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Ambushed, Again

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“….and my microbiology teacher is all kinds of fun,” Elise finished, chuckling. “Everyone who gets an A on her exams gets to come to her house for an ice cream social.”

Jim Porter smiled warmly at the screen. “So, your second semester sounds like it will be an improvement over last semester.”

His stepdaughter rolled her eyes. “God, that economics class was boring!” she agreed. “What was I thinking?”

“Well, it’s general education, hun. It’s good to branch out and explore different subjects. You never know what you might find interesting.”

“I guess so.”

“Are Kayla and Melanie behaving?”

Elise smirked, stood up, and panned her iPad around the room. Kayla was wrapped in a blanket on the couch, snoring loudly.

Jim laughed. “It’s only eight o’clock! I thought college kids were party animals!”

Elise went back to her desk and sat down. “Kayla’s on the swim team, remember? This isn’t high school — she has to get up at dawn to go to practice, and I guess the coach is a real beast. So, Kayla has a hard time staying up late. Melanie’s out on a date.”


“She’s a pretty girl, Dad. She gets a lot of attention.”

“You and Kayla are pretty, too, but you don’t go out as much.”

“We go out sometimes. You’re one to talk, though. I’ve been trying to get you to go out on a date since Mom died. You still haven’t yet, have you?”

“Well, I guess that’s true.”

“It’s been almost six years, Dad.”

“I’m fine, hun.”

Elise squinted at him, and even through the screen and two hundred miles of distance he could feel the heat of her scrutiny. “You’ve been smiling and laughing more lately,” she murmured thoughtfully. “You seem almost happy. Should I be hurt by that? Now that I’m out of the house, you’re feeling all cheerful?”

“Oh, c’mon.”

“Okay, okay, I’m joking, but you really do seem to have changed a bit. You’re more upbeat and optimistic, not like your usual grim reaper mode. Mom might have liked the stoic Viking look, but I like you better when you’re smiling.”

“Thank you. I think.”

“I’ll check with Cindy and Adelle,” Elise muttered, irritated. “You know they’ll tell me if you’re dating someone.”

“I don’t see them very much,” Jim shrugged, carefully keeping his expression neutral. “How are they doing?”

“Nice deflection. Adelle seems to really like her nursing classes, and Cindy… I don’t know. I love her to death, but she’s always been a little strange. She’s still drop-dead gorgeous and I’m insanely jealous of that. I’ve told her for two years now that she could use those looks to get anything she wanted, but she thinks doing that is beneath her or something. And she’s super-smart, which is so unfair,… but she’s working at a gym? I don’t get it. She seems happy, though, so who am I to judge?”

Elise shifted her gaze, spotting something on her iPad screen. “Shit, is that the time? Dad, I gotta go. I’m tired, and I still have two chapters to read. Talk with you tomorrow?”

“You bet.”

“Love ya.”

“Same, hun.”

Jim closed his laptop and leaned back in his lounger, feeling his back pop with the motion. “She’s right, you know,” he remarked, looking across the room. “You’re much too smart and talented to be working the front desk at a gym.”

Cindy, stretched out naked on his bed and idly rubbing her nipples, shrugged. “It suits me for now. I get to crush the hopes of all those egotistical muscleheads who think a cut body is all they need to get a pretty girl. Since I’ve shot them all down, they’ve started telling each other I’m a lesbian. I guess it soothes their egos.”

Jim gave a wry grin, laying onto the bed next to her. “Are you a lesbian?” he asked.

She leaned into him, wrapping her leg over his, her large breasts pressing delightfully against his abdomen. “What do you think?” she returned, her left hand delicately, maddeningly tracing his penis through his sweatpants.

“I’d say probably not,” he chuckled. “Your mom was looking for you this morning, by the way. So was Adelle.”

“Yeah, I got back to them,” Cindy replied, pulling his sweatpants and boxers down, freeing his growing erection. “I didn’t mean to ignore their calls. The gym seems to be in a terrible spot for a signal.”

“Oh. You were at work?”

“Yeah, I got called in.” She began to slide down his legs, her intentions clear. Jim loved the feel of her huge tits rubbing against his body.

“Your mom was hoping you could join us,” Jim added in a low voice, desire beginning to take hold. “Adelle dropped a few hints, too. I think she might try to sneak over some time and catch me with my pants down. Literally.”

Cindy had eyes only for his now rock-hard, substantial penis. “How did you ever get so lucky, Mr. Jim Porter,” she purred before engulfing his erection with her sweet, soft mouth.

