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Amor Prohibetur Ch. 07

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Taming My Ho-Ass Mom

Sometimes, Biggs wondered why he even bothered coming home. He could have stayed at the park, shooting the shit with the other nigguhs, or maybe playing b-ball if any of them happened to bring one. There wouldn’t be no hos hanging around them either, because women knew better than to come by when the men were talking.

And he was a man, wasn’t he? He was tall and strapping, with skin the color of dark chocolate. Even though he was only nineteen, Biggs had more character than most of the fools he hung out with. He was quiet usually, but he could step up and smack a fool down if that fool didn’t watch his mouth. His motto was respect; you give it, and you’ll get it. In no small words Biggs let it be known that he was a man, and a man didn’t take any shit from anybody.

Except when it came to his mom, he thought. She was in her early forties, and she’d run wild in the streets for most of her life. She talked a hell o’ shit, either on the phone or in person. Just a few minutes earlier, Biggs had walked into the apartment complex. Right there on the sidewalk, his mother was cussing up a storm and chewing up some dumb motherfucker she’d been dating. Biggs couldn’t understand why that dumb ass didn’t just walk away and go home. He just stood there and let his mom run him up and down like he wasn’t nothing. Biggs grimaced and kept on stepping.

After about fifteen minutes, that dumb fool probably did walk off, because that’s when his mom walked into the apartment. Biggs was gulping down a quick sandwich, with the plan to get the hell out as fast as he could. His mom came into the kitchen and went off on him anyway. Any other woman, Biggs would have slapped down, or maybe thrown his sandwich or the carton of orange juice at. Biggs didn’t like being disrespected by anyone. He could barely tolerate it from his mother, but what else could he do but take it? It wasn’t like he had enough money to get his own place yet, but he was working up to that.

She just had to go and get into his face. It was bad enough that Biggs left his glass of juice sitting on the counter and went around her while still munching up his sandwich. His mom followed him toward the front door. With a growing irritation, the young man hoped she wouldn’t come out after him and keep yelling and make him look stupid in front of the whole neighborhood. If she did that… maybe he would slap her down if she did that. He wasn’t going to let any fool watching say that Biggs had been a chump in front of anyone, not even his loud-ass mom.

Luckily for both of them, his mom just grumbled at him when she realized he was heading out again. She snatched up the remote and smashed down on its buttons like she hated it. A moment later the TV was on and playing too loud.

Once his mom had dropped on the couch, Biggs thought about going back into the kitchen for his juice, since he was chewing on a dry-ass sandwich with nothing to wash it down with. He considered it, anyway, until he figured his mom would get up and start her same old shit if he did. So he stepped out and kept on chewing his snack as best he could.

Biggs went out to the park, and he hung out with four other fools. Sometimes, there might be up to ten of them, hanging out and passing the time together. The cops would come by and watch them, on account of all them gang injunctions. But they didn’t mess with Biggs and his boys unless they really had to.

While he was there, another homeboy came by with two girls. He told Biggs that one of the girls wanted to talk to him. Biggs knew who she was. He knew that she liked him, but Biggs didn’t like that girl at all. She was always dressing up and showing off. The only reason she did that was to attract some dumb nigguh into hanging out with her, and buying her even more fancy shit to wear. Sure, Biggs took some flak from his homies when he refused to talk to this ho. He’d rather listen to some smack, though, than to get fleeced out of his cash. He didn’t have any money to spare for this ho when he was trying to get together a deposit for his own place.

This girl came by the bench they were all sitting on, looking over each one of the homies like she was at a used car lot, and keeping her eyes on Biggs the longest. Biggs didn’t bite; he never did. After a while, she sauntered off. The homies watched her ass for a bit, before they turned to him.

“Damn, Biggs, you can’t just let that ass walk away from you like that.” One of his homeboys scolded.

“You want her, you can have her.” Biggs replied. “I ain’t buying her shit, just so she can show it off to you knuckleheads next week.”

“Damned straight.” Another homie agreed with him. “That’s my bracelet she’s wearing. I paid a buck-fifty for it, too.”

“That’s ’cause you dumb, nigguh.” One of the others said, which set them all laughing.

