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Anna from Ukraine Ch. 05

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Mona was in a good mood already. Since the gathering was at her place, she didn’t feel the need to consult anybody else about the music and was already in a familiar position on her bed, alternating between playing air guitar and singing, using a beer bottle as microphone.

“Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiince I’ve been loving you…”

A small group of people were meeting at Mona’s place for a vorspiel before Kristine’s big party later on. There was Marianne, already cheerful and more flirtatious than Anna’d seen her since she got together with Kathrine a few months ago. There was Tommy, a black Norwegian gay guy who had been Mona’s best friend, apart from her cousin, since they met each other in junior high. But there was little doubt who was the evening’s main attraction. Tanya, Anna’s sister, had finally decided to pay her sister a visit from where she was studying in Munich. The slender brunette had everybody’s attention and was peppered with questions. Especially Marianne seemed taken with her, Anna noticed.

“So,” Marianne wondered. “Anna says you’re bisexual?”

“Really?” She smiled in the direction of her sister, who seemed a little embarrassed. “Yeah, I’m sort of more into girls lately. No girlfriend though.”

Marianne had a very positive take on that.

“Maybe that’s just as well, thinking about all the attractive girls that are reported to be present tonight.”

Tanya laughed.

“I hope you’re right.”

“I am also a little bit bisexual. I mean, obviously I prefer girls, but… -“

Mona broke off her imaginary guitar-solo to voice her protest.

“Bisexual, my ass!” she yelled from the bed. “Her only bisexual alibi is occasionally making out with Tommy when she’s drunk.”

“So what? Tommy was a guy last time I checked. Not that that I ever actually… checked.”

“That in itself is no evidence,” Tommy remarked smugly. “I am so hot that even lesbians can’t resist me.”

Marianne laughed and they kissed on the lips.

“He’s so gorgeous, isn’t he?” she said, throwing her arms around him. “If he hadn’t been so gay, who knows? Anyway, I guess my naughty cuz helped me decide in favour of women,” the blonde girl continued. “And, well, let’s just say the arrival of your sister put me on an even straighter path to lesbianism. And then meeting my girlfriend Kathrine I finally realized I can actually be in a relationship with a woman.”

“Why isn’t she here, by the way?” Anna inquired. “You know she’s invited.”

“Kathrine’s not really a party person and, well, she’s twice the age of most guests. But she’s fine with me going. She been repeating lately that she doesn’t want me to miss my youth and even says she’s fine with me flirting with other girls.”

Mona heard what direction the conversation was taking and jumped down from the bed.

“Me and Anna are extremely pleased that Kathrine has turned out to be such a liberal person, aren’t we, Anna?”

“Most def. I was really starting to miss making out with Marianne.”

“Oh yes, me too,” Mona said, leaning over and kissing her cousin on the lips.

“Here we go,” Anna thought to herself. Ever since learning that Tanya would be visiting her, the cousins had been pestering Anna with incestuous requests. “It would be so fucking hot to watch you make out with her”, “Your sister is so hot, how can you keep your hands off her?”, “Come on, we are cousins and have sex, so why can’t you and your sis?”. Anna had made it clear again and again that sex with her sister was totally out of the question, though on a couple of drunken occasions she had hinted that a kiss was a possibility – if Tanya was up for it, of course. “Ok,” Mona had said, “then Marianne and I will be kissing a lot to get you in an incestuous mood”.

“Cousins with benefits”, Marianne smiled. The Ukrainian glanced over at her sister to see her reaction. The two Norwegians followed up the first kiss with some even heavier making-out, before Mona signalled for Anna to follow her to the kitchen.

“Wanna help me make some drinks?” The two girlfriends darted off into the kitchen, leaving the rest of the company to finish their beer before the arrival of cocktails.

“Great, still a little bit left of Julia’s plum liqueur,” Mona confirmed. Julia was not a heavy drinker herself, but on Anna’s request she would bring cheap and good liqueur from Poland. Mona and Anna, both dedicated cocktail-makers, loved to experiment with different ingredients.

“Plum liqueur? So you’re planning to make…”

“Exactly,” Mona confirmed, “My greatest achievement as a cocktail mixer. The sublime ‘Anna’s pussy'”.

“Ok, just… eh… don’t tell them that’s what you named it, ok?”

“Oh, don’t worry,” the redhead grinned. “My lips are sealed. Until they are not.”

Anna just shook her head. Trying to tell Mona to do – or not to do – anything was a highly futile exercise.

“Hand me the pomegranate, will you?”

It was Mona’s original recipe. Plum liqueur, tequila, pomegranate juice, frozen raspberries, ice cubes and lemon juice in a blender, then top Bostancı Escort it off with sparkling water. “I can only think of one other thing as delicious as this”, had been Mona’s instant reaction when she sampled her creation for the first time. Hence its name.