How indeed, Jim thought, before all thought was cast away. The last thing he wanted to do at the moment was dwell on the uneasy complications of screwing esmer gaziantep escort around with a married woman, her daughter, and one of his stepdaughter’s girlfriends.

Yet his life was about to get even more problematic.


Adelle’s parents, Ellen and David Cox, had lived next door to the Porters ever since the Porters had moved in roughly fifteen years ago. The couples had never become good friends, but they were amiable neighbors. Ellen and Molly had been closer than David and Jim — the men were both standoffish fellows — and, of course, their daughters Adelle and Elise had become best friends, so there were some regular connections between the two families. After Molly died, Ellen and David were suitably sympathetic and helpful to Jim and Elise, but they had never really warmed to the grim, silent Jim Porter.

Ellen, though, had a dirty little secret — she harbored a deep sexual attraction for the slim and silent Jim Porter, an attraction she steadfastly refused to admit even to herself.

Adelle’s mother was the definition of “bustling,” scurrying and prancing her small, chunky body in a million different directions at once. On one of her “bustlier” days ten years ago, Ellen had gone next door to return Molly’s elegant calligraphy set that she had loaned to Ellen a few months back. Hustling across the grass with her mind on the fifteen other things she needed to do during the day, Ellen was startled by a deep, raspy growl. She stopped still, her eyes wide, looking around for the massive dog she was sure was about to leap for her throat. A pedestrian might have wondered what the tanned, portly, bleached-haired neighborhood lady was doing, standing like a statue in front of the porch steps, staring around frantically.

The growl came again, but this time she was able to track the sound. The animal was inside the Porter house. Startled anew, she quickly climbed the steps and peered in the window near the front door, wondering when the Porters had gotten a big dog.

Her mouth dropped open and her eyes widened. Molly Porter was on the couch and bouncing her petite and very pale butt on the biggest dick Ellen Cox had ever seen!

Flustered, she had only watched for a few minutes — long enough to realize that the deep growls were Jim Porter’s grunts of pleasure — before she beat a hasty retreat. When David came home from work later that evening, he couldn’t understand why his wife had forgotten half the things she had said she was going to do for the day, but he was more than thrilled to find her extremely horny.

Unfortunately for Ellen, she had never been able to banish the hot image of the happily fucking neighbors from her mind. She was able to maintain decorum whenever she chatted with Molly, but if Jim was around, Ellen was uncharacteristically ruffled. Thoughts would intrude into her mind that simply shouldn’t be there. David had physically let himself go over the years, and while he wasn’t exactly terrible in the bedroom, he had never displayed any of the skills that Jim Porter had demonstrated on that fateful day, nor was her husband anywhere near as endowed. Still, she was committed to her marriage, and those uncomfortable thoughts about her neighbor were inappropriate in her worldview. The encounter upended her stable and secure corner of the universe, and she couldn’t seem to return to it. She had never really liked or disliked Jim Porter — he was too reserved — but after that day, she most definitely saw him in a different light.

She also began to stalk him, in a way. She discovered that certain windows on the west side of her house provided convenient views into the Porter home. For example, if she leaned against the wall and peered out her upstairs bathroom window, she could see into the Porter’s master bedroom if their blinds were open. The small kitchen window over the sink had a direct line of vision into their living room, and one of the windows in her son’s room gave a little access to their master bathroom (but only if the Porters opened the opaque glass window).

Over the years, homemaker Ellen would ‘check the views’ on a regular basis as she puttered around the house. She was rewarded on any number of occasions with glimpses of the Porters in varying states of disrobe — which was pleasantly tantalizing — and at least twice caught them engaging in sexual acts — which was incredibly arousing. Easily the hottest moment in her voyeuristic life was the evening the Porters forgot to close the blinds in their bedroom. Ellen stood in her bathroom for at least an hour, fingering herself to multiple orgasms watching Molly Porter’s erotic grappling with her well-hung husband. Her daughter Adelle finally interrupted Ellen’s bliss by shaking the door handle of the bathroom, having woken up and needing to pee.

It wasn’t the same, obviously, after Molly had died. She would occasionally spot Jim shirtless, and once or twice she gaziantep esmer escort could see him naked in his bedroom, but the thrill wasn’t really there anymore. She still got a twinge in her pussy thinking about Jim Porter naked, but it wasn’t the same. The man had shut himself down, and his genuine grief had diminished the sexual attraction Ellen had felt toward him. She was less aroused and more sympathetic, basically, and she wished she could do more to ease his pain. Her voyeurism ended; with Molly gone and Jim refusing to date, hot action in the Porter home just wasn’t a thing anymore.

