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An English Holiday

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An English Holiday

Part 1

Lauren and Rob pulled up in the car park and Rob killed the Golfs engine with a twist of the key. They were early and the car park was pretty much empty, the silence outside was almost complete. It was hot and the sky above was a vast cloudless blue. Typical June weather, by God.

“You ok hun?” Asked Rob turning to his wife with a smile.

Lauren looked back, chewing her lip. A nervous tick she’d had since she was small.

“Yeahhhh,” She said hesitantly, drawing the word out.

Rob laughed.

“You don’t sound it, Lau.” He took his wifes hand in both of his and cupped it gently. “Remember, this is just a holiday. Enjoy it. Get drunk, eat good food. Whatever happens, happens only if you want it to, right?”

Lauren grinned at that, and to Rob she still looked as beautiful as the day they’d first met.

“So if nothing happens between me and Kate this whole week you saying that you won’t be the tiniest bit disappointed?”

Rob pulled a face at that and it was Lauren’s turn to laugh.

“Anyway,” She continued, sniffing. “I still don’t believe that she fancies me.”

Rob laughed again and shook his head.

“You’re blind love. But I’m sure you’ll find out exactly how she feels about you this week. Now come on,” He opened the car door. “If we’re first to the villa we can nab the biggest room.”

Luggage in hand, Lauren followed Rob out of the car park and across the gravelled lot toward check-in. Somewhere in the trees a couple of birds were singing their sweet song.

This holiday had been Rob and Tom’s idea. Of course it had, the two of them were full of ideas like these, which were usually centred on her and Kate, Tom’s beautiful wife.

Admittedly Lauren didn’t mind too much about that. How could she? As much as she didn’t like admitting to Rob, whenever she thought about Kate – and her blonde hair and slight swell of breast – she always got a little shiver of…something.

Lauren was surprised to find she was blushing as she walked. Come on Lau, she admonished herself. If she couldn’t admit it to herself, then who could she admit it to? Rob was always trying to bring out her bi side, but with Kate it was different. Kate brought out her bi side for her.

At reception Rob paused and passed the single suitcase back to her.

“Wait here hun, I’ll get us checked in.”

There were a few other couples lounging around the check-in, and a family of five in the waiting area laughing at some shared joke. Lauren found she was smiling right along with them. She loved it here. She’d been to Centre Parcs before of course, with Rob a number of times, and a few before that with her family, but this time it was different.

Coming away with their friends had put a different slant on things and Lauren knew this week would be rife with an underlying sexual tension, and this time Rob wouldn’t have to do much at all to bring out her bi side. Bi-playful, she corrected mentally. She certainly fancied Kate, and that was a first as far as other girls went. Lauren had always considered herself straight, although enjoyed the odd play with a pretty girl, but with Kate there was a real attraction there. They got on well of course, hell, great even, and that was part of the attraction, but also Kate was hot.

Rob checked them in and got the keys to the villa. Looking at the clock on the wall beside reception, Lauren saw it was just after 10. Tom and Kate had agreed to meet them at Starbucks for a coffee and some lunch at twelve, so they’d plenty of time to find the villa and unpack.

Though in truth Lauren hadn’t really packed much. That’d been another of Rob and Toms great ideas. Of course.

“Why don’t the girls pack as little as possible?” Tom had joked one evening as they’d sat around eating take out and planning the break.

“Great idea,” Rob had agreed through a mouth full of Chow Mein. “To be fair, when we’re in the villa you two’ll just be in your underwear anyway.”

Kate had snorted wine, and Lauren had arched a brow at her husband.

“Oh really? Does that rule go for you two as well?” She’d asked.

“Hey, no-one wants to see me n’ him sitting around in our skivvies.” Tom had said and they’d all laughed.

So as a compromise the two girls had agreed to pack their skimpiest bikinis instead, promising to wear them to the spa and to the pool, and that’d been more than enough for the guys.

Hell, it was enough for Lauren too. She was very much looking forward to seeing Kate flaunting her tiny bikini around the Jacuzzi, very much indeed.

The villa they’d been given was 105, a three bedroom set back at the end of a little cul-de-sac surrounded by woodland. It was ideal for privacy, and there was even a stream running out back crossed over with a little wooden bridge.

