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An Awakening Down Under – Part 2

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Sue turned towards the bathroom. Looking back over her shoulder, she ordered Mark to get undressed and into bed. Mark obeyed and waited. On leaving the bathroom, Sue stopped in the doorway. She looked down on Mark’s nude shape, on the bed. Even in the moon-lit semi-darkness, Sue could see his rampant cock.Mark did not just look at Sue. He drank her in as she fronted him: Long-legged, broad-hipped, flat-bellied, with the challenging black triangle of a mature woman’s pubes. And Sue, with her shoulders drawn back and raised head, wanted to show off her enticingly pushed out breasts, crowned with darkish areolas and perky nipples. Mark would have never imagined that such sexiness was hidden under the non-descript clothing she had worn to class as his student. Neither could he have imagined Sue’s provocative exhibitionism as she stood so advantageously framed in the bathroom’s lit-up doorway.Sue had thought about it — alone in the bathroom — in ever-increasing excitement until she stepped out. Then, as she fronted her lover on the bed and the uncurtained window in her lit-up glory, she knew that Mark knew. Sue wanted him and whoever lurked across the darkness outside the window to see all of her. She wanted them to pant and lust for all that she now so shamelessly offered to their eyes!And Mark confirmed that he knew and that he accepted her need. “God, Sue! You are beautiful. I want you. I want all of you now, all for myself! Turn off the light. He has seen you long enough to rob him of his sleep. Come to me!”Sue flicked the switch and rushed into Mark’s arms, throwing him back. No denial from her, just a wild affirmation that it was him she wanted. She sank her mouth on his and kissed him hard, her tongue invading his mouth in a maddening twirl while her hand gripped his cock.Breathing heavily, Sue, dark-voiced, murmured into his mouth, “You are all excited too. Is it really something we want? But now, Mark, God, I want your cock!”Starting at his neck, Sue moved quickly, with nipping little kisses down his body. Then, without relaxing her grip, she shoved the cock’s engorged head into her mouth, meeting it with a maddeningly tantalising tongue. Not for her a first furtively explorative flick! She wanted his cock, all of it; she wanted it in her mouth as much as her cunt.When Mark reached out for her thigh, she moved closer within reach, and as his hand slid up, it found her pussy hot and slippery-wet. She pressed and ground against his fingers till one, then two slipped in deep while her mouth took his cock in as deeply as it had ever been taken. Her hand now gripped his balls. It did not take long before Mark feared he would lose control and come in her mouth. And it seemed that Sue was beyond caring. Her thighs had started to shiver, and his deeply embedded fingers felt her pulsating as a hot gush wetted his palm. He pulled out. Reaching under her arms, he pulled Sue on top of him.Although Sue started a protesting cry, she moved readily. Then, as her leg swung over, she reached down to push Mark’s cock into her wet, slippery cunt. As she rammed down on him, Sue cried out, “Yes, Mark! Now I’ll fuck you!”Mark pushed her upright and groaned, “I think you like being on top! I want to watch you ride and buck until you come! Come hard.”Hunched over Mark, Sue clasped his face hard into her hands as her pelvis began to grind the captured cock. Then she lifted her ass and began to fuck him. Bent over him, Sue greeted each half-entering thrust by gasping a “Yes!” After a minute or so, Mark grabbed Sue’s buttocks, almost lifting her off. But his cock still kissed her pussy’s pouty, quivering lips.Sue held her breath and then whispered hoarsely, “Let me down, Mark! God, I want to fuck. Let me fuck you, Mark!”Mark did not respond as Sue wanted. Instead, he grabbed her arms and pushed her up to sit her for the ride he wanted her to take. Then, thrusting up, he rammed his cock into her to the hilt. Sue arched back with a cry. When he released her arms, Sue no longer wanted to crouch. Instead, she began to ride him and soon did so with a total, possession-taking abandonment of all restraint.She rode him hard. And she sang her siren’s song while her body twisted and arched under the gripping and caressing of his hands. They found her neck and her boobs and her buttocks, twitching in arousal. In the milky moonlight flooding through the window wall, his eyes consumed the voluptuous contortions of Sue’s body. He heard himself whimper as he held back his climax for long, long minutes.And then he exploded as Sue, with a shrill howl, threw herself back on the bed. Her whole body jerked and convulsed, and her cunt kept gripping and milking his discharging cock. For a long while after, conjoined cunt to cock, they stayed like that until the storm faded away. Sue, with her head at the foot of the bed, had turned her face to the window.Afterwards, they went into the shower. Without much talking, they turned on the jets at half pressure. They clung together, kissing and caressing each other and let the water-streams play over their spent bodies. It did not wake them into