Until very recently.

Two weeks ago, Ellen, lost in her thoughts in the upstairs bathroom and bleaching her hair again, glanced out her bathroom window and saw Jim Porter leaning back against the wall in his bedroom, naked, with a grinning and equally naked Tamara Chambers firmly stroking his big erection and leaning into him. She was whispering something in his ear, and the usually dour Porter was actually smiling!

Ellen once again felt the familiar pang of jealousy whenever she was around Tamara Chambers. The two women were roughly the same age, but Tamara had managed to maintain her voluptuous figure over the years. Ellen always felt frumpy around her raven-haired neighbor. That jealousy flared to new heights as she watched the woman fondling Porter’s substantial penis. Ellen stood stock-still, dumbfounded and aroused, half her hair still needing treatment, and just stared at the action with a blank expression that hid her turbulent emotions. Gentle, masculine hands sought Tamara’s lovely breasts, but each time Porter reached for them, she giggled and pushed his hands away, wanting to devote all her attention to the big bouncing cock in her grip.

Ellen’s shock then went next level when a naked and grinning Cindy Chambers sauntered into view, kissed Porter tenderly on the lips, and then proceeded to join her mother in giving Ellen’s hot neighbor an exquisite handjob. Smothered in huge tits, soft kisses, and skilled strokings, Jim Porter didn’t stand a chance. Ellen watched in amazement as his penis erupted, his raspy grunts and bellows loud enough to wake neighbors four blocks away.

And that was only the beginning…


Ten days later, Ellen couldn’t take it anymore. She just had to tell someone. Her husband wouldn’t believe her, so she decided to confide in her closest friend.

“Quit talking shit,” was the immediate verdict.

Tiana Meadows, Melanie’s mother, an attractive, slightly overweight forty-something black woman with piercing green eyes (courtesy of expensive contact lenses), a no-nonsense attitude, and a luxurious brunette weave, was staring at her friend with a deeply skeptical expression.

“I’m not making this up, Ti!” Ellen exclaimed, irritated. Ellen was in many ways the exact opposite of her friend and neighbor Tiana, and not just due to the ethnic differences. Ellen tended to be deferential, while Tiana dominated every room the instant she entered it. Ellen was a small woman who blended into the surroundings, and Tiana was nearly six feet tall with a strong sense of presence that was impossible to ignore. Ellen wasn’t very bright, and Tiana was highly educated. It seemed an unequal relationship in every way, yet they had formed a bond many years ago. They had known each other for two decades, and they shared all their little secrets, including Tiana’s one-night fling with a cashier at the local grocery store, their obsession with cheesecake that they valiantly tried to hide from everyone, and Ellen’s unusual fascination with her next-door neighbor.

“Tamara was fucking Jim Porter… with her daughter?” Tiana asked, clearly dubious. “Go on with yourself, girl!”

“Why would I make that up?”

“Because you kinky?”

Ellen fumed. “If I told you I saw Tamara over there without her daughter, would you believe that?” she asked angrily.

Tiana thought about it. “Probably,” she admitted finally. “Jim Porter is a good-looking guy, and if he’s walking around with serious dick between his legs like you say, I can see a neighborhood gal wanting to get some of that, even if she’s married. It happens. I mean, shit, I did it once, but homeboy wasn’t packin’ and he sure wasn’t as good as he thought.”

“But Cindy being there is too much?”

“Girl, c’mon now. Our daughters spent years up in that house. Were they banging Porter the whole damn time? You never saw any of that kind of shit, right?”

“No, of course not. I would have told you. And I would have killed him.”

“There ya go.”

Ellen paused. “Both of them showed up at his house last week at odd times,” she mused thoughtfully. “I didn’t think anything of it before because the girls are always showing up at the Porter house while Jim’s at his office downtown. I thought Tamara and Cindy were just helping him with something now that Elise is off at college. They let themselves gaziantep esmer escort bayan in through the side gate, and then use the broken sliding glass door in the back.”


“Not the glass, the lock,” Ellen explained. “The door won’t lock. Adelle used to sneak in to see Elise through there all the time. Jim didn’t mind, so I didn’t. Anyway, there’s one time of the week that both showed up together. I guess it’s a ‘scheduled’ time, or something.”

“When’s that?”

“Every Friday morning around eleven. Cindy usually shows up first, and then Tamara comes walking up the street about half an hour later. They don’t leave until about four.”

