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Amber in the Rain Ch. 02

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**Author’s Note: This is not a direct continuation of Amber In the Rain, but instead takes place several days later. The story involves lesbian sex, with references to hetero sex. If you’re not into sexy little stories and girls doing girls, or public nudity and sex, you’d better leave. This is a work of fiction, and therefore doesn’t take into account the laws against public nudity/indecency, or the dangers of revealing oneself to strangers. If those are things that turn you on, please, be safe. I love getting feedback of all sorts, so if you’ve got a comment, let me know. The feedback for the previous stories in this series has been awesome. I’d also like to know if you’ve got an opinion on where this series should be going.

Amber in the Rain, Part 2

My boyfriend Tom got up and left. I was still panting when he quietly slipped out of my dorm room. Sweat lined my face, clung to my breasts. The moisture felt cool on my legs. Moisture between my legs felt cold on the edges and hot in the core. I glanced at the clock, hoping it wasn’t really as late as it seemed. At four A.M. though, it’s all too early for a nine o-clock class. Sociology. I hated that class. I hated more that by remembering it, I was forgetting the sweet fulfillment of Tom’s manhood distending my sex with the force of a gentle hurricane.

Mmmmm. Men can be good for some things. A couple. Tom’s cream filled me like a leaky pastry, so I smiled, stretched, and pushed Sociology completely out of my thoughts. That was when Sara came in our room.

She stood over me for the longest time, peering down at my nakedness in the pale wash of the street-lights shining through the window. It was nearly a perfect reversal of our situations when I’d walked in on her and her boyfriend had when they had gone to sleep after sex. Since I’d had sex with Sara on the roof that very day, and again that night and most of the next day, I’d gotten more and more daring, and now sex didn’t seem quite the same unless there was at least an open window nearby. Silly, but my exhibitionist streak was growing.

Case in point, I couldn’t help but spread my legs beneath her steady gaze. Tom’s semen ran out of me in a gush, drawing a soft, sweet gasp from Sara. She stared but for a moment, then sat beside me on the bed. This was a first, for us. She’d watched me fuck Tom once before, and I’d seen her with her boyfriend more than once, though he still did not know about Sara and me. We’d never been so close after one of us had had sex with a man, though, and I suddenly found the prospect thrilling. Could I let her be with Tom and me? It sounded kinky, but I suffered a double thrust of jealousy. I wanted Tom to myself, and I wanted Sara to myself. No, it wasn’t really fair, but there it is.

Her fingers went straight to my gaping hole. She didn’t tease, or work her way up to an entrance. She pushed her index and middle finger into my gooey mess, then stroked her thumb across my clit. I writhed beneath her, and a moment later, she was sucking my left nipple, twirling her tongue around it, teasing it with her teeth. I sighed, then pulled her down on top of me, clothes and all.


Somehow, I made it through Sociology the next morning. It was growing overcast outside as I walked back to my dorm, which brought a smile to my face. I thought back to photographing Sara on the roof. The rain fell down on my naked body as she licked me to one of the most delicious orgasms I’ve ever experienced. Even now, the memory sent a tingle up my abdomen and across my chest. I was exhausted from sex with Tom and making love to Sara, but I didn’t care. Thinking of the rain made me want her again.

Sara was gone when I entered our room. I sat down on my bed to wait for her. I was tingling in my pussy, eager for her lips, her touch, but when I laid back to ease off my shorts, I suppose my exhaustion got the better of me. The next thing I was aware of was a finger tracing over my clit.

“Oh, Lovergirl,” Sara whispered in my ear.

I pulled her face to mine as she straddled my hips, and she let me kiss her soft, velvety lips until she was as hot and sexually stirred as I was. I had come to recognize a twitch of her hips and the gentle panting in my ear. I started up to strip her, but when we were standing, she handed my jeans back to me.

“Sorry,” she laughed, but not cruelly. “I have to get to the Post Office today.”

“I’ll come with you,” I said, taking my pants. I knew it was what she wanted. She liked to go on ‘dates’, like we were boyfriend and girlfriend. I didn’t know any lesbians who dated, and neither did she, I suppose, but she would talk about being my boy for a while, or me being hers. I didn’t want to be her boy, though. I wanted to be her girl. The result was a sort of lust and tense hesitation where, on our date, we were not nearly so intimate and close as we were in our room. And I’m not talking about the sex part. If we were walking through the mall, she’d hold my hand, but then walk apart, as if ashamed to be too close. I wanted her close, but I didn’t know how to put my Ataşehir Escort arms around her in front of other people. It was very frustrating.