Anna poured the contents of the blender over into some highball glasses and Mona added sparkling water and lime slices.

“Ok girls, get ready for a real treat.”

“Mmmm,” Tanya cooed, “looks nice. Anna has been praising your cocktail-making skills very highly.”

“Cheers!” Tommy raised his glass. “To Anna’s gorgeous sister.”

“Thanks,” Tanya smiled. Anna had expected her sister to be more apprehensive, but she seemed surprisingly comfortable with all the attention.

“Wow, this drink is a revelation!” Tanya exclaimed, licking her lips.

“And it has a name,” Marianne teased.

“Don’t!” Anna warned. To little avail.

“It is my most exquisite creation so I decided to name it after my girlfriend. It was christened ‘Anna’s pussy’.”

Anna was visibly embarrassed, but at the same it always filled her with warmth when Mona referred to her as her “girlfriend”.

“Eh… ok,” Tanya responded, still smiling. “Nice name, I guess.”

The ever more tipsy Marianne just couldn’t help herself.

“Do you like Anna’s pussy, Tanya?”

“It’s delicious,” the Ukrainian newcomer laughed.

“Of course she likes it,” Mona smiled, “everybody likes Anna’s pussy. Even her …- “.

“OK, ENOUGH!” Anna yelled.

“But your girlfriend is right,” Tommy remarked. “I mean, if I were like 2 % less gay you would definitely be the first girl I’d do down on.”

“What?” Marianne exclaimed with a sad look on her face. “Not me?”

“Of course, you too… – “

Marianne cut him short.

“That’s fine, Tommy, I can live with that. It’s just one of the objective facts of the universe that Anna has the nicest tasting pussy ever.”


“Come on, Anna, don’t be such a prude.”

“I’m not a prude, can we just please not talk about my… pussy, when there are members of my family present?”

“She’s such a hypocrite,” Mona protested. “Wants to banish rude language and look at how she’s dressed.”

“Yes,” Tommy continued. “She’s really slutting up the place with that skirt.”

Anna crossed her legs.

“Come on. I know it’s short, but my panties are not see-through.”

“Yes, you decided to leave that to everybody’s imagination, I’ll give you that,” Marianne responded. “In fact, I my imagination is working over-time at this very moment… “

Anna gave up and took a large sip of her cocktail.

“Sorry sis. I wish these perverted inbreds weren’t my best friends here, but what can I do? I’m just a poor girl from Eastern Europe and can’t afford to be too choosy.”

“Anna has a point,” Marianne grinned. “Me and my cuz are white-trash hillbillies who should never be let loose on normal citizens.”

“Be that as it may,” Tanya replied, “I’ve only known you for three hours, but you are already officially my favourite pair of cousins ever.”

The girls toasted again. Mona placed herself on her girlfriend’s lap.

“See, your sis doesn’t need to be protected from us.”

Tanya smiled and excused herself to go to the bathroom. Marianne’s eyes were glued to her pert little ass.

“You think she likes me?” Marianne wanted to know.

“Of course. She always commented on your beauty whenever I showed her pictures of you. I know her taste, she likes the tall, blonde Scandinavian type. Plus she appreciates a nice pair of breasts.”

Marianne put her hands under her blouse and held up her voluminous breasts.

“They are not so bad I guess. So do you think I can…?”

“Do whatever you feel like, Marianne, if you think Kathrine is ok with it. Just don’t expect any kind of orgy with my involvement.”

“But you will kiss with her, right?” Marianne pleaded.

“Please, please, that would be so fucking hot,” Mona begged.

“Me and Mona will be kissing all the time to get the two of you in an incestuous mood,” Marianne informed.

“Please, Anna,” Mona continued. “I’m begging you as your girlfriend.”

“Ok, ok, I will think about it. If we get sufficiently drunk and Tanya is up for it, why not? But just kissing.”

The cousins toasted to celebrate the good news.

“And don’t tell me you never fantasized about her, ok?” Marianne said. “Because, well, maybe somebody else is gonna believe that, but me and my cousin sure ain’t.”

“I fantasize about anyone attractive. Yes, it has happened, rarely. Come on, I even fantasize about Marianne’s mother. Doesn’t mean I actually want to seduce her.”

Marianne just shrugged her shoulders.

“Why not? To be honest, I don’t think my parents have much sex anymore and it’s a well-publicized fact that my mum had sex with girls in college, so feel free.”

“So let’s make a deal then,” Mona suggested. “Marianne lets you seduce her mother if you agree to group-sex Bostancı Escort Bayan with us and Tanya.”