Tiana shrugged. “Alright,” she decided. “I’ll be here at ten on Friday. If both of ’em show up like you say, I’ll take it back. I still don’t believe you, though.”


“Okay, so… they’re both there, like you said,” Tiana murmured reluctantly, watching a grinning Tamara turn the corner and walk up the street with a big bag of takeout from Julio’s Taco Shack. Cindy had slipped through the side gate moments earlier, her black tresses tied up in a ponytail.

“I told you,” Ellen shot back in exasperation.

“That still doesn’t mean they’re both banging him, though,” Tiana pointed out, although Ellen could tell from Tiana’s expression that she wasn’t all that convinced that something wasn’t going on over there.

“We could find out,” Ellen offered, a slow grin spreading across her face.

“Freak. Always spying on your goddamn neighbors. Okay, lead the way.”

When they checked, however, the master bedroom’s blinds were closed, and the other two options didn’t reveal anything at all.

“Well, that’s that,” Ellen muttered, disappointed.

“Not quite,” Tiana disagreed, a wicked gleam in her eye. “You said the back door was unlocked?”

Ellen stared at her. “Uh uh, no way…” she objected, shaking her head.

“C’mon, girl!” Tiana laughed. “You’ve been wanting to sneak into that man’s house for years and catch him with his dick hanging out! Now’s your chance! Let’s do it!”

Twenty minutes later, with her confidence boosted by three shots of whiskey, Ellen followed a deviously smirking Tiana as she snuck in through the rec room door.


Sure enough, all three were naked, kissing and groping on Porter’s king-size bed. Cindy was slowly and sensuously sucking Porter’s massive penis, while her mother was busy using her tongue to search every nook and cranny of Porter’s mouth. The man’s hands were either roughly caressing Tamara’s tits, or stroking Cindy’s hair. Both women had a look of contented bliss on their faces. The takeout bag was on the floor near the bed, unopened.

What a waste of good food, Ellen thought randomly as they stood in the hallway and carefully peeked into the bedroom.

Tiana suddenly pulled her backward, wrenching Jim Porter’s gorgeous dick from her view. Ellen stifled a protest and allowed the black woman to pull her into Porter’s den.

“Now I understand why you’ve been spying on the man,” Tiana whispered. “That white boy isn’t just good-looking — he fine as hell! I always thought he was too skinny for me, but that big fucking dick changes everything.”

Ellen could only nod. “I told you Tamara was fucking him with her daughter,” she whispered back.

Tiana wrinkled her nose. “They aren’t doing incest shit, so I guess it’s all good.” She got a determined look on her face. “I’m not going to lie — I want a piece of that.”


“Hell, yeah!”

“You’re married!”

“So? So’s Tamara. Why should she have all the fun?”

Ellen could only stare.

“You want him, too, girl, so don’t act all outraged. I only cheated on my man once, but I don’t count it because the fuckhead I picked had a little dick and thought all he had to do was put it in me and I’d be happy. The dumbass wanted a blowjob but couldn’t seem to remember that a pussy needs lickin’, too. Total waste of time. I mean, if you’re going to cheat, do it right, right? And I didn’t! I’m not letting an opportunity like this go by.”

“What are you going to do?”

Suddenly Tiana chuckled and pulled out her phone. “Oh, hell yeah! Watch this!” She quickly rattled off a series of text messages. Faintly, in Porter’s bedroom, they could hear a Queen ringtone.

“That’s Tamara’s phone,” Tiana identified the sound.

“What did you send her?” Ellen asked.

“Wait,” Tiana grinned wickedly.

From the bedroom came a startled exclamation. Chuckling softly, Tiana showed her phone to Ellen.

-Hubby knows! On his way home. My husband told me. You and Porter??-

“Oh, that’s so evil,” Ellen covered her mouth with her hands to stifle her giggle.

They could hear a commotion in the bedroom and the sound of hurried feet.

“Get dressed, Cindy,” Tamara ordered in a frantic voice.

“What happened, mom?”

“Your dad knows about me and Jim. We need to get home. Now!”

“What?? How could he?”

“I don’t know,” Tamara retorted angrily. “Hurry up!”

“I am,” she shot back in exasperation. “Who told you?”

“Melanie’s mom. Her husband told her. Are you ready yet?”


“What can I do to help?” Porter’s deep growl rose about the commotion.

“Just stay out of sight for a few days,” Tamara muttered. “I don’t know how this will go.”