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Amazing Grace Part Twenty-Five Chapters 97-99

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Chapter Five“Wake up, darling. We’ve just landed in Amsterdam,” Grace said as she nudged Mac gently.Mac was surprised. Usually, he was not one to doze off on short flights. But he had to admit that he felt better than he had when they had boarded the plane for their 6:00 a.m. flight.“Did you manage to sleep at all?” he asked Grace.She shook her head, “No, but I think I’ll have some Chamomile tea before our next flight so I can have a little nap.”Mac grabbed their carry-on bags and thanked the flight attendants as they deboarded the plane. “Let’s head up to the KLM Crown Lounge,” he told Grace. “I’ve taken the liberty of reserving a Sleep Cabin as I figured we’d be exhausted. I use them often when I have long layovers in Amsterdam since it is a convenient stop on the way to most everywhere else in Europe.”When they entered the lounge, Grace was awe-struck at the opulence. “Clearly, only people with obscene amounts of money enjoy amenities such as this,” she said.Mac wasn’t sure how to take her comment, so he just ignored it. “We got in a little earlier than I expected. Do you want to have something to eat or drink before our designated time in the Sleep Cabin? Or should I check to see if it is available?”“I could eat,” she said, trying not to gawk at the posh surroundings.Mac laughed, “If you think this is luxurious, wait till you see the house where I grew up. Talk about over-the-top.”Grace smiled. It suddenly occurred to her that she was nervous about meeting Mac’s parents. He’d already made it clear that she wouldn’t like them and vice-versa, but she hoped she would at least come off as a competent wife for their son.After a light meal, they retrieved their key from a lounge agent and headed to their cabin. Once inside, Mac’s hands slid up Grace’s leg and stopped at her ass. He laughed, “You flew without panties? You wicked little minx!”“I don’t think you’re supposed to have sex in the Sleep Cabin, Mac,” Grace said as she wiggled away from him and tapped him playfully on the hand.“Nonsense, darling. These cabins are soundproof. Granted, that may be so that people aren’t disturbed while they are sleeping. But I see no reason why we can’t take advantage of that little perk and enjoy each other in bed.”Mac saw a flash of something that looked like jealousy in Grace’s eyes. He lifted her chin and looked into her pretty, blue eyes. “Of course, you’d be my first. I’ve never been inclined to spend money on a cabin when I’ve traveled with an escort.”Grace smiled weakly. “I sometimes feel like there is so much about your world that I don’t understand. Don’t get me wrong, my time as an escort exposed me to situations and people of great wealth. But you take that to a whole new level. It’s different when it’s just you and me, and I can pretend I’m the princess who landed the amazing prince. But I’m going to admit here that I am worried I will be a bit in over my head in your childhood home.”Mac brushed her lips softly with his. “I disagree. You’re a force to be reckoned with, Grace Remy Stewart. My father might actually like you, and you’ll certainly throw my mother off balance. Just be your formidable self, and you’ll be fine. Just remember to keep the shields up at all times.”“The shields?” Grace asked inquisitively.“The ones around your heart. Protect yourself at all costs. One moment, my parents seem like decent enough people, but the next, claws and fangs come out of nowhere. If you’re prepared for that, you’ll be fine.”“You make your mother and father sound like wild animals,” Grace laughed.“All the more reason to keep your guard up, Grace,” Mac warned. “They actually liked Louise and made her cry several times.”“And Johanna? How did she fair Anadolu Yakası Escort against your parents?” Grace asked, referring to Franz’s daughter, who was Mac’s ex-girlfriend.“Oh, she never met them. She was a fling, not the kind of girl you take home to meet your mother,” Mac joked.“So, if I’m the real deal, why would you have been so adamant about my not coming along?” Grace asked.Mac inhaled sharply. “Grace, I would have suggested it after our time in Europe. If for no other reason than I would have loved for you to meet Mimi, my grandmother. I told her that I was falling in love the last time I talked to her on the phone. She told me it was about damned time.” He grinned a bit when he shared that part.“Grace, you need to get the idea out of your head that I am ashamed of you or embarrassed by you. Just the opposite. I couldn’t be prouder to have a wife whose wit and business sense are as sharp as her impossible beauty.”“You have a clever way of convincing me not to be mad at you,” Grace replied. “I might even let you take my dress off now.”Mac set the alarm on his phone in case they got carried away or fell asleep. As it turned out, they did both. They made love tenderly and drifted off cradled in each other’s arms.When it was time to get up, Mac nudged Grace gently. “Hey, my sweet bride, it’s time to get dressed and head to the gate for our next flight.”