She realized Tanya was returning from the bathroom.

“What are you discussing, girls?”

“Eh… nothing.”

Marianne patted her knees. Tanya hesitated a second before placing her little butt on the taller Norwegian girl’s lap.

“You just enjoy yourselves here while me and Mona get us some refill.” They took the empty cocktail glasses and disappeared into the kitchen again.

It was Anna’s turn to compose a cocktail and she went for a lemon-heavy one of the Tom Collins-variety.

“Gosh, your sis is so cool. My cousin is completely taken with her! And to think that later you and Tanya will be making out.”

“I said MAYBE, ok?”

“Come on, baby,” Mona begged, “don’t deny Tanya the sweetness of your kiss. It is not her fault that she happens to be your sister.”

“Mona, just shut up and cut me some lime-slices, please.”

“But Tanya should be exactly your type,” Mona carried on. “I mean, look at your favourite girls. Julia, me – skinny and small-breasted. Just like Tanya!”

Anna grabbed some orange slices and shoved them into Mona’s mouth.

“Maybe that will shut you up!”

The redhead looked so sexy with juice dribbling down her chin that Anna just had to scoop up some of the fruity liquid with her tongue, a cleaning operation that quickly turned into a deep, orange-infused kiss.

“Now that is a much better way to keep me quiet,” Mona purred, running her hands under Anna’s blouse and up her bare back.


“Hurry up, the bus should be there in 3 minutes!”

Anna grabbed a big bottle of 7-up and a litre of Polish vodka – again, courtesy of Julia, who didn’t drink much herself, but was happy to import cheap alcohol for her younger lover. They sprinted over to the bus-stop, just in time to catch the bus. All girls seated in the back, Mona poured some vodka into the 7-up bottle. It went the round among the four girls, who tried to keep their heads low and the noise down so that the driver wouldn’t notice anything. 15 minutes and a half-empty bottle later they arrived at the foot of the hill that lead to Kristine’s place.


“Kristine’s place” turned out to be more like a mansion. “Wow, you forgot to tell me Kristine’s parents are so filthy rich,” Anna said, standing next to Mona on the large terrace overlooking a picturesque lake.

“Yeah, her father owns a hotel chain and several car rentals,” the redhead replied, emptying her glass of prosecco. “Her beauty she’s got from her mother, a former top model. Pussy follows money, you know.”

“And Kristine is their only off-spring? Meaning she will inherit the entire empire?”

“She’s got an older brother who dropped out of high-school and has managed to crash two cars already in his young life. So yes, one fine day this will all belong to Kristine.”

“Meaning to you too, if you were to marry her?”

Mona laughed.

“Well, first of all she hasn’t proposed to me yet. And second, there is the small matter of a certain Ukrainian girl who stole my heart.”

“So pussy doesn’t always follow money, then?”

“No, that still holds. Because I’m counting on you becoming a hedge-fund manager or something.”

“Will do my best, but still thinks Kristine is a safer bet.”

“Absolutely not. I expect you in due time to conduct a hostile take-over of all their assets. Speaking of Kristine…”

“Fuck, I know I have to say hello to her, but this is awkward.”

“It’ll be just fine, baby” Mona assured her, taking her hand and leading her inside.

Anna’s expectations had been high, but Kristine was even more beautiful than on the photos Mona had shown her. Her hair an unusually light shade of blonde, this was a type Anna had rarely encountered outside Norway, and even here it was rare. Kristine’s stunning ocean-blue eyes were scrutinising the girl who held Mona’s heart captive.

“So, that Romanian girl?” Mona enquired impatiently.

“Oh yeah, Carmen,” Kristine replied. “Check in the kitchen.”

Mona had a soft spot for Romanians after a long weekend in Bucharest the previous summer. Carmen was a girl Kristine had befriended once she was following her father on a business trip to Oslo and the pictures she had shown had piqued Mona’s interest.

“Ok, so I’ll leave you two to it then,” Mona smiled, hurrying towards the kitchen.

“And then there were two,” Kristine said, her penetrating stare making Anna uneasy. “Don’t be nervous. Follow the example of your beautiful sister.”

She nodded in the direction of a sofa in the corner, where Tanya and Marianne were making out, seemingly oblivious to all the noise around them.

“Hey, do you like whisky?”

“Well, to be honest, I…”

“Come. My parents have some really nice single-malts. Didn’t Mona tell you?”

Kristine took Anna’s hand. The confused Ukrainian followed her as she unlocked a door.

“This Escort Bostancı door is always locked during parties,” the Norwegian informed. “On the rocks?”

“I guess…”

Kristine opened a closet that turned out to be a fridge used only to make ice cubes.