As Rob unpacked what little they’d bought with them, Lauren went barefoot into the little garden area, relishing the warmth of the grass underfoot. She wore her denim cut-offs and a Ümraniye Escort t-shirt and nothing else – it was early June and hot, hot, hot after all. The little garden was certainly private, cut off from the other villas by the curve of the building and Lauren had a brief but naughty thought that this’d be a great spot for some naked sunbathing.

“Lau?” Rob called from the villa.

Lauren turned back to see her husband hanging out the bedroom window. He’d taken off his shirt and was grinning at her, topless.

“Nice view.” Lauren said.

“Are you going up to the coffee house like that?” Rob asked nodding at her skimpy shorts and bare feet.

Lauren looked down at herself feeling that twinge of naughtiness again. She ran her hands up her body lightly and cupped her breasts. They were small but firm, and it felt good not to be wearing a bra.

Looking back at Rob she grasped the bottom of her t-shirt and flipped it up, her bare breasts flashing in the sunshine.

“Thought I might go like this?” She said casually.

“Great. I’d love it. Not sure about anyone else mind. And besides how’d you feel if ma and pa stranger saw you topless like that?”

Lauren looked down at her breasts, admiring the way her nipples stood out stiff and erect. She was feeling naughty and could already feel the delicious heat in her pussy all the way through her cut offs.

“Maybe I wouldn’t care if anyone else saw me?” Lauren said coyly.

She was shocked at her own words. She was usually so shy, especially when it came to sex and showing off her body, but all of a sudden the thought of strangers seeing her flashing her tits so brazenly was getting her decidedly hot under the collar.

“If you don’t cover up soon, you realise I’ll have to come out and give you a good shagging, right?” Smiled Rob matter-of-factly.

Feeling friskier than ever, Lauren peeled off the t-shirt completely and dropped it to the grass. She laughed as the smile disappeared off Robs face at once, to be replaced by a look, half incredulous and half pure lust. She liked that look very much. It made her feel wanted.

She took a few steps away from the villa and toward the woods behind the cul-de-sac, away from her crumpled t-shirt. All she wore now were a tiny pair of denim hot pants which were definably damp at the front.

Lauren reached down and snapped open the top button of the fly, exposing the top of her shaved pubis. Her breath caught in her throat. Surely she wasn’t going to strip naked? Not out here in the middle of the morning, in the middle of fucking Centre Parcs. Her nipples were like two hard bullets, and Rob was watching her, red faced and breath held, as if waiting for her next move.

Then, suddenly, there was a rustle from behind and with horror Lauren half turned in time to see a jogger coming out of the undergrowth behind the villas.

Time seemed to stand still as their eyes locked. Lauren could clearly see the sweat on the guys face and the few grey whiskers in his morning stubble, and then the jogger was sweeping her semi naked body with his eyes.

Lauren let out a squeal, half shock, half embarrassment and covered her breasts with cupped hands. The jogger was beet red in the face but managed a guilty half smile, as though he was the one in the wrong, and then he was gone, sweeping past and toward the village centre without looking back.

Christ but her pussy was throbbing. What a rush, what a fucking rush! Lauren suddenly needed to cum, and cum hard. A fucking stranger had seen her out here almost naked. He’d seen her tits, for chrissakes. Yet far from freaking her out, she’d almost creamed her jean shorts there and then.

Rob was pissing himself laughing from his vantage point back at the window, creased up against the wall he was laughing so hard. Lauren didn’t care. She ran lightly back to the villa, snagging her t-shirt as she went.

She entered the villa and dropped the t-shirt to the carpet, then wriggled free of her cut-offs, leaving them in a heap along with her top. She burst into the bedroom naked and wet and hornier than she’d been in a long time. As soon as Rob saw her he stopped laughing.

As she reached him she threw herself into a hard kiss, her small breasts pushing into Rob’s bare chest and her hand fumbling desperately at the zipper of his jeans.

Rob was already hard, her impromptu flashing of a stranger obviously getting to him just as much as it got to her, and she grasped his cock pulling it from his underwear. It felt hot and heavy in her hand.

“Jesus, Lau,” Rob managed, and then Lauren was on her knees and swallowing his cock deep into her mouth and all he could do was moan.

Lauren had never been much for blowjobs, could take them or leave them in fact, but here and now all she wanted was to taste him, to suck him, and strangest of all, to have him cum in her mouth.

The idea of swallowing had always made her feel slightly nauseous before truth be told, Ümraniye Escort Bayan but right now she couldn’t think why. In fact she thought it would be just as horny as hell to blow him until he erupted into her mouth where she could swallow every drop.