That was how we went to the Post Office. She held my hand, but walked a good step away from me, almost stretching my arm uncomfortably. I didn’t complain. It was good to have her fingers entwined with mine, and to watch her hair dance around her neck in the gentle breeze. The clouds had darkened overhead, and the soft light gave her an altogether different glow than did the sunlight, or the light of our room lamp.

Half way to the Post Office, the rain started again. The first drops sprinkled around us, then turned to a steady downpour. The few people on the street ducked into doorways or climbed into a car. Suddenly, Sara had her arm around me. Her fingers settled on my opposite hip, then slipped beneath the waistband of my jeans. I blinked as I realized her hand was actually under my panties.

“I was waiting for this,” she laughed in my ear. “You owe me.”

Owe? I glanced at her. “Did you say I own you?”

Sara giggled. “Well, more of a half-and-half with Jeff, but yeah. No, silly, I said owe. Last time, I ate you in the rain. Now it’s my turn.”

Laughing, I reached around her and cupped one of her ass cheeks with my hand. “Your turn to eat in the rain?”

The deluge drenched our clothes. Water streamed down my neck, down between my breasts. My shirt and jeans clung to me, now heavy and draining. Sara was wearing a tank-top and a skirt. She had said she had hoped for the rain. I was thinking she was more prepared than I had thought.

Suddenly, Sara pulled me away from the sidewalk and into a small park. She led me down the path until she found a stand of shrubs. She led me into the mud, over the wet grass, into the stand of shrubs. I trusted her, I let her turn to face me, pulling me into her. I kissed her, then reached between her thighs. As I expected, she was naked under that skirt. Such a kinky girl. I loved her for it.

Sara laid back in the wet earth, spreading her thighs. I watched the rain wash the mud from her knees down her slick, smooth skin. Her sex, likely already as wet as mine, opened like a gushing flower to the heavens. I wanted her taste, wanted to part her with my tongue, but she pulled me down on top of her.

“You’ve got too many clothes on, lover,” she whispered in my ear. The rain nearly drowned her out, but I caught enough and slipped my little shirt off. Bare-breasted, I stood and dropped my pants. How hungry I had come that I would strip wherever she wanted. Anyone walking through the right part of the park would see us, not that anyone would be looking around, or walking around in the muddy grass. Like with the rooftops, the position and the weather made us private, made us daring.

Naked. I was delightfully naked. Rain dashed down my face, ran my hair straight on my neck, down my cheeks. I keep it too short for anything else. But where my hair did not go, the cool water dared. It streamed down my skin, caressed me like Sara might. It touched places Sara would not go, easily, bravely creeping into the crack of my ass and down across my feet. Sara takes extra care to avoid those areas. Usually, she wants us to wear socks, and she won’t finger my ass unless we’ve just come back from the showers. It never bothered me, since I didn’t particularly want attention back there. The earth, slick, wet, and gooey, massaged my feet gently. While I leaned my head back and accepted the kiss of the rain, Mother Nature made love to my body. I think, given time, I might have cum just from standing in the rain.

But Sara would not be denied. She sat up, pulled off her tank and slipped a hand up through the water rushing down the inside of my thigh. When her fingers touched the fold where my thigh met my groin, my knees buckled. I lowered to a crouch over her, keeping my sex along her fingers, and by the time I settled, she had parted me, eased a finger into my opening, and nudged my clitoris with her thumb. I tensed, quivered, and groaned as a flash of fiery light bloomed in my womb, exploded out of my vagina, and raced against the rain on the curve up my buttocks, along my spine, to the base of my neck.

“It’s your turn to eat me,” Sara said, her cheek against mine, her breath hot in my ear in spite of the cool rain.

I pushed her back onto the ground. Flecks of grass and mud coated her ass, the bottoms of her thighs, but as I knelt between her knees, the rain washed the traces of mud away from her genitals, so I leaned down and kissed her there. Her flesh burned beneath the cool penumbra of rain washing over her skin. Her clit jutted, hard and engorged, swollen with her desire. I lapped at her, which made her squirm, even as Mother Nature sent her luscious rain down over my back, into the furrow of my ass where Sara would not go. Cool rain teased across me, then warmer by the time it reached my pussy. It was a lesbian three-way – us and nature.