separating sobriety but soothed away the last of tensions. Back in bed, there was no need Escort elvankent for them to find a new beginning. They united in a mutually wanted embrace.Sue could, therefore, find the words and daring to tell Mark — and thereby herself — what this day, the last twelve hours, had meant to her.In a low voice, sometimes a whisper, Sue began by telling Mark that she could lie by telling him only that she loved their sex, that he drove her into climaxes she had never known before.She chuckled into his neck and continued, “It’s true. You are driving me crazy, but for me …”. Sue swallowed, hesitated but then continued, “For me, the miracle is that it is me that can make you want me so much. It is you being so turned on by me that is driving me wild. I have never before been like today, or wanted or dared to be. I’ve never, never made love as we do! Today, I suddenly knew that I was beautiful and God, even hot and sexy! I knew every minute how much you wanted to touch me, kiss me, fuck me, eat me all up! And then I realised that others would want me too. Suddenly knowing this excites me as I’ve never been excited before. Are you shocked? This thrill made me stand in the lit-up doorway. The idea that that man’s eye was on me and how much he wanted to fuck me made me weak in my knees.”Sue pressed her body against Mark’s and his again stirring erection. He could feel her hardening nipples on his skin. Her lips searched for his, and the way she kissed him said it all. Confessing and imagining what she had done aroused her anew. Finally, Sue murmured hoarsely in his ear, “I’m not apologising. I want it. I know you knew we wanted it, from the moment you pressed my naked back against the window!”Sue was right: he knew. Did she also suspect that he was torn between being aroused by this watcher’s envy and the onset of jealousy? Was he not enough for her? Did Sue want to be shared?But was it that? Was it not her imagination that set her, in his arms, so wantonly, and yet lovingly ablaze? Did he want her to be different, with her imagination dulled? And as Sue, newly aroused, moved sinuously and suggestively in his arms, as her lips murmured demands, and her hand gripped his hardening cock, Mark realised he wanted her just like that.Having decided, he reached up and switched on the light bar over their bed. Then, as his hand stroked caressingly over Sue’s face, he asked, “You want it on, don’t you?” She remained silent, but her body stretched sinuously out, now in view of the window’s gaping eye.And Mark began to make love to her breasts, sucking and biting her nipples into perky prominence, before covering her stomach, trembling in excitement, with kiss after downward wandering kiss. Then, turning Sue’s legs to the window, he spread them. Then first one, then two of Mark’s fingers sank into Sue’s quivering and hot, slippery pussy.Mark’s tongue flicked over Sue’s ear as he whispered, “You and I are the ideal lovers: You always make me hard. And I, like now again, always find your delicious pussy wet. But, is it this time only for me?”Sue spared him from an answer, but when his cock slid unhindered into her cunt, she cried out an affirming “Yes, Mark! Yes!”And they fucked in an inventive unison that left them, at times, breathless, at others moaning, shouting, shaking with laughter. Mark wanted it to last forever. He knew now that Sue climaxed quickly. He was learning to read the hair-triggered onsets of her orgasms.In the beginning, Mark stopped and withdrew his cock at the first sign that Sue was close. Progressively, however, as they changed through positions and ways to extract the ultimate pleasure from their sex-play, Mark began to wait longer. He let Sue slip just over the edge into the onset of another orgasm, only to pull her back then.The third time he did it, Sue was riding into a glorious, wild, bucking coming. Mark grabbed her ass and lifted her off. Sue howled as she threw herself forward, dug her nails into his shoulder and hissed at him, “You bastard, stop stopping me!” But when he grabbed her and threw her on her belly and kissed and bit into her lovely ass, she stifled her cry and welling up laughter by biting into the sheet.Mark moved up to kiss Sue’s neck. In passing over her ear, he whispered that he would not let her run away from him with her private little climaxes. Then, after kissing her shoulders hard enough to mark her, he ran his tongue, pressing down hard, slowly down her spine. When Mark did not stop at her crack, Sue squeezed her sexily twitching buttocks feverishly together. And to every swipe of his wicked tongue through her twitching crevice, Sue responded by moaning, “No, Mark! No!” But it began to sound less and less like a protest.Sue’s ass, with every passage of Mark’s teasing tongue, lifted higher. Her thighs spread open to show the beautiful shape of her pussy with its fleshy lips, glistening and swollen from already having been repeatedly fucked. Now it was his to savour with fingers and tongue. And he did. Sue’s nails dug into the sheet, and her shrill cries urged him on to kiss harder and finger her deeper.Sue was already deep in the throes of her coming when Mark pulled emek escort away and pushed her belly down flat onto the bed. He