“This cabin was an amazing idea,” Grace said as she stretched and yawned. “I feel so much better.”“Great sex and an undisturbed nap can do wonders, huh?” he said, grinning.Grace took Mac’s hand and said, “That is a huge understatement. That thing you did with your tongue was incredible. You always seem to know what I need whether it’s a spanking, sweet love-making, or a good, hard fuck.”“You do the same for me, Grace. Somehow, our bodies, hearts, and minds just seem to be in tune,” Mac said as he brought her hand to his lips. “Let’s just try to keep in mind how much we love each other once we get to my parents’ house.”Grace smiled and nodded as she put her dress back on, fluffed her hair with her fingers, and swiped her lips with some strawberry-flavored gloss.“Okay, I’m ready. Let’s go meet your parents.” Chapter SixOn the flight from Amsterdam to Chicago, they were seated in the third row. Grace recognized the flight attendants from their flight from New York to Amsterdam months before. That flight had started the whole European tour with Mac and led to her going from Mac’s escort to his lover, then his fiancée, and now his wife. Plus, she had an actual position in his company now. What a difference seven months made!It appeared that they recognized her as well. Damian, the male flight attendant, approached Grace to take her drink order while Mac was in the lavatory before the flight took off.“Mrs. Stewart, ah, um…” Damian began. “Oh, my, well, hello, Ms. Remy. Forgive me. The manifest indicated that Mr. Stewart was traveling with his wife. Which, I must admit, surprised me since I didn’t even know he was married. I, well, um…”Grace giggled. “Relax, Damian. I’m his wife,” she said, holding up her left hand to show off the sparkling diamond. “We just got married a few days ago!”Damian blushed. “Oh, well, congratulations then! Honestly, honey, I’m glad he found someone as lovely as you.”“Thanks, that’s very sweet of you to say so,” Grace said graciously.“My pleasure, honey. Now, what can I bring you to drink?”In the galley, Marie, the flight crew leader, patted Damian on the arm. “Ah, so sorry to see your fantasy trampled on by a gorgeous redhead.”Damian raised an eyebrow. “McKinley Stewart is a gorgeous man. I can’t help it if I wanted Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan him to be gay and sweep me off my feet.”Marie laughed. “No, I guess he’s made me sigh a few times over the years. It’s lovely to see him with the same woman twice.”“Oh, honey, we will see a lot more of this one. It seems I was right all those months ago when I said that Ms. Remy landed Mr. Stewart. As it turns out, she is now Mrs. Stewart; they got married a few days ago,” Damian said.“Married?”“That’s right, sugar. You should see the size of that rock on her hand.”“Well, I guess I was wrong. And happy to be so. Mr. Stewart is a nice man, a little abrupt at times, maybe, but ultimately he’s never been as arrogant and obnoxious as some of the folks we get here in first-class.”“Honey, don’t I know it!” Damian said as he went to take drink orders from the other first-class passengers.The flight was relatively uneventful. Grace read for a while, did a few Wordsearch puzzles, and played solitaire on her phone. She started watching a movie but felt her eyelids become heavy. So, she rested her head on Mac’s shoulder and dozed on and off.When they reached Chicago, Grace thanked Marie and Damian for being so attentive.Damian sighed. “If I went for women, she would be the kind of woman I would want,” he said to Marie afterward.Mac and Grace retrieved their luggage, picked up their rental car, and headed toward Interstate-90 for the twenty-five-minute drive to Barrington, Illinois.“Holy fuck!” Grace blurted out as they approached the house. “Just how big is your parents’ house anyway?”“Eleven thousand, seven hundred square feet,” Mac sighed. Then he stopped the car for a moment.“Grace, before we pull into their driveway, I just want to say that I love you and remind you that you insisted on coming with me. But I also want you to know that I just want you to be you. Don’t feel like you have to pretend you’re someone or something that you’re not, okay? I love you for you. If they can’t accept that, fuck ‘em!”Grace smiled. “I couldn’t let you head into the den of wolves alone. I love you way too much. Mac, I don’t intend to announce I was your escort. But I appreciate knowing that I don’t have to put on any pretenses.”“Okay, well, let’s do this.”Lorraine Stewart was sipping a vodka-laced lemonade in mid-afternoon when the house manager, Cromwell, announced that her son’s car had pulled up in the drive. “He’s not alone, ma’am. He has a red-haired woman with him.”Lorraine scoffed, “Ugh, he should know better than to bring one of his trollops here.”Cromwell raised an eyebrow. “On the contrary, she looks quite sophisticated.”