She dropped a hand to her shaved pussy and was surprised to find it dripping wet. She slipped a finger inside her, then two and then wished that the jogger would come back again, maybe watch her on her knees through the window, watch her slurping and sucking on her husband’s cock like a sex mad nympho, fuck, why not have him come in, maybe stick his own dick inside her as she sucked…

And then Rob was groaning and arching his back. Lauren felt his cock stiffen and then she was flooded with semen. It shot into her mouth, warm and salty, and not at all unpleasant like she’d always imagined. She sucked harder than ever, eager to drain him dry, as her fingers slopped in and out of herself.

Rob pulled away and collapsed to the bed gasping for breath and Lauren swallowed her mouthful, feeling wanton and slutty and like a million dollars.

God it made her feel powerful.

“Fuck.” Moaned Rob from the bed. He still hadn’t looked up. “Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.”

Lauren grinned. Her fingers slipped from her slick pussy, and she placed them into her mouth and sucked them clean, musky and sweet.

Jesus, Lauren thought, tasting yourself now too? That’s two things you’ve come to love, and you’ve only been here one fucking morning.

“What the fuck just happened?” Said Rob in a bemused tone, finally looking up at his wife.

Lauren stood, framed against the window, naked as the day she was born, illuminated by the morning sun, feeling horny right down to her toes and grinning like the cat who’d got the whole fucking milk bottle.

“I’m feeling good.” She said, and meant it. This break had been a damn good idea. “Really good. And I think you’re going to see a different side of me while we’re here. It’s been a long time since I cut loose and I think I’m starting to like it.”

Lauren dropped her husband a wink, then turned away to the en-suite.

“Right, I’m off for a quick shower and to take care of this ache in my pussy.” She said, and disappeared through the door with a wink and a wiggle of her naked hips.

Robstared after her feeling bemused all over again. Then he began to smile, and thought that perhaps this break had been a particularly damn fine idea too.


Just after twelve that same day Lauren and Rob walked into the Starbucks adjacent to the water sports lake at the centre of the Village. Rob wore ripped jeans and his Ramones t-shirt, a pair of scuffed Cons on his feet. After her shower Lauren had slipped back on her denim cut-offs and t-shirt, and chosen a pair of wedges, thinking they’d make her legs look longer. She’d also pulled her hair up into a loose pony tail, and Rob, being Rob, had told her that she looked hot.

Despite it being almost lunch, the coffee house was empty save for a couple sitting against the back wall. The radio was on and had been cranked up to blast out Echo Beach, the barista behind the counter bopping his head in time with the music while he swiped the counter with a cloth.

The guy from the couple suddenly shot up a hand and waved exuberantly and Lauren blushed prettily as she realised it was Tom and Kate. There was no mistaking him, not when he stood six six in his bare feet.

Tom was up now and coming around the table to meet them. He was wearing jeans too with a simple plain white shirt. He looked relaxed, a marked change to the sometime stressed vibe he gave out. He caught Lauren up in a hug and lifted her easily off her feet.

“Lauren, Jesus you look good.” Tom laughed. “Hot pants suit you.”

“Jeez, careful with the merchandise,” Lauren joked. The squeeze had been a good one.

“Hey guys, safe trip I hope?” Rob asked coming up and taking Kate into his own hug.

“Can’t complain. The A14 was clear as a bell all the way down.” Replied Tom switching to shake Rob’s hand.

“Hey Lau,” Said Kate, and Lauren noted that she was blushing a little herself.

“Hey beautiful.”

She took Kate in her arms and squeezed, feeling a little excited flush as their breasts pushed against each other’s, and Kate grazed her cheek with the softest of kisses. She smelt of vanilla and jasmine.

Yes, this holiday was going to be fun.

“So what’s the villa like? You been in yet? Can I get you both a drink?” Asked Tom pulling out his wallet.

“Yeah we dropped the luggage down earlier, it’s nice. Very secluded.” Rob dropped an exaggerated wink to Lauren on the last word and they laughed.

“I’ll have a tea thanks. Decaff.” Said Lauren.

“Latte, please.” Said Tom.

“So come on, spill. Did’ja bring the infamous bikini?” Asked Kate with a grin. “I hope so, we’ve heard too much about it not to see it in action.”

“Oh God.” Said Lauren, embarrassed all over Escort Ümraniye again.

