hesitation, he stopped pulling at my shorts and just ran his hands up and down my legs. The feel of it was soothing and soon my racing heart slowed a bit and my mind calmed, even as my body maintained a high state of arousal. After a few minutes of this he tried again. With a steadying breath, this time I raised my hips up to let him slide my shorts off. I was so wet and my crotch felt like it was on fire. His hands gently pushed my legs apart and pulled me to the edge of the seat. I heard him inhale deeply. Was he smelling me? I felt something pushing at my pussy lips through my panties. It took me a moment to realize it was his nose. He rubbed it up and down my slit just breathing me in. His hands caressed my legs further as he did, running from my calves all the way up to my hips and back down.

The feeling of his breath against my pussy was so arousing. He pulled back and planted more kisses on my legs, moving up one and down the other, skipping over everything covered by my panties. Still feeling nervous, but ,God, so horny, I started to squirm a little bit, trying to get his mouth on my crotch. When he suddenly kissed me hard, right on my slit, I actually did jump. Starting from the bottom and working up to the top, he kissed every bit of my slit through my panties, ending at my clit, which made a shiver run through my body. He then pulled at my panties, and without hesitation I raised my hips to let him pull them off.

The warm air of the room ran over the even warmer flesh of my now exposed pussy, seeming to cool the heat of it, without diminishing the raging flame of desire. The kisses resumed on my legs, up and down and again he avoided my slit, and he was good at it, because he never touched it once, even with my squirming around. I was so very wet, I could feel it running down to my ass and so very horny that I didn’t care. His kisses kept getting closer and closer, and finally he repeated the earlier kissing of my slit, bottom to top, but this time it was on my bare flesh. I gasped at the contact. Robyn was right, this felt so good. When he hit my clit, I again jumped a little.

He wrapped his arms around my legs, holding me against him, and he then started to lick and suck my pussy. The feel of his tongue running up and down my pussy lips was exquisite. The slight thrusts of it between my folds made me desire something bigger, and I could see why oral sex was typically considered foreplay. It was when he started focusing on my clit, when I let out a loud moan, that I truly realized the pleasure ahead of me. I was in heaven. No sex had ever felt like this. Despite any feelings I may have had a moment ago to be filled, the sensation of his lips and tongue sucking and licking at my clit made them vanish.

I bucked my hips against his face, moaning and screaming as the pleasure rolled though me in waves. I desperately wanted to run my hands through his hair and pull his head into my crotch, but I didn’t dare for fear of him stopping. The feeling kept getting better as he flicked his tongue faster and faster over my clit, and I couldn’t hold back any longer. My hands clenched the chair arms so hard, they creaked. I let out a last cry and thrust forward against his face, as my orgasm erupted though me. He kept licking me as I came again and again. Finally, a short eternity later, I finished. He moved his attention down to my slit, licking and sucking slowly and gently as I came down off my orgasm. I’m not sure how long it was before I finally caught my breath. “Oh my God, that was so good,” I panted. “Thank you.” He took one last lick of my pussy, gave a final peck to my clit, and then I heard him get up. He kissed me lightly on the cheek, and I could smell myself on his breath. Then he left, closing the door behind him.

I could only sit there, panting. My trembling fingers reached up and removed the scarf from my eyes and I looked down at myself. My legs were spread wide and my pussy, glistening with the combined wetness of myself and his saliva, twitched as little aftershocks of orgasm kept working through me. I was so wet I had even made a wet spot on the chair. Suddenly wanting to know who the man was that had made me feel this way, I stood up. My legs were shaky but I made my way to the door and opened it a little, sticking my head out to look around. The hallway Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan was empty. I sighed in disappointment and shut the door again, locking it since I didn’t want a friend to stop by while I was half naked and still recovering my senses.