Maybe it was the rain, or maybe it was the large bottle Ataşehir Escort Bayan of soda I drank in Sociology, but as I knelt there, crouched over, driving Sara towards a long, slow, hard orgasm, I started to feel a pressure in my bladder. I ignored it at first, and Sara’s writhing and calling my name distracted me. I could taste her desire changing, going from bittersweet to sugary. Cool rain dashed around her flavor, hot and cold in the same taste.

Sara came silently, shaking like an addict, clenched as tight as any drum worth the name. Her thighs flexed beside my cheeks, but she did not squeeze my head. Her pelvis thrust upwards again and again, rubbing her clit against my face as urgently and intensely as she could. I kept my tongue hard and fast and drove her panting and softly squealing over the edge. She deflated all at once, sagging back into the muddy grass with a long, slow sigh. I sat up and grinned at her, fighting off the urge to urinate. I didn’t want to interrupt our private-public sex.

With a surprising bounce, Sara rolled up again and pushed me back onto my butt. The rainy earth was colder than the downpour, or perhaps merely more constant. I shook water and my hair out of my eyes, then let Sara part my legs. She kissed her way along my wet thighs until she reached my middle. I again fought off the urge to pee. For a second, I thought I was going to spray her face, so I sat up.

“Sara, dear,” I called over the rain. “I’ve got to pee so bad.”

My roommate jerked back with wild eyes, and I gasped. The look on her face was as close to terror as anything I’d ever seen, so I sat up. She seemed to come to some conclusion, her eyes brightening momentarily, and then she lowered her head. In a second, she crawled up to me and wrapped me in her arms.

“I’m sorry,” she said, and after a second, I realized she was sobbing. I stared off into the rain, mystified, and hugged her close. I didn’t let her cry against my shoulder, though. I kissed her temple, then helped her get dressed before pulling my own soaked clothes back on. Neither one of us had clothes that really remained decent after all the water, and I knew we’d be drawing stares on the way back to our room. The only solid garment between us was the jeans I had been wearing. I offered them to her as we dressed, but she refused.

Half an hour later, we were in our rooms, drying off. We dressed in sweats. The rain had been lovely, but after, everything felt cold. I went to the bathroom to relieve myself. When I finished, Sara was sitting on my bed, her head in her hands. I sat beside her and put my arm around her shoulders. I was about to speak when my cell rang.

“Hi, Tom,” said in low tones.

“Hey, girl. How are you today?”

Tom’s got a slow, drawling voice, like a southern sheriff from the movies or something. Sometimes I liked it. Now wasn’t one of those times. Besides, I was all in lesbian turmoil with Sara.

“Hey, I’m good, but can I call you back? Tonight, maybe tomorrow?”

“Sure, babe. Anything I can help with?”

I smirked, but kept my voice neutral. “Nah. It’s cool. I’ll call you later, big boy.”

I could hear the grin in his voice as he said “bye,” and hung up.

“You should have talked to him,” Sara said. “Better than talking to me.”

I blinked.

“Now why would you go and say a thing like that?” I still had an arm around her, so I slid my hand up under her hair and massaged her neck.

“I’m sorry, Amber, I didn’t mean to react that way. I know I ruined the day…”

I stopped her with a finger to her lips and kissed her cheek. “First, I said, I don’t know what happened, but it had something to do with me and peeing. Fine. I scared you. No problem. It’s over. Second, if I know that lovely thing between your legs, It’ll rebound in a heartbeat. All I got to do is…” And I started reaching up her thigh.

She caught my hand, kissed my fingers. “Listen. I know you don’t understand, and I have to get this out. Or…as much as I can. Okay?”

With the arm around her shoulders, I squeezed her. “Okay. Take your time.”

She wrung her fingers together. “I’ve got this hang-up about bathroom stuff. When you said what you said, I thought you wanted to pee on me. Some people like that sort of thing. I don’t. I hate it. I’m sure you’ve noticed that sometimes I can’t eat you, and that day last week, I wouldn’t let you eat me. Remember? Well, it’s because of the smell, the flavor. I can’t deal with it when it’s strong. I know it’s normal. I tell myself it’s natural. We pee down there, so we have to get some of it on ourselves. I know it. It makes sense. But when it comes time to put my face in it, I just can’t. I know I’m sounding like an asshole, a whiny bitch, but I just can’t deal with that.”

She finally met my eyes, looking as if she expected me to slap her or hate her or something. I smiled. “It’s okay,” I told her. “It’s all okay. I understand. I don’t like that taste so much either, and yes, sometimes it’s not so pleasant to deal with. It’s okay. Escort Ataşehir All right?”

Sara shrugged. “Yeah. Thank you.”