When they’d agreed to bring their smallest bikinis, Lauren hadn’t been thinking at all about the little black thong set that Rob had bought her a few years previous on a holiday in Greece. She’d thought automatically about her orange, more sensible looking bikini, the one that actually covered her arse.

But obviously Rob had other ideas, and when he’d reminded her about the ‘Little Black Number from Greece’ she’d been mortified. Kate and Tom on the other hand had wolf whistled and hooted, and insisted that she must bring that one and only that one with her.

Well, they’d brought it with them, but Lauren was still unsure about it. She didn’t want to be thrown out the place on their first day for public indecency.

“From all that the blushing, I’d say she’s brought it.” Laughed Tom from the counter.

Even the barista was grinning over at her.

“Don’t worry guys, the bikini is definitely here.” Said Rob. “Though I don’t know what you’re worried Lau, that jogger earlier saw you in a lot less and you didn’t seem too put out by it.”

Lauren felt her cheeks flush all over again. Was there no end to her embarrassment?

“Oh ho,” Said Tom and Kate laughed out loud. “Hold up, what’s all this? Have you guys started the fun without us?”

Lauren took her drink and scooched onto the bench at the table beside Kate, ears flaming. She tried not to listen as Rob regaled them both with her flashing episode of the morning.

At least he didn’t go on and tell them about the blowjob, she thought. Thank God for small mercies.

“Well I think that’s hot.” Said Kate, and she reached out and squeezed Laurens bare thigh.

“Oh me too, me too.” Said Tom blandly. “I’m just gutted we missed the show. Kate would’ve been out there with you like a shot.”

“Anyway,” Interjected Lauren pointedly, trying in vain to change the subject. “What’re the plans for this afternoon? Any ideas?”

“The world is our oyster.” Said Tom philosophically.

Rob took a swig from his latte. The window was open behind their table and a warm breeze blew in ruffling the girl’s hair prettily. Echo beach had finished and now Cyndi Lauper was on, giving the opinion that girls just wanna have fun.

Kate was wearing a blouse that was so white as to be almost sheer with a pretty white bra beneath it. Below she wore a thigh length denim skirt which showed off her long legs.

“I vote swimming.” Said Kate with yet another wink at Lauren. “What? I can’t help it if I’m desperate to see you in that bikini can I? Don’t blame me.”

Tom smiled widely. “I second that motion.”

“Thirded.” Said Rob.

Lauren sighed theatrically, and shaded her eyes. But a little part of her was lapping up the attention. Indeed, she was all but tingling in anticipation of showing off her body for these three.

What a good idea for a break this’d been, she thought to herself.


After they’d all been back to the villa so Kate and Tom could drop off their things and have a bite to eat, the four of them made their slow way back through the morning sunshine toward the Sports Dome at the centre of the Village.

The sun hung like a bright yellow penny in the faded levi sky and a warm breeze blew the long green grass and branches of the trees clad in their summer best to and fro. It was fairly busy at the parc, after all it was early June, but not as crammed as Lauren had thought given that the schools gave out at the end of the month.

A couple pushing a buggy, a laughing toddler running beside them passed the foursome and the husband raised a hand in greeting. Lauren raised hers right back.

The sun felt hot on her exposed arms and legs, and Lauren couldn’t help but think back to that jogger coming out of the trees. How she’d felt as he’d seen her breasts and the top of her pubic mound, her bare legs sticking out beneath. Had he been able to tell she’d shaved herself smooth as a baby that very morning? She liked to think that yes, perhaps he had.

Rob and Tom were walking a little way ahead, nattering like two old woman, and Kate was beside her, smelling like summer herself.

She’d tentatively taken Lauren’s hand a while back, and Lauren in turn had clasped it right back, liking how warm and snug it felt in hers and how it gave her occasional little fluttering’s in her stomach.

I feel like a high school girl with a bloody crush, she thought and smiled.

“I’m glad you talked us into this break y’know.” Kate said after a while of companionable silence. “God knows the business has been stressing Tom out lately. Both of us really.”

Tom and Kate owned their own small business, packaging and shipping, and things had been tight recently. Not desperately so, but enough to get the couple stressing and starting to snark at each other over the littlest things. Niggling arguments like that got you down after a while.

“I know it’s been hard for you both, hun.” Said Lauren squeezing her friend’s hand. “But you know we’re here for you if you need us. For anything. Even if it’s just someone to mouth off with if Tom gets too much.”

Kate laughed at that and they walked on in the summer afternoon. The sun shone in Kates blond hair lighting it like a halo.