I made my way over to my bed and fell into it. I lay there and closed my eyes, reliving every moment of this sexual experience in my mind. As I did, I couldn’t help but touch myself. I let my fingers act as his tongue, rubbing my pussy up and down, thrusting one finger gently between my lips as his tongue had. It slid in so easily. I moved my now wet finger to my clit, rubbing it slowly, enjoying the feel of it slipping over the hard nub. I sighed in pleasure as I continued to rub it slowly, but then faster and faster, using more fingers. I pulled off my tank top with my free hand and rubbed my breasts, rolling my stiff nipples in my fingers. I began thrusting my hips up against my hand as I fingered my clit, starting to moan a little, remembering the way it felt when his tongue, his magical tongue, was flicking over it. With that thought, I orgasmed again. It wasn’t as good as the first, but then, how could it have been? When I finished, I lay there, looking at the wetness on my fingers as I caught my breath. I brought my hand to my lips and sucked one finger into my mouth, tasting what he had tasted, and thinking about how it was almost an indirect kiss since his saliva was mixed in with my juices. I had never tasted myself before, but I had to admit it wasn’t bad.

I got out of bed, cleaned myself up and started getting dressed. I began to put my panties back on, but then noticed how drenched the crotch was. I had been wearing white, and with the wetness, I could see right through them. I felt embarrassed for some silly reason. The thought that he could tell how aroused I was by my panties made me blush, as if the fact I had wanted him to come over and pleasure me in the first place hadn’t let him know how horny I was.

Some time later there was a knock on the door. It was Robyn. “So, what’d you think,” she asked when I let her in.

“I think you couldn’t have been more right,” I told her. “That was the best orgasm I’ve ever had.”

She smiled. “I knew it would be.” I confessed to her how I had needed to bring myself to another orgasm after he had left since I had still felt so aroused. “Yeah,” she told me, “that happens sometimes.”

“So, where were you all this time,” I asked her. She explained that she had waited for her friend in the lounge. “‘Bob'” she said. “From now on, my friend’s name is ‘Bob’. It’ll be easier that way.” She gave me a coy smile. “Anyway, getting you off made ‘Bob’ really horny, so I took care of it. No reason you should get all the fun.” I couldn’t help but giggle at the look on her face. I seemed that ‘Bob’ had showed Robyn a good time too.

From that moment on, I was really hooked on the idea of receiving oral sex. I know it was only supposed to be a one time thing, but a couple of weeks later, I begged Robyn to get ‘Bob’ over here again. He came, with the same terms as before, and I ‘came’ on those terms. Another couple weeks, he came over and ate me out again. Over these weeks I kept trying to figure out just who ‘Bob’ was. I had met most if not all of Robyn’s male friends, and I kept trying to notice if any of them was acting differently towards me. An extra smile my way, or shyly not meeting my eyes, or anything like that. There was nothing. Maybe it was a guy I didn’t know. I kept trying to catch him as he left, but he was always out the door and gone before I could see him. And since I was always naked from the waist down, I couldn’t run after him. But it did make it easy to masturbate real quick for another orgasm while I was still riding high from the first one.

It was at this point I started to feel kind of guilty, as I was getting all the pleasure and leaving him all horny and ready to go. Every time Robyn would come back after a while having taken care of ‘Bob’s’ needs, but I felt like I should be the one to do it. I asked Robyn to tell him that I’d be happy to take care of his needs next time, even if I had to keep wearing the blindfold. She let me know that ‘Bob’ told her that if he ever removed the blindfold, that would be the sign to tell me he wanted me to take care of his needs. She also told me that until then ‘Bob’ was worried I might get a look at him, since he knew I kept trying to see him when he left. Because of that, he was going to tie a hand to the chair from now on, so that I couldn’t get up so easily.

I started thinking about how vulnerable I was letting myself become. I mean, I was alone with a guy that I didn’t really know in a locked room, and now I would be tied to a chair and blindfolded. He could do pretty much anything he wanted to do to me. He could even rape me. Of course, as I thought of that and started to get a bit aroused, I realized that I kind of wanted him Escort Anadolu Yakası to fuck me. It’s only rape if I’m unwilling, but I WANTED to feel his cock deep inside me as I was helplessly tied to my chair. I almost didn’t care if he used protection or not. I just wanted him to fuck me hard, to have his way with me, to use me in any way he wanted, and to feel him cum inside me.