rammed his cock into her. No longer holding back, Mark fucked her deep, unrelenting, with his body weight behind every thrust. He roared, and Sue answered, howling in ecstatic lust. With her body violently shaking and twisting, they were both sucked into a vortex of orgiastic fulfilment. Thrown eventually ashore, they huddled in a close, comforting embrace. Words failed them, and sleep completed the rescue.They slept till mid-morning. Sue made some toast and coffee, which they had in bed. Afterwards, finding it again challenging to keep their hands off each other, they just cuddled. Laughing and giggling, they assured each other that after last night, they had no interest in sex anymore. When Sue discovered some untoward stirrings on Mark, she jumped out of bed. She dragged him playfully to the bathroom, threatening to turn a cold jet on his forward cock.They showered and got dressed without more mishaps. Then they strolled to the pier where the boat picked them up for their lunchtime harbour cruise.It was a warm, beautiful day and the views as they circled the bay and crossed under the bridge amply compensated for the rather indifferent meal. Besides, Mark’s eyes were drawn continuously to Sue. To him, she was radiantly alluring in her light summer dress. And it was not just his eyes that saw and looked how her body contoured under the dress’ light material, especially when she stood on the railing in the wind. There was something proud, almost triumphant in her smile. But she directed it so totally on him. So Mark felt no jealousy about the other men whose eyes devoured Sue in her glory.They disembarked on their pier at mid-afternoon again and walked back the short distance to their apartment block. Looking up at the windows, Mark noticed that while the windows were not mirror-glass, they were coated so as not to allow a view of inside during the day. In contrast, the other, white high-rise in direct line of sight to theirs, had fully transparent windows. He looked across and could see the tripod and telescope but no human shape in the, to them, now familiar window.He said nothing to Sue about his observation when they sat down for a coffee. Afterwards, Mark drove Sue to her mother’s place, where she temporarily lived, to pack up things for her trip to the Hunter. Sue asked him not to park directly in front of the house and to wait in the car. On the way back, they shopped for the feast and champagne for tonight.The luxurious living room in their apartment adjoined the kitchen through a wide doorway. So far, Sue and Mark, with their interest centred on bed and shower, had barely entered it. Its large wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling window faced the same way as in the bedroom.After depositing the bought goodies for tonight’s feast in the kitchen, Mark stepped into the living room and walked up to the window. Sue had followed and stepped up to his side and into his arm. As they looked out and his hands cupped her boobs, braless under the thin fabric of her dress, she knew. Then Mark moved her body in front. He ran his hands down her side, kissed her long on the neck as they stood centimetres off the glass.Almost whispering, Mark said, “It’s our last night of living like millionaires. We ought to sprawl out and feast in this room tonight as if it were a Roman orgy.”Sue’s body responded almost immediately with a sinuous wriggle. Mark’s lips were now on her cheek, and one hand had slid over her pubes. As Sue’s ass began to rub against his growth, Mark voiced his wish, “I want you to stay in this dress. You are so beautiful and sexy in it, especially with so little or nothing on underneath. You had a lot of eyes on you today on the boat. All those other men were jealous. I love being envied like that.”They went back to the kitchen. Sue wanted to start preparing their meal, but Mark stopped her. Pulling her close, he said there was plenty of time for that, “It doesn’t get dark outside for quite a while.” He smiled and looked at Sue. Did she blush?It seemed time for the champagne. They toasted each other. Sue emptied her glass with one greedy gulp and quickly refilled. Raising it again, facing Mark, she blushed and proposed her toast, “To us and our Roman feast tonight. There are only two of us. How can that become a Roman orgy?”She lowered her glass, pretending to be disappointed in advance. Mark grinned, raised his glass and said, “All it needs is a lively imagination. And tonight, I’ll be the luckiest of Romans. I’ll feast with a gorgeous woman cloaked in something that shows more than it hides. She put it on for me because she has a lively imagination! One could say she has a very sexy, almost dirty mind.”They emptied their glasses. Sue kept on looking searchingly at Mark as she moved the glasses and bottle out of reach. Finally, standing up in front of him, Sue said, “Yes, it has become a ‘dirty’ one lately but only, only with you and for us.”Sue hitched up her dress and straddled Mark to sit on his lap. She kissed him, and her tongue immediately invaded. She kissed with abandon, eryaman escort bayan where every thrust of her tongue shouted a “Fuck Me!”… ”Do!”