“Why don’t you get it back?” Another fool asked. “Just take that shit off her!”

“Because if I do, she’ll close them legs up real tight.” The other explained. “As long as escort bayan bursa she’s wearing my bracelet, I can walk up to her and flirt with her. She thinks she might get something else from me, while at the same time I’m trying to get into her pants. She might win sometimes and I might win other times. That’s how you play the game, son.”

Women always wanted something, Biggs understood, just like men always wanted something.

“I know you want to get your own place and all, Biggs. I still don’t think you should let a piece of ass like that just walk on by with you not doing anything but staring at it.”

“That ain’t my kind of girl.” Biggs admitted.

“Why not?”

“Because; think about it, all right? She’ll be on my jock, yeah, but she’ll be bugging me for this and that the whole time. When I run out of cash, she’ll go sit on somebody else’s jock. That bitch is like a puppy or something, always wagging its tail when it thinks you got something for it. Then goin’ off to sniff somewhere else when it sees all you got is an empty hand. Like I said, that ain’t my kind of girl.”

“Then what is your kind?”

Biggs shrugged. “I don’t know. A girl that don’t show off like that, maybe.”

“You know what your problem is? You think too damned much.”

Biggs chuckled. “Yeah, well you don’t think at all. If you want that ho, so she can pull all your money out of your pocket, I ain’t stopping you. Next week you’ll be coming back broke, like this fool that went and spent a buck-fifty for that bracelet.”

“Yeah, I wish I had that buck-fifty right now.” The other man mused. “I could get me some beer with it.”

“Dumb ass.” Biggs shook his head.

Biggs kept on thinking about people’s motivations. About how girls would come by and shake their ass, and the homies would get up and start sniffing at the air like they’d caught some sweet scent. He thought about men too, and how they’d buy fancy shit to show off to the girls. The girls would come after them like they’d caught a scent, too. That’s why all the homies still lived with their parents, Biggs knew. They all spent their money on expensive little things. None of them had the forethought to save up and get themselves a car, or a place of their own.

He thought about his mom, and about how bitchy she’d been in the last few weeks. She wondered what motivated her, since she was good-looking enough to attract men, but she wasn’t smart enough to figure out a way to keep one. His mother was too pushy, he decided, since she was all up in a man’s business about where he was hanging out and who he was talking to. Not that any of these men were any kind of prize, mind you, but still, some of them had good jobs. They might have stayed with his mother a bit longer, if they didn’t get hounded and cussed out so much.

The next morning, Biggs was in the shower when his mom started banging on the door. He growled out past the steady spray of warm water, “What the fuck you want? I just turned the water on!”

“I need to use the bathroom!”

Impatiently, Biggs shut off the water. He grabbed the nearest towel and wrapped it around his waist. Without another thought, he stepped out and opened up the bathroom door.

“Boy, you are dripping water all over the floor!” His mother spat out, the moment she saw him.

As mad as he was, Biggs undid the towel and dropped it on the floor, so it would start soaking up the extra water on the floor.

“Clean that shit up right!” His mother snapped at him.

Ignoring her, Biggs started to his room.

“Boy, I am talking to you! You clean this shit up!”

Biggs turned around, wondering if maybe the time had come for him to smack this woman down. He hadn’t thought much about tossing the towel off, because he was more concerned with putting some distance between himself and his mother. Now, however, he saw that his mother was staring at him as if she’d never seen him before. He noticed how her eyes were taking in his chest and shoulders, and how they roamed down his body to focus on his cock. She looked like she’d never seen one of those before, either.

“What are you looking at?” Biggs asked, before he went to his bedroom.

He noticed he’d gotten hard, by the time he shut the bathroom door to close him off from his mother. He’d gotten hard because she’d been looking at him naked, he realized. After shaking his head to clear it, he found some clothes to put on.

Biggs didn’t want to leave the house right away, because none of his homies would be at the park until later. He waited until twelve before he even opened the door to his room, poking his head out to see if his mom was still on her warpath. The TV was on and playing too loud. As he stepped into the living room, he discovered his mom lying on the couch asleep.