“Cheers! To Mona then, whom we both like so much?”

“Eh… cheers.”

“No, no, that is not the right way to drink whisky. Put your glass down.”

Somewhat puzzled, Anna did as she was told. The moment Anna’s hands were free, the Norwegian girl pushed her up against the wall, her face only an inch from Anna’s.

“I want to taste the mouth that Mona is tasting every day.”

Her beauty was almost distressing. With her face so close, Anna could discern some freckles, barely visible due to the lightness of her skin. She felt Kristine’s nose touch hers and the heat of her breath caressing her face.

“So, these are the eyes that Mona is looking into when she wakes up.”

Their lips were touching, their breaths mixing. Anna opened her mouth wider, eagerly awaiting the Norwegian girl’s tongue. Her eyes were almost hypnotic.

“What game is she playing?” Anna wondered, realizing she was at Kristine’s mercy. She so badly wanted to taste the Norwegian. The Ukrainian moved her head forward, extending her tongue slowly. Just a second now… –

Abruptly, Mona pulled back.

“So, like I said, you’re supposed to sip it and let its taste fill your mouth,” Kristine said and emptied her glass. “This is not tequila.”

She put the bottle back inside the minibar and locked it with the key.

“Ok, I’m sure your sis is missing you, so let’s rejoin the others.”

Who the fuck did she think she was? Leaving her high and dry like this?

Anna halted the Norwegian by putting her hands around her waist from behind.

“You want to feel like Mona? I will make you.”

Kristine froze in her movements.

“Take off your pants.”

The tables had suddenly turned.

“Just take them off.”

The Norwegian teenager obeyed Anna’s orders. Her leather pants came down slowly, revealing a g-string that left little to the imagination, Kristine’s cunt lips wrapped deliciously around the black material.

“This is just one of the things I do to Mona every day.”

Kristine had asked for it, Anna was not going to go easy on her. She pulled down the Norwegian girl’s panties.

“Bend over that table,” she ordered the blonde beauty.

Fuck, she was so gorgeous! Anna positioned herself on her knees with her nose facing Kristine’s crotch from behind. She gently spread the Norwegian girl’s ass cheeks. Like she’d expected, her asshole was almost as light as the rest of her, a very light shade of brown that bordered on pink. The Ukrainian 18-year old touched the tiny opening with the tip of her nose and sniffed, savouring the intoxicating smell. With her nose glued to Kristine’s ass, she extended her tongue and opened the blonde girl’s cunt lips with her tongue. Anna felt Kristine’s delectable wetness on her tongue.

“Aaaaah,” the Norwegian girl sighed deeply, at the mere touch of Anna’s tongue. Her legs shaking, Anna put her hands on her perfect buttocks to provide support.

“You’re so fucking wet, aren’t you?” Anna moaned, her voice halfway muffled by Kristine’s pussy. “Just like Mona. You know, Mona just has to feel my lips on her cunt and she starts soaking like a fucking rain forest.”

The temporary absence of Anna’s tongue was making the Norwegian 18-year old worried.

“Please don’t stop,” the Norwegian moaned. “Just lick me.”

Anna reinserted her tongue, eliciting a yell of excitement from the helpless blonde. The Ukrainian’s tongue gently fucked the Norwegian girl, now and then making excursions to her tight little asshole.


Anna decided to keep her on the brink a little longer.

“You know a thing that really pushes Mona over the edge? It’s when I put a finger deep inside her ass.”

The Norwegian turned her head, the look on her face almost desperate.

“Do that, do whatever you want, just don’t fucking stop.”

Anna gave Kristine’s anus a good lick and drooled some saliva onto her middle finger. She firmly wiggled her finger inside the Norwegian girl’s ass, exploring its warm interior. She put the finger back into her mouth to add some more saliva, before reinserting it into Kristine’s rectum, probing even deeper this time. The combined smell and taste of Kristine’s ass and pussy was absolutely intoxicating and Anna couldn’t help trying to imagine what Mona must feel like every time she entered this sensual wonderland. “Do I taste as good as this?” the 18-year old Ukrainian asked herself as Kristine’s body convulsed on her face. In the throes of orgasm, Kristine was desperately trying to find something to hold on to. In the end, she gave up and collapsed half next to, half on top the Ukrainian. She looked so drop-dead gorgeous, Anna just had to plunge her tongue inside her mouth again. God, everything about this girl was just like a non-stop feast for the senses! No wonder Mona liked her so much.

“And still,” Anna thought as her mouth fed Kristine her pussy-flavoured saliva, “Mona likes me even more.” Mona could have this absolute stunning and super-cool, not to mention super-rich, girl for herself all the time, but she has chosen me.