. For quite a while, her pussy rubbed on Mark’s growing bulge.Breaking eventually away from a kiss, Sue giggled. With her tongue flicking his ear, she whispered that he was right about her, “Now, my one-track mind has made me wet my panties! I better take them off for the rest of the day!” Then Sue skipped away, laughing.Eventually, darkness came, and all was set out for the feast in the living room. A large, glass-topped coffee table in the centre and the divan behind it faced the window like a stage. As Mark had wished, Sue still wore her little dress but had switched from sandals to high-heels.When Sue, swaying her hips and ass, entered the room, a “Wow!” escaped Mark. Her legs were sensational, and so was her ass, temptingly rounded and alive under her skimpy dress. It had always seemed rather inconspicuous under the loose clothing she had worn as a student. Sue smiled down on him, pirouetted, wriggling her ass at Mark and the window. “Do you like what you see? Is it Roman enough for my Lord and Masters tonight?” She grinned as she stressed the plural.Mark, sitting on the divan, opened his arms, inviting Sue for an answering kiss. She bent over, and as they kissed, he moved his hands caressingly slowly up the back of her calves, her thighs and her buttocks. Sue had not replaced her wet panties from before.As he touched, Sue smiled at him, trying to read his reaction. Mark grinned, “You are a show-off: a clever, very naughty and very, very sexy one! And I love every bit that is on show. How much more will there be before the night is out?With a sexily low-voiced murmur, Sue replied, “The night is still young,” and kissed him again. Quite wildly, this time, because his hands on her ass had gripped and spread open her cheeks. When she broke free from his embrace and raised herself to her full height in front of him, Sue was back-lit. Her dress, translucent in this light, left nothing unhidden.Mark’s and Sue’s foreplay had in no way dampened their other appetite. Sitting, at first, orderly on the divan, they hungrily began to eat, toasting each other repeatedly with champagne. Then, with the first hunger sated, they remembered the Romans and began to lounge.Sue decided to be the slave girl that had to slither and slide around in serving her present Master. It brought, of course, her skimpy garment into revealing disarray. She did not seem to notice. Mark’s hand, however, was often near to or on what should have remained hidden.With no grapes to peel, Sue concentrated on the shrimps. Kneeling next to Mark, she cracked their shell with her teeth, pulled out their sweet flesh with her teeth and offered the morsel to be shared or kissed off her lips. Every time her lips closed temptingly to his, Mark’s hands got busy.As Sue knelt, it was easy for him to slide his fingers up her thighs to make her arch and moan through her closed lips as his fingers found and pushed into her slippery, hot nether lips. Or he stroked up her side to caress a breast. As his hand slid up, it raised her dress and unpeeled half her body to sight, for whoever may have chosen to look. The prospect made Sue shiver, and every movement of her body made her excited state of arousal visible.However, it was her mouth and tongue, the grip of her pussy on Mark’s fingers, and an occasional burst of silent laughter — as if she meant to shout, “Look at me! Don’t you envy him?” that assured Mark that she was his, only his!Their throats were dry from lust, and there was no more champagne on the table. They got up. Sue, with a suggestive smile, straightened out her dress by sliding her hands caressingly down her body as she faced the window. Gathering the plates and cutlery, they went to the kitchen and then returned with a fresh bottle of champagne.Sitting on the divan next to each other, they refilled their glasses and slackened their thirst. When Mark asked Sue what she wanted for the rest of their night, she lay back on the divan, stretching out her arms. Her dress had slid up, exposing the uncovered triangle of her bush.Mark put a sheltering hand over her pubes and said, “You are the most delicious, sexiest woman I have ever known, and your admirer across will ever see. What do you desire now? What are we going to leave for later, for the bedroom? Do you want us to fuck?” Mark paused, catching his breath. One of his fingers had slipped into Sue’s pussy. “Do you want your pussy eaten now? Or do you want to make love to my cock first? You have not even touched it yet. Don’t you like my cock the way I love your pussy?”Sue burst out laughing, wrestled herself free and slid down on the floor to kneel before him. She reached for her glass, toasted him, took a sip, looked up at him and whispered, “I’ll show you how much I love your cock! Just don’t dare to come. Not yet. Not for a long time yet!”She stripped him, making a show of her unhurried deliberation. First, the shoes, then the socks, each one was thrown over her shoulder into the room. Then reaching up, she unbuckled Mark’s belt, ceremoniously unzipped his trousers and jerked them down centimetre by centimetre. They also were thrown back on the floor. Sue smiled approvingly up at him as she pulled down his boxers and his rampant pole jumped out at her. Then, offering to anybody looking a view of Mark’s impressive manhood, Sue moved sideways to begin her ministration.