I shook my head. “Hell, I’m sure there’re things that would freak me out that might not bother you.”

She brightened, and I knew I had found a good path back to what we had back at the park. “Like what?”

“I don’t know. I’d be willing to try quite a lot. Once, at least?”

She smirked. “I’ll bet you freak over anal.”

I laughed and frowned at the same time. “Never done that. I’m not sure I’m interested, but I’d be okay with trying it, sometime.”

“Two boys,” she said urgently.


“Would two boys freak you out?”

“I don’t know, Sara. I’m sure there’s something, but I don’t know what it is.”

She sagged. “See, I’m a freak.”

“So,” I said pointedly, a little annoyed with the way she was trying to torture herself. “I don’t care. Maybe that’s what makes you such a good lover.”

She blinked. “You really think I’m a good lover?”

“Of course.”

“I had no idea.”

It was time for another laugh/frown. “Sara, how can you not know. I mean, I get off good. Often. And sometimes violently.”

It was a little weird to talk like that, I suppose, and definitely would have been weird to talk like that with Tom, but after having sex in the rain twice, now, I supposed I might as well shed any fears of indecency or the like. We were lovers, after all.

“I guess…” She broke of for a long pause. “I guess I just thought, you know, you stayed with me because we’re roommates, and because I was your only girlfriend.”

“You are my only girlfriend. You’re the only one I’ve ever done this with, but it feel so natural, so right. I don’t care that you’ve got Jeff. I’m not even sure that I care if you’ve got other girls, as long as when you’re with me, you’re with me. I’ve got Tom, and I’ll probably have other boyfriends, as time goes on. Who knows, I might even get married one day.”

Sara nodded. “Thank you for telling me.”

I kissed her. Her cheek was warming, but the ringlets of damp hair were cold against my face. “Now that I know you need it, I’ll tell you more often.” I squeezed her again, moved my kisses around to her mouth. Her lips burned, hot to the cool of her cheek and hair. I pushed her back onto my bed and straddled her. Her hands came to my butt, hesitant but there.

“Is there anything else I should know about?” I asked her softly. Her breasts were between my thighs, so I squeezed her a little, pushed them up at me. I put one hand in the center of her chest. The other, I moved behind me, reaching back to her groin, where I cupped her pubis in my hand. “Can I touch you here?”

She nodded. “Touch me anywhere. I just gotta be clean.”

“Are you clean?”

Another nod.

“Anything else?”

“You know I’m not too much about feet.”

“Right,” I said. “No problem.”

She strained up with her face and kissed me.

I got up off her and pulled her pants down around her feet. She kicked them off. Her skin was warm to the touch, now, and I loved her thighs against my cheeks as I leaned in close to her sweet pussy. She was a little late for a shave, and I even loved the stubble teasing my lips as I kissed her smooth skin. Her sex was hot again, as I knew it would be. Something had traumatized her about urine in the past, but we were done with that, and now she was ready again.

“I want something,” Sara whispered.

“What, lover?”

“I want…”

She broke off, looked away. It was strange that she was so timid, after being so forward. I leaned up, letting one of my thighs drag across her sex. She gasped, and looked up at me, the hunger burning in her face again. I kissed her lips, melting into her fiery, wet cauldron.

“I want you to fuck me,” she said when I released her. “Like a boy.”

I giggled. “I don’t really have the right equipment for that, babe.”

Sara rolled me off her. “I have something.”

I looked at her extremely effeminate genitals. “Really? Hiding in there?”

Another giggle. She rubbed her fingers over her clit, then parted her labia as if to look within. “Nope, not in there.” She got up off my bed and got her keys. While she opened the chest she keeps at the foot of her bed, I moved over and opened the window and curtains. The rain continued to fall, but the angle blew it away from our window. I saw cars moving on the street beyond the dorm parking lot, and a girl with an umbrella scurried down the sidewalk.

Sara moved up behind me but put her hands on the side of my head to guide me back. I went with her until I was in the center of the room. She pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the floor behind us. Then came my pants and panties. Not so long ago, I had been abashed, and yet thrilled, to be so exposed in front of her. Light poured in from outside, from the rainy, yet bright sky, and anyone on the third or higher floors of the dormitories across the way, who looked our way with a telescope, would have found me, naked, looking back out at them. It was exhilarating, in a way that before I would never have been able to describe. Now, I found that I liked the notion that someone could see me. I’m not sure how I might have reacted if I could see those potential witnesses face to face, but the danger of being seen enticed me.