A couple of months went by, and every other week or so I had Robyn invite ‘Bob’ over. Every time, I’d have an enormous orgasm, and then he’d leave, and still feeling so very horny, I would masturbate. I had started out fantasizing about him standing in front of me and putting his hard cock to my lips, letting me blow him until he erupted in my mouth and I’d swallow every last drop of his cum. After I realized that I wanted him to fuck the hell out of me, the rape scenario became my main fantasy to touch myself to. The next time ‘Bob’ was over, right after he gave me another incredible orgasm, I offered to act out either fantasy for him, but he only kissed the top of my head, and ran a hand through my hair before leaving.

In order to tempt him more, I started stripping off all my clothes before he came in. Knowing his eyes were wandering over my naked body turned me on, and when he started to suck on my hard nipples as he rubbed my legs, I would almost orgasm right then. He would suck my nipples and then blow cool air over them, making me shiver and making them even harder, so much so that I could feel them enlarging. He started trusting me again and didn’t insist on tying my hand to the chair, although occasionally to play on my fantasy, he’d tie both hands and even my feet to the chair, leaving me helpless while he feasted upon me, but always untying a hand before leaving.

One of those times, I begged him to take me, or to at least let me taste his cock. He still didn’t take me up on either offer. I began to wonder, after he left and I was freeing myself from the chair, if it was a kind of fidelity towards Robyn. After all, since she was the only one taking care of his needs, it’s like he was being faithful to her, and since it was her idea in the first place, he wasn’t cheating. Maybe Robyn wasn’t a casual sex person either, but rather just generous with her chosen sex partner. Besides, she was taking care of ‘Bob’ just fine, otherwise he probably wouldn’t come here.

I could see why he would desire her. Robyn was beautiful. Long black hair that nearly reached her waist. Deep, green eyes that sometimes just seemed to sparkle with mischief and playfulness. Full, pouty lips. Tall. Slender. Large breasts. She was like the ideal woman for any guy. With that waiting for him, I could see why ‘Bob’ didn’t take me up on my offers.

That’s not to say I’m not attractive. I’m slender myself, although not as tall. My blond hair is just past shoulder length and I wear it so it kind of frames my face. I have blue eyes, and my glasses give me a cute look in my opinion. Plus I have the cutest nose ever. So I’ve been told anyway. My breasts are a little smaller than average, but my nipples are very sensitive and when I’m aroused or when it’s cold, everyone knows it. I used to be embarrassed about it, but after so many years, it’s stopped bothering me.

The last time I had ‘Bob’ over, Robyn seemed a little weird. This had all been her idea, so I hoped she wasn’t getting jealous or something. Before she left after getting me ready, she said, “‘Bob’ says that today might be the day the blindfold comes off.” Then she left. All my thoughts of ‘Bob’ being faithful to Robyn came to mind, and I wondered if that’s why she seemed off. If he might take off the blindfold and let me pleasure him in return, then I could see why she would be distraught when all this time he had resisted any of my efforts to tempt him.

‘Bob’ walked in. Things went as they usually did, the long teasing with little touches and kisses, the slow removal of my clothes, with more teasing kisses and licks. He had started taking off my top a few weeks back, and he did it again this time. I think he liked having more skin to kiss, lick and caress. I sure as hell didn’t mind. With all the attention all over my body, especially my breasts and nipples, when he finally got to my pussy, I was already very close to orgasm.

Unlike every other time though, he didn’t increase the speed of his tongue. He just kept lapping slowly and gently at my pussy and clit. It was driving me crazy because it kept me just at the edge of orgasm without letting me cum. He would focus on my clit right until the brink of orgasm, then back off and move down to my pussy lips, running his tongue over them and thrusting between them. Then after a mintue or so, he’d go back to my clit. Always slow, soft, and gentle. I tried to rub my clit against his face, but he held my legs and hips tightly, so I only succeeded in moving his face at the same time as my hips. I begged him to let me come, but my pleas did not elicit a response. I don’t know how long he kept me like this, but it felt like forever. Imagine being held at the brink of orgasm for even a minute or two. It is an incredibly wonderful and pleasurable experience, but it also feels almost painful since you can’t go that last tiny step into orgasm. It was extremely maddening, but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.