Mayıs 12, 2023

Amy’s reward

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Amy is my 17 year old daughter. She is attending a private all-girls highschool. But despite the suitable environment that I have given her, she has performed very poorly as of late. As a good father, I have decided to take her education in my own hands. I have punished her whenever appropriate and have examined her whenever needed. I have been a strict father and a strict teacher… all in the name of good education and proper upbringing. …The door opened and Amy rushed in, her face glowing:”Daddy, guess what! I got an ‘A’ in my oral english exam!”I turned around and raised an eyebrow:”Ah! You are back home. This is good news Amy, beyond my expectation. Do you have anything else to tell me?” Amy’s smile disappeared. She lowered Pendik escort bayan her head and stared at the floor. She thought for a moment, bit her lower lip and replied softly:”Thank you daddy for your help.”I closed in on her. I took her chin with my fingers, lifted her face up and said:”You have done well Amy. I am very pleased.”Amy’s face lightened:”Really?””Yes”, I added. “In fact, I am going to reward you for your effort.”Amy’s face reddened. She stared at the floor and bit her lower lip again saying: “Thank you daddy!”… It was late. Amy’s room was dark except for three burning candles. Amy was standing in front of the bed still in school uniform. I was facing her, looking Escort Beykoz at her, her beautiful green eyes, her pink soft lips, her pale skin glowing at the dancing light of the candles, her erotically shaped neck, the bumps on her chest, the curves of her hips, her beautiful legs. My princess was perfect! As I ran my eyes over her body, I could sense the tinglish feeling of lust spreading throughout my own body!Amy didn’t dare look into my eyes. She stared at the floor, all this while, feeling my eyes touching every inch of her body, examining her. She was tense, perhaps slightly fearful, yet excited. I ran my fingers through her hair. I kissed the side of her head and gently whispered in her Cevizli escort ear:”Amy, it is time for your reward! Lay down darling.”Amy obeyed. I gently lay on top of her and softly kissed her lips. I kissed her face, her neck, very softly. Amy’s breathing quickened. Her skin was hot, as if she had fever. I took her hands in mine and kissed them. I sucked on her fingers and made love to her palms and wrists. I unbuttoned her shirt and took it off together with her bra. And I made love to her delicious young skin. I kissed her tummy and her sides. I sucked on her breasts. Amy breathed faster. Her hips were moving making small circular shapes. I moved lower. I made love to her legs, her knees, all the way down to her feet. Amy wispered: “Oh daddy. I feel so good!”I stared at her undies… I put my face inside her skirt and deeply inhaled. Her smell was driving me crazy! I had to taste my princess’ tight little pussy! I had to have it! Now! I unbuttoned her skirt and pulled it down forcefully together with her undies.