“You probably need new glasses,” Lorraine huffed. “Please answer the door. I will let Marcus know that the prodigal son has arrived.”“Yes, ma’am. When do you expect Miss Aislyn?”“Not until tomorrow,” she answered as she headed toward the den to find her husband.“Marcus, McKinley is here, and he brought some woman with him. I’d like you to speak to him and have her gone before Aislyn arrives tomorrow,” Lorraine sniped.“Why on Earth does that have to be my problem?” Marcus asked, annoyed. “At least he’s probably getting some pussy, whereas I am not.”Lorraine snorted. “Well, until we are sure you didn’t catch something communicable from that last whore of yours, your dick isn’t getting anywhere near me.”“I’m not interested in your crusty, dried-up pussy, Lorraine,” Marcus retorted.“You’re disgusting, Marcus,” Lorraine replied.Marcus nodded. “Let’s try to be civil while the children are here, shall we?”“Fine. Now, let’s go find out why our son has decided to bring some stray redhead home for my mother’s Escort Anadolu Yakası funeral,” Lorraine huffed.~~~~~Cromwell answered the door, “Master McKinley, it’s lovely to have you home. May I take your bags for you, sir?”“Thank you, Cromwell. It’s good to see you. This is Grace, my…”Lorraine interrupted, “McKinley, it’s just like you to bring a date to a funeral. Why on Earth is she here?”“Well, hello to you, too, mother,” Mac said, ignoring her rudeness. “And hello, father. I’d like all of you to meet Grace, my…”“Whores have no place at a funeral, McKinley,” Marcus scolded his son. “Your lack of judgment is poorly timed.”“For fuck’s sake, if the two of you would stop interrupting me…”“Watch your tongue, McKinley…”Grace felt like her head was bursting. “I’m Grace, McKinley’s wife. It’s a pleasure to meet you, I’m sure,” she blurted out, eliciting sudden shock and silence from Mac’s parents.“Wife?” Lorraine asked incredulously.“Wife?” Marcus asked, with an impressed look on his face.“Wife?” Cromwell asked with a genuine smile. “How lovely to meet you, Grace. Welcome to Stewart House.”“McKinley, please tell me you didn’t do something rash and get another whore knocked up!” Lorraine said sharply.Marcus cleared his throat. “It would have been nice for you to let us know you were bringing her, McKinley.”“Both of you realize that Grace is standing right here and can hear both of you talking about her as if she weren’t, right?” McKinley asked rhetorically. “I apologize for not announcing that I was bringing my wife. It was my intention to spare her from this little family reunion, but she insisted on coming to provide me with support and comfort. It’s what married people do, mother. They support each other.”Grace took a deep breath. Mac had warned her they would be like wolves. “I can see why you’d be displeased. We should have let you know that I would be accompanying your son home for this solemn occasion. If you prefer, we can stay at a hotel.”Lorraine’s eyes released invisible daggers. “You are certainly welcome to stay in a hotel. My son will be staying here.”“If he stays, I stay,” Grace replied. “That’s what married people do, Mrs. Stewart. We support each other.”“Welcome to our home, then, Grace,” Marcus said. “Pay no attention to Lorraine. No one could ever be good enough for her little boy. It’s nothing personal, dear.”“Thank you, Mr. Stewart,” Grace answered politely.“Please, I’m Marcus, and this is Lorraine.”“Did you make sure to file a prenup, McKinley?” Lorraine asked pointedly.Fury danced across Mac’s face, and he hesitated in responding so he wouldn’t scream at her. After taking a deep breath, he answered, “I didn’t feel one was necessary, but Grace insisted, so yes, we have a prenup, mother.”Cromwell interrupted the intense scene. “I’m assuming you’ll want to stay in your old room, Master McKinley?”“That would be great, Crom, thank you.”“Once you settle in, please meet us in the study for cocktails,” Marcus said. “We apparently have much to catch up on.”Grace followed Mac and Cromwell up the stairs to his bedroom. The house was, indeed, overwhelming. Especially since before she’d left for Europe, she had been living in an extended stay hotel room that was smaller than the Stewart House living room. Grace did her best not to gawk.“I see my parents haven’t changed a bit,” Mac said sarcastically to Cromwell.“Have compassion for your mother. She did just lose her own mother, after all,” Cromwell answered.Mac raised an eyebrow at him.Cromwell heaved a heavy sigh. “I know, I know. We all know that your mother didn’t get along with your Mimi. But still, I know she feels the loss. All I am suggesting is to be patient with her while she forgets her manners.”“Crom, I think it’s sweet you still have a crush on Lorraine, but spare me the lecture,” Mac said disdainfully.Cromwell shot Mac a dirty look, but he smiled at Grace and said, “If there is anything at all that you need while you are here, please don’t hesitate to let me know. It’s lovely to have you here, Miss Grace.”