He looked at his mother in a different way than he’d ever looked at her before. She was wearing a white blouse and a denim skirt, and had fallen asleep on her side. Her skirt had crept up her thighs, bursa sinirsiz eskort enough for him to see a glimpse of her white panties. His mother had thick thighs and a big, brown ass, he noticed. Past that were her thick waist and her tits the size of small melons.

When his cock started getting hard, he left.

Biggs came in later, during the evening. It was one of those times when he wished he’d stayed out longer, because his mother started giving him shit the moment he walked in. She complained about the water he’d left on the floor that morning, about the trash that needed to be taken out, and about all his dirty clothes filling up the hamper.

Biggs droned her out, enough that she ended up coming over to get into his face. He took the time to really look at his mother, to consider her as a woman. She was about five inches shorter than he was, with hair curled and hanging down to her shoulders. She had pretty eyes, he noticed, thick lips and soft cheeks. He wondered what she’d looked like when she was his age, and what she’d acted like back then. He also wondered if he would find her attractive.

“Boy, I am talking to you!” His mother berated.

This broke through Biggs’ reverie. “I don’t want you to call me a boy anymore. I’m a grown man now.”

“You ain’t no grown man!”

She unleashed more past that, as usual, but those were the only words that stuck in his head. Biggs had gotten hard again. This even though his mother was being a bitch to him and starting up her shit all over. He wondered why he’d gotten aroused like that, since she was mouthing off and not looking attractive to him at all. Then it popped into his mind; he figured out what his mother’s motivation was. It all made sense now.

“Call me a boy again.” He dared her.

Without waiting for her reply, he pulled the front of his shorts away from his body. His mother’s eyes were fluid with his motion, so that she ended up gazing into his shorts and eying the heavy erection hiding in there. Biggs tugged on his shorts further, so his hard cock ended up bouncing free of their folds and jutting out like a little pole of meat.

His mother shuddered, and stared.

“I’m a grown man.” Biggs reiterated. “And I ain’t taking any more shit from you, understand that?”

He wrapped his bundle back up and went into his room.

That night was much quieter than other nights, in their apartment.

The next morning, Biggs yawned himself awake. He sat up and glanced at his door. He always shut his door before he went to sleep, but this morning it was wide open. His mother must have opened it, he assumed, and seen him sleeping in his boxers.

He got up and decided he should take a shower right away, before his mother started her shit up again. It was only when Biggs was halfway to the bathroom that he recalled how he’d shown his mother his aroused cock the prior evening. He chuckled a bit about that. He’d show it to her again, if it meant he’d get more peace and quiet like he had the night before.

While Biggs was in the shower, he remembered what he’d figured out about her. He wondered if he should test out his theory to see if he was right or not. When he was finished with his shower, he wrapped a towel around his waist and went looking for her.

His mother was in the living room watching TV. The volume wasn’t as loud as she usually had it. She was leaned back against the couch with her legs propped up on the edge of the coffee table.

Biggs went to stand between her and the TV, cutting off her view. His mother didn’t say a word to him. He was in a spot where he could glance between her legs. He saw her white panties buried deep between her thighs, shadowed under her skirt.

Biggs saw how her skirt had slid up her legs, revealing her broad thighs and the curves of her ass pressed against the couch. Seeing any woman like that would have turned him on, so it was no surprise that he felt himself tenting up beneath the towel. When he was good and hard, Biggs pulled the towel apart and let it drop. Before his mother, he stood fully nude and fully aroused. His mother’s eyes suddenly looked nervous. She looked to cringe back into the couch. Her legs closed involuntarily.

“You should go into your room and put some clothes on…” She said, then halted. She’d almost called him a boy again, when he clearly he was no longer one.

Biggs went around the coffee table, with his mother watching not the TV but him. She swayed her legs to one side, away from him, but he reached out and pulled them apart again. His mother made no move to stop him, as he moved between her legs. He propped her legs back on the table. On both sides, her legs were touching his.

Biggs saw her gulp, as he descended to his knees and scooted forward. Her thighs were on the sides of his body now. He took a few moments to rub across them with his hands. Biggs scooted closer, with his hard cock near the edge of her skirt, and his hands escort bayan still caressing her soft, brown flesh.

His mother stared at his cock, and at his abdomen and chest. Finally she brought her eyes up to meet his. Biggs couldn’t tell what she was looking for in his face, but he did see her reach out for his cock. She wrapped her hand around it. While Biggs might have expected her to in some way rebuke him, she merely kept her grip on it and felt its girth, and its warmth. Her breathing began to rise as she held him.

Biggs had his hands on his mother’s legs, sliding them back and forth regularly, until the woman turned her head to one side and closed her eyes. He took this as a sign to continue. Biggs went on to push her skirt further to her waist, and to reveal more of her panties. Those panties were going to give him trouble, he knew, especially if he tried to take them off. His cock went right up against them, pressing on the soft flesh past them. The anticipation of the moment seemed to overwhelm both him and his mother.

It was his mother who reached between her legs and pulled the panties to one side. It was her that put her fingers on her pussy and moved the dark folds apart to expose the bright pink hidden within them. She moaned quietly, when Biggs brought the end of his cock to press against her pink folds. She moaned again, louder, when he began to traverse into her body.

Biggs put his entire length into his mother, hearing her pants and mewls, but so far she did not open her eyes or look at him. When he gave her a handful of tender thrusts, she seemed to finally acknowledge what he was doing to her. Her eyes were on his, while her hands held his chest and her mouth quivered.

Biggs pushed his hips forward until their bodies were fully connected. He leaned his head closer, breathing as softly as he could. This is what he’d thought he’d figured out: that his mother wanted, craved affection, and that the recent men in her life had failed to give it to her. With one hand, he reached out to steady his mother’s face, to try to set his lips on hers.

She turned away, and he tried again.

“Just let me kiss you.” He urged.


The refusal was more forceful than he’d expected.

A moment after it had been issued, his mother was jostling away from him. They broke apart, with Biggs thinking it was all over. Instead, his mother set himself on the couch beside him, leaning into the cushions and with her ass rounded up in the air.

Her lips were more guarded than her pussy, Biggs realized. When he compared this to his previous girlfriends, and to the girlfriends of his friends, he saw a parallel there. It was all about the physical act, Biggs understood, about a quick and empty fuck that one could experience in the moment and brag about later. That’s what his mother had been missing in her life, he knew. Love.

Biggs moved behind her, lifting his mother’s skirt up and exposing her big, brown ass. The lines of her panties were small strands over a dark ocean of flesh, but this was soon enough displaced. He observed the round swells and the proximity of his cock to them, before he inched forward and aimed his cock, and pushed it. His being returned into that hot, wet place, prodded deep until it was fully submerged. His mother moaned. He began his motions.

Biggs went slow, but only at the beginning. His mother’s moisture was slick and slimy, while the contours of her body angled his length in a set direction and stimulated him. His cock wanted to be warm and tender in that intimate place, but the place was hot and insistent, and drew him too far too quickly. He gripped his mother’s fat ass and slid his hands up to her shoulders. Those wet, pink walls pushed him to higher heights. When that most intimate of releases came, Biggs’ strong hips were pounding against his mother’s ass, sending ripples of bouncing flesh up her back. He held her by the sides as his cock shook itself out.

Biggs kept himself in place, as his mother raised her upper body by extending her arms. He reached for her breasts, which were round and full. Biggs groped them both from the outside of her shirt and from underneath it. He wanted intimacy from her. He suspected she needed this as well, but so far she refused to accept it from him.

When they finished, the woman stood and went into her room, while the man was left behind. Biggs went and got dressed, and he left too.

Biggs came home much later that night, because he needed the extra time to think things over. He played several games on the basketball court with his friends, and so he decided to take a shower before he retired into his room. The door to his mother’s room was shut to him the entire time.

She did come to him, later. She walked into his room and turned off his light, so that only the light from the hall was left on. His mother saw him lying on the bed, with only his boxers on.

“You’d better not tell anyone I’m doing this.” The woman warned.

Biggs said nothing, as she climbed into the bed with him. She kept away from his upper half, he noticed, as she tugged at his boxers and took them away from him. Next, she fondled his cock, getting it ready for her mouth. Her lips went around it, while her tongue and her drool wet its end completely. She started sucking him off.